Money Tips for 20 Year Olds | 8 Things People In Their 20’s Need To Stop Spending Money On

This post is all about money tips for 20 year olds.

things I stopped spending money on in my 20s

Did you know that seven out of 10 college students feel stressed about their personal finances, according to a new national survey?

That number should be surprising but with the amount that I used to spend and the amount that I see other people spending, it is expected.

The fact of the matter is that we are consistently spending more than we make and most of the time it is on purchases that we do not need.

I used to spend almost all of my paycheck every month but I have been working so hard on not spending money and paying off all of my debt.

I have stopped spending money on these 8 things and they have allowed me to save $100's of dollars every month. PLUS, I don't even really feel like I stopped spending this money since I am still getting everything I used before, just at a fraction of the price.

This post is all about money tips for 20 year olds.

Make Your Own Meals

Eating out is one of my biggest expenses because when I am hungry, I want food n-o-w. (Relatable?!)

Planning ahead or making crock-pot meals allows you to come home and it be ready to go. I have been trying to plan out my meals every week so that on Sunday I can go to the grocery store and get whatever I need. Then, I can also meal prep everything that can be done so that it is really easy to put the meal together when the time comes.

Planning on Sundays makes you have the ingredients available to you so you aren't doing last minute grocery store trips and then buying way more food than you need.

For date night, instead of going out you could search through the cabinets and see what you can make with the food there, ya know, channel your inner Food Network.

Last tip for this section, I have been buying store brand products and it tastes the exact same at a way lower cost. Once you get past the plain (most of the time ugly) labels, you wont notice a difference.

Make Your Own Coffee and/or Tea.

I am sure you have heard this one before but brewing a cup of coffee costs between 16-18 cents where buying a coffee costs as much as $5 dollars. Lets say your drink costs $3.50 every morning and you get it 5 days a week... that is almost $1,000 dollars a year!!

Buy a coffee maker or Keurig and save yourself the $1,000 dollars while getting (nearly) the same taste. Plus, you can save time not going to the coffee shop.



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Stop Spending on ATM Fees

The other day I went to an ATM that used to be a no-charge ATM and it would have cost me $3.00 just to take money out of it!

I drove away so quick. Isn't that so crazy?!

Plan your money ahead of time to make sure you can go to your own bank for the ATM so you're not spending extra unnecessary money.

Also, Venmo is amazing. I think everyone and their mother's know what Venmo is but if you don't, it is a way to transfer money to other users on the platform and is safe. It's super easy, almost too easy, so also make sure that you aren't just transferring money whenever you feel like it.

Gym Membership

I've been a major at Orange Theory for almost a year and just cancelled my membership last month. It was almost $99 a month and I knew I could be working out for much cheaper, if not free.

I am terrible at working out and need someone to guide me, which is why Orange Theory worked so well. However, the Kayla Itsines app is $19.00 a month, can be done from home, and gives you guided workouts that change everyday.

I really like her program and love the amount of before and after pictures there are on Instagram (#motivation).

Designer Clothes

I am the Queen of Nordstrom and nice things. I feel better wearing expensive clothes and used to drop at least $300 dollars a month on new things (which btw, only added up to like three things because of how expensive they were).

When I began organizing my finances, I quickly realized this habit of mine had to stop.

BUT, I wasn't completely ready to give up having trendy clothes every season. What I have done is figured out what I really need and then get the cheaper equivalent that still gives off the same trendy feel.

I still buy my jeans (this is my all time favorite pair of jeans... I have them in 4 different washes), leggings, and some shoes from Nordstrom. I choose to buy those there because I know that these will last me years and for the most part, don't change with the season.

Since I know I buy those there, I usually try to keep my eye out for a good sale.

Shirts and tops are usually what make the outfit look "trendy". I LOVE SheIn and buy so many shirts from there. They have shirts that are so in style but at a fraction of the cost.

Obviously, they aren't as good of quality, but since I am buying such trendy pieces, they probably will last me as long as they are considered cute.

I also really like Forever 21, Romwe, Zara, and H&M.

High End Makeup

Youtube tutorials make me want to buy every single high end piece of makeup out there and I could easily walk  out of Sephora having spent $500 dollars.

Recently, I have been starting to see what type of drugstore makeup people say are dupes for the higher end makeup and I am finding products I love.

Someday I hope I can buy the expensive makeup, but for now I fine with getting the equivalent in drug store products.

Stop buying bottled water.

*Insert hand raising emoji here*

Yeah, I am really guilty on this one. I am not a big reusable water bottle user but I am trying to get better.

