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Looking for the best graduation party ideas to use when planning your party this year? Here are all the best graduation party ideas.

graduation party ideas

Whether you're graduating high school or college, your graduation is a huge deal and something that should definitely be celebrated!

When I graduated high school I was so stoked to throw my very own graduation party and spent months planning for it. I wanted my party to stand out and be one that both I and my friends would remember forever.

When planning a graduation party, it can be difficult to know where to start, where to find fun ideas or be certain that you aren't forgetting anything important. Luckily, I have compiled all the best graduation party ideas, products, decor and everything else you might need to plan your very own graduation party in 2022. 

 This post is all about graduation party ideas.


1. Donut Wall

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

A donut wall is the perfect dessert idea to have at your graduation party! Guests can easily grab a yummy treat off the wall and also it makes for some really cute decor at your party. You can find a donut wall in so many different sizes or can even make your own.

2. Cookie Bar

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

I have seen a cookie bar before but I think this one takes the cake for the best one. Pick up some cute blackboards to label the different cookies and display them on a tiered metal display. If you can find an old metal scale like the one in the photo that would make a great centerpiece for all your treats!

3. Display Yearbook Photos

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Displaying all your yearbook photos from school is such a fun idea that all of your friends and family will love. Display all your pictures on a pallet board like this one or even hang them on on some string with clips.

4. Decorate In Your College Colors

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Using your future college colors is a great theme to go with for your graduation party decor. Find matching balloons, napkins, tablecloths, and logos to decorate with. If you are sharing your party with a friend you could split the table down the middle so that you can both show off your new college's colors.

5. Have A Polaroid Guestbook

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Having a polaroid is not only a fun activity for guests to use to take pictures at your graduation party, but also is a super creative way of creating a guestbook to remember everyone that attended! Have each of your guests take a polaroid and tape it in. Have them sign their name under for a guest book you can keep forever.

6. "The Price Is Right" Graduation Edition

If you are looking for a fun activity to get all of your guests involved at your graduation party, this graduation version of "The Price is Right" is the perfect game! Buy this set off Amazon and some fun prizes to give away to the winners!

7. Personalized Card Box

graduation party ideas

I always recommend having a card box at your graduation party so that guests know exactly where to drop off your card. A card box also ensure none of your cards get lost (they usually have money or gift cards in them so they are definitely something you don't want to lose).

I love this custom card box I found on Etsy. You can request your name and graduation year on it and keep all your sweet notes in it after your party.

8. Advice For The Graduate

graduation party ideas

Having a way for guests to give the graduate advice is one of my biggest graduation party idea recommendations. I had guests write advice or a fun memory on a piece of paper and drop it in a box and had so much fun reading them after my party and even years later. These graduation wishes are the perfect thing to have for your guests to write all their well wishes on at your party in 2022.


9. Have A Champagne Bar

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Since you are having a college graduation, everyone there will mostly be of drinking age. This means you can throw a graduation party with an amazing champagne bar! Chill your champagne in a cooler and set out champagne glasses for guests to make their drinks. Decorate however you would like with balloons, flowers, or confetti for a super pretty drink bar!

10. Nurse Themed College Graduation Party

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

If you are graduating from nursing school in 2022, this graduation party idea is perfect for your party. You could use any color scheme to bring the nursing theme to life. Just make sure to have a fun "nursing" cake and decorate cookies with a heartbeat line. You can also find lots of cute nursing graduation party decor on Etsy or Amazon.

11. Have A Formal Dinner

If you want to throw a graduation party but want it to feel fun and intimate, a formal dinner would be a great way to go for a college graduation party. This table set up is just an example of a classy theme you could go with but you can always change up the color scheme. 

Having a formal dinner for your college graduation party will allow you to interact with your closest friends and family in a casual but fun setting.

12. Give Out Personalized Mini Wine Bottles As Party Favors

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

How cute is this college graduation party favor idea?! Buy some assorted mini liquor or wine bottles at your local store and personalize them with stickers printed with your graduation photos and graduation year. This is a party favor I'm sure no guest will be leaving without.

