Dorm Room Closet Organization | 5 Genius Ways To Organize Your Closet in College

This post is all about dorm room closet organization.

ways to make sure your clothes fit in your dorm

Having enough room for all your clothes in college is tough.

I am a clothes hoarder (as I am sure many of you are πŸ˜‰ ) and brought every single piece of clothing to college that I thought I would ever need to wear, ya know, just in case...

When we were unloading all my stuff into my dorm room I panicked... I had SO much clothing and barely anywhere to put it. I needed to come up with some dorm room closet organization ASAP.

Luckily, my organizing Gods helped me out and I was able to fit it all in.

This post will be showing you the best dorm room closet organization tips to ensure that all your clothes fit into your small dorm room.

Dorm Room Closet Organization #1: Purchase a Closet Doubler.

This handy tool does exactly what you think it would do, it doubles your hanging space in your closet.

Now, I will admit. I am a HUGE hanger girl and love to have all my shirts on hangers. I find if they are shoved in a drawer, I forget about some really cute shirts I own and never wear them.

This closet doubler is amazing because it gives you twice the amount of hanging room you would have previously had.

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Dorm Room Closet Organization #2: Use a Shoe Shelf.

Organize your shoes on the bottom of your closet with this shelf that is only $15.00. Win!

I can promise you, having this shelf to organize your shoes is SO much better than having them lay all over the floor. I actually went to college using one of those hanging shoe organizers and let me tell you, it was a pain the butt.

Because I had so many shirts hanging in that closet it was extremely smushed and I couldn't get to all my shoes hanging. Plus, it hangs at an awkward angle.

Moral of that all, purchasing a shoe rack like this will keep your shoes very organized. You can place your boots on top of it just like the person did in the picture. You could also get a bin or two (also like the person in the picture above did) and fill it with socks, food, etc.


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Dorm Room Closet Organization #3: Organize your scarves and necklaces with this cute hanger.

This is a cute scarf hanger, which I actually used to hang my scarfs and my necklaces. It is super convenient because it organizes them for your right in front of your face since it hangs in your closet.

I am going to include a picture of it from my dorm room freshman year. In the picture, I am just holding necklaces on it but you can get the idea!

jewelry organizer in college dorm

And a warning to all you freshman, get used to that ugly yellow wood :(. It is everywhere!

Isn't that organizer pretty handy though? I really liked it for my dorm room.

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Dorm Room Closet Organization #4: Using bins at the top of your closet will help organize random products.

Having these bins was a life-saver for me. They stored so many random things that I didn't have room other places like food, tampons, extra towels, purses, etc.

If I wouldn't have used the baskets on the shelf in my closet, all of my products would have looked so messy. And honestly, there were certain things I wanted to keep in a place people couldn't see.

Another great part of the bins is that I could pull them down when I needed something and everything would be right there for me.

Dorm Room Closet Organization #5: Use a cute basket to organize all your hair supplies.

First, ignore the beat up dresser they gave me in my freshman year. You gotta make do with what they give you!!

While we're on the topic of bins, I wanted to show you another bin that I used (and still use today) that I LOVED to keep me organized.

This is my hair bin. I would keep all things hair in this; straightner, blowdryer, curler, hairspray, hair ties, etc. It was so nice because it kept it all in one place and I could just shove it all in the bucket and my dorm room would look clean.

Unfortunately, I purchased this bin at Home Goods two years ago so I can't find the exact one. However, if I were to purchase a cute basket today, it would be this one.

Using these tips will really help keep your closet organized even though you don't have much space to work with. 

I also suggest using under the bed storage containers, but under your futon. You can store extra clothes in there as well if you can't fit everything into your closet and shelves.

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Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Him | 15 Ways To Show Your Long Distance Boyfriend You Love Him From Miles Away

This post is all about long distance relationship gift ideas for him.

gift ideas every long distance relationship needs to know about

You know just as well as me that long distance relationships are tough.

Honestly, it's more than tough. It's the WORST. You see all these couples doing things with each other and surprising one another with flowers or a cute gift.

But being hundreds of miles away from your boyfriend makes it really hard to just pop over to the grocery store and surprise your boyfriend with his favorite candy.

