What ACTUALLY Happens on College Move-In Day

This post is all about college move-in day.

college move in day tips

College move-in day is SCARY.

I remember thinking about it and instantly becoming so nervous. I was excited but not knowing what was about to happen had my nerves all out of whack.

Looking back, it was SO not worth stressing over.

We're going to break down exactly what college move-in day is like, the best tips you need to know, and the best outfit ideas for moving in.

What Really Happens on College Move-In Day:

College Move In Day! It's a big day, regardless of how you feel about the entire thing. And even if you are super excited for this new beginning, the move in day process is hectic and can be super stressful. 

But fear not, my job -- and the reason for this post -- is to take away the stress and help you get everything done so that you can begin adjusting to this new phase of life. And if you follow this post, it can actually be a lot of fun! 

Move in Day is WORK folks, that's the biggest thing that you have to come to terms with, it's all fun and games. Those come later, I promise! 

Also, be prepared to not get everything done in one day! Even though the room is small, it still takes time for you to move everything in. So on the actual college move in day, focus on getting the big pieces moved in, and getting all the help from your parents that you need. 

All in all, move in day is a DAY of emotions, work, and starting a new chapter. It will be overwhelming at times but buckle up boss babe, college is overwhelming. But... college is also the best four years of your life, and I'm here for when the going gets rough and you need some advice!

College Move-In Day Tips:

1. Wear Good Shoes

We recommend these shoes for two reasons...1) they're comfy (wear them a few times before though, they take some breaking in) and 2) this is one of the most popular going out shoes so you can multitask them. EVERYONE has them at University of Wisconsin-Madison. They're meant to get dirty so move-in day is a good time to do this! 

You will be walking up stairs, carrying things, hanging things, moving heavy furniture, the list goes on! And the last thing you want is to drop something on your foot and injure it when there is SO much to be done and a new chapter is about to begin. So wear tennis shoes, trust me. 

2. Do Not Dress to Impress  (while...kinda)

Dress to Work!!! I get asked ALL the time what to wear to move-in day and I like to take on a comfortable-cute look. Obvi you've put effort in, but you still want to look effortlessly cool ;). I've included 5 outfit ideas down below! 

And second, college move in day is WERK hunni, like serious work. So you need to wear clothes that are able to move around with you. 

3. Pack and Label All Boxes BEFORE Move in! 
college move in day

Copy This Tip:

This is a move in day tip that happens before move in day but will save your life on your college move in day! 

Packing everything in terms of "bedding", "toiletries" "utensils" etc, makes everything so much easier. It allows you to tackle one area of the dorm at a time! Totally a life saver and a college move in day tip that you'll be SO glad to know! 

And LABEL THE BOXES once they're packed so that way you know what is in what and you save even more time on move in day! I have seen people use cardboard boxes, but I've actually used plastic containers every year. Both work but the plastic ones are easier to reuse!


Simplify your college packing with our amazing FREE Dorm Packing List. Simply click the button below to get your College Dorm Packing List delivered straight to your inbox!

4. Bring your own Dolly 
college move in day checklist

Copy This Tip:

My dad is the one who thought of this on my college move in day and tbh I'm still thanking him for it! 

Bring some sort of dolly or roller thing on college move in day, I promise that it will be put to good use! it allows you to carry more with ease, which saves time which is the goal of move in day: a quick and easy, stress-free process!

5. Furniture First!

So you've checked in, gotten your key to work, and now you're ready to brng everything in an d start making this shoe box your home for the next year. How exciting! But, where do you start first? 

With furniture! I'm talking futons, dressers, ottomans, you get it! Bring those in and get them placed before you start moving in the smaller or more flexible times like clothes or blankets. Basically, moving in your furniture first makes everything that follows easier, so why not do it?

6. Bring a Tool Kit!

I've mentioned a tool kit in a previous "what to get graduates for graduation" post, and this is why!

A tool kit will be SO needed throughout the entire move in day process. For hanging things, assembling things, for everything really. So bring that one your aunt and uncle got your for graduation, and start thanking them because it will be your BEST FRIEND on college move in day!

Also, it's just good to have one of these in general. You'll need it for the most random things.

7. Make a List of Things You Can Buy There 

Everything that you have to bring from home for college move in day will take up so much space in however many cars and trailers that you're bringing. 

Space is going to be cramped, so make a list of things you can go buy at Walmart or Target in your new town when you're all moved in! This not only saves space but allows you to get to know your new store right off of the bat! 

8. Bring Snacks and Water!

College move in day is a GRUELING process. So make sure to bring some fuel for breaks throughout it! 

Get a good breakfast, and tons of sleep the night before. Then bring waters and fruit or quick snacks so that you can energize while keeping up with the process! 

9. Bag Hanging Clothes in Trash Bags

Hanging clothes can be a dread to move anywhere, but especially on college move in day because the odds are that you have to climb tons of stairs or go in an elevator to get to your actual dorm room. 

This college move in day tip helps to solve that problem. Gather hanging clothes and bundle them in in trash bags, the hangers stick out so it's easy to grab, but it keeps your hanging clothes from falling everywhere when you transport them up to your dorm. How genius is that?  

10. Move In on the Same Day as Your Roommate 
college move in day

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people do not think of this. 

Some times special majors or programs allow you to move in on days ealier than your otherwise designated time. Maybe that's you, or maybe thats your roommate. If it is, move in all the big pieces and anything that you can with her and then just use your day to check in and get to organizing!

11. Leave Your Door Open! 

You're going to want to do this the first week of school anyway, so start on college move in day! 

Not only does this make you seem more friendly, but it also gives your parents some closure that you're off to a good start making some friends. Which brings me to . . . 