I think this is just me, but I feel like my water bottle gets germy if I keep using the same one (of course, I am washing it).

I have to say, the water bottles that can get me to drink out of them are S'well bottles since they are cute and keep my water insanely cold.


The trashier the TV show is, the more I will like it. This is hard because I don't really enjoy any show on Netflix (besides Scandal, I go crazy over that show). I thought I NEEDED cable, since all the shows I watch there are on cable.

But, I have recently been seeing so many other programs like Youtube TV and Sling that allow you to pick the TV networks you want at a way cheaper cost.

Definitely something you should look into!

This post showed you 8 best money tips for 20 year olds.

Is there anything that you have stopped spending money on that has saved you a lot?

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How To Get Good Grades In College | The 5 Study Tips That Helped Me Earn a 3.7 GPA In College

This post shows you how to get good grades in college.

study tips for getting a 4.0 in college

I have always been a student that tries really hard, but doesn't always get the best grades. I ended high school with a 3.4 and was really content with that.

Everyone makes college out to be the hardest thing in the world and I was expecting my grades to completely plummet, but luckily, I have been getting so many better grades.

I honestly think the main reason I am doing better is because I actually like what I am learning but I have come up with quite the study method that has made my life so much easier!

I used to have the worst test anxiety and now I am much more comfortable going and taking exams because I am a lot more prepared. I still get anxiety sometimes, but it's a lot less than before.

Figuring out the best method of studying can be hard, so this post shows you how to get good grades in college with five tips that have transformed the way I study and the reason I received a 3.7 last semester. (EDIT: I finished up spring semester with a 4.0 using these tips!)

(oh and btw, I know that a lot of people have a better GPA than me but I still think a 3.7 is pretty dang good)

Reason #1: Write everything down in a planner!

I am an avid planner and need everything written down! At the end of every class I write down everything I need to do for the next class.

When I say everything, I mean everything. Along with all the page numbers I have to read, people I have to email, and websites I have to check.

My favorite types of planners are the ones that have the full month calendar and than also have a page with a bigger space for Monday-Friday. For the 2018 year, I got this planner and have really liked it (it's less than $10)!


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Reason #2: Set a schedule of when you do homework and stick with it.

My classes were set up so that everyday I ended class at 2:25. I would go straight from class, grab a sub, and bring that sub to the library.

Right when I got to the library, I would look at my planner and then review what I need to get done. I get everything done for that class that day so that I wouldn't have to stress about whats due the next day or weekend since its done.

I would not leave the library until everything was done. Sometimes I would be in the library until eight at night but I would feel so relieved because it is DONE!

I kept this schedule up and after awhile it began seeming normal and what I need to do.

Reason #3: Get homework done long before its due.

I kind of go over this in the last tip where I get all assignments due the day I get them.

For longer-term projects, I do not procrastinate them at all!! I would so much rather get them done two weeks before it is due and not have to worry about it at all whereas many people have it in the back of their mind for two weeks.

So, if a teacher gave us a project on Thursday I would try to get it done that weekend. This also helps if I don't understand something so I can make sure that I am able to ask other people for help.

Reason #4: Find the times you are most motivated and work around that.

I get up at 6 am on most days (sometimes even 5am). This sounds insane BUT I have found this is the time I am most productive!

I completely shut down around 7 at night and if something is suppose to be done after that, I can almost guarantee that it will not get done.

I know a lot of other people that can work late into the night and are more productive then. Everyone's different so finding and working around what works best for you can really help you.

Reason #5: Come up with a strategy that works.

I used to detest Quizlet and could never study anything off of it. I was convinced I needed the pen to paper method and now I am a complete converter!

I still like to write things out but having Quizlet accessible with me wherever I go makes it really nice so I can study wherever.

I also have figured out how to write study guides that helps me study the information better. For study guides, I like writing it out on paper and then typing it out. The typing out is the final sheet I use to study but doing it twice and reviewing the information helps me retain all the information.

Pin these images to remember for later!

how you can get a high GPA 5 study tips that earned me a 3.7 GPA last semester

Online Jobs for College Students | 6 Genius Side Jobs All College Students Can Do From Their Dorm

This post shows you 6 online jobs for college students.

side jobs college students can do from their dorm room

As a college student myself, I know just how impossible it is to have a "normal" job in college.

Between already taking on a full load of work with the number of classes and homework you have to your irregular schedule that changes every three months, it is so hard to secure a job that will work around this schedule.

In an effort to earn more than $500 dollars this month {READ: How I made $414.05 Extra Money in January and Monthly Goals} I have been researching jobs that you can do from your dorm room, around your own schedule.

