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If you're looking for the best college apartment bathroom ideas, you came to the right place. Here are 24 of the best college apartment bathroom ideas. 

When I moved in to my college apartment, I was on a tight budget and wanted to put my money towards decor to make my bedroom and living room look super cute. I knew I wanted to make my apartment bathroom look put together and nicer than when I first moved in but didn't want to allocate a ton of my decor money towards it. 

Fortunately for you (and me!), here are so many simple college apartment bathroom ideas that can elevate the look of the bathroom without spending a lot. I found so many cute ideas on Pinterest it's making me want to redecorate ?

Here are some of my favorite bathroom ideas I found, how to recreate them, bathroom essentials and a glimpse into my college apartment bathroom. 

This post is all about college apartment bathroom ideas.


1. White And Black Theme Bathroom

Recreate this Bathroom:

This bathroom is well put together and a good example of what your college apartment bathroom might look like.You could recreate this for under $100 which is honestly a great price when it comes to fully decorating your bathroom.

2. Corner Shelf Organizer

Recreate this Bathroom:

The entire look of this bathroom organization is so pretty and using a corner shelf will save tons of space. You can buy this exact wooden corner shelf from IKEA and store your most-used products like face wash, lotion, and soap. Then, just add some cute baskets to finish off the decor.

3. Use A Bar Cart For Storage

Recreate this Bathroom:

How pretty does this bar cart look in this bathroom?! Bar carts are a great way to organize your towels while also decorating your bathroom and adding a touch of gold. You can also add a stool to either decorate with or use to sit on to apply lotion or just sit on before or after getting in the shower.

4. Display Cute Products On A Side Table

Recreate this Bathroom:

If you like the look of a bar cart but don't have the space for it, you can also use a side table like this one to achieve a similar look. These are a great way to store frequently used products that still look really pretty.

You can add additional cute decor by buying a frame and printing off a cute saying to put on the top of the side table. This is a super inexpensive way of decorating but looks super classy.

5. Use A Tray For Organization On The Toilet

Recreate this Bathroom:

There are always a few things we need easy access to when on the toilet or when using the sink, so instead of having them just sitting on the top of your toilet, use a tray to decorate and organize with. 

This also makes it a lot easy to clean your toilet because you can just lift up the tray of products and place it somewhere else while wiping it down.

6. Three Tier Drawers

Recreate this Bathroom:

Using a three tiered drawer is another great way of organizing products that you need close by the toilet or sink that take up little space. Slide one of these rolling carts in between your toilet and sink to keep extra toilet paper, feminine products, and other essentials close by.

7. Under The Sink Drawers

Recreate this Bathroom:

This is a perfect example of how to optimize the storage space under your sink. Buy a metal drawer set to put under your sink to store cleaning supplies, towels, makeup, and anything else you don't want sitting on your counter. Without it, you can only use the bottom surface to store products which will make the space feel crowded and messy.

8. Use A Ladder For Towels

Recreate this Bathroom:

If you have the room, use a blanket ladder to store towels! This looks super cute if you buy two or three mixed colored towels to go with them color scheme of your bathroom.

9. Use Glass Jars For Organization

Recreate this Bathroom:

If you are looking for some great college apartment bathroom organization inspiration, this is it! Buy some glass jars, baskets, and lazy susans to store all your products and keep them organized and easy to find.

10. Individual Towel Hooks

Recreate this Bathroom:

If you don't have towel racks in your college apartment bathroom, these individual towel hooks are super cute and inexpensive. Even if you do have a towel bar, you can always unscrew it, store it, and replace it with these. I honestly wish I had done this in my bathroom so that I didn't have to fold my towels to put them back on the bar after use.

11. Over The Toilet Shelving

Recreate this Bathroom:

You can always use extra storage space in your bathroom and wall shelves are a great way to do that! Use your shelves to store towels, containers, and even display some cute decor. Most apartments won't let you drill holes but so command hooks are probably your best bet here. 

12. Use Peel And Stick Wall Paper As An Accent Wall

Recreate this Bathroom:

I absolutely love the idea of using peel and stick wallpaper as an accent wall in the bathroom, especially if your toilet is in a nook like this.

Since you don't really have a choice to paint the walls in your college apartment bathroom, wallpaper is the next best thing! This wall paper is super cute and easy to remove so when you move out you can just peel it right off without having to worry about damaging the walls.


1. Shower Curtain And Hooks

When shopping for your college apartment bathroom, you are of course going to need a shower curtain and hooks. I recommend getting the hooks and liner off of Amazon since they are usually much cheaper on there than most other stores. Then, you can head to Walmart, Target, or a home decor store to find a cute curtain to fit the theme of your bathroom.

2. Bath Mats

If there is one thing I have learned from living in a college apartment bathroom, it is that non slip bath mats are the way to go. A lot of the super cute bath mats I found didn't have the rubber backing and I knew they would slide around. But, there are still a ton of super cute ones that you can buy that are non slip!

3. Plunger And Toilet Brush

A plunger and toilet brush are essentials to have in your college apartment bathroom and I totally didn't even think about it until I moved it. You can buy these in a set from Amazon for fairly cheap.

4. Bathroom Organization Products

Keeping your college apartment bathroom organized is a must so you need to have all the organizational products to do it! I have a few more bathroom organization ideas later on in the post but baskets, a lazy susan, and drawer organizers are my favorite way to keep everything organized and easy to find.

5. Towels

You are going to need a towel set in your bathroom from the day you move in. You can't really use your bathroom without towels! Make sure you have bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths! This towel set from Amazon comes with 2 sets of all 3.

6. Shower Organizer

If you don't have any kind of built in storage in your shower, you are going to need a shower organizer. Even if you do have a few ledges for bottles, most people need a little more storage space for large shampoo and conditioner bottles. This is the shower organizer that I have in my bathroom and I love it! It holds a ton of bottles and fits perfectly on my shower head to keep all my products off the side of the tub.

7. Soap Dispenser

college apartment  bathroom

Now, this may not be an essential to everyone, but in my opinion, bathrooms look so much cuter and more organized when the soap is put into bottles instead of laying out on the sink in their original container. Use these to put your hand soap in and even face wash or lotion!

8. Trash Can

Every bathroom needs a trash can so make sure not to forget this bathroom essential! I recommend a small trash can like this one that you can keep under your sink and out of sight,


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