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Looking for the perfect kitchen runner for your home? We went on the hunt to find the cutest kitchen runner. Plus, we've rounded up the best tips and tricks (like what size kitchen rug you should get!) so you can know exactly what to buy. 

kitchen runners

I won't lie; when I was moving into my apartment, I was so focused on decorating the rest of the space that my kitchen was one of the last things on my mind. Obviously, I had all the cutest dishes and utensils picked out months in advance, but a rug? That was definitely not at the top of my shopping list.

 After living there for a few months I realized that I needed a kitchen rug for two reasons. 1) to try to cover the red cabinets AND flooring that was happening. And 2) The kitchen was looking real bare. I decided to cozy it up with a kitchen runner, and it seriously made allll the difference.

I know what you may be thinking- what's the point of a rug in a high-traffic area prone to food spills and splatters? I like to take a beauty is pain approach to this because it really does make your kitchen look so much cuter but there are now so many kitchen rugs that you can throw in the laundry and it will come out looking brand new.

 Whether you are trying to decide on what size kitchen floor runners to buy or looking for the best washable options, here are all the pro tips to use when purchasing the perfect kitchen runners for your space. 

This post is all about how to pick the perfect kitchen runners for your space.


kitchen runners

Let's start with the good stuff right off the bat ;). I loved my previous kitchen runner (like didn't want to get rid of it haha) but it was at the end of it's life. I had washed it a million times and it was at the point where there was just no saving it. I have majorly been on the hunt for kitchen runners since then and these are some of my favorite ones I have been able to find.

Loved this runner option because I knew it would hide food stains well if something fell on it.

PS - I thought it was black but when I got it I realized it was navy blue. 


Looking for something to brighten up your kitchen? Jute rugs are a fantastic choice!

This textured option will pop against dark flooring while concealing everyday kitchen mishaps. 

“This runner is the best of any I have and had. Comfort is off the chart, has a thickness and even a cushioned feeling!”

I was intriqued by this rug because it was so dang cheap. I DID get a warning message on Insta from someone that has this rug that it sheds a ton...but I bought it to try it since it's such a great price.

This cute boho runner only costs $21, and you can order it right from Amazon! 

If comfort is number 1 on your priority list, you will absolutely love this ivory braided area rug!

best washable kitchen runners

“Lovely! This was exactly what I was looking for! It adds texture to my room, well made, looks great!!”

This neutral rug from Wayfair comes in 8 different sizes, so you are sure to find the one just right for your kitchen.

It is also available in blue and beige if you want to add a pop of color to the space! 

kitchen rug runners

“This is the best rug purchase I have ever made online. True to color and feels great on the feet.”

The Magnolia line at Target offers a ton of chic, modern kitchen runners.

This tri-patterned floor runner is one of their best-selling options that both customers and designers love this year.  

long kitchen rugs

“I absolutely love this! I was a little worried about it getting stained in my kitchen but we just had a spill yesterday and it came right out!”

Looovee this kitchen rug!

Simple enough for any style kitchen, this is the perfect rug to pull neutral accents into your space. 

kitchen runners washable

“Beautiful jute rug. Browns, golds, grays and creams pull many different accents into your home!”

Cute little twist on a traditional jute rug!

modern kitchen runners

“This is a unique and updated version of a traditional jute rug! It’s gorgeous and well made. Highly recommend!”

Not only is this ivory tufted runner offered in different sizes, but it also comes in a variety of shapes!

kitchen floor runners

“Such a beautiful rug! Great quality and good value. Highly recommended.”

I feel like this is the closet looking rug to the one I had in my kitchen. Love it!!

washable kitchen runners

“Even cuter than the pictures! Such a comfy and cozy addition to my kitchen!”


kitchen rug

The biggest priority on my shopping list when looking for kitchen rugs are how they do with all the spills that will be going on them. Your kitchen rug HAS to be able to be thrown in the wash or it's just not worth it (IMO). I'm pretty sure my old kitchen rug claimed it couldn't be washed, but I washed it all the time and it was fine. Just make sure its not too thick or heavy in your washer.

I've always gone to Target for my kitchen rugs because they look the best and are great prices but so many of you said that you love Ruggable! For other places, definitely check reviews to see how people say the rugs hold up after being thrown in the washer.

 I wash my kitchen runner pretty often to prevent food/drink stains and mildew, and it's held up perfectly. I just throw it in the washer on delicate cycle and air-dry it over my railing. But, if I'm ever in a rush, I use this quick rug cleaning method to spot treat spills and stains!

kitchen runners


kitchen runners with rubber backing
nonslip kitchen runners

Kitchen rug size is huge IMO. Look how weeny the short rug looks up there then the longer rug! Big difference.  

Before making any decisions, you want to be sure to measure the space. Be sure to consider what size runner will 1. fit and 2. maximize the look of your kitchen.

A longer kitchen runner will expand the look of your space, so if you are looking for ways to make your small kitchen look bigger, this 2'x7' runner will do just the trick. If you're working with a smaller kitchen, 2'x4.3' kitchen rug runners like this one from Amazon are perfect for the space in front of your sink.


kitchen rugs

Don't ask me why but there is truly nothing more irritating to me than when my rugs go sliding all over the place. I saw someone on Insta suggest these these "rug grippers" from Amazon and I instantly bought them. I will never not use these on my rugs now because they're so good!!

The rugs don't budge at all with them there, like you can even vacuum over them. I was worried about them damaging my floor but I took my old kitchen runner off of them and the floor was completely fine. Definitely would recommend!

This post was all about how to pick the perfect kitchen runners for your space.

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