32 Perfect Graduation Gifts for Girls (Recommended By A Recent Graduate)

This post is all about graduation gifts for girls.

graduation gifts for girls

As graduates prepare for the crazy, new chapter in their lives, they are definitely getting excited but it also comes the stress of everything they may need to prepare.

There are a ton of new responsibilities that every graduate will need new things for, whether that's something practical for their post-grad life, or something they probably can't afford with their current budget. Good thing graduation usually comes with gift giving! 

All of these graduation gifts will make their college or post-college lives significantly better or easier. Whether it's a practical gift or something that will remind them of home, there are ton of great graduation gift ideas for girls.

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This post is all about the best 2020 graduation gifts for girls.

Best High School Graduation Gifts For Girls:

1. Waterproof speaker

Music can make any shower better. This waterproof speaker is super portable and can easily be brought back and forth from community showers! 

2. HydroFlask for those cold water lovers 

Every single 2020 graduate would love this gift! HydroFlasks keep things cold for SO long and are super helpful when walking back and forth from classes. They have tons of colors to choose from so you can pick one that fits your graduate! 

Add a straw lid and cleaner from Amazon.

3. Phone Wallet

It is so easy to lose cards, money, and IDs. These phone wallets are super in right now and make keeping track of your things when going out so much easier.

After graduating high school and going off to college, I was not used to keeping track of all my cards when going out and ended up losing my debit card wayyy too many times. This will save your graduate. 

4. Slippers to keep their feet clean in those nasty dorms 

I got these as a graduation gift and have lived in them ever since. Especially freshmen year when you really have no idea what could be on the floor you're walking around in. 

5. A mirror that will make getting ready fun

Get this vanity mirror for less than $25.

Dorm rooms have awful lighting. This vanity mirror is perfect for any graduation gift that I guarantee they will use on the daily. 

6. A sturdy backpack 

If you want to give a gift your soon-to-be college student will most definitely use, get them a backpack. The North Face backpack is super popular and has tons of space to store books and supplies.

7. An Amazon Student Prime Membership 

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver in college so any high school graduate would be so excited to get a membership! 

From renting books for school or watching shows on Prime Video, this would be such a useful graduation gift. 

As for graduation gifts for girls, this is one thing you absolutely can not go wrong on getting them.

Click here to learn how to gift an Amazon Prime Membership.

8. Airpods Pro

If you're looking for a hot 2020 graduation gift, this is it. Airpods make listening to music while walking to class or working so much easier since they don't have wires. I promise anyone would be so thankful to receive these as a gift!

9. A Polaroid camera and film

Gift this Polaroid and film gift set from Amazon.

Polaroids are a perfect way to capture pictures in college and be able to hang them up right away on your wall. If your graduate doesn't own one of these, it would be a great grad gift! 

If they already have the camera, an easy and affordable gift would be getting more film: 

10. Portable charger

In college, you are constantly on the go and it's always the worst when you need your phone and it's dead. 

A portable charger is a great graduation gift for any phone addict (let's be honest this is most of us). I guarantee this will be used so much! 

You could also gift them this trendy phone case that has a charger built in:

11. Games to play with their new friends 

Some of my favorite times in college have been playing funny card games with my friends. These are some of my favorites that are a little more Rated R and definitely geared towards high school graduates. 

So fun to play with new friends or neighbors on your floor! 

12. iPad Pro

If your graduate loves to take super neat notes and have everything all in one place, an iPad Pro is a great graduation gift. 

It's a great alternative to a laptop for graduates that prefer to take notes rather than typing on a computer.

Gift an Apple Pencil that helps take written notes.

13. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets help a ton with anxiety and help you sleep so much better. It's like being wrapped in a constant hug! 

This is a great graduation gift for anyone that is a little nervous about being away from home and might need some extra comfort. 