Talk about a win-win!! I am testing most of these out this month, so I will come back and update this post after in March and let you know how much money I made from each of these side income jobs.

 Now, onto the six online jobs for college students that can be done around your busy schedule.

Online Jobs for College Students: Usertesting

Earn $10 in 10-15 minutes by visiting a website or app and giving your opinions about it.

Usertesting has been used by thousands of people and highly recommended. Usertesting will record your screen and voice as you go to the website and complete specific tasks they give you.

The tasks are really easy and are along the lines of "Find what day {Company name} is closed on every week". Then, you would go to the website, voicing your thoughts out loud, and see how easily you can find where they have this listed.

To get accepted into this program, they have you do an example run to see how well your voice picks up and how you sound recording. It took me less than 10 minutes.

I was at home when I did this testing and my dad started yelling up to me from downstairs so hopefully, it couldn't hear and I get into the program!!


college packing list

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Online Jobs for College Students: Mystery Shopping

How did I never know this was a thing?!

You can earn money by acting like a normal customer and either go into a store or call the store and then give a detailed review on how it went.

The amount you make can vary, but a lot of bloggers have said they have been able to make an extra $50-$100 dollars a month on this AND get free products! And no, you don't have to be a blogger to do this, they are just the ones that are sharing their results :).

The company that I have seen to get the best reviews for mystery shopping is BestMark.

If you sign up for BestMark, put in my referral number!! Not sure what it does, but it said to have you give to people who you refer. I think it will make your application be reviewed sooner! My number is: WI21500.

Online Jobs for College Students: Blogging

I had to add this one in there πŸ˜‰

This one definitely takes time, but if you have some time to put into it can really pay off!! Last October, I made over $600 on my blog from ONE post!! {READ: How I Made $781.88 in July 2018 Blogging}

On top of being able to bring in money with this, blogging has also lead me to many opportunities that I wouldn't have received without it.

If you want to start a blog today, I recommend going through Bluehost. You can start it for as little as $2.75 a month and turn it into a business that brings in hundreds of dollars every month.

Online Jobs for College Students: Ebay Business

Rosemarie Garner from The Busy Budgeter used to run an eBay business (before she started making over $100,000 a month on her do you want to start a blogπŸ˜‰ where she would go to Thrift stores and purchase designer jeans when they would have the stores would have 50% off days.

She would then sell the jeans for a higher price on eBay and make $700 a month on it!! You would need a little more time for this between going to the thrift store, taking pictures of the jeans, and then shipping them but for $700 a month its worth the consideration.

You can also have FedEx deliver boxes to your dorm or apartment and pick them up so you wouldn't have to worry about that.

Online Jobs for College Students: Online Surveys

This won't make you into a millionaire but doing these while you watch TV could bring in a couple hundred a month.

The amount you get paid for these varies so I would do a little research and find one that you think you would enjoy.

Some popular ones are:

Swagbucks: You can get a free $5 dollars for signing up.

Vindale Research: You can earn up to $50 dollars per survey and just by signing up, can earn $2. 

Online Jobs for College Students: Ebates

ebates online cashback

I am a personal fan of Ebates and use it all the time. I have already made over $97.00 dollars and just got over $85 dollars deposited the other day (pictured above)!! IT'S THE BEST!

I have a whole post on it that really goes into detail about how it works.

{READ: How I Make Money While Shopping}

This one you can't really "work" for, but you can get free money every time you buy something online.

With the amount of online shopping we do, any college student (or person in general) would be stupid to not download Ebates. It is free and pays you for nothing!

Some websites definitely pay more than others but a little bit can go a long way no matter what.

Sign up for Ebates and receive $10 with this link.

How do you make money in college? I am always so curious on the different online jobs for college students that are out there!

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How To Get Lululemon Leggings for Half The Price

Lululemon leggings are the best of the best-- but they are so dang expensive!! I have continued to pay for them because they truly do last longer than any other brand I have ever tried.

They don't fade, don't stretch, and don't get holes in the butt (you know what I mean ;).

BUT, you guys won't believe what I found out!! Nordstrom new athletic line, Zella, gets their leggings made in the same exact factory as Lululemon with the same exact material.

So what does that mean...they are the same pair of leggings!! And Nordstrom price is more than half of what Lululemon is.

I purchased three pairs of Zella leggings this summer during Nordstrom half-yearly sale. I got an even better deal (I believe around $36.00) and have been wearing them weekly ever since.

I got two of the high-waisted pairs and one of the moto leggings. I have had zero issues with the high-waisted pair (I am telling you, they are exactly the same as my high waisted Lulu's) but on my moto leggings the sheer part get ripped up.

