32 Best College Apartment Decor Ideas You Need To Copy

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This post is all about college apartment decor.

college apartment decor

You've lived in a dorm and now it's time to think bigger and better...college apartment decor!

By the time you're moving into your college apartment, you're ready for a space that feels more like an adult. You want it to look Pinterest perfect and perfectly designed while staying within your college student budget. 

With such a larger space to decorate, it can get overwhelming. We've rounded up the best of the best to show you the apartment ideas you really need to see.

This post shows you the 32 best college apartment decor that will have your space looking professionally decorated.

College Apartment Decor:

1. Have a Coffee Bar 

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I'm starting with what I think to be the most vital part of a college apartment, because it is also one of the easiest things to make into a college apartment decoration!

Create a coffee bar, whether it be on your kitchen counter, or you use another bar cart entirely. Fill it with mugs, creamers, sugar, coffee pods. This is one way to really decorate your apartment by making a special area for a necessity!

2. and Hang your Mugs 
College Apartment Decor Pinterest

If you take my advice on #1, which you TOTALLY should, I have another great decoration tip!

Hang your mugs, this is a picture from my assistant's apartment. HOW CUTE is this mug holder her dad made? It not only saves you space, but also uses wall space that you might not know what to do with. It's a win win, for sure! 

3. Match Your Wall Decor to the Room 

One of my main tips for decorating your college apartment is to utilize wall space. This idea is a PERFECT example of that! 

Get wall decor like these from Amazon for the room that they will hang in. It's a super cute decoration idea that all your friends and family will love to admire when they visit! 


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4. Use "Over the Toilet" Storage for Bathrooms 

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If there is anything that I've learned from living in an apartment for two years, it is that storage space is limited. So you will definitely have to make some, make it cute in the process!

My mom is the one that suggested buying something like this for over my toilet, and I cannot tell you how much of a LIFESAVER it has been! I store my towels, perfumes, and extra toiletries on it.

 Just arrange these products in a cute way and BAM! you have more storage and a great college apartment decoration!

5. Use Desk Organizers for Produce 

(source @Porchdotcom)

Ok I ran across this image on Pinterest and I am so surprised at how reasonable it seems! 

Head to Office Depot or Walmart and buy a mesh organizer, then hang it on a wall and use it for all of your fresh fruit (which I highly recommend you buy to #stayhealthy in college) 

It's another storage idea that becomes a great college apartment decoration, and that's what you have to try to do when moving into your first college apartment. 

6. Picture Frame as a Key Holder 

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This is such a creative college apartment decoration idea that I just HAD to share!!

Get a rustic picture frame like this from Amazon and drill some hooks into it. Hang it, and not only do you have a place to keep your keys, but also a cute decoration right when you walk in the door! 

7. Roll Your Blankets to Store Them 

Blankets were a must in the dorm, and they're still a must in a college apartment! But they can be weird to store if you have extra that you do not want to display openly. 

Luckily, there's a way to store these too and make it look cute. Just roll them and put them in a bin like the picture above! You can't go wrong with this decoration idea. 

8. or Hang Them on a Ladder in the Corner 

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If rolling and storing isn't your thing, try this decoration idea instead! 

Buy a wooden ladder, string some lights around it and fold your blankets over each of the steps. It's a unique way to store blankets that becomes a decoration as well and TBH I'm obsessed with it! 

9. Get a Bath Tray 

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So I could not find a picture of my exact bath tray, but this Amazon link is to the one I have and use all the time! 

If you have a bath tub (and I'm so sorry if you only have a shower) I highly suggest getting a bath tray. Even if you don't take baths a lot, still buy one because most apartments suck when it comes to in shower storage spots. Having a bath tray allows you to store your everyday shower essentials in one place, and it looks SUPER aesthetically pleasing too! 

10. Marquee Signs 
college apartment decor

(source @Amazon)

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This is another decoration tip that I took from my own apartment. I've found that a way to keep your apartment decorated within a budget is to get thing that you can slightly change from time to time. 

A Marquee sign like this one from Amazon is a PERFECT way to do so! Have a busy week ahead? Put a inspirational quote on it. Have a formal coming up? Put it's theme on the sign and it doubles as a prop! 

I've had SO much fun with my marquee sign and all my guests have loved its saying. It's a must have college apartment decoration if you ask me! 

11. Salt Lamps 

This is yet another apartment decorating idea that I stole from myself because I just HAD to share it! 

Salt Lamps make great decorations and are not super expensive. Seriously, this one from Amazon is like $18 bucks! And since salt lamps are known to create a peaceful energy throughout a room, I think it's a must for college apartment decor.

12. Add Storage to the Inside of Cabinet Doors 

Ok I am on the way to go buy things that help me create this exact picture above because WOW is it smart? 

Like I said earlier, storage in college apartments is usually limited. Making this idea literal genius! Just find some small storage containers and bind them to the inside of a cabinet for even more storage space! 

Plus, when people open it they'll like its genius and cute so it's a win win for decor as well! 

13. Use a Chalkboard for Shared Lists 
college apartment decor

(source @Amazon)

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This college apartment decoration idea makes life easier for you and your roommates too! 

Having a chalkboard looks really cute but also comes in handy for things like grocery lists or rent reminders. Or, like the marquee signs, you can decorate them with fun quotes or drawings that match whatever season you're in! 

14. Hang Lights Around Your Bathroom Mirror 

Copy This Apartment:

This is SUCH a cute college apartment decoration idea for the bathroom!

Hanging twinkle lights around your mirror not only looks cute, but creates a super peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment.