14. Giftcards!

You honestly can't go wrong with gift cards for graduation gifts. Graduates need a ton of new things before they move off to college and this gives them the freedom to buy whatever they want. 

15. Custom necklace that will remind her of home 

2020 graduation gift ideas

I love this necklace as a graduation gift! It's a subtle way to remind any graduate of home but still a cute necklace that they can easily layer. 

16. Mini Keurig coffee maker

Coffee is a student's best friend. This mini coffee maker is perfect as a graduation gift for your college student to keep in their dorm. They will praise you for it later! 

Get some Starbucks K-Cups to go along with.

Best College Graduation Gifts For Girls:

17. Something to remember their college days

As I'm about to graduate college, I'm starting to get nostalgic. I will definitely be getting things like these to remind me of the best 4 years of college. 

These are great momentos that any college graduate would bring to their next chapter in life. 

18. Wine Tumblers

Adulting means a lot more wine. I feel like wine is just something you automatically like when you graduate college. Or at least it seems that way lol.

Gift wine tumblers so your graduate can take their wine anywhere they please and not worry about spilling! 

19. A carry-on suitcase

Any college graduate is probably going to travel after graduation at some point. Whether it be around the world or back home for holidays, they will definitely need sturdy luggage. 

20. Kitchen appliances they will definitely need

Graduating from college means finally having to live on your own and cook for yourself. There are so many great appliances that any graduate would love but these are some of my must-haves!

For more appliances all graduates would love: 

21. Fun recipe books they'll actually use 

Going off of the cooking theme, these recipe books are so fun! Adulting means not only cooking for yourself but also may include hosting people at your apartment. 

These cookbooks are perfect for any graduate that loves to host dinner parties or people over for drinks! 

22. Alexa Echo

graduation gifts

From adjusting the music, telling you the weather or dimming your lights, Alexa can do so much. Any graduate would be so excited to have one in their new place (I know I would!)

23. A work bag for all of the essentials

college graduation gifts

Graduating means getting an adult job (most likely 9-5 ugh). That calls for a work bag that can hold all of their essentials that will last them throughout the day. 

There are a ton of options but these are some of my favorite that I am asking for: 

24. A business card holder 

graduation gifts for her

It's always a good idea to have your business card on you wherever you go (there's always a place for networking ;)). So a great and useful graduation gift would be a cute custom business card holder! 

25. ClassPass month access 

Check out ClassPass and their memberships.

If your graduate loves to stay active, ClassPass is a really great way to try out different workout classes in their new city to find what they love the most. 

It has a huge variety of workout studios from yoga, to HITT, to boxing. If they want to try a few different things out before committing to one place or really love to mix it up, this is a great graduation gift idea. 

26. A fuzzy throw blanket

These blankets are unbelievably soft. This would be great for any graduate moving out on their own! You really can't have enough fuzzy blankets especially when moving out on your own. 

Every single time this graduate comes home from work she will snuggle up in this blanket making it one of the best graduation gifts for girls.

27. Pans set for all their cooking dreams 

Any graduate that plans to cook even a little bit would be so grateful to get pans (this is what being an adult is. Getting excited about pans lol) But pans are expensive.

The worst is cooking with crappy pans and you end up ruining food because of it. Save your graduate from this and get them a set of pans! 

28. Apple Watch 

Apple Watches are a great graduation gift. From tracking fitness and health, to always staying on top of your messages and emails, there are so many uses that a graduate could use in their post-grad life. 

If you want to add a little more personal touch, get a Apple Watch band to make it look cuter: 

29. Tool Kit

This graduation gift may not be the most exciting but trust me, they will use it. 

You never want something to break or go wrong and have no tools to fix it. Prepare your graduate to be on their own with a tool kit. 

30.  A professional watch

Shop this Daniel Wellington watch on Amazon. 

A watch elevates any outfit and instantly makes it more sophisticated and put together. 

A professional watch is a perfect graduation gift for any fashionista or anyone entering a professional job. This one is such high quality but not overly pricey! 

