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This post is all about college apartment organization.

college apartment organization ideas

These college apartment organization ideas will transform your apartment into a space that even Marie Kondo approves of.

Let's be real, with all the stuff that you are bringing into your new apartment it can be extremely easy for it to become a hot mess in a matter of minutes.

With all the other things you have to keep straight with school, having an organized apartment will just have you feeling better.

These 21 college apartment organization ideas will have your apartment more organized than you could have ever imagined.

College Apartment Organization Ideas:

1. Put Your Blankets in a Bin

Recreate this organization idea:

Every apartment gets chilly, so blankets are a must. But blankets can also look very messy if they're not organized properly. 

A great tip for college apartment organization is to roll your blankets and place them in a bin. It keeps them all in one place and looks really cute next to the couch! 

2. Hang Blankets on a Ladder

Recreate this organization idea:

...or on a ladder!!

If you want to show off your blankets more, use a ladder! You're still keeping your college apartment organized, just in a more unique way!

And, you can spice the ladder up with some string lights to make it a fun and cozy decoration in your apartment as well!

3. Use a White Board for Roomie Reminders

college apartment organization ideas

This idea does not create organization per say, but it keeps things organized between roommates in a college apartment!

Having a board in a common space like the kitchen allows roommates to create reminders for each other and the entire apartment as a whole.

 My roomie and I use it for groceries or events we can't forget about. It works wonders so I highly recommend!

4. Use a Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are God's gift to mankind, or at least women! 

Shoe racks are also a great college apartment organization idea because they organize something that if left alone will makes such a mess! 

And they're super cheap, so I highly suggest heading to Target or on Amazon's website to pick one up!

5. Command Hooks for Bags 

We all love our bags, and we all have a ton of them. But where do we put them?

On Command Hooks, that's where! This is such a great college apartment organization tip because it shows you how to store a common item in a way that is handy and also not cluttering!

6. Over the Toilet Storage

college apartment decorating ideas

Our favorite from Amazon finds:

Bathroom storage is often the worst because there is like one cabinet under the skin and that's it. 

A great way to make more storage is to get a storage unit that is designated to be over the toilet. This storage is really easy to set up and doesn't take up a lot of room since it has a specific place to go! Use it for towels or extra toiletries, this tip comes in SO handy!

7. Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Recreate this organization idea:

Cabinets are limited in college apartments. So a great way to get the most organization out of them is by utilizing every inch of space in them that you can. 

This includes the inside of doors! This tip can come in handy especially in the bathrooms. Just hang shower caddies over the door for a great extra storage option you won't regret!

8. Multi-Hook Key Holders

college apartment ideas

I would lose my keys all the time if I didn't have a place to hang them at my front door!

But those can get kind of expensive. If you're trying to organize your college apartment on a budget, I suggest this DIY organization hack! Just grab a simple picture frame and some hooks and boom! you have a cute, yet functional way to make sure you and your roomie never lose your keys!

9. Hang Organizers for Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is a must to staying healthy in college. But in a college apartment where are you going to find the proper place to store produce? Such a dilemma could force you to believe you should only buy Ramen but FEAR NOT! I am here to show you how you can conquer this dilemma!

Grab some desk organizers from Walmart and Hang them in the Kitchen and boom! you now have a place dedicated to fresh fruit. So you can have it in your college apartment and stay healthy! That's what Hannah Montana would call "the best of both worlds", folks!

10. Have a Bar Cart 

Recreate this organization idea:

But only if you're 21 because it's illegal if you're not:) 

No, but seriously, it's college so drinking is probably around you in some way. If that way is in your apartment, then I highly suggest a bar cart because it allows you to store everything alcohol related in one space and use your very limited kitchen space for more important things!

11. Have a Coffee Bar 

I will champion the concept of a coffee bar until the day I die. No joke. If you think I'm kidding, I refer you to practically any other post by me because I find a way to incorporate a coffee bar into almost every one of them. 