12. Let Them Help You 

By "them", I mean your parents. Let them help you and be there during this process because this is just as daunting and stressful for them. And all they want to to do is ensure that you're setting yourself up for success in this new chapter of your life. Make it easier on you and them by letting them help! You won't regret it later on. 

Also, say a really good goodbye. I didn't my freshman year, and I still regret it!! 

College Move-In Day Outfits:

1. Nike Shorts, T-Shirt, And Tennis Shoes 

Copy This Look:

14. Casual Shorts and Jean Jacket

Copy This Look:

(literally wearing this jean jacket right now and it's the BEST. It's also really cheap and perfect for going out)

15. Casual Workout Style Outfit
16. Pleated Tennis Skirt

Copy This Look:

17. Tshirt Dress and Sneakers 

Copy This Look:

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This post was all about college move-in day.

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29 Best College Costume Ideas for Couples

This post is all about college costume ideas for couples.

college halloween costume ideas for couples

Are you looking for college costume ideas for couples that will having everyone wondering "How the he** did you come up with that?!" then you're at the right place.

One of the best parts about halloween with a boyfriend/husband is being able to find a really cute couple costume together.

But, why does it always take so much longer to find than you would think?!

These are the BEST college costume ideas for couples for a weekend that you'll never forget.

College Costume Ideas for Couples:

1. Tacky Tourists 

Create This Costume:

This couples costume idea is great for the couple that loves to be goofy and just have fun with it! And good news, it will be super cheap to create because all of these clothes are always available at the local Goodwill!

2. Plug and Outlet 

This unique couples costume idea is sure to spark some attention;). What a great way to show the world that you and your better half can't work without each other (barf hahaha).

3. Tom and Jerry 

Create This Costume:

A timeless duo that is too easy to not copy. I'm definitely going to suggest this couples costume idea to my boyfriend for this Halloween. I'd love to annoy him all night long! lol 

4. Netflix and Chill 

Create This Costume:

One of the most used phrases in college, so why not dress up as it to poke fun at your culture! We all love that! 

And, to pull off this costume idea, all you have to do is grab some everyday items and design a t-shirt! How easy is that? 

5. Astronaut and Alien 

Create This Costume:

Going along with this couples costume idea is not only easy and fun to do, but it also ensures that your look is out of this world!

6. Mario and Luigi 

Create This Costume:

Tag team saving Peach with your significant other in this super fun and easy couples costume idea! 

Playing dress up for Halloween is a game, remind everyone of their favorite video game by being the greatest brother duo Nintendo has ever seen! 

7. Cosmo and Wanda 

Create This Costume:

Grant everyone's wish all evening long with this fun and even funnier couples costume. Just wear pink and make your man wear all green to create this super awesome duo!

8. Superman and Louis Lane 

Create This Costume:

Talk about a power couple! This college couples costume idea would scream just that! Can you imagine walking into the party and being a dominant force right off the bat? Well if you can, then this is the costume for you and your better half! 

9. Steve and Blues Clues 

Create This Costume:

We spend a lot of our college careers wishing that we could go back to simpler times. This college costume couple idea is a great way to do just that! And, like almost all of my other suggestions, it's a great costume to make from what you already own! 

10. Carrot and Bunny

Create This Costume:

This college couples costume idea is one that puts a fun twist on something simple!! 

11. Curious George Costume

Create This Costume:

A classic, but a goody! Love this costume and how it also brings us back to our childhood!

12. Wonder Woman 

Create This Costume:

Um, who wouldn't want to dress like Wonder Woman with their significant other?!

13. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Create This Costume:

This college couple costume idea is perfect for the college couple who would love nothing more than to never have to grow up! And it's one that I can promise is unique and not thought of by many other college couples!

14. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny 

Create This Costume:

This college couple costume idea is for the spicy couple that isn't afraid to be dramatic in public! It's a classic duo that is perfect for the college halloween party vibe! 

15. Salt and Pepper 

I find this college couple costume idea very genius, not only for how creative it is...but mostly because it would be insanely cheap!

Like one wears white, another wears grey/black and and then you paint and S and P on, boom done! 

16. Jim and Pam

Create This Costume:

I'm going on a kick about our favorite TV couples, but who else is better to emulate? 

Jim and Pam are another great and easy couples costume idea, especially for college couples because The Office is such a popular show to binge while in college! 

17. Rachel and Ross 

Create This Costume:

One of everyone's favorite TV couples, to love and to argue over whether they were on a break or not (I'm totally Team Rachel when it comes to this btw!)

But regardless of your stance, Rachel and Ross are a great couple to design your costume around! Dress like you're in the 90s, add an apron and have your guy carry a dinosaur or play monkey, I promise no one will be able to tell the difference! 

18. Chandler and Monica

We all know that this is another Friends duo is  that we have idolized forever, and with good reason!

So if we all love Chandler and Monica, why not be them for Halloween? All you really need to do is dress like you're from the 90s, this picture above is great inspo. I mean, could it BE any easier? 

19. Napoleon Dynamite and Deb

Create This Costume:

This couples costume idea is one of the most classic duo options out there. And it's another great option for a DIY or last minute throw together because you can incorporate so many basic pieces that you already own! 

20. Aladdin and Jasmine 

Create This Costume:

Ok have you seen the new Aladdin movie? If not, like go see it because once you did you will only want to do this costume and this costume idea only! 

This couples costume idea is a great option because it is a childhood favorite, as well as current trend since the new version of it came out this past summer! 

21. Daenerys Targaryn and Jon Snow 

Create This Costume:

TBH, this Halloween is the only one in which this couples costume idea will be this significant. Why? Because it's paying homage to a show that was taken from us too soon (...and by too soon I mean there should have been more than 6 episodes in the final season but that's a convo for a different day!) 