31. An insulated coffee mug for their 8am coffee

Save your graduate from having cold coffee by the time they get to work. 

These insulated coffee mugs keep coffee piping hot for hours. It's truly amazing haha. This is a great graduation gift that is inexpensive but will definitely be used! 

32. An Amazon Prime Membership

Gift an Amazon Prime Membership, $119

What young adult wouldn't love an Amazon Prime Membership? I use it allll the time and no that once I graduate I'll use it even more. Such a great graduation gift idea! 

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15 Genius Dorm Wall Decor Ideas That Are Insanely Cute

This post is all about dorm wall decor.

dorm wall decor

There is nothing worse than walking into a dorm room and seeing those ugly cinder block walls covering the entire room. There is nothing cozy or cute about that so we've found the best dorm wall decor ideas that will make your dorm room look Pinterest perfect.

Decorating your walls can make your dorm feel so much more like home. Take advantage of your vertical wall space and fill it up with these super cute dorm wall decor ideas!

This post is all about the cutest dorm wall decor.

Best Dorm Wall Decor:

1. Use Faux Greenery To Warm Up The Space

dorm wall

Dorm Wall Decorations - Photo @ alanaessex

Plants instantly make a room feel more alive and homey. This plant wreath would be perfect for livening up your dorm room wall. You can then decorate the surrounding wall with a gallery wall affect.

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2. Boho Wall Decorations

dorm wall decor

Dorm Wall Decorations: Photo @katesusanin

Macrame is super in right now and can so easily be put up on dorm room walls. If you're going for a more bohemian look macrame is totally the wall to go.

3. Use Removable WallPaper

dorm wall decorations

Like we said before, there is nothing worse than dingy dorm walls and the perfect way to cover them is by using removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper has come SO far and now you can find all different styles of them.

Here are some of our favorite removable wallpapers:

4. Make A Flower Collage

dorm wall decor flowers

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Making a flower wall is one of my favorite dorm wall decor ideas. This looks so cute and classy! A wonderful woman on Etsy makes these flowers for you so you can simply hang them in your room without going through the hassle of creating them.

top dorm room essentials

5. Make A Lit Ivy Wall

dorm room wall decor

Dorm Room Wall Decor (Photo: Urban Outfitters)

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This would make such a great backdrop for photos! String the lights into the ivy for a whimsical look.

This idea would also be super cute as a backdrop behind your bed to replace a headboard. The Ivy shown in the picture above can be purchased at Urban Outfitters.

6. Hang Individual Flowers On The Wall

dorm decor boho

Go to your local craft sore and pick up assorted flowers in your favorite colors! This is a super cheap and easy way to cover a large space on your wall!

Recreate This Dorm Room:

7. Use LED Neon Light Signs

college dorm wall decor

Dorm Wall Decor (Photo: Amazon @KUKUU)

LED signs are a great way to light up the room and add color! There are tons of different styles on Amazon.

This is super trendy right now and a ton of girls are adding these into their dorm rooms. Not only are they cute but they're also super cheap.

Recreate This Dorm Room:

8. Floating Wall Shelves

dorm wall ideas

Dorm Wall Decor - Photo @_victoriacastle_

Recreate This Dorm Room:

These floating wall shelves are so so cute and would be perfect by a vanity for extra storage! These are a great use of wall space and would be perfect for dorm wall decor.

9. Photo Collage

college dorm decor

Dorm Wall Decor - Photo @annacatjordan

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Photo collages can be made so many different ways! Cover your wall in photos and take all your memories with you to school!

10. Create Wall Art Above Your Desk

dorm wall decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Most people are only worried about decorating above their bed but you can't forget to decorate around your desk area. This can make a BIG difference in the way your dorm room looks.

This dorm room does a great job at making this space cute but practical at the same time.

