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If you are the type of person who sticks to neutrals you are going to love this neutral college bedroom.

neutral college bedroom

Hello BSL readers! It’s Charli here, one of the content creators over here at BSL! I am currently a Junior majoring in Interior Design at The University of Alabama (roll tide ?). I have lived in off-campus housing for the past two years but last year my apartment came fully furnished. While this definitely helped my bank account, it’s safe to say that the furniture that was already in my apartment wasn’t the cutest. As an interior design major it should come as no surprise that I’m pretty picky about my furniture and decor so even though it cost a good amount to furnish my apartment this year, I was insanely excited to do it.

Pretty much every girl at my school went with the trendy, colorful style, and to be honest I definitely live through them vicariously. But, I have just always been a neutral kind of gal and absolutely love the look of a bright, white room. I am well aware my personal style is wayyy different than most college girls but if you are anything like me and want to design a neutral-colored bedroom in college hopefully my bedroom can give you the inspo you were looking for!

This post is all about Charli's neutral college bedroom.


college bedroom before and after
neutral bedroom college

I honestly can't even tell you how many hours I spent planning my bedroom this year. Because I was buying all new furniture I wanted to get pieces that I could use in my apartment even after college and it's safe to say I spent hours looking for just the right things. Seeing the before and after of my bedroom side by side honestly made all the hours I spent planning my room so worth it. This is the first year I have been 100% in love with my bedroom and honestly want to be in all the time!


charli's college bedroom
neutral bedroom college

Recreate this neutral college bedroom:

Like I said before, I spent hours and hours looking for furniture and decor that I could use both in college and after I graduate. I ended up going with this beige velvet bed frame from Wayfair and honestly don't think I could love it anymore than I do.

For my bedding I kept things pretty neutral in color but incorporated quilts and throw blankets to add layers to my bed. Not only is my bed stunning to look at but all the pillows and layers really make my bed feel like a hotel bed. It definitely makes it a little harder to get up for those 8am classes in the morning but dang it feels great to come back to after class for naps.


white dresser
dresser decor ideas

Recreate this neutral college bedroom:

I had originally picked out a dresser from Ikea but it was going to be an extra $200 just to ship it. Instead, I found this dresser that is super similar on Wayfair and I honestly ended up loving it even more than the one I found at first! The dresser decor is still a work in progress but I added a TV on top of my dresser which takes up most of the space anyways.


college desk decor
desk decor ideas

Recreate this neutral college bedroom:

I spend a good amount of time at my desk so I wanted to make sure I had a space that was both comfortable and cute! I have a weird and unexplained hatred for desk chairs with wheels so I spent hours looking for a cute alternative. I found this comfy velvet chair with gold legs on Wayfair and love how it looks.

The desk I bought is just a whitewashed wood desk from Target and I decorated it with decor I already had from Home Goods. 


college bedroom ideas

Recreate this neutral college bedroom:

One of the main things I was worried about when I saw my apartment bedroom was the tile floors. Not only are they brown, but tile floors are just not uncomfortable to walk around barefoot on.

While the tile would never be my first choice, I actually don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. But, to make my room a little more cozy and cover up the tile I added a cow skin accent rug. If I had all the money in the world I would probably add a larger rug to cover up the majority of my room and accent with the cowhide rug on top but for a girl on a budget, I think this rug works perfectly. 


nightstand decor
nightstand decor ideas

Recreate this neutral college bedroom:

I know side table decor is a weird thing to be obsessed with but it seriously is probably my favorite part of my room. I got the majority of my side table decor from World Market (if you aren’t shopping here for decor you need to start) and then bought these glass lamps from Home Depot!

This post was all about Charli's neutral college bedroom.

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