Regardless of my thoughts on the final season, this is a couples costume that is sure to scream power and wow all who see you! 

22. The Joker and Harley Quinn

Create This Costume:

This college couples costume idea is perfect for the couple that wants to look psycho on Halloween! And with so many fun colors and makeup options, it's a couples costume idea that is sure to impress and also be super fun to create as well! 

23. Justin and Britney in Denim on Denim 

Create This Costume:

Who doesn't remember this ICONIC duo and outfit? Answer: NO ONE! 

Thus, this college couples costume idea is one that is sure to be remembered for a long time! If you want to stay in everyone else's memory, then all you and your better half have to do is rock every kind of denim that you own! 

24. Deer and Hunter

Create This Costume:

If you're better half is quite the catch, then I highly suggest this couples costume idea! It's an easy one to create from basic pieces, and is a great idea if you're boyfriend loves to hunt!

25.  Jackie and JFK

Create This Costume:

Ah, yes, a timeless duo that will never go out of style. If that's you and your better half, then this is the perfect couples costume to showcase at your college halloween party! 

26. Jack and Coke

Create This Costume:

I find this couples costume idea to be very creative and funny. It also looks super easy to throw together and is the perfect duo for a typical college party! 

27. Sully and Boo

Create This Costume:

Who didn't love this duo as a kid? I know I did! Bring back some great memories of one of our generation's best movies with this funny couples costume idea! P.S. It's a great one to DIY or throw together at the last minute as well! 

28. Cop and Robber

Create This Costume:

Guilty until proven innocent! Unless you're guilty of having the best college couple costume idea, then you're totally guilty no trial needed! 

29. Cory and Topanga 

Create This Costume:

And last but not least, another take on a classic TV show that is the perfect couples costumes for you and your significant other to throw together! 

This post was all about the best halloween costumes for college couples.

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41 Best Gifts for Boyfriends That He Will Be Obsess Over

This post is all about gifts for boyfriends.

gifts for boyfriends birthday

Finding gifts for boyfriends can be hard.

Either they already have everything or are happy with "anything". Like what?! Us girls just need some inspiration.

These gifts are so good that your boyfriend will be asking you how you even thought of them.

This post is all about the best gifts for boyfriends.

Gifts for Boyfriends:

1. Beard Grooming Kit 

When it comes to gifts for a boyfriend it can always be hard to think of something to gift him!

This kit is seriously SO amazing and includes great products for a beard or even facial grooming.

2. Tile - Key Finder

If you have a boyfriend who is known to lose his keys, a Tile will save their  life! 

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my boyfriend and I have been ready to go and he can't find his keys...

A Tile can easily be put on a keychain and tracks where it is through an app. Surprisingly, it's actually very inexpensive!

3. Personalized boxers

Personalized gifts for a boyfriend are my FAV to give because it doesn't even have to be expensive!

This is such a silly and cute gift idea any boyfriend will love to receive from their girlfriend (wink wink)

4. Card Holder

Okay, giving a gift to a boyfriend just because is my favorite type of gift because I love giving and surprises!

This Card holder is under $10 (I know, what?!) which makes it super affordable and believe me a guy ALWAYS needs a wallet.

5. AirPods

AirPods are the "it" thing for seriously ANYONE even a boyfriend!

I wish I could get everyone airpods because they seriously have changed my life for the better.

Yes, this is more on the pricey side but if it is a gift for your boyfriend and your anniversary this is great!

6.  YETI Tumbler

Coffee is a must for many people and if your boyfriend is one of those people a YETI is crucial! Honestly, all around it's just a good product.

7. Grilling kit 

This is the perfect gift for a boyfriend because most guys like grilling if they cook at all!

Grilling is my boyfriends favorite and for most guys this is an ideal gift.

If you are on a budget,luckily these are under $50!

8. Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is such a fun addition to any  room and is perfect for playing music with friends, setting timers, or turning off the lights.

Seriously though, I use mine ALL the time it's bad!

There is also a mini version called an Echo Dot that is less expensive.

9. Personalized Pocket Knife

Let's be real, men like pocket knives for many reasons like feeling tough or maybe they hunt or fish!

This personalized pocket knife is super cool and a unique gift idea for a boyfriend that He will LOVE.

10. Cordless Vacuum for Car

SO many guys LOVE their cars, maybe even more than us sometimes (LOL).

This Vacuum is a thoughtful Christmas gift for a boyfriend to clean his car!

These work SO well to clean your car and I purchased one for my boyfriend to clean his and he said it was " Life changing".

11. Workout Clothes 

If you want to get your boyfriend AMAZING work out gear then Amazon has some great options!

Seriously, their selection is amazing as well as the quality (Lulu is on there!).

12. Keureg

This is the ultimate gift  because let's be real coffee makes people better people ( LOL).

If your man is a coffee drinker and does not have one of these already, the they need it in their life!

13. Charger Cords

You can NEVER have too many charger cords, ESPECIALLY if they are 10ft charger cords.

A pack of charger cords would be a highly appreciated by your boyfriend as a gift just because.

14. Party Game

This is hands down one of those just because gift for your boyfriend!

This party game is hilarious and something his friends and yours can play together for a fun date night.

15. Roku Stick

A Roku allows you to watch all of your favorite shows (including Netflix and Amazon Prime) with just internet on a TV.

It is SO nice to have and my boyfriend actually introduced me to it and I genuinely feel like ANY guy would really love it!

16. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I'm sure I am not the only person whose boyfriend LOVES breakfast!

Guys LOVE food so you really can't go wrong with this sandwich maker.

It is convenient, easy, and so freaking cute!

17. Phone Battery Charger

Majority of the time, it can almost be guaranteed that people will run out of battery either on a  trip or in regular day life.