So, ladies, it's time to get creative ;).

I'll admit, I have fallen off of my "room mom" status as a long distance girlfriend (this refers to me barely sending any packages to my boyfriend while he was at school this year). But last year, I was on my A game. For every holiday or special event, my boyfriend would receive a specialized package with all things to do with that holiday.

On valentines day I decorated the inside of the box with pink paper and had confetti all over it. I filled it with all red colored candy (I know, extraaa) and a picture of us. It really was cute and he was so surprised!

But, like I said, this year I didn't put that much effort into it. And I am ready to get back to that try hard girlfriend ways ;), He STILL talks about the presents I used to send him (over a year later) which shows that he really did appreciate them. So, writing this post will not only help me come up with some ideas to get back into my glory days but will also help you come up with ideas to be that all-star girlfriend I know you are.

Here are 15 long distance relationship gift ideas for him that will show your boyfriend just how much you care about him.

This would be a very fun DIY that you can put together for you and him. Find another girlfriend that has a long distance boyfriend and turn it into a girls night!

Ship it to him and he can put it somewhere in his apartment. So cute!

I loved themed boxes. Not only can you pick a cute theme that goes with the current holiday/season but what boy doesn't love to receive food?

My boyfriend and I are doing long distance in college and I really think that he likes receiving the food I send him more than the other gifts I give.

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I think this would be the perfect gift to send him along with a really sweet letter talking about how much you miss him.

This is available on Amazon for super cheap. Although this wouldn't work for international long distance relationships it is perfect for those in the United States!

Another reason why I like this is because it is very subtle. Maybe it is just my boyfriend, but he hates when anything is too obvious and lovey-dovey that I sent to him. No one else really sees your keychain so it's the perfect mix of him always knowing it's there but no one else really does.

You can tell that this was put together when chevron was the age, but with a cute frame and some more trendy paper how fun would this be?!

It would give you something to look forward to every day when you are able to change it to a day sooner and it's something you can do together.

Instead of cutting out letters, I recommend just buying a pack of letters so it looks more professional. It will make a big difference, I promise!

I had to add an inappropriate in here ;). Okay, maybe two (look at pic below).... but let's be real.

Guys like knowing you miss them (yes, all aspects of them) and this is something all long-distance couples look forward too.

I thought the send noodes was especially funny for a college student because they live off of ramen noodles (and it helps you out to girl, it's a cheap food!).

This is something that would definitely make your boyfriend smile. 

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long distance relationship card idea

Card available to purchase HERE.

Cute right?!

Even just sending this card in the mail with a cute note is something that shows you are putting more effort into it than just a text.

It really does show that someone tried when they send you something in the mail.

This is such a classic long-distance thing to do that I had to add it in here.

I do think it is a very cute idea and a gift that keeps on giving.

Also, this is so cheap!! If I was to do this I would sneak it into his suitcase right before he leaves so when he gets there he sees all those notes waiting for him.

i miss your face chocolate

Picture from Etsy.

So, let me start by saying there is another worded option similar to this but replace FACE with another four letter word (let me give you a hint, starts with C πŸ˜‰ ). You can see that for yourself here.

How funny would that be for a long distance relationship gift ideas for him?

This would be such a fun thing to send in the mail and who doesn't like chocolate?!

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long distance relationship braceletts

Purchase these bracelets HERE.

Honestly, this may be my favorite gift!

I think this is such a cute idea for boys and girls. If I got this, I would wear it on my ankle as an anklet.

I've seen more and more boys wear bracelets like this so now is the perfect time to take part in that trend.

long distance relationship frame

Purchase this HERE.

I want this frame for myself!! How cute.

This is the perfect customizable gift that you can give to your boyfriend. Then once you guys are done doing long distance, it will be a constant reminder that your love stays steady at any distance.

It also is very reasonably priced for being custom made ($22.00).

face pillow for long distance relationship gift idea

You can customize your own pillow HERE.

This is a "gift" that my boyfriend actually sent me in the mail. Let me tell you, he thought he was hilarious.

If you're looking to give your boyfriend a laugh, this would be the perfect gift to send him.

