Free Printable Graduation Party Food Labels

This free printable graduation food labels can help your guests see the food your serving while also decorating your table.

It's the perfect mix of cute and practical!

These graduation party food labels are customization so you can label them with whatever food you are serving!

graduation party food labels


Graduation season is here and in full swing. It's hard to keep up with everything AND throw a party that has all the decor ready to go.

These printables will make it look like you've thought of every detail when really, you downloaded these with a click of a button!

graduation party printables

I recommend holding the labels up with a cute gold paper clip (like these ones!).

You could also put out the labels in these name place card obsessed!

You can download the labels below...

graduation party food ideas

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42 Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

This post is all about deep questions to ask your boyfriend.

best deep questions you need to ask your boyfriend

Confession: My boyfriend and I are really bad at going to restaurants and going on our phones.

I know, it's bad. We (I haha) are REALLY working on it. Last time I was visiting him (we're long distance) I ended up searching Pinterest for some really good questions that could spark interesting conversations.

Now, we've been dating for almost four years. We are really open with each other and I feel like there is nothing that hasn't been discussed. {READ: 5 Must-Know Ways To Make Sure Your Long Distance Relationship Lasts}

When searching this, I wasn't really sure I would find questions that would be interesting enough but surprisingly, I found really great ones that led to conversations that lasted all night!

This post shows you the best deep questions to ask your boyfriend.

WARNING: These questions aren't all exactly PG (what fun would that be;).

Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend: Our Relationship
  1. What did you think of me when we first met?
  2. What makes you super happy in our relationship?
  3. How long did you think our relationship would last when we first started dating?
  4. Whats your favorite memory of us?
  5. Whats one thing you're scared to ask me but really want the answer too?
  6. Whats one thing that you wish I did more?
  7. What would be your perfect date night?
  8. What is your position on premarital sex?
  9. How important do you think sex is in a relationship?
  10. What are three key elements in a successful relationship?
Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend: Future
  1. If you were told you had a terminal illness, what would be three things you'd want to do?
  2. If you could live to 90 and have either the mind or body of a 30-year-old, what would you choose?
  3. What is a tradition you did with your family that you want to continue on with your kids?
  4. How do you picture your life when you're 60?
  5. Would you surprise me with an expensive gift, or would you consult me before spending the money on it?
  6. Do you think a proposal should be a grand public display or a private intimate moment?
  7. If we had children, what features would you want them to get from you and which from me?
Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend: Past Questions
  1. What is something you did that you have regretted?
  2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  3. What is some things in life you had to learn the hard way?
  4. If you could go back in time to give advice to your younger self, what would you say?

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Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend: Possible Touchy Questions
  1. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high these days?
  2. What do you think is the biggest flaw of the welfare system?
  3. If you were running for president, what are three key things you would include in your campaign?
  4. Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
  5. How do you feel about genetically modified food?
  6. What is one thing that you feel would make any small business owner more successful?
  7. What invention do you think has done the most for the human race?
  8. Should children be allowed to have cell phones?
  9. Do you think a person’s outward appearance says anything about who they are as a person?
  10. How important do you think it is to do well in school?
  11. Would you consider yourself proud to live in this country?
  12. Is there anything too serious to be joked about?
  13. What are your views on the political system?
  14. Do you believe in heaven?

{These were all taken from Paired Life. I think these are genius questions they came up with!!}

Best Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend: Random
  1. What's one secret you've wanted to know about me, but have never asked?
  2. If you could fix one world problem what would it be?
  3. If you could have chosen your name, what would it be?
  4. Whats your favorite thing about yourself?
  5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  6. Whats your biggest insecurity?
  7. How important is it for you to save money or invest?

If you're anything like me, you love seeing how your boyfriend will answer deep questions.

These 42 best deep questions to ask your boyfriend will turn a normal dinner into a night to remember.


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    Best Dorm Bed Headboard | 21 Insanely Cute Dorm Bed Headboards To Use This Year

    This post is all about dorm bed headboards.

    best dorm headboards

    One of the easiest ways to take your dorm room from a cinder block room to feeling like an actual bedroom is by using a dorm bed headboard.

    Here at BSL, this is one of our favorite dorm decorating tips!

    There are so many dorm bed headboards to choose from, so where do you begin?

    We've dug around hundreds of websites to find the best dorm bed headboards for you to buy this year.

    PS! We know dorm bed headboards can be expensive, so we added some options to get the look of a headboard at half the price!


    Our Top 3 Dorm Bed Headboards:

    Best College Planner:

    dormify headboard

    Dorm Bed Headboards:

    1. Velvet Covered Headboard 

    dorm bed headboards

    If you want a dorm bed headboard that's cute AND comfy, then a velvet headboard is the dorm bed headboard for you!

    The great thing about velvet headboards is that it has a cushion in between the actual board and the velvet cover, making it an ideal support for late night Netflix binges or study session in bed!  

    2. Sophisticated Headboard

    If you're looking for a headboard that will never go out of style, this is it.

    How beautiful is this?! No matter what accent colors you decide to go with in your dorm this dorm bed headboard will look beautiful.

