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It's Sarah reporting live from NYC ? Sophia just left after a 4 day trip to see my new place. And of course to help me decorate! 

Because I lived at home for a year after graduating college, this is my first real apartment, and I'm so excited to finally be on my own in a city I've dreamt of living in. 

I like to think I have an eye for things that look good, but I don't know how to actually put it all together. Which is why I needed Sophia's help. She made it all come together and I'm obsessed!! 

Here are all the details on my NYC bedroom decor and how we decorated my new apartment bedroom!


For NYC apartments, my bedroom is a great space. I have enough room for a desk and dresser which is rare for what I'm paying. And look at that light!! The floor to ceiling windows are one of my favorite parts.

Sophia and I definitely have different styles but we always say we appreciate the other's haha. We decided that my style is trendy minimalist. I like things very simple, light & bright with some pops of color and funk. 

Before Sophia came, I bought all the basics and set them up - the bed, desk, dresser, light and mirror. It was pretty bare. 

nyc apartment bedroom decor

We came up with a "design plan" aka a shared Pinterest board where I pinned a ton of inspo pictures of the vibe I liked and was going for for my bedroom. 

Pinterest board for design inspo:

From there, Sophia found decor items that she thought I would like and we ordered them so they would arrive when she was in the city. 

We went through everything that we got and then did a little more shopping to pick out the rest of the decor. 


nyc bedroom ideas

The big ticket items:

The big furniture items took me a legit full day to find. Furniture is so dang expensive so I was scouring the internet for things that were cute and wouldn't make me broke. 

The dresser and mirror are surprisingly from Walmart for fairly good prices. I really like both of them! 

One thing I will say about the dresser... it's super cute now that it's put together but omg it was a b*tch to set up. My parents and I almost threw it out because it was so hard. We ended up hiring a Task Rabbit to finish it (whoever invented Task Rabbit is an angel from above). SO unless you're really good at building things, I would be prepared to pay someone or a spend a while building it. 

The bed, desk and chair are all from IKEA and I love them! 

The chair was sold out everywhere so I ended up finding it on FB Marketplace for $25! The desk top is the perfect size for my room - they have a variety of sizes and you can choose different bottoms for it. I ended up getting adjustable legs with mine! 

For the bed:

I'm obsessed with my bed. I wanted to keep it really simple and cozy and I think I achieved that ?

For the mattress - I was going to get Sophia's mattress that she raves about but I tested it out and for me, it was almost too comfortable. I realized I don't sleep well on tempeurpedic beds so I found this mattress. It's a hybrid so it has springs and a gel top. I added this mattress topper and wow... *chef's kiss* and Sophia approved! 

The bedding:

For the bedding - I got the Mellanni sheets that people obsess over and the hype is worth it. So freaking soft and SO affordable! 

My duvet cover was a little splurge for me and I was definitely ~influenced~ but it's Brooklinen and it's amazing. It also came with two free pillowcases and a tote bag that I use daily so that's great too haha. 

Other decor:

We didn't do much to this area of the room because it's pretty tight but I found this hanging lamp from Target (amazing dupe for the West Elm one!). 

Sophia found this cream knit blanket from Target as well and it's so soft and cozy! 

Finally, the throw pillows are from Zara Home. They match the tone of the blanket really well and makes the bed look super cohesive. 

The space next to my bed is pretty small but I definitely needed some sort of table to keep water, my phone and my book on at night. I found this cute little nightstand from West Elm and thought it was perfect.

We styled this with this really cool vase and some dried florals to add some height. 

After adding those, we realized it's a lot of white. So we went to H&M Home and found a black candle to add some contrast to the space. Love how simple it is! 


Instead of a closet, I have storage space across my wall which includes shelves, a rod, and some long storage spaces. I ended up having ample amounts of storage so we thought it'd be cute to decorate a few of the extra shelves. 

I'm a big reader so of course I had to bring a ton of books to keep me busy. We styled the books with this cool marble book end and this black marble sphere on top.

We kept the other shelf simple with this marble picture frame (sensing a pattern here haha) and this face candle from H&M Home.

Because so many of the things in my room were white, we needed to add some color.  I found these two prints on Etsy and got them printed at Staples. We put these in white frames from Target and leaned these against each other on my dresser and then added a few coffee table book in front.

Link to Matisse Print

I love this candle holder from H&M Home with these CB2 candles (which were only $5!). This area is one of my favorites in the room! 

Finally, for decor, we added this hanging picture frame above my desk. We found this wood frame mount for H&M for super affordable! 

We struggled for a while with what to put in it but then I had the brilliant idea of putting in a photo of NYC that a took a few months ago! I think it looks perfect. 

We also changed out the knobs on my dresser to gold ones to make it look a bit cuter. And that's it for the decor! 

Extra storage:

And lastly, in NYC you can never have enough storage. 

These IKEA drawers were so easy to build and slide under my bed. Definitely recommend!

We also added these Container Store bins to the shelves in my "closet." It was a good way to make things look more uniform and organized. 

And there you have it folks! All the details on my NYC bedroom decor. Shoutout to Sophia for making this room exactly what I was hoping for. She definitely knows what she's talking about ?

This post is all about NYC bedroom decor.

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