And if you're like me, your bathroom light is connected to the fan and gets SUPER annoying, so twinkle lights are a perfect solution when you need some light but don't want to hear that annoying fan! 

15. Use Wooden Letters 

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Wooden Letters are SUCH a cute and CHEAP college apartment decoration idea. 

Seriously, they're like $2 each at Hobby Lobby and can be decorated any way you like. Make it spell out the room you're in or a fun saying related to the room. Regardless of what you decide, using wooden letters will spice up any space! 

16. Use Wall Decals 

Wall decals are another great college apartment decor idea because they do something with awkward wall space that you KNOW you need to utilize but have no clue what to do with! 

17. Fill and Label Mason Jars with Common Ingredients 

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This is such a cute idea that you can put on your kitchen counter!

Get some mason jars and fill them with sugar, flour, creamer, whatever else you can think of! Label them and then set them on your counters for easy access as well as cute apartment decor! 

18. Don't Forget to Decorate the Patio! 

Many college apartments come with a small patio. Don't forget to decorate it because it such a great area that you can easily decorate! 

Get some lawn chairs and a couple outside mats, finish off by draping lights around the rails and boom! you have a super cute patio to drink coffee on and watch the sunrise when the weather is nice! 

19. Bar Cart 

Copy This Apartment:

This is ONLY if you're 21 and older ok? Ok! If you are, a highly suggest a bar cart! It's super functional as well as super cute. Add some fun wine or moscow mule glasses and arrange all your mixers and alcohol in a fun way to make it a fun and cute area in your apartment! 

20. House Succulents in Mason Jars 

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Can we just like give mason jars a round of applause? Because they literally can do some much for decor, and I'm not even done giving you ideas with what to do with them! 

This college apartment decor idea is to put succulents in decorated mason jars and place them throughout your apartment. It's super easy and very cute, and also adds some green to your apartment as well!

21. or Use Mason Jars to Store Utensils 
college apartment decor wall

(source @Etsy​)

Ok I PROMISE that this is my last mason jar suggestion! But I saw this on Pinterest and knew that it would be the perfect addition to this post! 

A lot of college apartments do not come with a ton of drawers in the kitchen. So a hack for that issue is to use mason jars for your utensils so that you don't have to dedicate a whole drawer to them! 

It solves an issue many college students face as well as creates a very unique decoration for your apartment. Why wouldn't you use this idea?

22. Use Paint Chips as Wallpaper 

This is another great and very affordable college apartment decoration idea. 

Head to your local hardware store and (low key) get a bunch of paint chips. Arrange them in a fun design on a wall for some great wall art! 

23. Make a Crate Bookshelf 

This is a great college apartment decoration idea that also does not break the bank and is something you can put together yourself! 

Get some wooden crates like these from Amazon  assemble them in a funky way and it creates a unique bookshelf that is decoration and storage all in one! 

24. Make a Mood Board 

This idea allows you to be creative and really express yourself in your college apartment decor! 

ALSO, the wall grids are surprisingly cheap! This is our favorite wall grid.

25.  Mount Your TV 

Copy This Apartment:

This doesn't sound like a decoration, I know. But I have learned that whenever I'm looking at apartments or houses for inspiration, I always like it a lot better when the TV is mounted. 

Sometimes that isn't possible, but if your landlord lets you I highly suggest thinking about it. It looks really good and clean and also gives you more room for storage or to just make the area in general feel a lot bigger than it actually is. 

26. Match Your Curtain and Bath Mat 
college apartment decor cheap

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Matching anything in an apartment makes everything automatically look 10x better. So I highly suggest matching your bath mat and curtains to make your bathroom look super cute! 

Even if its just getting a bath mat that is the same as one of the colors in your curtain, you don't have to go all out like this picture above does. But definitely try to keep them somewhat similar! 

27. Add a Vanity Mirror to Your Desk 

Copy This Apartment :

This is always the first thing I notice in a bedroom if someone has it. I think it is SUCH a cute thing to have in your room! 

Even if you arne't that into makeup, it gives off some incredible light and just makes your bedroom more feminine and fun. Definitely check it out! 

28. Have Matching Towels 
college apartment decor

(source @Amazon)

Another easy way to decorate your college apartment is by matching the towels! You have to have them so make them a decoration too! 

Match all towels, bath towels, kitchen towels, it looks very organized and put together when you do! 

29. Create a Pet Corner 

So many college students decide to bring a dog with them when the move into an apartment! If you do, you can use this to decorate too! 

Hang some pictures and a cute sing over where their bed will lay to create a sweet pet corner everyone will "ooo and ahh" at! 

30. Add a Wreath to Your Door 
college apartment decor

(source @Etsy via Southern Cottage Decor)

The outside of the apartment can be decorate too, don't forget that! 

Having a wreath on your door automatically gives off very welcoming vibes to anyone who comes into your apartment. It's a great outdoor apartment decoration idea! 

And pro tip: get one that you can add and subtract things from so that you don't have to buy like 7 wreaths to keep up with the seasons! 

31. Use Ladders as Shelves 

This is such a unique and rustic apartment decoration that will wow everyone who comes over! 

Get some rustic wooden ladders and hang them horizontally! It's a great apartment decoration that uses wall space and adds a unique touch to your new home! 

32. Use a Wine Rack as a Towel Holder 

This last college apartment decor idea is so clever! 

Instead of using a wine rack for its intended purpose, put towels on it instead! It's a unique and fun way to decorate your bathroom while also storing one of its absolute necessities! 

This post was all about the best college apartment decor.

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