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This post is all about college apartment furniture.

cheap college apartment furniture

College apartment furniture shopping is NOT easy.

I mean you have eyes for West Elm furniture with a Goodwill budget!! 

We know how good you want your apartment to look but also know that you're probably raking in the student loans (I feel you ?) and giving your right arm for this furniture is not worth it.

This post shows you the best college apartment furniture that doesn't break the bank.

College Apartment Furniture 


1. Bed Frame 

Bed frames are essential to any college apartment because you have to have a bed, right?

Unfortunately, necessities are often known to be expensive. But this one doesn't have to be! It's all about shopping several sites for the best deals, and luckily this one is under $30 on amazon! What a STEAL!

2. Headboard

Headboards a piece of college furniture that can get pricey.

If you look on Amazon like with the one I've linked, they can be very affordable and there are so many options that you are bound to find one that suits your style!

3. Night Stand

Night stands are crucial to any bedroom, but especially that of a college students! 

This is another item that just needs to be functional and you can decorate later. But pro tip: get night stands in sets of two so that you can have one on each side of your bed and make your bedroom look very organized!

4. Desk

You have to have a place to do your homework and study right? Luckily, this desk is super affordable and sturdy so that you can use it all throughout your college years!

5. Desk Chair 

Desk chairs are often very expensive, but that's because people think they need to buy the best of the best.

Here's the thing, as college students, we definitely don't. So get the one that works for your budget, like this one on amazon, and add a pillow or take walking breaks to maintain comfort while studying!  

College Apartment Furniture

Living Room:

6. Floor Lamp 

Floor lamps are not talked about enough in my opinion. And the good news is that they can be very affordable! Place on by the couch for great reading place or just to create a great lighted area! 

7. TV Stand 

TV's are a must in college, apartments, so stands for them are also a must! 

These are another furniture piece that doesn't have to be pretty, but functional because your decorations can make it pretty and your main goal needs to be keeping hat bank account from being in the red. 

8. Futon

Couches are often crazy expensive, like even for basic ones! 

So if your apartment does not come with a couch, I honestly suggest getting a futon instead. They do the exact same job but are way less expensive. Also, this one comes in so many colors!!

9. Bar Cart 

As I always say, this is only if you're 21 or older! 

Bar carts are another college apartment furniture piece that people usually believe will be super expensive. But thing is, bar carts do not have to be special looking, they just have to be functional. So get the most basic looking on because that is cheapest. The decoration is what's added to the cart, not the cart itself.

10. Area Rug

I don't know about you but when I was growing up my mom would complain about how much rugs are.

So I surprised myself when I included it in this post, but it's because looking on Amazon made me change my tune. I've spoken about how important area rugs are to a space, and now you can include it in your college apartment without becoming poor in the process. 

College Apartment Furniture

Dining Room:

11. Dining Table 

Dining tables are college apartment furniture that can be expensive, but here's a way to keep it cheap and in budget!

Get a small one. I think a lot of us think that we need the big ones we grew up having family dinner around, and that is so far from the truth! Smaller you get, the less expensive they are and the happier you and your bank are!

12. Dining Chairs 

This is another college apartment furniture need that doesn't need much explanation. 

Dining chairs can be expensive, but these ones above are actually a great bang for your buck. And sturdy enough that they will also you for several apartments and maybe even a house!

13. Plug-In Chandelier 

This sounds really expensive, I now. But SIKE, it's not!!! 

This one right here was $42. It looks very boujee and sophisticated but your bank account doesn't suffer! now that's something I wanna strive for everyday!

14. Buffet 

This is a commonly overlooked apartment furniture piece. But it can be pretty affordable, so I'm brining it to your attention!

Buffets create extra storage for dishes or other eating related items that you might not need all the time. And you'll use them later on in life too, so why not get one for a good price now! 

15. Dishes 

Dishes are a necessity to every college apartment, and lucky for you they aren't super expensive either! 

If you're storage is limited, keep them set out as placemats on dining room tables! 

College Apartment Furniture


16. Pantry

Kitchen storage comes very limited in college apartments. So if you can afford to get an extra pantry, seriously do it! 

Good news is, it isn't a whole lot to get another pantry. It's actually very budget friendly to get one so you save money and create extra space! 

17. Bar Stools

Most college apartments have a kitchen island, if yours doesn't then you can totally just ignore this furniture suggestion! 

But if you do, definitely get some bar stools! It gives you extra seating options, and these ones from Amazon don't break the bank which is always a bonus! 

18. Canisters  

Canisters are great college apartment kitchen furniture that you can get for cheap and in sets! 

Use them to store common ingredients you always reach for, like sugar and coffee so that you aren't always heading to your pantry!

19. Cutting Board and Knives 

You're in college now and shopping for your own apartment furniture. I think you can be trusted with knives on your counter so that's why I'm talking about them! 

Kitchen storage is limited, so often it's best to have your cutting boards and knives out on display since you use them so much. This set from Amazon is great and affordable too! What a duo! 

College Apartment Furniture


20. Over the Toilet Storage

This is what I always recommend to those shopping for cheap apartment furniture, especiall when it comes to the bathroom! 

Why? Because apartment bathrooms are often so tiny and offer no storage. This idea does just that, while also not breaking the bank!

21. Mirror

Most apartments come with a mirror, but some don't or the one they do have is broken or ugly. You can change that!

Buying mirrors on Amazon is always super affordable, so you can have the mirror you need in your apartment bathroom with ease! 

22. Towel Rack

Towel racks are so necessary as college apartment furniture. The best way to incorporate one into your bathroom is to hang it by your shower. That way when you need a towel, it is always right there!

23. Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are a college apartment furniture necessity! And the great news is that they can be very affordable too!

Not only are they affordable, but they are also cute. Shower curtains can be a great way to decorate your bathroom too! 

24. Shower Liner 

Shower liners are apartment furniture that doesn't need much explanation. It serves a purpose and is cheap , so make sure you have one! 

25. Storage Tray 

This storage tray is a cheap college apartment furniture option that allows you to store perfumes, makeup, and skin care in one designated area. 

Put it on your counter or on your toilet and it's a great way to decorate your bathroom while staying under budget! 

This post showed the best college apartment furniture.

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