11. Create An Inspirational Photo Collage

cheap dorm wall decor ideas

This is one of the cheapest dorm wall decor ideas that makes a huge impact. I also love this idea because you can fully customize it to your style and color pallete.

12. Frame Your Favorite Stores Shopping Bags

dorm wall decor

How fun is this?! This is the perfect dorm room for any of you luxury brand lovers out there. Also, let's not forget to take notice at her perfect pillows!!! Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed.

13. Hang A Tassel Garland

There are tons of garlands on Amazon. If you're looking for any easy DIY for dorm decor, buy assorted ribbons from the craft store and tie them around a string.

You can add lights for extra pizazz! 

14. Hang a Tapestry

cute dorm decor

Could we really write a post about dorm wall decor and not mention hanging a dorm tapestry?!

Of course, tapestries are the go-to dorm wall hanging and we have a lot of favorite ones for 2020. Below are some of our favorites.

15. Make A Polaroid Wall With Fairy Lights

college dorm wall decor

If you want a cheap way to cover a large portion of your wall, make a polaroid wall with fairy lights! Use clothes pins to hang the photos onto the lights and you've got a super cute and easy picture wall!

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This post was all about the best dorm wall decor.

30+ Best Birthday Gifts for Her in 2020

This post is all about the best Birthday Gifts for Her. 

birthday gifts for her

The 33 best birthday gifts for her of 2020 (Photo: Etsy @Iwatchcandy, Nordstrom)

Buying gifts is hard. You want to get something that she will love and doesn't already own. Something that she will open and think, "How did you know I wanted this?!". With trends rapidly changing, it can be hard to find the newest and most popular birthday gifts for her.

To make your shopping experience as non stressful as possible, we've come up with a list of 30+ gift ideas that the woman in your life is guaranteed to love.

From the beauty lover to the cook, we've found the best birthday gifts for her in 2020.

Birthday Gifts for Her:

1. For the one who love being cozy: Slippers

No girl would ever not be happy about getting slippers but someone who loves being cozy will especially love this gift. There are all times of brands on the market with everything from inexpensive options with memory foam options to the coveted UGG slippers.

With all the different styles on the market, you can find one perfect for the birthday girl. 

2. For the trendy girl that likes to workout: Apple Watch with Band

Anyone who loves to workout probably already owns an Apple Watch but surprise her with a new trendy band that takes it up a level. Everyone's Apple Watch is starting to look the same and having a new band will make it special again.

For 2020, the most popular bands are animal print bands (pictured above) and just plain white bands. Before ordering, make sure to know what size Apple Watch she owns. 

3. For the beauty lover: Bluetooth Connected Mirror
birthday gift ideas for girls

This is the perfect birthday gift for the woman that loves to look good. Because let's face it, vanity mirrors bring your makeup game up 100%! This is a top of the line makeup mirror that allows you to hook up Bluetooth to it to play music, answer phone calls, and many other features.

Get this Bluetooth Lighted Makeup Mirror from Amazon for less than $40.

5. For the brand lover: Trendy Sunglasses

birthday gifts for women

Best Gifts for Women 2020: Sunglasses (Photo: Nordstrom)

Girls can not have enough sunglasses, trust me. These are the most popular sunglasses for those girls that love to always look put together and on top of all the latest styles. Plus, if JLO will wear them than this makes the absolute perfect birthday gifts for her.

6. For the one that's obsessed with how they smell: Perfume

There really is nothing like the feeling of someone coming up to you and going, "You smell so good, what are you wearing?". Truly, when someone asks me that, I remember it and continue wearing that perfume. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a cult classic and a perfume that thousands of people love.

7. For the jewelry lover: Dainty Gold Jewelry 
birthday gift ideas for women

Best Birthday Gifts for Women 2020: Jewelry (Photo: Nordstrom)

Is the girl with a birthday coming up a total fashionista? 

Gold jewelry is back and the best part is that there are a ton of affordable options. A girl can really never have enough jewelry so this is a perfect gift for her! 