Back up chargers are one of those just because gifts that EVERYONE needs in their life.

18. Beef Jerky Gift Box

How many times can I say this?

Okay, guys seriously LOVE food and any gift that is food related so a  Beef jerky gift box is perfect.

If you are looking to spend under $30 while also giving a creative gift to your boyfriend then this will be a great option for you.

19. Apple Watch

Apple watches are also another "it" item. Apple is really taking over the world! 

For real though, Apple watches are such a popular gift right now and one I highly am considering getting my boyfriend for our anniversary because they are awesome!

20. Toilet Golf

If this doesn't scream GUY the I don't know what will.

The bathroom is a guys office ( LOL) so this potty putter gift is so funny and creative!

This is one of those gifts for a boyfriend that he needed in his life, but didn't realize it.

21. Ray Ban Sunglasses

Can you really go wrong with Ray-ban sunglasses?!

If your boyfriend loves sunglasses this a great pair to add to their collection.

These are on the pricier side but are great quality and a classic style! 

22. Slippers

Once you get a nice pair of house slippers I swear you will not know how you survived without them!

This is a thoughtful gift for boyfriends that is perfect if you are on a budget!

This is an ultimate gift for a boyfriend that he will appreciate. 

23.Meal Prep 

If you have a boyfriend who is into health and wellness this is a unique and creative gift for a boyfriend.

Meal prep containers can be something we need but just avoid getting!

Seriously, this is a great gift for a boyfriend just because you want to let them know you care and take an interest in his likes!

24. Carry-On Suitcase

Regardless to who you are odds are you need a good and reliable suit case!

This Hardware suitcase includes two locks so your suitcase is 100% secure...

I know suitcases can be a hassle to purchase so it is always nice to receive one.

25. Briefcase

A briefcase is something that most adults need, if you have a significant other who needs one for work these are amazing options that range in color and style.

This is a gift I feel a lot of people look past when it is great for a boyfriends birthday gift!

26. Apple Watch

My boyfriend begged for an Apple Watch for Christmas last year and LOVES it! All my guy friends love it too. 

It's definitely an investment but something you know will be used for a really long time.

27. Sports Team Apparel

Okay, sports apparel is such a great go to cute gift for a boyfriend because it's so easy to gift!

PS- Go pack ;).

28. Naughty Coupons 

Truth is, what guy doesn't want a naughty coupon book from their significant other?

This idea is a good romantic birthday gift for a boyfriend that is cheap and romantic!

I can  guarantee he will love it!

29. Personalized Fishing Hook

If you're looking for a special thoughtful Christmas gift for a boyfriend this is adorable!

if you have a man who likes to fish this is a personalized sinker that is something they will love forever!

30. YETI Beer Rambler

My boyfriend got this for his 21st birthday and he uses it allll the time! I feel like it's a step-up from a traditional koozie and something they would never buy for themselves but a perfect gift idea!

And honestly, this was a cheaper YETI product than I thought it would be. 

31. Amazon Echo Light Kit

This kit is SO cool for any boyfriend!

Not only do you receive an Echo (aka Alexa), you also receive two lights that can be turned on and off from your Amazon echo. 

If you are laying in bed you can simply say, "Alexa, turn off my lights" and with this kit, all the lights will go out. The lazy in your boyfriend will love this.

32. Tool Kit

This is a gift I feel like most men would enjoy!

If you need a gift for a boyfriend , this tool kit is a great gift for most occasions that will make his day.

33. Docking Station

If you want to give a really cute gift AND make it extremely easy on yourself, this wood docking station is a guys best friend!

If he has an apple watch, or airpods as well as a phone this a great idea that is unique.

Docking stations make great gifts for a boyfriends birthday!

34. Personalized Keychain

This is such a thoughtful Christmas gift for a boyfriend!

Not only how cute it is, but it holds sentimental value with your partner. This is a great gift for a boyfriend who is long distance!

35. Playstation 4

Lets be honest, guys LOVE their video games so this one is a no brainer!

A gaming system is more pricey but if you want to spend a little more than this is a great gift for a boyfriend!

36. Temperature Control Mug

Goodbye cold coffee!

You're boyfriend will be thanking you when he goes to work .

This mug keeps your coffee/tea at a constant temperature throughout the day. How cool is that?!

37. Paddle Boards

This is such a gift for boyfriends because it is such a fun activity to do together and comes with two paddleboards!

Definitely more of an expensive gift, but it really wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be originally!

38. Sneakers

Thinking of a good gift for a boyfriend can be difficult but shoes are a guys best friend.

This pair is a popular style right now and can be purchased on Amazon which is SOO convenient.

39. Trunk Organizer 

These are life savers!

I bought my boyfriend one of these about a year ago and it remained one of his favorite gifts from me- which says a lot!

40. Cologne 

Cologne is seriously a guy essential( This is a top 10 gift idea for men)!

This Michel Kors one smells SOOO good and is not too expensive. 

This will make for a cute gift for boyfriend!

41. Bottle Bash

My brother-in-law bought this game and we have been playing it the entire summer. It is so fun!

Everytime we entertain my friends always ask for this game and I think because it's beer bottles the guys like it even more haha.

This post showed 41 best gifts for boyfriends.

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Dorm Room Storage Ideas | 12 Brilliant Dorm Room Storage Ideas

This post is all about dorm room storage ideas.

Fitting all your belongings in an 8 x 12 dorm room can prove to be difficult but knowing the best dorm room storage ideas can almost make you forget the small space you are living in.

With all the dorm room storage options available, it can be hard to decide which ones will actually be beneficial.

These storage options will inspire you to take that boring cinderblock room and turn it into a Pinterest/organizers dream.

