26 Insanely Cute College Apartment Living Room Ideas To Copy

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This post is all about college apartment living room ideas.

college apartment living room ideas

Are you looking for some college apartment living room ideas?

We know how expensive decorating a new apartment can be, especially on a college students budget.

Don't worry, we got you ;). We've rounded up the best of the best for living room ideas that will look professionally designed without breaking the bank.

This post shows you the 26 best college apartment living room ideas.

College Apartment Living Room Ideas:

1. Blankets on A Ladder 

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College apartments get chilly, no matter where you live. Thus, blankets are a necessity in any college apartment living room.

 Since you need them, turn them into a really fun part of your living room in general! Getting a wooden ladder and draping blankets over each step is a great way to do just that! 

2. Blankets in a Basket 

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If a ladder just doesn't vibe with the other decorations you've got in your college apartment living room, store blankets in a cute bin like this photo shows!

The best way to put blankets into a bin like this is by rolling them. It might seem like a tedious task, but it's actually very easy to do and keeps your blankets nice and organized! 

3. A Ladder as a Wall Shelf/Decor 

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To keep on with the ladder trend, I wanted to show off this super cool college apartment living room idea: hanging a ladder and using it as wall decor! 

I had never seen this done before until I started doing posts like these, and I love it! I gives you space to put other decorations like photos or other trinkets and is so unique that your apartment will stay one of a kind! 


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4. Metal Letters 

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I have some of these on my walls in my own college apartment living room so I can promise that these are super cute decorations! 

They make your apartment much more personalized, and are on the cheaper side so that you can decorate your living room on a budget! Just head to TJMaxx or Hobby Lobby and grab a couple initials for a super cute and inexpensive college apartment living room decoration! 

5. Gallery Wall 

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Gallery walls are SO in right now, and are thus a  great way to keep your college apartment living room on trend! 

Gallery walls are also a great way to keep your college apartment living room more personalized. Grab some fun quotes, wall decorations and photos and arrange them in a fun way to create a gallery wall that is oh so you! 

6. Uniquely Shaped Bookshelf 

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Bookcases are a key piece of furniture in any college apartment living room! Since they're basically needed, why not make them fun??

A great way to do this is by getting one that isn't the regular rectangular or square shaped. I'm obsessed with the triangular one in this picture! It holds just as much and is a great way to keep with a boho trendy vibe if that is what you're going for! 

7. Coffee Table Centerpieces 

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If your college apartment living room comes furnished, it most likely comes with some sort of coffee table. But those can be super generic and bland, making them a great piece to add to for some decoration! 

A great way to decorate coffee tables is by adding "centerpieces" to them. The easiest way to do this is to grab a tray, some candles, coasters, and a fun game or book and place it all in the center of the coffee table. It's a great way to spice up what's regualr and boring, for sure. 

8. A Fun Couch 

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A fun couch is a key item to have in a college apartment living room. It sets the tone for the entire space. 

The best way to make a couch fun is by getting one in a color like pink or blue. Doing so allows for your decorations to all be more neutral so that they tie in well! If you can get a couch for your college apartment living room, this is an idea totally worth considering! 

9. Lights Everywhere 

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We've talked about string lights for the bedroom and dorm room, so it's probably no surprise to you that I included them in this post. Because they can totally add to the vibe of your college apartment living room! 

Hang them up around the ceiling or drape them over your couch. String lights are such a versatile and great decoration that you don't want to miss out on incorporating into your own space! 

10. Pillows and Blankets on the Couch 

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If your college apartment comes with a couch, or even if it doesn't, add pillows and blankets to it! 

Pillows and blankets allow you to add in some color if its needed. But they also make the entire space a lot more cozy regardless of their color! They're two things that you have to make sure are in your college apartment living room, hands down. 

11. Ottoman 

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Fun fact: I use to think that ottomans were old people things because I had only ever seen one in my grandparents house, no joke! But decorating my own dorm room and apartment in college has got me changing my tune! 

Ottomans are a perfect addition to any college apartment living room not only for their functionality, but also for the decoration that they add! Get it in a fun color, or fuzzy, whatever your hearts desire.

Your living room will look so cute and your feet will thank you for such a great place to rest while you watch TV!

12. Mirror in a Gallery Wall 

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I've already stressed how awesome gallery walls are, but what I have not done is tell you how awesome mirrors look in them! 

Mirrors on walls make the whole area look bigger. This is such a good idea for a small college apartment living room space! It dresses it up and plays tricks on the mind so that you think you're living in a big luxurious space when you're binge-watching Netflix or Youtube Videos!