13. Dental School Graduation Banner

I couldn't think of a more perfect graduation party decor item for graduating dental school! If you are graduating from dental school, buy this fun banner and complete the party with other dental themed food or decor.

15. Decorate A Chalkboard

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

This is a great idea for a college graduation party wether you are holding your party inside or outside. I always say having a blackboard decorated with balloons is great to have near your party entrance so guests always know exaclty where to go!

16. Set Up An Easy Photo Booth

things not to do at your graduation party

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

I actually did this at my own graduation party and it worked so well! Photo booth set ups can be expensive so this is a great option if you still want one but want to stay on a budget. All you have to do is buy curtains and hang them from a photo backdrop. Decorate with some other pretty decor for a cute photo booth you can out together for less than $75.

17. Money Cake

There is no better kind of cake than a money cake! This is a super creative idea that any graduate will definitely appreciate!


18. Veggies And Dip In A Cup

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Having snacks at a graduation party that can be easily carried around to snack on are always a hit. If you want to have veggies and dip at your party, put the dip in the cup and put your pre cute veggies in. This way, guests can easily grab one and go. 

19. Pasta Bar

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

I have never seen a pasta bar done at a graduation party before but I'm not sure why because it is a great idea! All you need are some noodles and a variety of sauces. Keep your sauces in a heater for a buffet style pasta bar all your guests can enjoy!

20. Dessert Kabobs

How yummy do these strawberry marshmallow brownie kabobs look? These are a super easy dessert you can make yourself in no time if you want to do something more original than a cake or cupcakes.

21. Nacho Bar In A Bag

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Like I said before, grab and go foods are the best options for graduation parties since everyone will be moving around and socializing. I have seen a taco bar before but the way this one is set up is just too cute. You can also fill paper bags with chips to allow guests to make nachos if they want instead.

22. Graduation Cap Cupcakes

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

If you like the idea of serving cupcakes at your party, these graduation cap cupcakes are the way to go. Fill a wine glass with candy and set the cupcake right on top. Guests will love how easy these are to grab and will for sure be enjoying one of these at your graduation party.

23. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip is an all time party classic that I always recommend having at parties. Everyone always loves this dip and it always ends up gone at the end of the party. This is a super easy recipe to make for your graduation party in 2022!

24. Sandwich Bar

You can never go wrong with a sandwich bar at your graduation party because who doesn't like sandwiches?! Sandwich bars are a super inexpensive way to serve guests food at your graduation party that don't require cooking.

25. Easy Veggies And Wraps

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

If you want to stray away from unhealthy food at your graduation party, this set up is the way to go. Have assorted wraps, deli meats, cheese and veggies for your guests to enjoy. Having this at your graduation party will also ensure there are vegan/vegetarian options for your guests.

26. Walking Taco Bar

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

I have said it before but I will say it again... Snack foods are the best option for graduation parties. What I learned is that guests usually eat before or are going to other graduation parties that they have eaten at as well so making whole meals or catering food usually goes to waste. Having single serving options for guests will save food and money. 

This walking taco bar lets guests choose the chips they want and fill it with taco meat, cheese, or any other toppings. This is such a fun and original graduation party food idea for 2022!

27. Breakfast Bar

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Having a breakfast bar at your graduation party is super original and is something I can guarantee almost no one else will be doing. If you are having an early-ish graduation party I think this is something to definitely consider.

I would suggest serving the breakfast buffet style like this but putting the dishes on a warmer so that the food doesn't get cold.


28. Wood Pallet Photo Backdrop

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

I have looked all over for a wood backdrop like this to buy but have found most of them are all handmade. But, I just love the look of this for pictures so I think a little DIY building project would be well worth it.

Buy some cheap wood from Home Depot or Lowes and nail the pieces together. Once you have that, decorate with balloons and snap away. I can guarantee guests will be posting pictures in front of this after your party!