This post shows you 20 of the best dorm room storage ideas available for college students.

Dorm Room Storage Ideas

1. Over-The-Bed Shelf

These over-the-bed storage units are a great way to use wall space as storage. In most cases, the wall above the bed is left empty so having this shelf makes good use of the space.

On top of using the wall space smartly, it gives you a place to put your phone and/or computer while you're sleeping.

This dorm storage idea comes in many different prices. Depending on the style you want, you can get them cheaper or more expense. Here are the two most popular options:


Simplify your college packing with our amazing FREE Dorm Packing List. Simply click the button below to get your College Dorm Packing List delivered straight to your inbox!

2. Night Stand Storage 

These rolling utility carts are extremely popular with college students due to how easy it is to move them around the room. 

A lot of students will use these carts as makeshift night stands. Others will use it to organize their makeup. Here are the most popular uses for these carts:

  • Nightstand
  • Makeup Organization
  • "Side Table" by futon for remotes, tissues, food, etc.

Due to the large amount of colors these carts come in, you are able to match it to your room design. These carts are something you will use throughout all four years of school.

3. Desk Drawer Organization

Having a drawer that is organized to hold all your school supplies will make you feel so much more put together. 

Dorm room desks have most likely been used for years and they can end up pretty disgusting. By lining the drawers with scrapbook paper and filling them with desk organizer containers, you're desk will become the most organized on campus.

When getting containers for your desk, make sure to think about pencils, chargers, tape, and anything else you might want to store in there. 

My favorite drawer organizers are this 6-pack from Amazon that is less than $15.

4. Under-The-Bed Organizer

Plastic storage drawers are an extremely popular organization method in college and can often be found under the bed. It basically gives you another dresser without spending hundreds of dollars.

Many students will place their food or personal items in the drawers. I personally used these drawers to store my food and it worked out great.

You can find these storage drawers on Amazon for $22.24.

5. Closet Organization

dorm closet storage ideas

These space saving hangers are a must for college students and allows you to fit so many more clothes in such a small space.

Most dorm rooms have a small amount of hanging space available so it's important to get creative.

These hangers are available for just $12 dollars and will allow you to get triple the amount of clothes in the closet that you usually would.

6. Food Station

dorm fridge shelf

How smart is this?

This not only gives you storage space for your fridge, but also gives you a place to put your microwave.

Something to think about if you decide to purchase this: Make sure you dorm room has enough space (height and width) to fit this dorm storage item. 

If you can get this into your room it will be the perfect makeshift kitchen!

7. Desk Shelf

Can you believe how beautiful these girls made their dorm desk look?

The Container Store offers these cute shelves that make for the perfect dorm storage ideas. 

If you want the real deal, be ready to shell out almost $350.

8. Trunk On End Of The Bed

Trunks are just as cute as they are functional and can be a great place to store blankets, sweatshirts, and really anything else that you don't quite have room for. 

Most people put the trunks on the end of their bed, but I have also see them used as "coffee tables".

You can purchase one of these trunks from Amazon.

9. Ottoman Storage

Ottomans are one of the most popular storage options because they are very functional.

Most people store their shoes in their ottoman and then use it to help them get onto their bed. It is also often seen where two ottomans are used in front of the futons as a place to rest your feet.

10. Mirror Storage

dorm room mirror

Picture from @Walmart.

Can't figure out how you are going to organize your jewerly in your dorm? 

This over the door mirror AND jewelry organizer is the best of all worlds. This can be a little extravagant for a dorm room, but if you have a lot of jewelry it may be worth it. 

You can purchase a similar mirror with storage from Amazon.

11. Sheets With Pockets

dorm twin xl sheets with pocket

Did you know these even existed? 

These are perfect for college students to be able to put their phone next to their bed when they're sleeping since most of the time they don't have nightstands.

This is especially useful if you are in the top bunk.

You can purchase these sheets in many different colors for $26.98.

12. Over-The-Fridge Organizer

over the fridge organizer

Not only is this fridge organizer extremely cheap (you can order this from Target for $7 dollars), but it also gives you the perfect place to store your kitchen belongings.

At college, you really don't need to have too many kitchen supplies since most of the eating will be done in the cafeteria. However, having the few essentials is a must and it sometimes can be hard to find a place to put those. 

This dorm room storage idea gives you the perfect place to put those items.

Dorm rooms are extremely small and making everything fit can be tough but these 12 dorm room storage ideas showed you the best ways to store your belongings.

These dorm room storage ideas are guaranteed to make you more organized and give all your belongings a space in your dorm room.

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31 Really Cheap College Halloween Costume Ideas That You NEED To See

This post is all about college Halloween costume ideas.

creative college halloween costume ideas

Finding college Halloween costume ideas is quite the task.

From making sure you look really freakin' good to finding a costume that doesn't break the bank can be a really hard task.

We're here to show you the best college Halloween costume ideas that check off everything on your wishlist.

College Halloween Costume Ideas:

1. Rosie the Riveter

Copy this costume:

If Beyonce can rock this costume, then so can you! And even better you can rock this same costume as Beyonce while ballin' on a budget! 

2. Alien Costume

Copy this costume:

This costume idea is perfect for those who need something cheap and kind of lazy to throw together. All you have to do is get a plain white t-shirt and write on it in sharpie! How easy, cheap, and genius is that? 

3. Regina George

Copy this costume:

This is another great college costume idea for those who need to not break the bank! Take any old white tank and cut holes and then wear that over a purple tank! Easy and simple and a funny relevant costume for college, what more could be better? 

4. Hot 'Office" Costume

Copy this costume:

I literally am obsessed with this halloween costume idea because it's so funny and clever. It's also another one you can grab everyday items to create it with, what's better? 