    3. Wall Tapestry 

    If headboards just aren't your thing or it might be too much or too hard to have in your dorm room, then try a wall tapestry!

    Wall tapestries are a cheap, yet super fun option to hang behind any bed, but especially your dorm bed because it adds a lot of decoration in a way that doesn't take up too much room! 

    We have a whole post on the cutest tapestries of 2019. You can find it here.

    4. Tuffed Headboard 

    A tufted headboard is perfect for the gal who wants her dorm to be super classy! 

    This dorm bed headboard gives off a elegant vibe but can also be really comfortable, too! 

    This headboard is less than $60 which is a steal for dorm bed headboards!

    5. White Headboard 

    This dorm bed headboard is the perfect option for those who have a ton of wall space in between the bed frame and the ceiling. 

    Opting for a taller headboard is a great idea because it keeps you from having to figure out what decoration to put above your headboard. And we love when there's one less thing to have to think about! 

    6. Wooden Headboard 

    diy dorm headboard

    So maybe the wooden door as a headboard wasn't your thing. But you still want a wooden vibe. Girl, I got you! 

    PBTeen has this dorm bed headboard made out of wooden panels. Like the door, it is sturdy and can be painted. But gives off a much more contemporary and modern vibe! 

    7. Wooden Headboard w/ Light

    dormify headboard

    You want the wooden headboard, but you need more. The dorm is so tiny, you need things to be attached to the headboard so that you can conserve space, and also get stuff done from the comfort of your bed. 

    This wooden headboard HAS A LIGHT! So you can stay up late cramming while not disturbing your roommate. It's the perfect way to save space, be trendy, and ensure that you'll get stuff done! 

    8. Contemporary Headboard 

    dorm headboard ideas

    What if you're the kind of person who only uses your bed for sleep. Honestly, smart move, and do I have a headboard for you!

    Because you don't really lie up in bed, a window pane like headboard is perfect for your dorm! It's unique yet still super stylish, what more could you ask for?

    9. Headboard w/ Outlets 

    dorm headboard shelves

    You know those photos of people who do genius things and they're captioned "this guy's living in 3019"? Well with this dorm bed headboard, that will be you!

    BECAUSE IT HAS OUTLETS!! You can charge your phone in bed and stay on it all night, same thing with your computer. This headboard will be on the rage, so get it now and be a trendsetter! 

    10. Rectangle Shaped Headboard 

    So you want decorations above your headboard. A solid move, a super cute idea! 

    But how can you make room for it all? With a dorm room headboard like this! 

    This rectangle headboard gets the job done and leaves you plenty of room for wall decorations. A perfect fit! 

    11. Furry Headboard 

    This dorm room headboard is for the diva with the super extra dorm room. You know, the one that wants everything to be over the top. 

    Well, this furry head board does just that. And it also adds color and comfort. It might be extra, but it comes with extra benefits that make it the best part of your dorm room! 

    12. Animal Print Headboard

    Or maybe you want to be extra, but fur isn't your thing. Go for animal print, or any print, really instead. 

    So many dorm bed headboards have prints on them, you're destined to find one you like. But if animal print is your thing, head to DormCo and get this one now! 

    13. Faux Leather Headboard 

    For the college student who wants a stylish, yet sleek headboard, I recommend a faux leather headboard. 

    This kind of dorm bed headboard comes in many colors and is super easy to clean if something were to spill on it. Faux leather is a great option for a headboard for a college dorm! 

    14. Vintage Metal Headboard 

    If you're more interested in a rustic and unique style of dorm bed headboard, go for a Vintage Metal Headboard like this one on Amazon. 

    It's rustic feel gives off a homey vibe, and the detail in its design adds to the decoration of the room, you definitely can't go wrong with this headboard for your dorm! 

    15. Headboard w/ Corner Designs

    You want some design in your headboard, but not too much design. A great dorm bed headboard for you would be one that had designs only in the corners like this one from Amazon! 

    It's simple, yet decorative and adds to the room but isn't the focus of it. It's perfect for the college student who wants a cute room, but not an overdone room. 

    16. Bookcase Headboard 

    This dorm bed headboard is also a stroke of genius? Why? But it has two functions! First, it's a headboard and second, IT'S A BOOKCASE! 

    This headboard is perfect for those college students who need extra storage options. It can fit textbooks, notebooks, books for fun, and so many other things. It basically makes your bed into a desk, and who doesn't love that! 

    17. Studded Headboard 

    This dorm bed headboard is also perfect for those students who want some design but not a whole lot. This kind of headboard is simply outlined by studs.

    It adds flare, but not distraction, and can also be a great piece to tie into other decorative aspects of your dorm room. 12/10, I definitely recommend.  

    18. Pop of Color Fabric Headboard 

    college dorm headboard

    This is a great option if you want to go all out with your headboard. Get one that is colorful! 

    A colorful dorm bed headboard is perfect if you want to incorporate color into your dorm room. Especially if it you want to do a color scheme in your dorm room. 

    Basically, this dorm room is a great way to go if you want the cute, put together vibe! 