29. Door Banners

If you are looking for a way to decorate your front door for your 2022 graduation party, this is an amazing but cheap option. You can get this banner on Amazon for less than $18 but it makes the entrance to your party look so nice! I am also thinking about how cute pictures would be in front of this too.

30. String Lights On Trees

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

If you are planning on having an outdoor graduation party, stringing lights from your trees is a must. You can find hundreds of feet of lights for fairly cheap on Amazon but it ends up making the space look much more classy and expensive. 

If you don't have trees to hang them from, you can always hang them on railings, tents, or columns.

31. Hang Tassels From The Ceiling

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Tassel garlands are super popular decor items for all parties so it only makes sense to include them in your 2022 graduation party. They come in almost every color so you will definitely find some in the color scheme of your graduation party. 

I have always seen them hung up on walls but I love how these ones are hung from the ceiling!

32. Sunflower Theme

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Using sunflowers as a theme is super original and is a graduation party theme I have never seen done before. Head to your local thrift store and look for old rustic decor such as baskets, barrels, and bins. If you are the DIY type, you can really bring this backdrop together by putting together and staining a wood wall backdrop.

If you aren't able to build a wood wall like this, you can always buy a wood backdrop of Amazon. Then, just decorate with sunflowers for a cute farmhouse look. If yellow is your favorite color, this one is for you!

33. All Pink Theme

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

This graduation party idea is for all the pink lovers out there. If you are looking for an all pink graduation party this is the perfect inspiration for you! I love the idea of using a balloon arch above the door and decorating with other pink decor such as flowers, wreaths, and banners. You can also do this with any other color if you'd like!

34. "Educated AF" Banner

I had a few friends use this "educated AF" banner at their graduation party and remember so many people thinking it was funny and asking where it was from. So naturally, I felt like I should include it in this post! This is great for any high school or college graduation party if you are looking for funny decor in 2022.

35. Easy Photo Centerpiece

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Mason jars are one of the most inexpensive but classy ways to decorate for your graduation party. Fill them with paper shreds in your school colors and use wooden sticks to display photos in. This is a great idea if you are looking for easy and simple ways to decorate for a guys graduation party in 2022.

36. Embroidery Hoop Photo Display

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

Displaying pictures is a must at every graduation party and this is a super creative and beautiful way to do it! You can use a large embroidery hoop or any other large hoop you find to decorate with flowers, leaves and photos. Then, just hang them up at your party from either the ceiling or on a wall. 

37. Congratulations Banner

graduation party ideas

A large congrats banner like this one is great if you want to cover a lot of space or hang it somewhere to let guests know where the party is at. I used a large banner like this and hung it on my garage so anyone driving down the street knew exaclty where to go. It also made for some fun pictures!

38. Rustic Photo Centerpiece

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

This rustic wood centerpiece looks so stunning and is SO easy to recreate. You can find these wood pieces on amazon or your local craft store. Then, all you have to do is add some flowers and photos to a mason jar for a perfectly customized table centerpiece.

39. Hang Photos From Balloons

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

You will most likely have balloons at your graduation party anyways so why not make them more personal and fun by attaching photos to the strings! I love this idea because it can be used above any table or anywhere indoors. I do recommend making sure the helium balloons are fully filled though so that the photos don't weight the balloons down. Speaking from personal experience!

40. Rustic Outdoor Graduation Party Decor

graduation party ideas 2021

Recreate this Graduation Party Idea:

I took personal inspiration from this graduation party decor for my graduation party so I felt like I should share it too! If you like the look of rustic decor, this is a great way to incorporate it into your party. Decorate with wood and greenery to give any party that rustic look.

41. Tassel Balloons

Tassel balloons are one of my absolute favorite graduation party decoration that I totally wish I had at my graduation party. These are not only great to use to decorate entrances or pathways but also make for some amazing pictures! You can find tassel balloons in almost any color to match your graduation party theme!

This post was all about graduation party ideas.

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