5. Hot Cat

Copy This Costume:

This is a great college halloween costume idea that balls on a budget because it takes mostly pieces that you already own! Just dress in all black and find some cat ears for a very easy, yet oh so classic halloween costume idea! 

6. Bank Robber

Copy this costume:

Ok, if you haven't figured it out by now, the cheapest halloween costumes are the ones that you can create from mostly things that you already own! This bank robber costume idea is no exception. Just find a sack and wear a striped top and beanie and boom! you're stealing everyone's money while saving all your own! 

7. Boo from Monsters Inc.

Copy this costume:

Yes! Another super easy and cheap costume to throw together and rock as homage to one of the best movies of our childhood! Like seriously, how easy and budget friendly would this halloween costume be to throw together?

8. M&M

Copy this costume:

This is a great halloween costume idea that saves money and is super easy for you and a bunch of friends to rock.

Whether you get a legit M&M shirt like I've linked below, or you make it on your own, it's a classic costume that will look as good as these candies taste! 

9. Margarita

Copy this costume:

I'm obsessed with this college halloween costume idea! All you need is a green dress, and you can totally make the lime headband from craft paper and glitter! We love a diy costume idea! 

10. Dora the Explorer

Copy this costume:

Not gonna lie, I found this show super annoying as a kid, but now, I find it a cheap halloween costume idea! We love a good change in opinion, don't we?

Seriously, this is just purple shorts and a pink top. Find a purple backpack and carry around a fake map to be what was most girls favorite TV show when they were 4! 

11. Damien From Mean Girls

Copy this costume:

I FIND THIS SO GENIUS! Like I'm doing this for halloween, boom done! You just need a blue sweatshirt, which if you don't have it is so easy to get! And then you write on paper that "she doesn't even go here". Easy. Cheap. Genius. Do this for halloween if you wanna win the game! 

12. Cereal Killer

Copy this costume:

I just find this so punny and the fact that it is super easy to DIY just makes it even better! Use this great halloween costume idea to kill the party, literally! 

13. Ginger Bread Man

Copy this costume:

college halloween costume ideas

This is a great and cheaper halloween costume idea because it is all DIY. Like glue craft paper and ribbon onto a brown dress to become what most would think is a tasty treat! 

14. Gumball Machine 

Copy this costume:

Again, the key to cheap halloween costumes is to use what you already have. And if you don't have it. Ask a friend because someone you know is bound to have what you need!

Take a white shirt and glue pom poms onto it. Like HOW easy is that? Super easy, do it. thank me later! 

15. Skeleton 

hot halloween costumes

Copy This Costume:

This is such a budget friendly twist on a common halloween costume that I just had to share! 

Get a black tank and white t-shirt, cut the white t-shirt and bam! you're a skeleton. And the cool thing is you can do this with a white tank and black shirt too, either way works! 

16. Darla from Finding Nemo 

Copy This Costume:

I have a friend who did this costume, and it was literally the funniest thing ever. And she literally found this sweater for cheap and then thrifted/borrowed the rest from others! 

17. Kim Possible 

Copy This Costume:

Call me, beep me, if you want a great halloween costume idea that doesn't break the bank! 

No really, this another easy to throw together halloween costume idea that honestly all you need is cargo pants for! 

18. Minnie Mouse 

Copy this costume:

Ah yes, another childhood favorite anyone can create as a costume! 

Wear all black, rock a red tutu, and put white circles on the tutu and boom! you'll be part of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse in no time! 

19. Arthur

Copy this costume:

Another super easy college halloween costume idea to throw together. But if you do this idea, you have to keep your fist clenched all night, no exceptions! 

20. Bob Ross Costume

Channel your inner artist and inner Persian by throwing together this look that screams artist from super basic everyday pieces!  

21. Mime 

Copy this costume:

Can you tell that there are so many things one can do with a striped shirt!  This is another great costume one can create with it! Just add some white face paint and boom! you're a mime!

Also, this is a great costume idea if you don't super want to talk to anyone because you can just stay silent and be "playing the part!" 

22. Football Player 

Copy this costume:

Who doesn't own a football jersey? If you don't someone you know does. Rock it for the evening and boom! a super cheap halloween costume everyone will love!

23. 50 Shades of Grey 

Copy this costume:

What a funny, and much more innocent take on a naughty halloween idea! And you can literally just tape paint chips to a black dress. If you already have a black dress it would be a totally free costume! 

24. Fruit Costume

Just draw on a yellow shirt and make a headband with green craft paper. Super DIY cheap and fun to do for a halloween costume this year! 

24. Hot Nerd

Copy this costume:

It is amazing to me how many costumes we can create just from what we already own! Like this costume, I have white shirts and black skirt and glasses I can tape and a calculator from my dreaded calculus class! 

Wait. . . you do too? Well then boom! you have a halloween costume you don't have to pay anything for either! 

25. Athlete

Copy this costume:

This is a super easy costume for all the girls to get in on! Just wear jerseys and baseball hats to play the part of the athletes you cheer on every weekend! 

26. Killer Costume

Copy This Costume:

This is another costume you can make from items you already own, if you're ok with getting them messy! 

27. Jelly Beans 

Copy this costume:

This is another great halloween costume idea that I'm obsessed with and very much contemplating doing for myself this year! Blow up balloons and tie them in a clear sack around you to emulate one of everyone's favorite treats! 

28. Mummy

Copy This Costume:

Do you own toilet paper or have a dorm bathroom you can steal some from? Then you have a mummy costume my friend! And, a mummy costume that didn't cost you a dime. We LOVE to see it! 

29. Zombie

Copy This Costume:

Just pair a ripped up white shirt with fake blood and gore for this super easy, yet slightly scary halloween costume idea! 