    19. Wall Sticker 

    dorm decor

    Another alternative to a headboard if a typical one isn't your thing or your room won't quite allow for it: a wall sticker! 

    A wall sticker adds design to the back of your bed, but in a minimalistic, space-saving manner. It's a great alternative for sure! 

    20. Quilted Headboard 

    twin dorm headboard

    Another great dorm bed headboard that adds design and is also comfortable to lean up against is a quilted headboard like the one above. 

    This one is very pretty and unique because it tucks in columns to provide a sophisticated design into the dorm room. Honestly if I were getting another headboard for a dorm, I'd go with this one! 

    21. Bell Curved Headboard 

    This last dorm bed headboard suggestion is for the girl who wants an elegant dorm room. Nothing less, nothing more. 

    This headboard is shaped to look like a queen's bed. It's a headboard that will boost your confidence and have you waking up ready to conquer the day, for sure!  

    This post showed the best dorm bed headboards.

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    Best 18th Birthday Ideas | 35 Insanely Fun 18th Birthday Ideas For The Best Day Ever

    This post is all about 18th Birthday Ideas.

    18th birthday ideas

    Coming up with 18th birthday ideas can be tough. You're too young to go to bars but you're also too old for any of the other cheesy birthday celebrations in the past.

    We all imagined turning 18 for years. You are finally becoming an adult!

    Party planning and gift ideas are all a part of the celebration, so why not make it fun?

    Since they are starting fresh as an adult, it's important to consider birthday ideas that will truly bring out the new adult they are.

    18th birthday ideas can be super fun and get the individual excited for the next chapter in their life.  

    This post shows you the best 18th birthday ideas, as well as gift ideas that the birthday girl will LOVE!

    18th Birthday Ideas:

    18th Birthday Decorations:

    Large balloons for any occasion are ALWAYS the way to go.

    When it comes to 18th birthday ideas this is one decoration idea that any girl will LOVE! I personally use large balloons for most of my parties, events, or just for fun on Instagram.

    2. Timeline Chalk Board

    18th birthday gift ideas

    This has to be the most unique idea ever! When it comes to 18th birthday party decorations this is a serious must have.

    I tend to be an old soul and love personal ideas like this. Not only is this decoration item under $20 it also shows thought and is great and can even double as a gift! Plus, it's something that can be kept forever.

    3. Donut Grow up Display

    18th birthday ideas for girls

    If you've seen any party related ideas on Pinterest you would know donuts are all the rage this year!

    For real though, I went to a 21st birthday party recently and it was donut themed!

    You can make it a little more special for the birthday girl by customizing it on Etsy.

    4. Inspirational quote center piece

    When it comes to center pieces this is the perfect idea for an 18th birthday!

    Not only is this easy to DIY, it is also the perfect girly decoration idea for any birthday party. You can easily take any frame you own and DIY the glitter frame and add in the Canvas from amazon which is under $15

    5. Happy Birthday Banner

    18th birthday gift ideas

    Birthday banners are the "it" thing for most parties these days. 

    When it comes to comes to 18th birthday party decorations I feel like most people want to keep it classic and not SO over the top. This is the perfect meet in the middle adorable but classic decor piece every 18th birthday party needs.

    6. DIY Photo Booth

    Photo Back drops are an essential for an 18th birthday party!

    I love being able to go to events and take cute pictures, because I love creating memories. Photo booths are super easy to DIY for a low price and perfect for ANY party!

    7. Birthday Sash

    This is the perfect idea for any birthday girl!

    Birthday sashes are so cute but inexpensive so it will not break the bank. This is an easy idea to make the birthday girl feel extra special. 

    8. 18th cake topper

    A cake topper can make any basic cake look like a million bucks! 

    A glitzy glam topper is the perfect thing for any 18th birthday. You can DIY one yourself or easily purchase one from Amazon for under $10.

    9.Create Birthday Mocktails

    Let's be real, mock-tails are the PERFECT idea for any party. I had mock-tails at my graduation party and everyone LOVED them! 

    Pinterest has the best drink idea for an 18th birthday, or any occasion. This is a great way to add something extra to your parry while also feeling super boujee sipping your mock-tail.

    10. Glitter Cake Pops and Pretzel Stand 

    18th birthday ideas for daughter

    One of the number one party pleasers are food that doubles as decor! Lets be honest, we all love food and look forward to the food at any party.

    These cake pops are so adorable and stunning. You can easily DIY them which is what I did for my sisters baby shower or you can purchase them if you are busy and on a time crunch.

    11. "I'm 18 Bitches" Banner

    How cute is this banner?!

    This is one of the hottest birthday decoration items at the moment. I had a similar banner for my own personal 18th birthday and got so many questions as to where I got it!

    12. Money Cake

    18th birthday party ideas

                                                                                                           Source @Pinterest

    This is the ultimate birthday decor piece! 

    We all love money, so what is better than a money cake? I have been to multiple 18th birthday parties and these are a complete hit! 

    13. Well wishes jar

    I think all 18 year olds could use a well wishes jar ;).