8. For the spa lover: Gift Card for Massage

There is nothing better than treating yourself to a massage so getting a gift card for it is even better! 

Massages are great for anyone but especially if your girl is always on the go, this is a great way for her to relax and take some time for herself. 

9. For the candle obsessed: Diptyque

I really wanted to put a more classic and maybe even romantic spin on this birthday gift for her.

That's why my ultimate suggestion is more of a fancier candle, like this Diptyque candle. It's an extremely popular candle that has a luxurious feel to it.

10. For the makeup lover: Becca x Khloe Kardashian & Malika Haqq Bronzer

This is another great birthday gift idea for her if she loves makeup.

Face palettes let them do everything in one, so it's also good if your girl is busy or likes to be efficient. Amazon has some name brands that are also on Ulta and Sephora, but with free two day shipping. So get this awesome birthday gift idea for her, and get it on Amazon too! 

11. For someone who lives in cold weather: Canada Goose Jacket
gifts for her birthday

For anyone that lives in freezing weather, a nice winter jacket is an absolute MUST. Canada Goose jackets are not cheap by any means but they are guaranteed to keep you insanely warm which from someone that lives in Wisconsin, is priceless. 

12. For the working woman: Classic Tote Bag

This is another suggestion that goes out to those shopping for the busy gal on the go!

She's probably already got her routine down pat for her constant run arounds, but does she have a classy and sturdy bag to run around with? If the answer is no then now you've got a perfect birthday gift idea for her!

13. For the Pajama Lover: Silk Pajamas Set

Here's a great birthday gift idea for her if she is all about being comfy, cozy, and cute!

You just can't got wrong with PJ Sets.

14. For the music lover: Bluetooth Speaker

This is a gift for the lady who loves to always have music playing around the house. 

This speaker is super nice AND cute if she's also about aesthetic. This will definitely be a great birthday gift! 

15. For the natural lover: Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers are on the rise because they offer a lot of health benefits as well as smell really good. 

Sometimes diffusers are even better than candles because there is not a chance of all the smoke issues that sometimes come up with candles and they leave a nice aroma at all times.

It's classy and unique and I definitely think that you should look into getting it for whatever lady in your life needs a birthday gift soon!

16. For the skincare lover: Silk Pillowcase 

Everyone wants silk pillowcases right now because they prevent wrinkles and also keep your hair shiny. The benefits of silk pillowcases are so incredible that I'm a big fan of making sure everyone has them.

17. For the hair products lover: Dryer Brush

This hair tool is AMAZING. It's the #1 hair tool sold of the year if that tells you anything ;).

It automatically makes your hair look perfect while drying it at the same time. Any girl that loves to have her hair look good at all times, this is a great gift that will save her so much time and effort! 

18. ...and Hair Products to Go With It!

And while on the topic of hair, why not add a few products to go along with the dryer brush! 

I am obsessed with all of these products and know that any girl would be too! 

19. For the memory maker: Polaroid Camera + Film

Polaroid cameras are such a fun way to capture memories. It's a perfect gift for any girl that loves to take pictures! 

20. For the couch lover: Barefoot Dreams Blanket 

This is another one of my top 10 birthday gift ideas for her. And once you feel this blanket, you will know why.

This blanket is so soft and incredible that even the Kardashians rave about it! It is a little more on the expensive side, but it is so worth it. So if you can splurge on a birthday gift for her, this is the one to do it on!

21. For the comfort lover: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan 

Or if you can splurge but you know that your girl is more of an "on the go" person, then get them the cardigan version of the Barefoot Dreams blanket!

It's just as great and a little more inexpensive, win win for everyone! 

22. For the wine lover: Corkcicle Wine Glass

What birthday girl doesn't love wine? 

Step it up and don't just get her a basic wine glass or set of them. Get her one that will keep the wine glass the proper temperature so that she can sip all night long.