I took them to Nordstrom and they completely replaced the leggings for me. I haven't had that issue happening again, so let's hope it stays that way.

I have the pair on the far right in black and maroon and the middle pair in black. Isn't that such a good deal?!

The sizing is the exact same as Lululemon so I would stick with whatever size you wear there.

Zella also has some cute workout tops and sports bras so I went through all my favorite pieces and put a little image together for you. Just click the clothing piece you want to see and it will take you to that piece on the Nordstrom website!

I also have these leggings from Amazon (all the fashion bloggers recommend them) and they are only $22.00!! Would definitely check them out if you want something cheaper.

I know that was a really short post but I wanted to hop on quick and let you know about this!

The Most Effective Way To Organize Your Checking Account

I am a checking account whore. Probably the best type of whore you could be πŸ˜‰

On a more serious note, ever since I started following Dave Ramsey and have been getting extremely organized with my finances, I have found that the way I have my checking accounts set up greatly affects how much I save for a given month.

I thought it might be helpful to go through with you exactly how I organize my checking accounts. BTW, I am a full-time college student so I don’t have a “job”. I nanny a few times a week and bring in money from this website (best way ever to make money!!) so for me to make sure I know where every cent is going, I have to keep track of my finances since I receive a lot more checks than direct deposits.


Before I go over how I separate this out I want to give you a little background on how I organize my money in general. I only keep my monthly income in my checking accounts because I am trying to payoff my debt. So basically, at the end of this month, everything in majority of these checking accounts will be sent over to my car loan (minus Christmas and Birthday Money). I am trying to put as much money as possible to this loan so I can get it gone (only $3,000 more to go!!). 

I also don’t have a savings account anymore because I opened a money market. I opened the money market account with Aly Bank because I had a bad habit of just transferring my savings back into my checking account whenever I wanted, which made the whole point of a savings account useless.

I just transferred $1,000 into this money market account as my emergency fund. I will not increase this amount at all until all my loans are payed off. Since it is not as easily accessible to me and increases at a slightly higher amount than a normal savings account, this was the way for me to go.

Okay, now onto how I organize my checking accounts!

*First things first, before anyone thinks I am crazy for putting this out on the internet know I covered everything I needed to to keep my banking account private*

Savings and Monthly Income: I am starting with this category (we will call all the separate checking accounts categories from now on) because this is where all my non blog earnings from the month gets deposited.

I always am a month ahead on my finances so I never have to be stressed about not being able to pay for something. Whenever I get paid for babysitting, venmo, anything like that–goes into this account.

That way at the beginning of the new month, I know exactly how much money I have to spend that month and can separate it out into the other categories. So basically, this is the main checking account.

I usually do not have this much money in that account but I am saving for Elite Blogging Academy (which comes out March excited!) so I am keeping extra money in that account until I buy that. That’s why it also says “Savings”.

Checking: This is what my debit card is attached too. I try to keep the minimum amount in here because I tend to spend every cent of money that gets put into this checking category.

I usually try to only keep around $30 in here for food for the month. Right now it’s higher because I have to buy books for school (can we all agree this is the worst!!).

Bills: I have all my bills set up to directly take money from this category. This is super nice because as long as I organize the money in the beginning of the month (which I do every.single.month) I don’t really have to think about making sure I paid my bills (but obviously it’s good to check it over!).

I luckily don’t have too many bills but the bills I do have come from Sallie Mae and my monthly car loan. I always put the exact amount for these in there but usually keep a cushion of $25 dollars just in case something goes wrong.

The reason I keep the extra $25 in here is because I don’t want to miss a payment and it affect me down the line!

Christmas and Birthday Money: I always forgot about saving for birthdays and Christmas and it would get me in trouble since I didn’t budget for it. I now know to look at the upcoming months and plan for birthdays to put money away for.

For Christmas, I usually start putting $50 dollars a month in this account starting in June. That way when November comes and I start shopping I have around $300 to work with. This can get me pretty far shopping sales but I hope to be able to up that in the future:).

The reason there is only $0.10 is because we had no birthdays this month.

Online Income: I am starting to earn income from blog {READ: How I Made $617.78 on Pinterest from my Dorm Room} so I wanted a place where all this money would be directly deposited. That way I can keep track of it better but I also can share with you exactly how much I am making in my monthly income reports that I am starting!!

I have all my accounts hooked up to here (Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, Paypal, ShopStyle Collective, and my affiliates) so whenever I receive money from them it goes straight into this account.