    I love this idea because it is personal, unique and adds to any birthday party as decor and an activity.

    14. Make a cute Now that your 18 bag

    things to do on your 18th birthday

    We all know when you turn 18 there are a BUNCH of things we have not been able to do. 

    This is the cutest idea for anyone turning 18 because it is all of the things you can now do! Not only is this a DIY idea that will cost you little to nothing but a cute idea that the birthday girl will appreciate. You can also do all of those things on your 18th as a fun activity with friends or even family.

    15. Hang Picture Polaroid Lights

    18th birthday party decorations

                                                                                                          @ Pinterest

    Hanging polaroid pictures are all the rage but look how fun this looks!

    When it comes to 18th birthday party ideas Pinterest is flooded with SO MANY ideas just like this. I know I love my Polaroid camera so much especially for memories, so why not incorporate that into a celebration you will never forget!

    Things To Do On Your 18th Birthday:

    16. Go On a Trip

    Going on a trip with friends and family  is the perfect way to make memories. 

    Go somewhere tropical, or maybe just take a road trip a state over!

    Some popular places to travel to are Miami, LA, Nashville, and New York City.

    17. Dinner and a Movie

    If you are a more chill stay at home person this is for you! If you want to just kick back with friends and family going to dinner and a movie is perfect for any birthday celebration.

    There are always SO many great movies out in theaters, or maybe in the warmer months go to a  drive in movie. 

    This is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family on your big day.

    18. Hotel Party

    Rent a hotel room and celebrate with a girls night!

    If you split the cost between all the guests it can be somewhat inexpensive and super fun! 

    Go in the pool, do face masks, order room service, sit and gossip and enjoy your birthday.

    19. Go Camping

    This is the perfect cheap idea for any birthday that will create so many memories that you will always remember. 

    Camping can be super fun and a way to getaway with your girls for the weekend.

    20. Birthday Party

    Call me an old soul, but a classic birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate your birthday!

    If you are someone who just loves being around the people you love this idea is always a great option.You can easily create a party for cheap and DIY a lot of your decor.

    21. Amusement Park

    Amusement parks are a favorite when it comes to my group of friends.

    We all love getting out going on some fun rides, as well as spending time all together. This is a perfect way to celebrate any 18th birthday! You can wait for special offers or deals when going in a large group to save money.

    22. Do "Adult Things"

    Okay so lets be real, there are a lot of things you CAN'T do while being 17! 

    This is a fun idea that maybe you didn't think of. Now that your 18 you can donate blood, get a tattoo, go clubbing, buy lottery tickets, go to a strip club (hehe kidding ;), or change your name! 

    23. Go to a Concert

    This has been a go to birthday idea since I was about 12, this is a perfect 18th birthday idea for anyone because tailgating before a concert can be super fun , and this is the perfect way to create memories with friends. 

    Some upcoming performers are Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

    24. Shopping Spree

    During the year I am constantly looking at items I love, so I feel like splurging on your birthday is the best time to do it! 

    If you have been really wanting a luxury item or maybe some nice perfume, your birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge. 

    On my 18th birthday I did just this. I purchased items I wouldn't usually purchase and spoiled myself.

    Some examples of popular items you can purchase are air pods, a gucci belt, college apparel, etc. 

    25. Spa Day

    This is my personal favorite 18th birthday party idea!

    I love my pamper days, it is so important to prioritize your self care. For any girl this is an amazing option can be done at a spa, or at home with your gal pals.

    It is super easy to purchase some masks from target, give mani pedis and grab some pizza or sushi and enjoy your night.

    26. Take Professional Photos

    Okay, I am OBSESSED with cute Instagram photos as most of us are and this is a cute idea to do professionally or even with a few friends.

    Take some cool photos with friends, and have fun while doing it. Travel to some cool destinations or even dress up and use props. 

    You van easily do this with friends for cheap or maybe take some professionally with a friend who is into photography. This makes for great memories and cute Insta worthy pics!

    {RELATED POST: Dorm Essentials for 2019}

    18th Birthday Gift Ideas:

    27. Workout Clothes

    Workout clothes are ALWAYS a great gift idea. If the 18 year old loves fitness, or just likes to be comfy this is right up their alley. 

    Amazon sells such cute and affordable workout items that I personally LOVE! I cannot even begin to tell you how many days of the week I live in my workout attire. 

    If you need a 18th birthday gift idea this is for you!

    28.Dainty Jewelry

    Girls love jewelry and any 18 year old would LOVE this because maybe they are trying to dress up their style, or get nicer pieces of jewelry.

    This is my personal favorite gift I received for my 18th birthday because dainty jewelry is so classy and timeless. I wear a similar piece everyday and always remember  my 18th birthday every time I look at my ring!

    PS- any personalized item will forever be in the birthday girls heart regardless if you are a friend, a mom, a boyfriend, etc the birthday girl will LOVE IT!

    29. Airpods

    If you're looking for useful 18th birthday gift this is the one for you!

    Air pods are seriously so USEFUL, Mine basically never leave my ears. This is a more pricey gift option but something anyone would love. 