You can customize your own pillow for $15.00 with this link.

You know just as well as me, that long distance relationships are not easy. But, like I said above, with a little effort you can make it fun and exciting.

Your boyfriend will love receiving these special gifts from you and I promise-- it will make him feel so loved!

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8 Cute Gallery Wall Ideas To Copy for Your College Dorm Room

This post is all about dorm room decor pictures.

cute gallery wall ideas for a college dorm room

'Tis the season for dorm room decor.

When moving into my dorm my freshman year, I really wanted to find a way to incorporate pictures into the design of my room. I thought that having pictures of all my family and friends from high school would make it feel much more like I was at home.

I can now say that I am SO glad I did this and recommend everyone to incorporate at least a few pictures of loved ones in their dorm.

It also makes for easy and cheap decor because pictures can easily be placed on the dorm wall and taken off when its time to move out.

However, just slapping pictures on the wall can make for a dorm room that looks a little bit tacky and not put together (which is opposite of what we are trying to accomplish).

Here are the best dorm room gallery wall ideas that are perfect for you to copy and replicate for your own dorm room.

Love this! Even though this isn't personal pictures, it gives off a very 'cool' girl look while bringing in a lot of color to an otherwise bare dorm room.

To easily complete this look, search for pictures in magazines and then cut them out the exact same size. For a similar size to these pictures, I would cut out 8x10 pictures.

If you would like this to be more personal, an interesting way to incorporate more personal with a mix of visually appealing pictures would be too print out half your favorite pictures of your family and friends sized at 8x10. Then for the other half, go on Pinterest and find some visually appealing pictures that would look great to hang up. Print those in 8x10 as well.

The only other thing you would need is to string lights and hang up one of your favorite hats (here's one that looks similar to whats hung up here!).


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This is the easy go-to for hanging pics in your dorm room.

Not only does it look cute, but also provides some extra light to the usual dark dorm room.

To create this look you just need string lights, pictures, and cute clips to hang the pictures off the lights. I actually found these cute clips which would be perfect and make it even cuter.

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How cute is this one?!

I am obsessed with felt boards and think its such a cute thing to have in the dorm since you can change the words depending on the season/your mood. Here is the cheapest felt board I have found (less than $10!).

Surrounding the felt board are polaroids (really stating the obvious there ;). I LOVE polaroids and think they are just such great reminders of little events in your life. But, unless you have a Polaroid camera you can't get those pictures.

However, there are now polaroid filters that you can insert your picture in that give you the same effect. SO nice! Here is a tutorial on how to print any photo as a Polaroid.

top dorm room essentials

To get this look you need to focus more on black and gray color photos with a hint of brown in the picture.

I think the reason that this dorm room looks so cute is because the bottom of the picture (bed, shelves, pillows, etc.) adds a lot of visual appeals but also because the pictures are secured by cute washi tape.

Washi-tape is one of my favorite ways to spice up a dorm room. One, you can easily place it on walls and then take it off when it is time to move out. Two, because it is SO cheap and comes in handy in multiple different places.

This is my current favorite washi-tape that I own and it has lasted me forever (less than $6!).

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I wanted to add this one because even though it isn't a dorm, it would be so easy to replicate.

Tezza got some of her favorite pictures printed which you could do too, or you could go through and pick some out from magazines. Honestly, it might be easier and look better to just find pictures on Pinterest. For this look, I would have them printed on normal paper or cardstock. For all my printing, I use PostNet and LOVE them (not sponsored)! This way I don't use up all the ink in my printer.

To add dimension, she hung different lights. If you look close in the picture you can see that she has some of the lights hung very close to the picture and then some more far away. I love this look.

This dorm room wall decor would be such a fun DIY to do with your mama or some girlfriends!

First, search Pinterest for your favorite quotes. Print those out on large paper like the ones pictured in this dorm.

Then, head to Home Depot and get some wood similar in size to the picture.  You should decide if you want to leave it natural, or stain it like this picture. If you do want to stain it, pick up some stain while at Home Depot. Also, get twine if you don't have it.

Hot glue some twine to both sides of the wood and you have yourself a little hanging gallery! Super cute and really inexpensive.

