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Looking for the trendiest college apartment decor we've seen all over social media? Here are the 37 cutest college apartment decor pieces we are obsessed with right now! 

college apartment decor

You must be so excited to be moving out of your dorm room and finally getting a college apartment! I was thrilled to finally get into my apartment with a real kitchen, my own bedroom, and a bathroom I only shared with one other girl instead of the entire floor. 

Yes, it's so exciting to move into your college apartment, but it can also be a little scary! You're one more step away from home and really feel like an adult. Don't worry; college apartments are so much fun to decorate and the best place to host your friends for getting together!

There are a million trendy college apartment decor options out there, but lucky for you, I have all of the cutest college apartment decorating ideas you need all right here! 

This post is all about college apartment decor.


1. Printed Sherpa Throw Blanket

These blankets are too cute! If you're looking to add a pop of color or pattern, these blankets would be so cute on the end of your bed or draped on your couch.  

funny college apartment decor

“Great blanket super soft and cozy but still really cute. If u think it’s cute and thinking of getting it buy it! You won’t regret it , it’s that cozy.”

2. Disco Ball Poster

Um, so obsessed with the disco ball poster! Prints like this have been extremely trendy right now and going for a LOT of money. So, getting this Ikea print for so cheap is a steal! They sell a frame that perfectly fits this poster too, so it's super easy to display it.

3. Sandalwood & Hyacinth Glass Trinket Box Candle

I was shocked when I realized this super cute candle was from Target! It totally looks like something from Anthropologie or CB2, so I was thrilled to find this look for less.  

college apartment decor funny

“Super cute container & yummy smelling candle!”

4. Chillin Cherry Art Print

How precious is this art print? I would love to frame this and put the frame on a bar cart. It's so bright, colorful, and fun!

college apartment decor guys

“This picture is really pretty, I brought it in to get framed and everyone complimented it and said it looks so cute”

5. Peekaboo Acrylic Rolling Bar Cart

This is seriously one of the coolest bar carts ever. It would look so cool in a college apartment with fun glassware and some cute decorations. It is definitely a little pricey, but it won't be too bad if you split it with your roommates!

college apartment decor boho

“Bought this for my plants. Perfect for my needs. Well made, quality acrylic, looks pretty, wheels move smoothly :)”

6. Acrylic Side Table with Modern Magazine Rack

This side table is so cute!! I love how you can put magazines in the little side parts and then put a plant or a stack of coffee table books on the top! When this is properly styled, it looks so chic!  

“love this table.. I use it next to my ghost chair in my powder room, with a small plant on it, gorgeous."

7. White Clothing Rack

This clothing rack is such a steal! Clothing racks are a great way to give yourself more storage space and show off your cute clothes (basically making them decor). I definitely recommend getting a clothing rack if you have room for one!  

8. Lea Carey UO Exclusive Landscape Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I am obsessed with the color combinations and the cute yin yang design. This pillow would look adorable on your bed in your college apartment.  

college apartment decor cheap

“this is the cutest throw pillow!! it’s an amazing size and looks so good on my bed”

9. Terracotta Vase with Handle Chalk White - Opalhouse™

It may seem kind of odd to buy a vase, but trust me, it could look so cool with some pampas grass or a colorful dried bouquet in it! Put an arrangement like that on your coffee table to have a stunning college apartment decor piece year-round!

college apartment bedroom ideas

“beautiful design and texture, looks vintage in a way and not like something from a big box store”

10. Prada Marfa Art Print

This print is just TOO good. The Prada Marfa store, the sunset, the simplicity of it, it's just all too cute. This print would be so gorgeous framed on your wall in your college apartment bedroom!  

college apartment living room decor

“Great artists are available on Society6. I was very impressed with the quality of the print and paper when I received my order.”

11. Clear Fluted Vase

Can we just talk about this vase?? It's so stunning, it looks like something from Crate & Barrel, and it is literally $2 from Ikea!! I have these vases all over my college apartment, and they look so luxe!

12. Arched Wall Mirror

These arched wall mirrors are seriously the trendiest college apartment decor piece of the year! How cute would this be propped up on your desk or hung above a dresser? I was shocked to find this on Amazon, and I am so close to ordering it!  

“This was the largest arch mirror I could find for the best price and it does not disappoint. Highly recommend this product.”

13. Checkerboard Shaggy Rug

Talk about trendy; these checkerboard rugs just about define trendy apartment-style right now. I thought this color combination was super unique and cool; however, Urban Outfitters makes this rug in many color combinations!

college apartment decorating ideas

“I’ve had this rug for about 7 months, I’ve never loved a rug more. I would definitely repurchase if need be and have recommended it to many friends.”