    Fun Fact- Air pods were one of the most sold technology items this year, if that doesn't show you they are so useful then I don't know what will.

    30. Wallet

    Having a nice wallet is probably not something that the birthday girl will want to fork out money for, which makes it the perfect 18th birthday gift ideas.

    These are two of the most popular wallets for girls and guys today.

    31. Amazon Echo Dot kit

    This device is SO cool and useful!

    Not only does the echo dot respond to questions, but it also can turn off your lights!

    If you are laying in bed you can simply say, "Alexa, turn off my lights" and with this kit, all the lights will go out. 

    This is a perfect gift idea for an tech lover or simply someone who forgets their lights! You can easily turn off the lights from your phone while you are out or simply ask Alexa to turn them off.

    32. Perfume

    Every Girl needs a signature scent!

    Perfume is the perfect 18th birthday gift idea for any girl. Perfume is one of my all time favorite gifts to receive for any occasion.

    Fun fact: Some of the most popular perfumes for 2019 are Gucci guilty, You By glossier, and Daisy so fresh by Marc Jacobs.

    33. Makeup palette

    If you want to give a really cute gift AND make it extremely easy on yourself, then a makeup palette is the perfect idea for you.

    This is a gift that any girl would LOVE! This Palette is super neutral but glam for any makeup lover, or anyone just getting into makeup!

    34. Manicure and pedicure gift card

    18th birthday party ides

    A gift mani pedi gift card is always a good gift idea!

    This is perfect especially when it comes to an 18 year old.  One of my favorite things to do is get my nails, and toes done. Pampering yourself is ALWAYS a good idea.

    35. Tattoo

    Okay, so now that you are 18 you can get a tattoo!

    The perfect 18th birthday gift idea is to get a tattoo. Maybe give the birthday girl money, or a gift card so they can go get a tattoo.

    One of the most done activities on an 18th birthday is going to Get a  tattoo. Personally a majority of my friends did this when they turned 18!

    This post showed you 35 of the best 18th birthday ideas.

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    Free Printable Graduation Best Friend Quotes

    This free printable graduation best friend quotes is the perfect way to let your friend know how proud you are and how much you are going to miss them!

    Plus, it is a super special gift that can be done really cheap (without looking like it's cheap of course :). 

    You can print out this free printable and add it to a super cute frame. Add a really heartfelt note and you have the perfect graduation best friend gift!

    Then they can put the frame up in their dorm room and can remember how much you love them every time they look at it.

    It's the perfect BFF gift idea!!


    Graduation season is here and in full swing. One of the hardest parts of this season of life is saying goodbye to our closest friends we've grown up with.

    Show them how much you love them with this super cute free best friends quote printable!

    Buy this super inexpensive set of 6 black frames and give one of them to each of your girlfriends!

    My friend did this for me before I went to college and wrote the sweetest note on the back of the frame. I still have it displayed in my room and I love it so much!!

    You can download the print below...

    graduation best friend quotes

    Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get the free printable download sent to your email now!

    Are you graduating? Do not miss your chance to get the NEW 50+ page Graduation Party Planning Binder. It will make your graduation planning process super organized and easy. Take the stress out of your graduation party now, plus it includes a ton of graduation decor printables that will make your party look professionally decorated!

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    Items Every College Student Needs | 11 Items Every College Student Should Buy

    This post is all about items every college student needs.

    college packing list freshman year

    Going into my freshman year of college two years ago, I purchased every single thing I could have imagined I would have ever needed to use in my college dorm. My (and let's be real, parents) bank account was not happy.

    I had no idea about the items every college student needs.

    Let me tell you a little secret from someone who has done the dorm room shopping and packing multiple times-- you will not even touch half of the things you buy.

    However, there were 11 essential products I used all the time that every college student should know about. I actually also texted my friends to make sure I wasn't forgetting any of the other must-haves and they also thought these were the most important products to purchase.

    Here are 11 essential items every college student needs.


    Our Top 11 Items Every College Student Should Buy

    Items Every College Student Needs:

    1. Pack of Extra Long Phone Chargers

    I live for the 10ft chargers amazon sells. This pack of four iPhone chargers is my favorite and what I have purchased numerous times because they are the best!

    Dorm rooms usually only half one or two outlets, and likely none are near your bed. Also, most beds in a dorm are bunked so if you like to lay in your bed on your phone (pretty sure all college students are guilty of this one;) then you need an extra long charger.

    On top of just reaching your bed, mine actually reached around my whole dorm room which was pretty nice for when I was putting on makeup, laying on my futon, or just doing anything else random and wanted to charge my phone from different places.

    I always (still do this!) keep the 3ft charger in my backpack so that if I need a quick charge at the library or wherever I am, I can just plug it into my computer.

    2. Keurig

    I never drank coffee before going to college so I never thought I would need a Keurig. Thank goodness my roommate brought one though because I used it all the time.

    I love tea so I would make myself caffeinated tea to give me a boost almost daily. I would also use the hot water to add to noodles and other food recipes that needed it. It really was so handy for us.