If you just want to buy it and not make it yourself, here's where you can purchase (only $14.99).

This one is great if you want to display your OWN photos.

A lot of the pictures I have shown featured more artsy photos, but this is a girl after my own heart and knew that she wanted to see her favorite people on a daily basis.

I love how she varied the size of her pictures and really think that made this photo wall so interesting.

If you're looking for a cute headboard like hers, search HERE. Seriously, so many headboards that I am obsessed with.

decor ideas for over dorm room bed

...and saving the best for last... my own dorm room ;).

Okay, okay. I know this may not be the cutest picture on this post (I blame that this pic was taken at the end of the semester and the pictures needed a little more tape) but loved it and would do the exact same thing in my dorm if I was to do it again.

I incorporated my favorite quotes found of off Pinterest and some of my favorite pictures. I printed out the pics in all different sizes but mainly 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 8x8. I printed it all from Walgreens.

Aren't all of these so cute? It really shows that you can turn a boring dorm room into something that looks very put together.

How are you going to decorate your dorm room walls? 

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15 Summer Date Night Ideas That Won’t Make You Go Broke

This post is all about summer date night ideas.

fun summer date night ideas

Are you sick of the normal date night and want to spruce it up with an extremely fun and creative summer date night ideas?

If you're anything like my boyfriend and me, then you know that for date night you usually do the same three things. Dinner, movie, ...and I can't even think of a third one!! This summer I want to switch it up and have summer date night ideas outside of our usual routine.

I have come up with some date ideas that my boyfriend and I are going to aim for this summer that you and your boyfriend might also enjoy.

Here are 15 summer date night ideas to try with your boyfriend. 

Go stargazing with popcorn.

I love stargazing in the summer. Yes, maybe a little cliche but it truly is amazing how clear you can see the stars in some places.

I also find that when you watch the stars it leads to some really good deep conversations. It kind of makes you really think about life and how there's so much more to this world than the little bubble you live in.

To make it a little more interesting, look up some yummy popcorn recipes and make it before you head out. People are making some recipes that look really good on Pinterest that might be fun for you and your boyfriend to try. This puppy chow popcorn is seriously calling my name.

Drive-in theater.

It may be a little drive from your house, but almost every state has a drive-in theater and it has always been on my bucket list to go too!

How fun would it be to pick up your favorite takeout, sit with your boyfriend, and watch a classic movie outside?

Definitely going to do this one.

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Fire pit at a beach.

Find a public beach that allows you to make a fire and bring ingredients for smores.

This would be such a fun thing to do with a group of couples and could lead to some skinny dipping ;).

Comedy club

I truly believe that everyone has to experience a comedy club at least once in their life.

Head to your nearest city and find a coffee shop or bar that is having a comedy show and go with your boyfriend.

This definitely isn't a "normal" date (at least for me) so this would be a great way to switch it up!


How fun would this be?!

Not only is this so cheap, but you can ditch the electronics and truly enjoy just the two of you.

If you don't have a tent, ask your friends and you will probably ask someone that will let you borrow it.


If Carnival doesn't scream summer, I don't know what does. From the atmosphere to the food, the carnival is one of the best places to go in the summer.

Go on a night when they have a great deal on tickets (like unlimited ride passes) and go on all the rides.

Finish up the night with a funnel cake sprinkled with powder sugar. Nothing beats that.

Picnic watching sunset

Come up with a meal that you want to make and schedule it to be ready just in time to take it to the park or beach and watch the sunset.

I know this isn't the best thing for your budget, but this is the cutest picnic set I have ever seen. Of course, Target does it again!

Cigar bar

This is one your boyfriend will love! It's all about keeping you both happy, right?!

I don't know if I lived under a rock or what, but I never knew cigar bars were a thing :/. One opened up near where I live and I think its such a fun idea for a date night.

TV series and homemade dinner.

Nothing is better than this. Switch up your normal night at home and together make a fancy dinner that you are dying to try.

Look up Tasty on Facebook... I die at how good all the food looks.

Make this and then start or continue a TV series. Best part, you can do this all in your pajamas :).

Go to a baseball game.

Even if you're not the biggest baseball fan, MLB games can be so fun!