23. For the classy drinker: Cocktail Set

Or maybe the birthday girl is more of a liquor type girl!

This would be a super fun and unique birthday gift for her if your girl loves to make the drinks just as much as she loves to drink them!

24. For the wannabe chef: Fun Recipe Books

But may I suggest that if you choose to get her the cocktail set, that you add a recipe book so that she has recipes to sue the set with. 

It's an addition that will take any birthday gift for her to the next level!

25. For the world traveler: Durable Luggage

Luggage is something that you need because it works super hard to keep your stuff safe and unbroken.

We owe luggage a lot, and your traveling girl needs good luggage. Thus, it's a great and unique birthday gift for her this year!

26. AirPods 

If you know a girl with a birthday coming up and she doesn't have airpods. . . don't you dare go gift searching because this is the gift that you need to get her. We can also promise you that she wants these too!

I'm convinced that we all need airpods because they are so convenient. It will be the perfect and a very useful birthday gift for her if you get them! 

27. For the chef with no time: Air Fryer

Air fryers are another item that is all the rage and just guaranteed to continue to be super popular! 

And they make food a little healthier (who doesn't want that??) So if this sounds like the girl who's birthday is coming up, then this is a great and unique birthday gift idea for her!

28. For the health freak: Vitamix

This is one of the BEST birthday gifts that you can get for those who love to be healthy!!

Vitamix are top of the line blenders that guaranteed to last. I totally recommend looking into it if you want to get a girl a useful and unique birthday gift in 2020! 

29. For the anxiety filled girl: Weighted Blanket  

I am always stressed and anxious and a weighted blanket has changed my life. They make me feel really secure and anything that can help ease my nerves is 100% worth it. I've heard multiple weighted blanket success stories and highly recommend this as a gift for anyone that struggles with anxiety.

30. For the clean freak: Roomba

This is for the birthday girl who loves their house clean. I got one of these for Christmas last year and it has changed my life. We truly feel like she is apart of the family lol.

31. For the entertainer: Cheese Board 

This is a CLASSIC birthday gift idea for her! Charcuterie and cheese boards are such a trend right now that I think every girl would low key LOVE a cheese board as a birthday gift! 

32. For the Netflix fan: Fire TV 

Who wouldn't love to get the gift of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all in one? And did you know that Fire TV's now have Alexa built into the remote? Amazing. 

Talk about a useful birthday gift for her, this is definitely another one in my top 10 for sure! 

33. For the baker: KitchenAid Mixer

And lastly, a cult favorite any baker would obsess over...a KitchenAid mixer. This is something that you will have for years and years and will bring hundreds of delicious desserts to your table.

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This post was all about the best birthday gifts for her.

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55+ Graduation Gift Ideas College Students Will Actually Use

This post is all about graduation gift ideas.

graduation gift ideas

Graduation is such a special time in a student's life. So you want to have graduation gift ideas that are equally as special as they are useful!

When I graduated, I was always excited to get gift cards and money. But when my friends and family took time to pick out a gift they knew I would love, it was so much more special.

I'm showing you a mix of trendy and traditional gift ideas that the graduate is guaranteed to love.

 This post is all about the best graduation gift ideas.

Best DIY Graduation Gift Ideas:

1. Motivational Quote on Basswood Plaque

high school graduation gift ideas

Isn't this so cute?!

Having a special plaque like this with the graduates favorite quote is a special gift that they can use to decorate in their dorm room or future apartment.


college packing list

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2. DIY State Canvas

diy graduation gift ideas

Having a little reminder of home is one of the best gifts for a graduation but having it made by someone they love is even more special.

This is a really unique DIY grad gift idea that you can do even on a budget.

3. Inspirational Quote on Globe DIY

diy grad gifts

Source @ No Biggie

How amazing is this?! 

This quote is the perfect edition for a high school graduate OR college graduate and a great reminder of the change in the world they are about to have.

