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Here are 3 of my absolute top college apartment products that I couldn't have lived without.

college apartment products

Moving into your first college apartment is such a huge step. I remember being so anxious that I would forget to bring something and I planned my packing list for hours.

Even after all that planning, I still moved in and realized there were products that flew right over my head when it came to buying products for my first apartment. But, there were 3 products I remembered that looking back on there is no way I could have lived without. These products were the absolutes best things I bough for my college apartment.

This post is all about my top 3 college apartment products.


1. These Pots And Pans Are The Best Deal

college apartment products

I know this is a pretty basic apartment essential but I just felt like I had to share this amazing deal with you. I searched forever for pots and pans that were good quality but didn't cost a fortune. I started looking for pots and pans on Amazon and was blown away when I realized how expensive they were. They were hundreds of dollars and that was money I was not going to spend on cookware for my first college apartment. 

I ended up going to Walmart and finding this set that was only 20 dollars which was like 10 times cheaper than all the ones I found on Amazon and other stores!! I ended up buying them because they were so cheap and just told myself if they didn't work I would invest in expensive cookware another time. But, I ended up absolutely loving them!

I have been using these the entire year and have not had a single problem with them which I was absolutely shocked about because they were so cheap. They are dishwasher safe and have never had a problem with food burning on them. If you are moving into your college apartment and want a good set of pots and pans for cheap, these are the ones.

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