    Here is the link to the best-selling Keurig on Amazon (just checked-it's on sale right now!).

    3. Clip-On Fan

    This fan is a life-saver!! Even dorm rooms that are air-conditioned can get so hot and sleeping in that can be miserable. Having a fan that you can clip on to the side of your bed is SO nice and can stop you from getting overly hot at night.

    If your dorm room isn't air conditioned (like mine!!! rip to me summer) then this fan is so essential. It will be your best friend during those first few weeks of school and the last few weeks.

    This is my favorite fan because it comes with a battery and is less than $20.00.

    4. Humidifier

    I normally have very clear skin but when my skin started breaking out a few weeks into college, I knew something different was happening to do it. I even went to the dermatologist and she said that the breakouts were due to how dry my skin was. Since I was putting on face moisturizer morning and night so I was stumped how it could be dry. Then I realized that the air in my dorm had no moisture.

    Purchasing a humidifier was one of the best things my roommate and I did and we used it all day, every day. It was/is the best!

    This humidifier is cute and also less than $50!

    5. Water Bottle

    Most dorms include a water fountain for you to use. I purchased this Hydroflask and drank so much water because of it.

    Not only does having a water bottle help save the earth, but it also saves you money from going out and buying a case of waters weekly. I started out buying plastic water bottles every week and then there's that one week where you don't go to the store and you are SO thirsty. Do yourself a favor and have a water bottle ready to go for you.

    This is my favorite water bottle I have ever owned.

    6. Planner

    In college, your planner is your baby.

    Seriously, I use my planner all day, every day and carry it around everywhere. I would be lost with it. Okay, you get it, get a planner!

    College professors (normally) do not remind you twice if there is something due so you have to be on top of remembering when you have homework, tests, projects, meetings, etc.

    Even if you never used planners in high school, I would recommend getting one for college and just trying it out. It will keep you much more organized than if you didn't have one.

    Here is the planner a ton of college students love.

    7. Monogrammed Towel Coverup

    items every college student needs

    This is my favorite thing I purchased for college. When I first received this as a gift, I didn't think I would ever use it. To my surprise, I used it every day and still use it every day even when I am at home.

    This is the best for college students especially if you are in a community bathroom dorm. These towel wraps have velcro at the top so it always stays up when you're walking to the bathroom.

    I know Target sells this, but I feel like everyone has it so treat yourself and get a cute custom one. It is very comparably priced so why not have it be a little special ;).

    PS: If you're looking to get your friends grad gifts, give them this! They're very cute and you can even get them monogrammed.

    Here is the towel wrap I own and recommend.

    8. Mini Vacuum

    This thing is amazing!! In both dorms I have lived in, the vacuums have been ancient and spray more dust around than do any good.

    I ordered this vacuum on Amazon for less than $20 and my roommates used it every few days. This little vacuum did so much better than the old vacuums that the dorms offer you.

    It also is really nice to just have this handy in your dorm because you will constantly have reasons to use it. Since you are basically doing everything in your dorm, you will have multiple spills and crumbs everywhere.

    Here is a link to the mini vacuum I used.

    8. Power Strip

    I can almost guarantee that your dorm room will have no more than two outlets. I can also guarantee that you will have more than four things you will want to plug in.

    Having power strips will be so helpful and allow you to have enough plugs for all lights, TV, microwave, technology, etc.

    I really like this power strip because it has the USB drive slots and regular plugs.

    9. Mattress Pad

    Believe it or not, my dorm room bed was SO much more comfortable than my bed at home because of this mattress pad.

    Mattress pads can be expensive, but the one I purchased is around $100 and very recommended (from me). You will constantly be laying in bed even if you're not sleeping so make sure it is comfortable!

    Here is the mattress pad I own. I got the thickest one I could find!

    11. Velvet Hangers

    Closets in college are basically non-existent so making sure you find the thinnest hangers are essential to making sure all your clothes fit!

    My favorite hangers by far were these velvet hangers because they were very thin but also kept my shirts from falling off.

    These are extremely inexpensive velvet hangers at only $19.99 for 50 hangers.

    I promise you, you need to bring these products to college. You will use all the products daily and will be so appreciative that you have them to use!

    I am wishing that when I was going into my freshman year of college, I had this list so use it to your advantage!! You will be coming in much more prepared than other college students.

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    How I Made $6,053.18 In February 2019 Blogging

    Don't hate me...I am just getting to my February blogging income report!!! At least it's up now, right?!

    Every month (well...I try haha) I share how much money I have made through my blog.

    Why? Because it's pretty dang impressive that in just over a year I have been able to turn this website into a business that brings me thousands of dollars a month AND that I can do it around my full-time college schedule.

    Seriously, all college students should start a blog. It's the best thing I have ever done.

    For those of you that are new to By Sophia Lee, I start off every income report telling you a little about myself.

    If you don't know much about me, I am a junior in college studying interior architecture. I've had this website since I was 17 but basically restarted the whole website in September 2017 (when I was a sophomore in college) in hopes to generate an income from it.