Taxes: With this online income I am earning, I now have to think about taxes for the first time in my life!! I don’t want to mess with doing anything wrong, so I set up this account so I can always take out 30% of what I make from my online income and put it in here so when the time comes to file income taxes I am not scrambling to find the money.

That is exactly how I organize my checking accounts!! Having it this organized has helped me so much in saving money that I am going to be able to pay off my car loan 3 years (it was only a 4 year loan) early!! So excited for that. But then I start on my student loan debt..ugh!

Do you guys organize your bank account or do you just have one checking and savings account? I swear the bank rolls there eyes every time I walk in there ;). 


5 Must-Know Ways on How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Last

This post shows you how to make a long-distance relationship last.

tips for long distance relationship in college

My boyfriend and I live eight hours apart 75% of the year, and let me tell you, it is not easy.

However, being apart this much has taught us so much and ultimately brought our relationship closer than before. You know the saying, distance makes the heart grow fonder ;).

Ben (my boyfriend) and I have been together for almost four years now- we started dating in high school and would spend every waking minute together.

When it was time to make college decisions, it was known for awhile that he would be heading off to Iowa (he's a college athlete). And, unfortunately, our colleges ended up being 5 hours away from each other.

Fast forward to this year and me transferring schools, we are now officially eight hours apart. Originally, I thought that this distance was devastating and didn't know how I would survive being that far apart (cue the dramatics;) but honestly now, I think it is one of the best things to ever happen to our relationship.

This post shows you how to make a long-distance relationship last.

1. Trust each other.

First things first, we fully trust each other.

I have 100% trust in him that he would never cheat on me and for that matter in general... he sucks at lying/keeping things from me so I would be able to tell right away.

We both go to Christian colleges where partying is nothing like the big state schools, so I know we have that advantage since we don't really have to worry about drunk mistakes but honestly, even if we did go to a big party school, we would be fine. Having trust in your relationship is soo important!

2. Keep up with communication.

long distance relationship couple

We also communicate all-the-time.

We make it a priority to text each other first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We also have consistently facetimed each other every single day (a lot of the time multiple times per day) and talked about what we had going on, who we were hanging out with, homework that we have, etc.

(adding this in-- we always figure out arguments before we get off the phone. I might take longer than that phone call to get over what I was frustrated about but we make sure to talk it out and end the phone call on a good note)

Okay, so that makes it look like all we do is talk to each other. BUT, this next thing I think is equally as important to communicating all the time-- give them some space! Ben doesn't get mad if I don't respond to a text or if I say I am busy and can't talk and vice-versa.

3. Enjoy your independence.

I am going to assume that since you are sticking it out through this long distance that you are planning on being with each other for forever, so enjoy your independence!!

I love being able to hang out with my girlfriends whenever I want and as selfish as it sounds, appreciate being completely on my own schedule while we are apart!

Ben plays college soccer which takes up a lot of time and doesn't allow him to travel home (honestly, this is our biggest argument!!).

Even though I fight it a lot, I respect that he really only has two more years in his life left for this sport so he needs to truly enjoy it (and not have a nagging girlfriend annoy him about it hehe whoops).

4. Make time to visit him.

I make sure I get up to visit him usually at least once a month and once I am there I love to hangout with his friends and do what he normally does so I feel connected in his life there (if that makes sense!).

And lastly, we surprise each other here and there with packages.

This may seem expensive and can definitely add up, but you can do this really inexpensive and have a huge impact on your boyfriend {READ: 19 DIY Gifts For Long Distance Relationships}. I have to say, Ben is much better at doing this than I am... Last year, he called me one night and told me to go check my mailbox. In it were a pair of Lululemon leggings I had really wanted!!

I have been reading up a little on love languages and know that the way I feel loved is by receiving gifts and love that he has figured that one out too ;). I also try to make sure that his love language is hit which is touch (cringing typing that for the internet to know but he is a boy sooo..haha) and that ones a little harder being apart....ladies, get creative ;). <---- hate myself haha!

long-distance relationship rules

I am not going to sugar coat long distance relationships and say that it is easy, because it is not at all and I am counting down the days until Ben never has to leave me again but I do believe that if you put a little effort into keeping the relationship "alive", you can make it through the distance.

Like I said earlier, different personalities are going to change the way you handle situations. It might make it easier and it might make it harder but if you see yourself marrying this person you should be willing to do just about anything to make it last (anything legal of course ;).

And lastly, your long distance wont last for forever!! It might seem like it is forever, but in twenty years you will look back and think about how little that time spent apart feels.

What is the number one way you keep your long-distance relationship strong?

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