Tailgate, drink and enjoy time together.

Take a cooking class.

This is one of my favorite date ideas on this list. When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, we walked into Sur La Table and saw a lot of couples in a cooking class together.

I thought this was the cutest date idea ever. The best part is that you can make it a two-part date. The first date is the class, next date is making it on your own!

Go to an outdoor concert.

There are hundreds of outdoor concerts happening in the summer. Some are paid for, but there is a lot that you can find for free.

I always like to look up on Facebook, "events near me" and it usually will bring up some concerts in the park near me.

Have a night at the zoo.

When is the last time you went to the zoo?! I haven't been since I was a sophomore in high school for a field trip.

This is a great date idea that relives your childhood a little bit.

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Go on a boat tour.

If you live near water, go on a boat tour!

You can choose many different types of boat tours and a lot of times can get on them pretty last minute.

Search on Google if your local water area offers these and plan a date night on the water!

I plan on printing this out or saving it to my phone and checking off everyone as we go on the date.

What are your favorite summer date night ideas?

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5 Insanely Genius Ways to Organize Your Food In College

college organization dorm

Dorm rooms are tight and there is never enough room for anything.

Of course, you think about where all your clothes are going to go, but so many people forget to think about where they will store their food.

When I first came to college, I did not think about this! The first day there, I was unpacking all my stuff and realized I had no room for any food.

I quickly figured out a space I could shove food for the meantime, but after living in a dorm for two years, I've found the best organization techniques.

This will show you the 8 best ways to organize your food in your dorm room.

Use an over the door shoe hanger as food storage.

In a dorm room, you have to use every inch of space there is. This is a perfect solution for storing your food without taking up any dresser or other shelf space.

I personally love this because it would be very easy to equally divide this with your roommate. PLUS, you will always be able to see how much food you have and when you need to hit the grocery store.

Another great thing about this method of storage is that it is much cheaper to buy a shoe hanger than to buy a cabinet. Here is an over the door shoe hanger that I found for less than $9 dollars.

Purchase an over the fridge shelf and store products on it.

How smart is this?!

This is a great system for storing all of your kitchen necessities. Need a spot for your Keurig? This shelve has it. Don't forget when you go to school to bring paper towels, paper plates, and plastic utensils.

I also love how this has storage on the sides of the shelf for food. You could easily store chips or fruit and veggies in here.


college packing list

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Use a moveable cart to store items.

I had this in my freshman dorm room and it was one of my favorite things I purchased. I used this next to my couch for things like tissues, TV remotes, cleaning supplies, etc. But, now after seeing this, I wish I would have used it for food storage!

This would actually be perfect in the dorm I am in right now since it is suite style. I have my bedroom but then the fridge and microwave are in the other room. This is great because I can easily move it from one room to the next when I am making food.

Another thing to mention: This color is really cute but the one I got was just plain metal. I spray painted it gold and it was SO cute! Just something to think about if you choose to get this πŸ™‚

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Use wasted space for food.

dorm organization ideas

(look under the futon! That's where I stored my food)

This is another way I stored my food freshman year! As a freshman, I had a single room dorm (with a roommate!). SO, I had to fit a bedroom, living room, and kitchen all in a 10x11 room. It was tight!

My bed was bunked and underneath it was a futon. The futon had the perfect amount of space under it to fit two under the bed storage containers. These were so nice! I put all my snacks and kitchen products in these.

It was a great way to have enough room for my food without taking space from somewhere else.

top dorm room essentials

Use storage containers in your fridge for more space for food.

Dorm fridges are obnoxiously small. You need to find a way to maximize every inch of the space and adding a shelf is the perfect way to do it! Usually, these fridges have enough room to add another shelf but don't offer you one.

Purchasing one of the shelves will allow you and your roommate to store much food then you would have had the opportunity to before.

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There are so many fun things that happen when you live in a dorm room, but finding enough space for all your things is not one of them. You have to get really creative and figure out spaces you wouldn't normally think of for organization tips. 

These 8 organization ideas will leave a place for all of your food and leave your room extremely clean. 

Summer Date Ideas | 20 Insanely Fun Date Ideas You Need To Try This Summer

This post is all about summer date ideas.