30. Greek Goddess

Copy This Costume:

Another college costume idea that you can create with a bedsheet, who knew there were so many options for this time?

31. Rock Star

Rock whatever party you're attending with this awesome, yet super budget friendly halloween costume idea! 

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This post is all about the best cheap college Halloween costumes.


45 Best Couple Costumes Your Friends Will DIE Over

This post is all about the best couple costumes.

couple costumes

Looking for the best couple costumes of the year?

These costumes will be so fun to put together with your date and will leave you with something to talk about for years to come.

Plus, we tried to have these costumes not break the bank (because let's be real, Halloween costumes can really add up).

This post shows the best couples costumes of the year.

Best Couple Costumes:

1. Grease 

One of my favorite Couples costumes is Grease inspired! 

This is such an easy costume to recreate, you might already have a majority of these items at home.

Copy this costume:

2. Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

This is another great couples costume for 2019 that is easily created!

You can throw on some clothes you already have an add some specific details to make your idea come to life.

Copy this costume:

3. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny

Copy this costume:

How cute is this?!

 If you don’t already own a bodysuit like that, you can easily find something like that on Forever 21 or another inexpensive store.

I love this funny couples costumes because it is classic but still cute!

4. Netflix and Chill

Copy this costume:

What a funny couple costume idea?

I think this is so creative and will give all your friends a good laugh!

5. Lilo and Stitch 

Haha! I think this costume is so clever. I honestly might be doing this one for halloween.

6. Dentist and the Tooth Fairy

Copy this costume:

                                             This is such a creative couples costume for Halloween!

                                                     I seriously this is so unique and I have never seen this done.

7. Dirty Dancing 

Copy this costume:

This is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies!

So easy!! Basically, you just need a pink dress and a your boyfriend needs a black top and pants.

You are set to have the time of your life, sorry I couldn't help myself !

8. The Deer and the Hunter 

Copy this costume:

Okay, this has to be one of the best couples costumes ever!

I love this adorable idea because there are PLENTY of deer makeup tutorials and this is easy to create!

9. Beauty & The Geek

Copy this costume:

This Beauty and the geek idea is so original and will for sure have your friends laughing!

To recreate this look, you just need some big hair, some beauty queen makeup, a dress and a crown.  The sash and some glasses which can be DIY'd.

10. Saved By the Bell

Copy this costume:

Saved by the bell is such a classic show and this couples costume idea is too good to not share!

It doesn’t take much makeup and just a little teasing to out your best Kelly Kapowski face on, as well as creating Zack morris's look with some acid washed jeans which can even be found at thrift stores.

11. Jim and Pam from "The Office"

Copy This Costume:

    I love this costume idea!

    I just recently started watching this series and seriously think this idea is easy to create and DIY.

Most likely you have a lot of these items already and can easily swap some items out!

12. Peter Pan and Wendy

Copy this costume:

It's a classic Disney costume but super cute to use for any couples costume idea for Halloween!

This is a great costume idea, I mean come one!!

13. Meredith Grey and Derrick Shepard 

Copy this costume:

The true pair in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, Meredith and Derek are another fitting couples costume to make sure your Halloween photos go down in history.

I love this show so much, and this costume is so clever!

You can easily wear scrubs and add name tags so you don't just look like a regular doctor couple.

14. Bob Ross and Painting 

Copy this costume:

Okay hear me out, what could be better than dressing up as the coolest painter and those happy little trees!? This is a costume you can't get in any Halloween store so it is unique and creative!

15. KFC Costume

Copy this costume:

This costume is so funny!

The KFC man with a chicken is so hilarious and a unique idea.

16. Daisy and Gatsby

Copy This Costume:

This Gatsby themed couples costume idea is super clever!

Daisy and Gatsby are a classic OTP couple. This is also an easy costume  to recreate!

Gatsby is easily created and Daisy can be portrayed with a flapper costume.

17. Robbers

Copy This Costume:

18. Firefighter and Dalmatian 

Copy this costume:

The Dalmatian is a Firefighters side kick just like the couple who is wearing the costumes.

This is an easy DIY for any college couple who wants their friends to ooo and ahh!

You can easily wear clothes you already have at home and add subtle touches to complete the look.

19. Phantom of the Opera

Copy this costume:

The Phantom of the opera is another classic movie that I am sure most people have heard of!

This costume can be portrayed easily and luckily Amazon has a whole Phantom of the opera costume pre made and you can purchase a dress for the girl costume.

20. Pink Lady and T-Bird

Copy this costume:

This Pink lady and T bird costume idea is perfect for a college Halloween costume!

21. Shaggy and Scooby

Copy this costume:

This Scooby Doo idea is priceless!

It will make for some cute pictures and have all the couples jealous!

22. Waldo and Wenda

Copy this costume:

Wheres Waldo is a classic Halloween costume that is so easily re created by a hat and a striped tee!

This is the perfect college couples costume because it is affordable.

23. Carl and Ellie from "Up"

Copy this costume:

If you have not seen the movie "UP" where have you been? 

Seriously, Carl and Ellie are the sweetest little couple and this Halloween costume is a cute couples dream.

It is a simple look which you can wear clothing pieces you already own and add flying gog​​gles and the adventure book!

24. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Copy this costume:

The Incredibles movies are such great movies and every time one comes out the Halloween costumes I see that year are ALWAYS Incredibles related and they are super cute!

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are a power couple so why not be one with your boyfriend?

25. Alice and Mad Hatter 

Copy this costume:

Growing up I always asked to be Alice so this costume is super nostalgic for me and something I MUST DO!

26. Gum Ball Machines

If you are doing a couples costume this could work for you or maybe you are pairing up with a friend!

