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Looking for the trendiest college apartment decorations? Here are 34 decorations you are going to want to copy in your college apartment!

college apartment decorations

Moving into a college apartment is so exciting because you are out of the dorms, and it finally feels like you’re living on your own and adulting! I know you will still be with roommates (most likely), but something about a college apartment seems like such a big step. Aside from your college apartment essentials, you’re going to need some decor to make it feel like home! 

When I was moving into my apartment, I was so overwhelmed when it came to picking out college apartment decorations. Now that I have Pinterest, I literally have too many ideas for college apartment decorations, and I’ve rounded up all of the best ones right here! Here are the 34 most stylish college apartment decorations that you need to have!

This post is all about College Apartment Decorations.



1. Howdy Poster

college apartment essentials

This poster is everywhere right now and it is SO cute. You could frame this print to make it a little more finished, or include it in a poster collage wall. The pink and orange colors are bright and fun and will look perfect in a college apartment!

-Posters are some of the best college apartment decorations because you can just tape them up on the wall, and you can add as many or as little as you’d like!

2. Matisse Art Print Gallery Wall

Recreate this poster wall:

Matisse Prints are some of the trendiest art prints ever right now. Every trendy bedroom currently has some form or Matisse Art Print. The cut-outs are the most popular collection and have that pastel, abstract look everyone wants!

3. Neutrals Poster Bundle

college apartment decor guys

Loving these neutral posters. The brown tones are super popular right now and would look so good in a neutral apartment with white and tan tones. Posterfi has some of the cutest and trendiest posters that are high quality and more affordable than most prints.

4. Neutral Poster Collage Wall

Recreate this poster collage:

cute college apartment decorations

How pretty are these posters? I love the overall vibe with the aura poster and the fun quotes. There’s the Matisse print again, so you know this is a super trendy college apartment. 

5. “Vintage Vacation” Poster Bundle

college apartment decor

So, so trendy and fun! You will love the vibe of this college apartment decoration because it is so chic with all the Chanel tied in there! If I were going to college by the beach, I would 100% have this poster collage!!

6. Speakers

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7. Chill Pill Throw Pillow

college apartment ideas

Has anyone else seen that turquoise hook pillow that’s the actual shape of a pill? It has been allll over social media lately, and this aesthetic is definitely trending.

If you want to stay up to date on the trends and add a bright pop of pink, this Society6 throw pillow is perfect for your college apartment.

8. Shell Velvet Throw Pillow

Recreate this throw pillow look:

These shell pillows are the current definition of a girly and trendy college apartment decoration. They’re super adorable and add a fun, funky flair that you don’t get from a normal square pillow!

This might not be a popular look forever, but that’s okay because it’s cheap and will look really cute in the meantime! 

9. Retro Flowers Throw Pillow

college apartment list

This pillow is adorable. The colors and pattern work so perfectly together, I can’t get over it! This type of vibrant pillow is the perfect college apartment decoration because it makes a statement!

Instead of buying a ton of decor, focus on minimalistic style basics and a couple of bright, fun statement pieces.

10. Dual Tone Smiley Face Throw Pillow

Recreate this throw pillow look:

college apartment must haves

This apartment bedroom lived rent-free on my TikTok for you page not too long ago. The number one question in the comments: where is the smiley face pillow from??

Lucky for you, I found it on Society6 and it is so cute and trendy! This is definitely a perfect pillow for a college apartment! 

11. Checkered Throw Pillows

cool things for college apartment

I know I say every single pillow in this list is trendy, but these checkered pillows might just take the cake! Checkerboard has made a major comeback, and it can be spotted in pretty much every trendy apartment!

I’m loving this look, and you will love it too as one of your college apartment decorations!


12. Arched Full Body Mirror

Having a full-body mirror is essential in any space, but having a cool full-body mirror is the best college apartment decoration! Lots of mirror selfies will be taking place in your college apartment, so at least have a cute mirror!!

Arched mirrors like this can be super pricey, so this Amazon find is a steal! 

13. Mini Tabletop Pond Mirror

Recreate this vanity mirror setup:

The pond mirror may just be one of the most popular design trends of 2021. These organically shaped mirrors are everywhere currently, and they look super cool.

This tabletop pond mirror sits in a small wooden base and would look so cute on a vanity or desk in your college apartment. The big pond mirrors are going to cost you a LOT more, so a small one is perfect for a college apartment! 

14. Full-Length Wavy Mirror

Giving all the 70’s vibes and we are here for it! Wavy mirrors are making a comeback in a major way.

Imagine the outfit pics you would get in this mirror! So fun!

15. Moon Mirror with Polaroid Wall

Recreate this mirror polaroid wall:

This picture screams VSCO and if you want that Pinterest perfect room, this is the perfect wall decor set up for your college apartment! These crescent moon mirrors are super inexpensive on Amazon, and you’ll have to capture a bunch of polaroid memories yourself for the rest of the wall!

Pro tip: In a college apartment, have everyone that ever visits your apartment take a polaroid photo of themselves and then make a big wall of all of your guests!! It is SO fun to look back on when you’re moving out!

16. Disco Ball Frame Mirror

college apartments

Can we have a moment of silence for the most fabulous mirror you have ever seen? I truly think this mirror belongs in an art museum! This would be so funky and fun as one of your college apartment decorations.

It is expensive, like very, but it really is a work of art. I know Hannah, one of our college content writers, is saving up for one lol! 


17. Little Book Of Prada

How cute is this? You may not have a ton of room in your college apartment for coffee table books, so this mini Prada coffee table book is SO perfect.