​fun summer date ideas

Are you looking to spice up that summer romance with some insanely fun summer date ideas?

There are so many fun things to look forward to in the summer but one of my favorites is the huge amount of options you have for summer dates. Of course, there is a lot of winter date ideas too, but to have the ability to go inside and outside allows you to do basically anything you want.

Plus, there are way more inexpensive ideas for summer than winter. Win-win in my book ;).

But, let's face it. Truth is, you probably stick to the same dates all-the-time. Switch it up a little and try some of these summer date ideas, I can almost guarantee that you and your date you will have the best time.

These summer date ideas will make your summer one to remember with the one you love.

1. Set up a campfire and try different s'more recipes.

Did you know that people have been stepping away from the basic s'more (still SO good though) and have been experimenting with different ingredients and flavors?

Search Pinterest for some s'more recipes you want to try and then head to the grocery store with your date to get all the ingredients.

Come back to a location perfect for a campfire and do a little taste test and decide which one you like best.

Here are some s'more recipes that look amazing.

2. Take a bus tour of your city and finish it out with an outdoor restaurant.

Check online and see if your local city offers bus or trolley tours. In my city, there are many different options to choose from including a drinking bus tour if you are of legal age.

After drinking and touring the city, you and your date can find a restaurant that offers outdoor seating.

3. Cook a picnic and bring it to your favorite park.

This is one of my favorite dates and something I make sure to do at least once a summer.

My boyfriend and I head to Pinterest and look up some recipes that look delicious to us. Honestly, sometimes the recipes we choose are not a "picnic" meal at all like pasta.

We first make the dinner, pack it up, and walk to the local elementary school with a blanket. When we get there, we lay the blanket down and enjoy the food we made.

Tip: Don't bring your phone! It is so refreshing to just talk in a park and not have the distraction of a phone.

4. Check Facebook events for local festivals.

Head to facebook and search "events near me". Most likely a ton of events will show up and you can see what is going on in your area.

I love looking at this in the summer for festivals and free outdoor concerts.

To make sure you don't forget about an event that is happening, press interested and Facebook will remind you closer to the time of the event.

5. Take a hike at a state park.

Drive to the closest state park to where you live and hike it with your date.

Don't forget you and your dates favorite snacks! At the top of the mountain or middle of the hike, you can take a break, eat your snack, and truly appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

6. Find food trucks in your city.

Food trucks are so trendy and are being offered in almost every city.

With a little research, you will probably be able to find a street that a lot of food trucks are located on.

This is a great option for a date because you each can eat something you truly enjoy.

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7. Watch a movie under the stars.

Order a cheap projector from Amazon and set up a white sheet outside.

Bring your comfiest blankets and pillows and cuddle up under the stars with your boyfriend watching a movie that you've both been dying to see.

8. Go fishing.

Fishing is not my favorite thing (I am actually terrified of fish... I know lame :/) but would it truly be a summer without heading to the lake and going fishing?

If your boyfriend loves fishing, he will be ecstatic for you to "come-up" with the idea to go fishing.

If fishing isn't your boyfriend's thing, just think how funny it would be to have the two of you trying to figure out how to work a fishing rod. This could still turn into such a fun date filled with laughter!

9. Find a town that offers tandem bike rentals and explore the area.

 Search Google for tandem bike rentals near you and head off on a bike ride with your date.

Explore cute neighborhoods or trendy parts of the city while enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

I've never done this but I do think it would be fun/hilarious. It is definitely something I am putting on my bucket list for this summer!

10. Roller skate to the local ice cream shop.

Isn't it required that all neighborhoods have an ice-cream shop?? πŸ˜‰ Kidding, obviously BUT I think most do!!

Wear your roller skates (or borrow some from friends) and head to the streets and roller blade to the local ice cream shop.

Not only will be it a lot of fun, but you'll also get a work out in.

11. Go to a dollar store and pick out kites. Fly them at the local park or elementary school.

Did you know that Dollar Store's have kites?

I didn't know that until last summer and I was quite impressed. It really is the perfect place to get a kite since the majority of the time it gets tangled or caught.