Because they are just THAT good! They give you an entire space DEDICATED TO COFFEE!! Like, it's basically as though a Starbucks is in your house! And creating a dedicated space for your coffee and mugs and creamers saves you so much space elsewhere. So really, it's just the best thing you can do ok? Ok! 

12. Incorporate Bookshelves 

Recreate this organization idea:

The bookshelf in my apartment has been such a lifesaver when it comes to organizing my college apartment. 

We use it for cute decor, our printer, and our Alexa. 3 very important things that everyone MUST have! But you can use it for anything you think you need to. Bottom line: use a bookshelf in your college apartment organization venture, it is a LIFESAVER!

13. Use Open Shelving 

college apartment storage ideas

I don't know about you, but the kitchen storage situation in my college apartment is so sad. If you're like me, read carefully because I'm about to pull a Derek Shepard and save your life. 

Use open shelves! They allow you to store your spices or cereals or anything else you find yourself not knowing where to properly store. 

And they can be super cheap too, so if you find yourself running low on kitchen storage space, open shelves will be your best friend! 

14. Create an Entry Space 

Recreate this organization idea:

college apartment decor

This is such a fun and creative college apartment organization idea! 

We normally only thing of entry ways as spaces that are in really nice houses. But guess what? You can have that in your apartment, and use it as organization!

Ok I know your mind is probably BLOWN at that, but hear me out! Use some crates and hang up a key holder and boom! you have your own entry way that is functional, yet cute, and then thank me later obviously because you wouldn't have realized  this without me!

15. Place Your Furniture Strategically

College apartments have . . . limited space to put it nicely. 

So, the key to college apartment organization is to place your furniture in a strategic way so that you conserve space and allow for optimal organization. A great way to do this is to put furniture back to back, like this photo demonstrates. 

It saves space but allows you to have everything you want. What a WIN!

16. Have a throw-all basket

college dorm storage ideas

This is a genius idea that I had never heard of. But now I have heard of it, so does that mean that I'm a genius? That's for a later post. 

But back to this point: use hampers for things other than laundry. Like this one uses it for clothing accessories you wouldn't always wear, like hats, scares, umbrellas, you get the idea. 

Another great thing about this organization idea is that you can stick it in the corner in a fun way and make it a decoration! 

17. Use a Wine Rack for Towels 

small dorm room ideas

If you share a bathroom with a roommate, or even if you don't, you need this college organization hack in your life! 

Using a wine rack as a towel rack is a great idea because it saves you a ton of spaces, and college apartment bathrooms are already pretty small so doing this gives you even more room!

18. Label Everything!

Like . . . this is just a super aesthetically pleasing photo so that's why I made it a whole point on this post! DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I DO HAVE ORGANIZATION TO BACK IT UP!! 

Labeling everything makes living in an apartment and especially with a roommate a lot easier. It's what me and my roommate do and it works wonders when we're cooking. And if you use a cute font and paper it makes for awesome decorations as well!

19. Use an Over-the-Door Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

cute college apartment

This is such a smart idea! And the perfect kind of college apartment organization idea because it keeps laundry and cleaning supplies together. So like, when you're starting your laundry you can be inspired to clean while it runs. 

This is also just a great organization idea because its a cheap way to make storage space for something that is super important to your college apartment! 

20. Write on Top of Your Washer 

Recreate this organization idea:

Ok this isn't like a physical college apartment organization idea, but I came across it and knew it would save my life so it obviously might save yours!

Laundry can be very organized, and make things with a roommate messy. This simple hack will solve all of that! Just keep a dry erase market on your washer for when you have to send your roommate messages about how those Antrhopologie jeans CANNOT go in the dryer!  

21. Under-the-Bed Storage

When I first moved into my college apartment, I was freaking out that I didn't have enough space for all of my things. College apartments are usually small, and you have to be very strategic with where you put your things. It took me three weeks to finally realize that I had a huge storage area I wasn't utilizing... under my bed!
During the warmer seasons, my winter clothing will go in my under-the-bed storage containers, and vice-versa for the changing seasons. They are so useful, and I highly recommend it!

This post was all about the best college apartment organization.

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