It’s only $15 because it’s such a little book, and if you want a set of all the “little books” you can get this set with Prada, Gucci, Dior, and Chanel.  

18. Hot Pink YSL Catwalk Book

Recreate this college apartment decor:

This book has been in literally every single apartment pin I have seen on Pinterest lately. How cute is it paired with the trendy pink glass lamp?

Everything about this picture screams trendy apartment decorations – the candles, the little seashell container, and the cosmetics – all so cute. 

college planner

19. Bright & Bold Art Coffee Table Book

Drooling over this book. The colors are so bright and fun and the spine has the same lettering, so it would look gorgeous in a stack. If you are looking for more books like this one, there is also a fashion and design edition with other bright colors and a similar typeface! 

20. Coffee Table Book Stack

Recreate this coffee table book stack: 

college apartment bedroom ideas

Here’s a little inspo. pic for your coffee table books! This stack is so chic and fun and would look perfect in any college apartment.

The best book in the stack is this Jacquemus Images book. The images inside are so cool and the little pop of pink is perfect, I really want it!

21. Henry Matisse: The Cut-Outs

The Matisse Cut-Outs are back at it again! I told you the Matisse cut-outs were SO trendy right now. If you’re looking for an art book instead of a fashion book, this is the perfect coffee table book and college apartment decoration for you!


22. Seashell Candles

Remember the shell pillows? Well the theme is pretty consistent here. These little shell candles are so cute and would be the perfect accent in your college apartment.

They’re not really for functionality and burning, but more as a decorative piece!

23. Female Body Candle

Recreate this candle decor setup:

As you will come to see, these shaped candles are one of the trendiest decor trends ever right now! This body candle is everythinggg.

I also think the twisty pink taper candle goes so well with the body candle and pond mirror and creates the perfect little decor moment. 

24. Bubble Candle 

These bubble candles are my favorite shaped candles on this list!! I include them in all of my gift guides because I think they would be such a fun gift to receive.

Again, this candle is not really one that you light and let burn, but it would look so cute on top of some coffee table books.

25. Goober Candle

Recreate this side table decor collection:

The famous goober candle is breaking the internet! It’s not only super fun and funky looking, but the packaging alone is enough to sell me!

Here’s another super trendy side table with all of the decor elements. All of these pics are such great inspiration for your college apartment decorations. 


26. Shaggy Checkered Rug

college apartment decorating ideas

Remember how I said the checkered print pillows were the trendiest pillows on the list? Well, the checkered print is just as trendy on a rug! This shaggy rug is so fun and would also look really cute layered underneath another rug!

27. Zebra Rug

Recreate these college apartment decorations:

college apartment packing list

Okay, I was super hesitant about this zebra rug, but when I saw it in this apartment I fell in love!! Is it not so fun and bold?

I always say, if you want to do something super bold and unusual, do it in a college apartment! You only live there for a short amount of time, so you might as well do something design-wise that you wouldn’t do in a long-term living situation! 

28. Multicolor Abstract Rug

first college apartment checklist

This rug is giving me all of the Anthropologie vibes and I am here for it!!! This rug looks super high-end and would look perfect in a room with mostly white furniture and some accent pop colors.

Who says your rug can’t be the statement of the room?

29. Multicolor Bright Moroccan Rug

Something about this neon Moroccan rug is so cute! If you showed this to me a year ago, I would think you’re crazy, but I have now seen it in so many different apartments and rooms on Pinterest that it has completely grown on me!

When styled with neutral furniture and a ton of fun accent pieces, this rug could really live up to its full potential. 

30. Handmade Tufted Evil Eye Rug

college apartment checklist pdf

Yes yes yes!!! Evil eyes are just about everywhere right now, and I love the look! These handmade punch rugs are so cool, and have been all over my TikTok!

Plus, if you’re going to have a small rug, a college apartment bedroom is the perfect place to have one! Usually, they’re not too big, so a smaller rug is perfect!


31. Funky Glass Table Lamp

what to bring to college apartment

Now that you have seen this lamp a couple of times in inspiration pics throughout this post, you finally get the link!! Isn’t this just such a cool lamp? It is so different and most definitely trendy (as you can see).

It also comes in a couple of other colors and patterns!

32. Pearl Accent Light

Recreate this college apartment side table:

Speaking of something you have seen a couple of times in this post already, here’s the pearl lamp everyone is obsessed with!

In this pic, you can see all of the trendy faves (the goober candle, the twisted candle, and the all-glass lamp). If this is the vibe you’re going for in your college apartment, you definitely are going to want a pearl lamp!! 

33. Gold Floor Lamp

Most of the decor on this list are things that wouldn’t match the vibe of my apartment. I do think they would be so fun in my college apartment though!! This lamp on the other hand is super versatile and matches many styles. 

I would definitely put this lamp in both my current apartment and a college apartment styled with all of these trendy college apartment decorations!

34. Pink Lamp with White Shade

Recreate these college apartment side table decorations:

college apartment decoration ideas

There is nothing better than a good Target find. This lamp is super cute and simple, plus it is $25, which is so good compared to some of these other lamps. You can see how they took a plain Target lamp and paired it with all of the trendy little details.

You could easily recreate this look in your college apartment! 

35. Sunset Projection Lamp

This sunset lamp is In college apartments (or honestly just apartments in general) the lighting can be reallllly bad. Having a cool accent light like this is the perfect choice for one of your college apartment decorations.

Imagine the cool Instagram pictures you could take with this light!!

This post was all about College Apartment Decorations.

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