This gum ball machine idea is super original and I can guarantee no one else will have the same costume.

Copy this costume:

27. Devil and Angel

I know what you are thinking...

A devil and an angel HOW ORIGINAL!

This can be done with a girlfriend or a boyfriend and look super cute even though it is done frequently.

Copy this costume:

28. Fighter Pilots

best couples costumes ever

(source @pinterest)

Copy This Costume:

Fighter Pilots are great to dress up for Halloween!

29. Sven and Olaf

Copy this costume:

This is a funny but cute couples costume idea for halloween!

Sven and Olaf are such a well know dynamic duo and it will be easy to create these costumes.

30. Astronaut and Alien

Astronaut meets Alien is such a different Halloween costume idea that will turn heads at any party.

31. Barbie and Ken

Come on Barbie, let's go party!

Barbie and Ken are easier to portray than you would think.

Add a pink dress and if you have blonde hair all you need is a cute barbie decal sticker and for ken a neck scarf and some shorts and a top you already own.

32.  Batman and Batgirl

33. Lion and Zookeeper

This Lion and Lion Keeper idea is a great college costume idea for any couple!

34. Burrito and Guac

35. Gossip Girl

36. The Notebook

The Notebook is such a well known movie for being the best love movie and Allie and Noah are legendary in the romantic movie world.

This costume is another easy couples costume for 2019 to re create.

37. Juno

When it comes to hilarious couples costumes this is my top favorite that will have your friends DYING in laughter!

Juno is the movie where the teenage girl gets pregnant- uh oh!

This couples costume is genius, and can be created with some easy Amazon pieces.

38. Commercial Characters 

We have all seen the funny state Farm and Progressive commercials and how freaking hilarious is this couples costume idea for Halloween?

39. Cosmo and Wanda

Copy This Costume:

We all grew up watching the Fairly odd parents right?

I always loved this show, and love this idea for a couples Halloween costume!

You can create this on a budget and even DIY it!

40. Aaron Samuels and Regina George

Copy This Costume:

You're hair looks sexy pushed back!

That's right, This is such an iconic Couples Halloween costume duo, right?

This is an easy costume idea to achieve while being super trendy and will have your friends DYING over how cute you look!

41. Double Stuff Oreo

A double stuff oreo?

Come on, this is a cute couples costume idea that is totally easy to  DIY if you are on a budget and look like a million bucks! 

DIY or pre buy the Oreo cut out for the costume and add a white beanie and tee to complete the oreo goodness.

42. Cactus and Tumbleweed Couple 

This couples costumes idea will for sure prick your friends humor and have them laughing.

This cactus couples costume idea is actually clever and cute, I seriously want to try this out this year!

45. Bad and Boujee

Okay, us millennials know about being Bad and Boujee and the fact that this is a costume idea will honestly make your friend roll over laughing!

This is so easily created and such a funny couples costume idea... needless to say I love this!

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This post is all about the best couple costumes of the year.


22 Game Day Outfits All College Girls Need To Copy

This post is all about college game day outfits.

Game Day Outfits

I think I can say this and have almost everyone agree with me, game days are one of the best parts of college. 

Not only is it the best time to spend time with friends and rep your college, but you also get to wear really cute outfits. Obviously, one of the best parts of game days are the game day outfits you get to wear.

...and for all you ladies in the south, I am SO jealous of how you really get to get dressed up for game day.

Because I know that the dressiness of games varies throughout the country, I have picked super cute casual game day outfits all the way up to dressy outfits.

This post shows you 25 of the cutest game day outfits that you can copy for your next game day.

First, we will start out with the dressy game day outfits.

In the south especially, it is very standard to get dressed up for game days. These game day outfits give cute examples of how to rep your school in a dressier way.

Custom Cut College Shirt

Game Day Outfits

.and OF COURSE, the shoes of the year: These Steve Madden wedges. (TBH, don't recommend. My Steve Madden wedges like this broke which is annoying because they weren't cheap! Super cute though.)

So many cute college gameday dresses!

Pom-Pom| Earrings (so many colors to go with your school's theme!)

Second, we will move on to college game day outfits with cheerleader skirts.

One outfit that has stood the test of time for the game day is wearing cheerleader skirts. Like, even our moms wore that.

It not only embodies the school spirit but looks so cute at the same time. Plus, they are CHEAP! You can pick up a cheerleader skirt in your color for less than $25 dollars (and wear it over and over again).

Cheerleader Skirt (comes in many colors) | Similar Jean Jacket | Maroon Skirt 

How cute is this jean jacket?! I've literally searched everywhere for this exact link to the jean jacket and can't find it anywhere. Here is another custom jean jacket that is SO cute! She can customize it to any school.

If you find whoever makes that jean jacket, let me know because I want to order it ;).

Short Sleeve College Shirt | Cheerleader Skirt | College Knee High Socks | Custom College Converse| Fanny Pack

Cheerleader Skirt | College Crop Top

Next, we have the cutest denim game day outfits.

This may be my personal favorite. You can never really go wrong with denim, can you? These game day outfits are the best because most of the time, you already have the things in your closet so you just have to quickly put it together.

Lace-Up College Tee (available for all colleges!)

dorm room essentials

Next up, the coveted game day outfit: striped overalls.

Can you list anything more that resembles college tailgate outfits? This is a very popular college outfit idea and can be seen at campuses across the country.

And lastly, the oversized shirt for game day outfits.

You can be comfortable AND cute at the same time?! I'm in. 

College Jersey | Pom-Pom

Hopefully, these gave you some inspo for your next game day outfit! 

I loved all of these and while unfortunately, my school isn't huge on game day (ugh private Christian school probs #annoying) my sister is going to Madison and I can't wait to help her dress cute for game days.

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