14. Maddalena Mushroom Stool - Opalhouse™

I know you're out of your dorm room, but you may still want to raise your bed in your college apartment. If you do, you're going to need a little stool to get up on your bed. This mushroom stool is the cutest thing ever and again reminds me of something that would be at Crate & Barrel. Target is killing it with the decor.  

college girl apartment decor

“Love these little toadstool ottomans, they were shipped quick & arrived in great shape.”

15. Tipsy Cowgirl Art Print

Again, this print would be to-die-for framed on a bar cart!! The color combination is so cute, and the graphic with the cowgirl boots and cherry garnish is sooo trendy.

college apartment decor living room

“My print arrived in excellent conditions. The paper is really nice and the color quality is very pretty!!”

16. Alana Bookshelf

College apartments tend to be small, so there's not really room for big, bulky furniture. This bookshelf, however, is the perfect dainty, trendy piece of furniture that would work perfectly in a college apartment! The blue color, too, is so unique and cute!  

college apartment decor on a budget

“We love our shelf, it was easy to put together and It feels really sturdy, I love the way it looks in our apartment it was exactly what I wanted!”

17. Embroidered Floral Square Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is super unique and fun! I love all of the embroidered flowers on it and the cute colors they chose. This pillow gives me Anthropologie/Free People vibes on a Target budget!

18. 3-Layer Jewelry Organizer with 2 Drawers & Glass Lid

You can never go wrong with a pretty jewelry box! My jewelry box is on display in my apartment, and it is not only so cute, but it is functional! This option from Amazon is super high quality and will keep you really organized.  

“I wanted a sleek, sturdy jewelry box for the top of my dresser to hold everyday pieces, and this fits the bill!”

19. Ceramic Arch Photo Frame

I recently saw this picture frame in store, and I thought it was so cute!! The color and texture are so unique and make a statement on their own. Plus, you can never go wrong with having a framed photo for a sentimental touch.  

college apartment decor ideas

“These frames are super cute. The frame is pretty wide, so they ended up being larger than I expected, but I'm happy about that.”

20. Kind people are my kinda people poster

A cute design and a good message, nothing wrong with that! I am so obsessed with the poster with all the cute happy faces on it. The blue is such a fun accent color that you could incorporate in your college apartment bedroom decor.

21. Frankie Checkered Canisters

These canisters are so cute! They would be perfect on your college apartment kitchen counter for holding grains and pasta or even in your bathroom for hair ties, cotton swabs, and cotton balls! The lid has the cutest checkerboard pattern, and they look handcrafted.  

cute college apartment decor

“these jars are beautiful. I love the interesting lid design”

22. Disco Ball Hanging Garden Basket Planter

This disco ball planter is TOO cute. If you have a window in your room, you need to hang this planter somewhere nearby; that way, every day, the sun will shine on the disco ball and cast sparkles all over your room. It's the best.

23. Hot Pink Pop Wave Mirror

This mirror is soooo cool. I am obsessed! This would be so cool in a college apartment for all of the mirror selfies that will definitely be going on there. 

24. Translucent Murano Vintage Style Striped Small Lamp

If you haven't seen these lamps on every social media feed you have, where have you been? These lamps are insanely trendy right now and are the cutest touch to any space. I like how small they are because they're not an overpowering decor piece, perfect for a college apartment.  

“This little lamp is THE cutest thing! I have it in the corner of my wfh desk where it sheds enough light at dawn or dark.”

25. You Are Like Really Pretty Neon Sign

Mean girls reference!! Remember that hot pink wavy mirror (#23)?? How cool would it be to have this neon sign hanging above that mirror? Neon signs are THE decoration to have right now, so I highly recommend getting one for your college apartment!  

college apartment decor 2022

“Love this so much!! It’s perfect, great quality and super fast shipping. It’s also lighter than I thought it would be which meant I could hang up using command strips”

26. Colorful Plaid Pile Rug

All pastel everything! I love this cute rug, and I would 100% put it in my college apartment living room or bedroom! The colors are so fun, and the pattern is simple enough that it wouldn't overwhelm the space!  

27. Minimalist Customizable Candle Set

How cool are these candles? They are definitely more decorative than functional, but I think they would be so cool on some shelving or a coffee table! I love that they're customizable, so you can choose colors that match your apartment!  

cute college apartment decor

“.Great candles! Love them in my NYC apartment! Quick delivery and so well made!"

28. Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Book

This coffee table book is everything. The pink cover makes me so happy, and the inside has the best catwalk photos. It is such a cute statement piece; this would be the perfect piece of college apartment decor.  

college apartment

“Great thick book! Can’t wait to display”

29. Dry Flower Bouquet Pink

When I showed the terracotta vase (#9), this is exactly what I imagine you could put in it! These dried bouquets are not only super trendy, but they last forever, and you will never have to replace fresh flowers!

college apartment ideas

“Absolutely stunning! It looks amazing in my living room. The seller did an incredible job arranging the bouquet to highlight the unique beauty of every plant in it.”

30. Glass Water Carafe Pitcher - 2 Cup Set

This carafe set is perfect for sitting on your bedside table or being a super pretty addition to your bar cart! The fluted glass and gold accents look so expensive; you would never guess this set was from Amazon.  

“What I love most about this product is its classy design. The product is well made and very durable. I can't wait to use them to serve my guests at dinner in the future.”

31. Flower Burst Bath Mat

This flower burst bath mat is the cutest thing ever!! It reminds me of the throw pillow (#17) in this post! If you want a bath mat that's girly, cute, and has a small pop of color, this is perfect for you!

32. Zebra Print Linen-Blend Cushion Cover

Zebra print has been surprisingly trendy recently, and I am here for it! These pillow covers are the perfect way to tie in a bit of zebra print without overdoing it.

the best college apartment decorations

“So cute, looks exactly like the photo. Get a larger pillow insert at 22 x 22"; it looks great.”

33. Set of 2 Aesthetic Travel Home Book Decor

If you want that cute coffee table look for less, these are actually fake books. They have fun colors and cute cover designs, but nothing is going on inside. If they're sitting on a shelf, that's perfect!  

2022 college apartment decor

“great books! i didn't realize they weren't actual books. but they are perfect to add to other coffee table books.”

34. Champagne Gold Mirror Glass Top Bar Cart

This is such a cute bar cart if you want something gold and a bit more classic than the acrylic one (#5). You could style this bar cart with the carafe (#30) and some cute coupe glasses.  

college apartment bar cart

“Absolutely perfect! Sturdy, beautiful and large. A must have to add a little flair to your dining room or any space.”

35. Rubberwood Mug Tree

If you want to make a coffee station in your college apartment, you need this little mug tree! It is identical to a mug tree sold by Urban Outfitters, and it is just as good!  

college apartment kitchen

“It’s a sturdy little stand. I have my clear insulated target mugs on it and they all fit perfectly. Love it!”

36. Libbey Crystal Coffee Mugs - Set of 6

These mugs are super fun and trendy! They would look adorable on the mug tree above, and they are a great deal too!  

“I love these mugs! I bought them for my new house and they are so cute and simplistic.”

37. Dusty Rose Ceramic Vase

This vase is seriously such a trendy decor item right now, but I have never seen it in pink! I thought if there's one place for a cute pink vase, it's a college apartment! This would look adorable with some pampas grass in it.

college apartment posters

“Love the minimalist and clean look of the vase. It’s heavier than I thought and looks like it was made well.”


How should I decorate my college apartment?

You can decorate your college apartment however you please, but I recommend that you take advantage of this unique living situation and try out a style you wouldn't choose for long-term living. I'm a big fan of neutrals, but for my college apartment, I went really fun and colorful! 

How do I pimp out my college apartment?

My best advice for pimping out your college apartment is to make sure there aren't significant areas of blank space and really decorate every corner! College apartment decor has a tendency to be tacky, but I highly recommend you look for items you will use in future spaces throughout your life! 

How do I decorate my first college apartment?

I highly recommend looking at our college apartment list with everything you need to pack, then deciding on decor based on the style you are going for and the amount of space you have. Always think of how each decor piece will look with everything else you have, how practical it is, and if you will be able to use it in future spaces. 

How can I decorate my college home?

Decorating your college home is so much fun!! Make sure to check out our college apartment bedroom ideas and other apartment decorating ideas because they are very similar to decorating your college home!! My best advice is to collaborate with your roommates on what decor you're bringing so you don't break the bank! 

How do I make my college apartment feel like home?

You can make your college apartment feel like home with family photos and pictures of your friends from home. Also, I recommend bringing decor items from your bedroom at home to make it feel a little more like home. 

What are college apartment essentials?

Some of the most important college essentials are a vacuum, a good desk lamp, a good wristlet keychain for carrying your apartment keys, and a rug to make your space feel cozier. 

How do I make my college apartment less depressing?

You never want your living space to feel depressing! My best recommendation is to use light and bright colors to make the room feel open and airy. I recommend getting as much natural light as possible and trying to keep your space clean and organized! Also, keep little reminders of home scattered throughout your room.

This post was all about college apartment decor.

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