    I am completely paying for college on my own and knew I needed to find something that made me money and would work around my college schedule (that changes every semester and stays with me when I live at home during the summer/winter break). Let's just say, it was nearly impossible.

    I stumbled upon a blog that posted income reports where the blogger was making over $100,000 A MONTH from her website. Like what?!

    I knew I wanted to start a website of my own that would make me money, so that's what I did. I ditched my old blog and created a new one in September 2017.

    In just a year, I have increased my income to make $9,349.60 in ONE month while being a full-time student and having a social life. 

    {READ: How I Made $9,349.60 In January 2019 Blogging}

    After semi-figuring out this blogging world and all it entails, I am here to tell you that ANYONE can start and be successful with a blog. It is not hard to do.

    However, it took and still takes a lot of work. If you're a hard worker, you can get the same exact results as me.

    How To Start A Blog FREE Email Course

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      It took me about 5 months after starting my blog to earn consistent money and those months were really hard.

       I was constantly overwhelmed and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was so desperate to make it work that I continued to Google everything and anything about blogging.

      Once that first $100 dollars hit my bank account, I knew that all the hard work I had been putting in was going to pay off.

      Little did I know a year later, I would be making more in one month than I EVER had in a year!

      Here are some of my previous income reports:

      By Sophia Lee Income & Traffic Report:

      The screenshot below is the exact money deposited into my account (with all the important info blocked off ). Some companies deposit into Paypal and then I transfer into my personal bank account.

      Affiliate Income: $3,581.38 total

      Display Advertising (through Mediavine): $2,471.86

      Pageviews: 186,000

      Total Income: $6,053.18

      Okay, here's the problem I have with how I've set up my income reports in the past. The money I make blogging almost always takes three months to hit my bank account. For example, I actually made this $6,000 dollars in November but it just hit my bank account in February.

      I've done my blogging income reports so I share the money with you once it HITS my bank account to be able to prove I've made that money.

      But, there's an issue with that.

      I made that money three months ago and I don't remember exactly what I was doing with my blog that long ago! So next month on I've decided that I am going to be sharing my income I earned that exact month. It won't have hit my account yet when I share it but I'll be able to explain what I am doing way more accurately than before. If you want proof, I'll update the income report three months later with a screenshot 😂.

      Back to the current income report...

      My blogging expenses are very small right now but last month they increased. Why?! Because I opened an online store (whoop whoop!! 🎉🎉🎉) and it was way more expensive than I thought. Probably my most expensive month I've had blogging so far TBH. But at this point in the game, I am making enough money where these expenses make sense. 

      I try to pay for all my blogging expenses annually so I don't have to pay them monthly and it saves me some cash because the companies offer me better deals. Right now for a recurring monthly expense I have Convertkit (email provider) which costs me $79.00 a month. This went up because I increased my email subscribers by a lot (good thing I guess!). 

      I also pay $14.99 for a Shopify plugin that helps me get better reviews on my products. I got that the last day of the month so I don't even think it charges me until this month though. I should probably go check that! haha

      These expenses come up once a year but I do set aside money for them monthly to prepare for when I have to buy them:

      If you haven't started a blog, this blog post will show you the exact way I started and designed my blog (it takes less than 30 minutes).

      So, how did I do it?!

      (remember, I am talking about March because it will be more relevant about how I am currently making money!)

      Last month I worked hard and played hard 😂. I had the genius idea to take TWO spring breaks this year. One with my college girlfriends and one with my family. Let's just say I was stressed beyond max and cursing myself out for thinking I could miss that much of school.

      Even with all of that going on I managed to open my store and release my first product!!! This has been on my goal list for MONTHS! I poured myself a big glass of malibu and sprite the night my website went live and nervously checked my phone 24/7 scared half to death that it was going to be a total failure!

      Wellll, I had over 200 sales in two days! OMG! I actually didn't really make that much money on it yet (around $200 in two days...then it turned April haha) because I had everything go out for free.

      My goal with putting it out for free is to build up reviews so that people will have more reliable feedback and want to purchase it for actual payment.

      The reviews were so nice I almost cried 😭. My boyfriend's dad was joking with me that all the reviews are from my family members because they were so nice hahaha. The lowest review I got was three stars and the comment was "Awesome" so I guess I'll take it 😂 .

      Here's what I've been focusing on:

      • Opening my Store 
      • Creating Freebies
      • Finalizing My Editorial Calendar

      Breakdown of what I did to open my store:

      Not much to say about this other than I decided to open my store on Shopify! I researched this a ton and decided it was the best option for me.

      So far I love it! 

      I am planning on at least one new paid product go out every month and have a new free product put into the store every week.

      I am in the process of getting rid of my resource library and having all my free products uploaded to my store. You don't need to put in your credit card if the product is free and I think it's just a way better visual experience. 

      If my subscriber list begins to decrease I can always go back to my resource library but I am going to test this out for a month or two!

      Like I said, I am in the total testing phase of the store!!! I want to see what works and doesn't work before I have my largest amount of traffic in summer.

      My Pinterest went up to 10 MILLION month viewers!!!!!