13. Gold Accents 

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The gold arrow totally drew me to this picture. And the more I looked at it, the more I realized that there are gold accents everywhere, so I definitely thought that it was worth a share! 

Gold accents, or just a theme throughout the accents you choose to put into your college apartment living room, are a great idea! They make the entire space look much more cohesive, cute and organized. And isn't that everyone's goal for their living room?

14. Grey Color Scheme 

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Color schemes are super important to any college apartment living room if you want it to look its best. But I wanted to touch on this grey one specifically . . . 

BECAUSE IT IS SO COZY! Like this whole picture just makes me want to curl up on that couch with a blanket and sleep until the end of time. So, if you want a cozy college apartment living room, definitely incorporate a lot of grey! 

15. Giant Mirror 

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So say your gallery wall is already full, totally understandable! But you still need a mirror in your college apartment living room, trust me.

Why? Because it makes the space bigger like I said, and gives you the perfect opportunity to always make sure that your outfit is 12/10 before you head out the door (also a great photo op for insta stories but I'm digressing) Bottom line: giant mirrors are a great decoration to add to your college living room. 

16. Bar Cart 

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This is ONLY for the college students that are over 21, so if you're not keep scrolling ok? ok! 

So now that I only have LEGAL readers, put a bar cart in your college apartment living room. First of all, its such an aesthetically pleasing vibe and two, it saves you so much space in your kitchen because you can put all your alcohol and glasses in one space! If you drink, definitely get a bar cart for your living room!

17. Fun Area Rug 

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This is the one item I wish had in my college apartment living room this year, so you bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to have one in my next apartment! 

Area rugs just add something awesome to a living room space. Get them fuzzy or with a fun pattern, and it can totally spice up any living room!

18. Accent Chair 

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Couches can only fit so many people, what are all of your other friends suppose to do when they come to hang? 

An Accent chair solves all of your problems. It creates extra seating and adds to the decor or your college apartment living room. It's a win win you definitely want in your space!  

19. Plants!

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Plants, real or fake, big or small, add such an awesome boho and trendy vibe to a college apartment living room. I highly suggest adding some sort of greenery to your space for sure! 

20. Wallpapers!

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What I find so cool about this suggestion is that a couple of years ago it wasn't an option at all. 

But now, wallpaper is an easy thing to order, put up, and take down! So much so that it won't violate your lease agreement. What a fun way to spice up your college apartment living room. Brb, ordering some now! 

21. or a Wall Tapestry 

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But if wallpaper isn't your thing, no worries! Wall Tapestries are another great option for entire wall decor!

They, too, allow you to decorate an entire wall of your college apartment living room easily and on a budget! 12/10 recommend looking into one! 

22. Floating Shelves
college apartment living room ideas

(source @Amazon)

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If your couch is along a wall, this is a great decoration option for your college apartment living room! 

Adding a bookshelf is like the ladder I mentioned earlier in this post. A great way to add other decor to the area! And it doesn't have to be just books, feel free to add anything you want. It's your space after all! 

23. Bookshelves around the TV 
college apartment ideas

(source @Amazon)

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If your couch is floating in the living room area, then this is a great suggestion for you! Put bookshelves around your TV!

It makes the area look a lot fancier in my opinion, and gives you great storage options! 

24. Coffee Table 

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I mentioned adding centerpieces to your coffee tables, but I didn't mention coffee tables in general. My bad! 

If your apartment doesn't come with a coffee table, I HIGHLY recommend getting one! The cool thing about coffee tables is that pretty much anything can classify as one, so it can make a super fun college apartment living room DIY if you wanted! 

All in all, coffee tables are a great way to add to your living room as well as provide a place for food and beverages to hang while you host a movie night or just binge-watch Keeping Up with The Kardashians by yourself. So definitely make sure that you have one!

25.  Functional End Tables 
college apartment living room decor ideas

(source @Amazon)

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End types basically do the same thing as coffee tables, but they're just at the ends of your couch. 

Because I so highly suggest a coffee table for a college apartment living room, I didn't want to stress end tables too bad. If you decide to incorporate them though, make sure they're functional like these! The ones in the picture slide under the couch so that you can basically have a desk in your living room! How cool is that?

26. Mount your TV and use underneath for Storage

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This is a pro tip that I felt would really end off this post well. 

MOUNT YOUR TV if you can! It saves so much space and looks so nice in a college apartment living room. Not to mention its a total life saver. Feel free to thank me when you do it! 

This post was all about the best college apartment living room ideas.

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