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I'm a sucker for pretty coffee table book. They add height to a space, make it look a whole lot more put-together, and give people something to look at if they're bored.

I have them in literally every room in my apartment. Some are more expensive (they can get PRICEY) but majority of them are really affordable. I'm showing you my favorite little hack to get white and black coffee table books for just $2. 

I'm taking you room by room and showing you exactly where I got all the coffee table books in my apartment.


Living Room:

coffee table books

Made for Living | This is Home | Live Beautiful

Whenever I am stacking books on top of each other, I always stalk the sizes of the books to make sure that they vary in size.

My ideal situation is that the book gets smaller as it goes up, but as seen above, I also like if two books are the same size and it's anchored on top with a smaller book.

Main Bedroom:

by sophia lee coffee table books
nightstand decor
nightstand decor

Guest Bedroom (HACK!):

I have a Goodwill/thrift store hack that will rock your designing world. It gives you a "coffee table book" look on a broke girls budget?.

I'll find books hardcover books at Goodwill that are a similar size to what I am looking for. I take the sleeve of the book off and see what the cover looks like. If you get lucky, it will be black or a good ole' neutral color (in my office shelves a few pics below you'll see a green color that I got lucky with).

If it's not a good color, you can simply put on the book sleeve inside out and it will look like a white book.

I did this on the nightstand in all the pictures below!!

coffee table books styling bedroom
white coffee table books

Doesn't it look pretty good?! All those books right there were less than $10.

Entry Way:

entry way decor

I did the Goodwill book hack in the entry way too!

Bar Cart:

bar coffee table books

Office Shelves:

how to decorate shelves (1)

Made for Living | For The Love of White | Loom: Woven Paper Furniture

If you're ever in the Milwaukee airport, there is the BEST bookstore filled with used books. I was able to get all of the books on these shelves (besides Made for Living) from there!


That's it! Not only are they beautiful, but these coffee table books make the perfect addition to any room decor.

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