      TBH though, your monthly viewers really mean nothing. Mine have fallen now (it's 4/4 when I am writing this) and my monthly views have fallen to 7.2 million but I am getting more actual blog page views than when I was at 10 million.

      Who knows but nonetheless I was pretty dang excited!

      If you need help getting traffic from Pinterest, I recommend doing the following:

      If you haven't started a blog, this blog post will show you the exact way I started and designed my blog (it takes less than 30 minutes).

      Breakdown of what I am doing for creating freebies:

      I am taking a new approach to my website and am trying to give as many freebies as possible.

      It will mostly be printables but my goal is for me to increase my email subscriptions and give as much value to my readers as possible. Like I said above, I am trying to give at least one free thing to my readers per week.

      I am also testing this out because honestly, who knows if this will even help! I'll report back to you next month or in two months on this one!

      My last income report I had 2,493 subscribers and as of today (4/4/2019) I have 5,507. EKK! I am happy with that 🤩. Next step: 10,000 subscriber mark!

      You can join my blogging email list here.

      Breakdown of what I am doing for my editorial calendar:

      If you read my blogging posts, you know I am obsessed with planning my content out in advance.

      I am a huge planner (with everything I, social's almost to an annoying point haha) and I just FEEL better when I know what's coming up.

      I have not been ahead on blog posts in forever but this is the month I am going to do it. I hired two super sweet girls to help me with my website so I am increasing the amount of posts going up every week.

      So far, I have three blog posts per week planned until the end of June! Those posts are not written yet but I am trying my hardest to get at least a month ahead on everything.

      I have such a hard time with this because I will randomly have a super hard school week and I have to put blogging to the side (unless I want to fail out 😝) and it always ruins my blog plans. If I am a month ahead, it won't screw anything up since I already have all my posts planned.

      By next income report, I am crossing my fingers that I am able to tell you I am a month ahead! It is crunch time month for school right now so we will see...

      Let's Talk About This $6,000 Dollars:

      Honestly, the fact that I was able to make $9,000 in one month from my blog is CRAZY but then to be able to make $6,000 the month later is EVEN BETTER!! Why?!

      Because honestly, I thought my $9,000 month was going to be a one hit wonder type of thing. I had NO idea that I would make $6,000 the month later. TBH, I was planning that it would be around $2,000.

      Which brings me to the point I brought up last income report...

      Do I think I will be able to make this much from my blog every month? No. 

      Here's what I have learned so far blogging this year. Some months I will make a lot of money and some months I won't make as much. I am basically working on "commission".

      Here's how I think my income will go this year: 

      PS: I am going to have to update this chart next month because I have this set for when it HITS my bank account. Next month, all of these totals will be moved up three months (aka the $12,000 I have planned for Jan will be moved to October and so on).

      January: Very high income (at least $12,000 earned that month)

      February and March: $4,000 in February (HIT THIS & Went over by $2,000!) and at least $6,000 in March (nope! Around $4,000 hit my bank account in March. I had an affiliate payment hit my bank account in Feb that I thought was coming in March so that's why). 

      April and May: Lowest income months of the year (hoping to make at least $2,000 per month) 

      June:  Starts to get a little better (would be really happy making $2,500)

      July-November: Very high income (goal is to hit at least $5,000 per month with two months hitting at least $15,000 per MONTH!)

      December: Not as high as July-November but still decently high (maybe $3,000 earned this month)

      If all goes as planned, that would have me making nearly $80,000 in one year. AS A FULL-TIME COLLEGE STUDENT (taking 18 credits per semester).

      Just last year I was nannying and only making $300 dollars a month. Even my low blogging income months are more than I could have imagined!! 

      Did I Hit My January Goals:

      • Get 9 blog posts published and marketed (NO. Whoops, I only got 4 posts up 😶. That's when I knew I had to hire two gals to help me manage it all)
      • Get 3,700 email subscribers (YES! At over 5,000 baby!!!!)
      • Grow Pinterest to 8,000 followers (YES!!!! AT 12,000!! OMG!)
      • Create a product (Yes! and opened a store!)

      I've been trying to make that dang top bullet point black for five minutes up!!!!

      My April Blogging Goals:

      • Get 15 blog posts published (gulp)
      • Get 6,500 email subscribers
      • Grow Pinterest to 15,000 followers
      • Upload a new product and 4 freebies

      My FREE 7 Day How To Start A Blog Email Course

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      This email course is FREE. I don't try to sell you anything. I show you exactly what I did and what I bought when I started my blog.

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      It's easy to follow but I do NOT sugar coat anything. I share real tips that I used. I share how I organize my time to juggle school and blogging. I share the products I believe helped exponentially grow my blog to where it is now (and how it is growing every month).

      I'm giving you the inside secrets that have skyrocketed my blogging success and have grown my blog to making thousands of dollars a month in less than a year.

      How To Start A Blog FREE Email Course

      I've created an email course which shows you the exact steps I took to start a blog that now makes me thousands of dollars a month.

      Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get must-know blogging tips and access to this course.

        We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.

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        I hope you enjoyed February's income report!

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