Take a trip back to your childhood and each of you can pick out a kite. Head to a large park (elementary school or beaches are perfect for this) and fly kites!

12. Attend a baseball game.

'Tis the season.

Baseball season is so much fun with the addition of weather appropriate tailgating. Even if you or your boyfriend aren't the largest fans of baseball, no one can say that they don't like tailgating!

Head to the grocery store and pick up tailgating essentials. Bring some beer or your favorite drinks, make a burger, and eat barbeque chips.

Then, head into the game and enjoy the time with just the two of you.

(Or make this a group event with other fun!)

13. Go camping.

Borrow a tent (or use your own) and head to a cheap campsite for one night!

Leave all technology behind and enjoy just the two of you.

Plus, you can plan to make some amazing campsite food. (look at Pinterest for ideas!)

14. Go to your local beauty school and get massages for cheap.

Did you know that you could do this?

Beauty schools often give steep discounts if you book an appointment with one of their students.

It won't be a fancy hotel, but you will get a great massage at half the cost of a normal one. Definitely worth checking out for a less expensive couples massage.

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15. Find an outdoor blowup water park.

These are popping up everywhere!

Bouncy houses are being put on water and it's basically the best thing that has ever happened.

Head to a local lake or pond that has this and enjoy a day date in the sun.

16. Take a trip to the zoo.

Take a trip back to your childhood and go visit the zoo animals!

If you're looking to save money, keep an eye out for discount days. A ton of zoos offers them.

17. Make tie-dye shirts for each other.

Go to Michaels (or overnight on Amazon) a tie-dye kit and make shirts with your boyfriend!

You could each make a shirt for the other person.

It could be something you keep forever and always are reminded of the fun dates you would have when you were younger.

18. Have a water balloon fight.

With this insanely easy invention, you can now have a water balloon fight in less than two minutes.

Do you know that picture that went viral of the woman who put a letter at the front door saying "It's on" or something to that effect and a nerf gun for her husband? This would be a fun thing to do along those lines.

19. Spend a day at a theme park.

Head to the theme park for a day and ride all the roller coasters!

This might be more of a splurge date, but it is one of the best parts of summer.

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20. Float down a river in tubes.

If you live near a river, many people start businesses where you can rent tubes and float down the river.

Sometimes, it's even white water rafting style which could be so fun!

Check it out and make it an event to remember.

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Aren't these so fun?! Just think, if you did two of these a week, you would have a whole summer of date nights planned.

These summer date ideas will create a summer you and your boyfriend will never forget.

24 Things To Do Together Besides Go Out To Eat

This post is all about date nights that dont involve going out to eat.

creative things to do together besides going out to eat

Is it time for you to spice your relationship up and not just go on your normal date night to a restaurant?

Don't get me wrong, I really do love trying new restaurants and going to our old favorites (because, well hello, food) but doing something a little different can make your time together so special.

My boyfriend and I are completely in the routine of scheduling a date night and then just assuming that we will be going out to eat and then heading home.

Whenever we do bring up doing something else, neither one can think of what to do and it turns into the same!

So basically, I am printing out this list and putting it on my fridge so we can bring some life back to our date nights again πŸ˜‰

Here are 24 date night ideas that don't involve going out to eat.

Go to a sporting event. There are sporting events you can attend your round and I can almost guarantee your significant other will be all over this date night idea. Plan on tailgating before (if possible) with your favorite food and then head inside to watch your favorite team play.

Go bowling. Such a classic date night that often gets forgotten! Not only is this a really inexpensive date night idea, but it will also take you back to your high school days and remind yourself if you really are as good as you remember.

Go for a bike ride and plan a picnic. Plan a bike ride around where you live and end in one of your favorite parks. Pack a picnic before you go with your favorite food and drinks. Once you get to the park, lay your blanket and food out and talk about future plans, where to vacation next, and other exciting things.

Rent kayaks.  Kayak rentals are extremely affordable and can be found almost any place where there is water. Your boyfriend and you can explore a river or lake near where you live and enjoy how peaceful nature is while getting that arm workout in.

