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Looking for what to buy for your college apartment bedroom or decorating ideas? Here are all the ideas you need!

college apartment bedroom ideas

When planning out your college apartment, I know first hand how stressful it can be. You have to plan ahead all of your furniture, decor, and other essentials and it can get pricey really fast! I quickly came to understand I would not be able to create my dream bedroom in college because of how pricey it got. And to be honest, in college the perfect bedroom is not needed anyways. You will most likely end up trashing it or the guests you have over will. Regardless, I still wanted to make my college apartment bedroom as nice as it could be so I could truly enjoy my room and feel comfortable in it. After all, it is where you will be spending most of your time while either getting ready, sleeping, or studying.

So, that being said I found all the best college apartment bedroom essentials to make your bedroom the best it can be without spending a fortune. I also included some pictures and products from my very own college apartment bedroom at The University of Alabama to give you some inspiration! 

This post is all about college apartment bedroom.


1. Bed And Pillows

college apartment bedroom ideas

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

I was lucky enough to have been given a desk, mattress, and bed frame so that really cut down on the cost to put together my college apartment bedroom. But, if your bedroom doesn't come fully furnished, I have linked some inexpensive options later in the post. When it came to my bed, I wanted to keep it pretty simple and clean looking. I ended up really liking how neutral and plain it was. Since my room is small, keeping it neutral and simple kept my loom looking a lot less cluttered especially when it got a little messy.

I got my throw pillows from HomeGoods which I totally recommend for all your college apartment decor. You can find some great deals and find more original stuff that not everyone will have. Since you may not be able to find the exact same products, I've found some on Amazon that are pretty similar if you want to recreate my bed!

2. Use A Mirror As A "Headboard"

college apartment bedroom ideas

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

Since my apartment came fully furnished with a bed frame, I didn't want to buy a separate headboard. Instead, I bought a large metallic mirror to go above my bed to act as a headboard and I love how it turned out. This is a much less expensive alternative to a headboard so if you are on a budget I would definitely suggest going for a mirror or large canvas.

I also decided on a mirror since the wall my bed was on faced windows. Placing a mirror facing a window is a great way to make your room look bigger and brighter.

3. Decorate Windows

college apartment bedroom ideas

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

My window had a ledge on it and looked super plain when I moved in. So, I got some plant boxes from HomeGoods and put them right on the window seal. Adding greenery to a room is one of my favorite things to do to add a pop of life and color. I would definitely recommend doing this in your room especially if you are going with a more neutral color scheme.


4. Mattress

If your college apartment doesn't come with a mattress, this one is fairly inexpensive and got great reviews. Honestly, a cheap or thin mattress is going to be fine for your college apartment bedroom if you add a mattress pad on top. So there is no need to spend hundreds on a super expensive one.

5. Mattress Pad

This mattress pad is so thick and it so inexpensive. Like I said, if you add this on top of a mattress I promise it will be so comfortable. Make sure you check your beds dimensions before you buy though. My bed came in a "full XL" which is completely different from or full or a queen. So make sure to check before you start buying!

7. Side Tables

Depending on how much space you have, you will probably need at least one or even two side tables. I only use one on the side I sleep on but depending on how your bedroom is set up you may want two. If you have room, add some baskets to make your side table look even cuter!

8. Blackout Curtains

I am 100% going to recommend getting blackout curtains for your college apartment bedroom. I made the mistake of getting shear ones because they were just so cute and ended up regretting it immediately. I knew deep down I was going to hate the shear ones since I have two huge windows in my room that wake me up so early but I picked looks over functionality. So, don't make the same mistake and find some cute blackout curtains!

9. Desk

If your apartment doesn't come with a desk, you definitely need to get one. You will use it to get ready or do homework literally all the time. I designated my desk as a work space so that I knew when I sat down it was time to work. 

10. Pillows

These pillows from Amazon are super inexpensive but still really comfy! You can also find cheap pillows from Walmart or Target to fill your shams.

Interested in purchasing items you saw in the video? Click here to see where I bought everything in my first apartment.

11. Duvet Insert

A lot of duvets require an insert or at least look a lot better and fuller with one. This duvet insert from Amazon is under $30 so find a cute duvet cover to put over it instead of buying a duvet that had one built in. This also makes it a lot easier to wash since you most likely won't want to make trips to get your comforter washed at the laundromat.


12. Duvet Covers

There are thousands of duvet covers to choose from so this is when your personal style comes in to play! I got a white comforter which I love but be prepared to wash it frequently. If you know you are going to get your bed dirty, I would recommend going with a patterned duvet or darker color.

13. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are key to decorating any room plus they are always great to keep around to snuggle up in or let guests use when they come over. They always look great on beds and can easily add a little more style.

14. Throw Pillows

I would recommend keeping the throw pillows on your bed minimal but it is totally up to you which ones to decorate with. Again, there are tons of throw pillows out there so find a style you like best!

15. Wall Decor

Wall decor is a great way to spice up an otherwise dull room. Canvas are great options to fill a lot of space. I also use these wall shelves all the time in rooms. Not only do they look cute, they also can provide extra storage. I put mine right by my desk to hold things so they are in easy reach.

16. Decorative Contact Paper

This contact paper was my holy grail product when I moved in to my apartment. Although it was nice to have my apartment fully furnished, the furniture is not cute by any means. I used this contact paper to cover all the ugly wood and it totally changed the space. Plus, it peels off super easily so when you move it, it can easily be taken off. Cute and renter friendly!


17. Polka Dot Boho Theme

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

Using a black and white duvet is so cute and really in right now! Black and white duvets are great because you can add any color throw pillows or blankets and it will look amazing! You pretty much have a blank canvas with this. As always, add some greenery and flowers as decor to add a little more decor to your room!

18. Pink Theme

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

This college apartment bedroom is for all the girly girls out there. If you are totally in love with the idea of a pink room, this is a great way to do it where it still looks cute and mature. Making a photo wall is super easy too! You can either buy this package above or pick your own pictures from Pinterest to put together.

19. Girly And Rustic Theme

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

This college apartment bedroom is a great combination of rustic and girly. They kept it pretty simple with a white duvet but accented it with pink pillows and a beige chunky blanket. This looks so cozy!

20. White And Clean Theme

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

Fairy lights are a great option if you want to fill up a lot of wall space for cheap. You could even add pictures on clothes pins to make it more personalized. I love how white and bright this room is and the fairy lights look so good on the wall.

21. Boho/Rustic Dark Tone Theme

Recreate this College Apartment Bedroom:

If you are in to darker tones this is the perfect inspiration room for you. This room has a boho/rustic feel to it and it honestly works so well. I would never think to accent with brown but it really turned out well!

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