Take a cooking class.  This is the perfect date night for those food lovers who want a change from the normal restaurant scene! You will be able to learn how to make a delicious dinner and then get to taste test it yourself. The next week plan another date making this together at your house with a romantic playlist in the background.

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Paint pottery.  Head back to your childhood of attending pottery painting parties and make some pottery for you two! You can make matching cups or plates and have a competition on who can paint the better one.

Go to the Humane Society.  Head to your local humane society and pet all the cute animals that are there. If you really want to make an impact on this date, adopt an animal! But of course, that is much easier said than done ;). 

Go to a local fair or festival.  There are always local events going on that can go forgotten. These make the best date nights and can be super affordable. I always love to check Facebook for events near me... I am so surprised by the number of things happening that I had no idea about!

Take a brewery tour.  Touring a brewery gives you and your boyfriend something to do while also getting free drinks! Even if you are not 21, check out soda "brewery" tours. We have one close to where I live and it been on my boyfriend and my bucket list for years.

Volunteer together.  Is there anything better than helping people in need WHILE being with your favorite person in the world? No, not really. Volunteering together allows you to spend quality time with each other while making a difference.

Go to your closest theme park.  Take a day trip to the closest amusement park and go on all your favorite rides. Chances are you haven't been in years and it will take you both back to your childhood!

Have a game night.  Roundup all of your favorite games and pour both of you your favorite drinks. Spend the night playing these games together and just talking about life. These can be some of the BEST nights!

Go to a free outdoor concert.  Head to your local free concert with some lawn chairs and some wine and you have yourself a night under the stars. Being in that type of atmosphere with your boyfriend surrounded by happy people can really rub off on your energy giving yourself time to talk and really enjoy each other.

Start a fire pit at the beach.  Head to the closest ocean or lake with fire and s'more supplies. Start the first on the sand and admire the beauty while indulging in delicious smores.

Go camping for one night.  Take a night to head to your local campsite. Set up a tent, get your favorite camp food, and turn off all electronics. 

Head to the flea market. Going to a flea market can lead to so many other date options throughout the day. Gather food to make a meal together or look for new decor for your apartment together. It is so refreshing to be outside and see what different things vendors are selling!

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Drive to a horse show. You might be surprised at how close Horse derby could be from your house. I live in Wisconsin and never even considered going to a derby but recently just found out there is one about an hour from my house. Get dressed up, put on your best big hat, get your man looking preppy, and head to the derby!

Have a movie marathon with all your favorite treats. Before your date starts (or make this part of your date) head to the dollar store or Walgreens and get a bunch of your favorite candy. Also, start researching the best movies in your favorite genre. Set up a ton of blankets, light candles, and get your candy ready to eat. Turn your movies on and spend the night relaxing with your boyfriend while eating your favorite candy!

Go to an indoor trampoline park. This is SO fun! It really does make you feel like a kid again and get you so giddy. Trampoline parks are popping up everywhere so take advantage of it with your significant other and channel your inner gymnast ;). To save some money, check Groupon for any deals!

Have a thrift store gift exchange. Head to the thrift store and give yourself a budget on how much money you can spend. Then you both can head out to the store, pick what you think the best item is, and then decide who really picked the best item. I have also heard of couples buying outfits for the other person which could be fun!

Visit a museum. If you're anything like me, you don't take advantage of your local city museums. Check online and see if there are any discount days and head out with your boyfriend to appreciate the beauty that others have created.

Plan and do random acts of kindness. Isn't this such a fun idea? Look up some fun random acts of kindness you can do for other people and use your date to complete these acts. Nothing is better than seeing how much a little help can impact someone!

Go hiking. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful world we live in! If hiking is not you and your boyfriend's thing (I am with you :/) find a manageable walking distance hike that has a beautiful view at the top. You can take pictures and eat snacks that you packed before together.

Set up a spa night at home. Save a couple hundred bucks by putting on your own spa night! Look up videos on how to give the best massages, make a face mask recipe, and give your boyfriend a nice faux pedicure (my boyfriend is a new convert to pedicures... he loves them!).

These 24 date night ideas can turn your normal date night into something you and your boyfriend will remember without just going to a restaurant. 

Whats your favorite non-restaurant date?


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creative things to do together besides going out to eat

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