4. DIY State Canvas

graduation gift ideas

I think we can all relate to how many shirts we gather in high school and college whether it be from sports or random shirts you pick up.

These shirts can be turned into an awesome graduation gift that they will keep forever.

The Thrifty Home does a great on how to create one of these.

Best Grad Gift Ideas For Her:

5. Weighted Blanket

I love this idea because it's perfect for a high school or a college graduate.

I just got one of these this year and it makes me feel so cozy and secure at night. I now have so many friends that own one. Highly recommend!

PS- mine is 20lbs :). 

6. Hydroflask

Hydroflasks are the "it" water bottle right now. They keep drinks cold for so long and are so nice to keep in your backpack while walking around campus.

7. Graduation Gift Card Holder

If you do want to get a gift card for your graduate (which BTW is totally fine because every college student needs them) put it in a cute graduation box!

Also, Amazon gift cards are 100% the way to go.

8. Cute Desk Calendar

Calendars are so helpful to keep track of what's going on in school/work. It would be super cute if you got them a desk calendar, cute pens, and other organization desk things in a gift basket. 

9. Phone Wallet

Trust me... these phone wallets are literally life savers. College students have a habit of losing things, but they always have their phone on them.

This wallet sticks to the back of your phone and makes keeping track of money and cards so much easier.

If you want to do even more, include a gift card or money in the wallet!

10. Air Purifier

Speaking from personal experience, dorms are gross. They get humid and it is so common to get sick.

This was one thing I wish I had before moving into my dorm and I promise your graduate will thank you for it later on.

11. Custom Makeup Bag

graduation gifts for her

I actually got a custom makeup bag for one of my graduation gifts and it was by far one of my favorite gifts! I used it everyday and it wasn't something that just collected dust in my closet.

I like big makeup bags because I always would carry my makeup into my friends dorms to get ready so it was nice when I was able to fit everything inside. 

12. Brita Water Purifier

A Brita is a gift any girl or guy would love as a graduation gift. It saves so many trips to the water fountain and makes sure your water is clean. Trust me... dorm water is gross.

Everyone I know that lives in dorms has a Brita and loves it!

13. HiMirror Makeup Mirror

Okay, I have a HiMirror and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

This is a touch screen, lighted mirror that analyzes your skin, can access YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, and even has Amazon Alexa built in. AND it's only a little over $100. 

14. Toiletry Travel Bag

Along with having a traditional makeup bag, having a toiletry travel bag is a must.

Packing and traveling back home from school can be super annoying. Get your graduate a portable toiletry bag to make traveling that much easier. I got one of these as a graduation gift and was so grateful later on.

15. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa's are super cool. It makes playing music that much less work and is a great graduation gift idea for college students.

Whenever I have friends over I am always playing music and love my Amazon Alexa!

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16. Word Light Box

Lit word boxes are a super popular and cute dorm decoration. Use this as a graduation gift idea for a decor piece your graduate will be sure to use!

17. Photo Collage Wall Decor

Students often want to take photos from home to display in their dorm. This photo collage wall piece is so cute and would be a well used graduation gift.

18. Polaroid

I used my polaroid so much in college. Such a fun way to keep memories!

19. Wooden Polaroid Picture Holders

These little wooden picture displays are so adorable. Give them as a graduation gift! You could even add some photos of you and the graduate in them to make it more special.

20. Hair And Body Towel Wrap

Community bathrooms honestly are such a pain. But, these towel wraps make it so much easier to take your stuff back and forth without having to hold your towel up.

These by far one of my most recommended products for dorm rooms.

21. Monogrammed Towels

So many people will have similar looking towels. Get your graduate a monogrammed towel to distinguish them from the others!

I got these for all my friends as graduation gifts and they loved them.

22. Cute Notebooks

Fun and cute school supplies makes working so much easier. These notebooks are a cute graduation gift idea for kids starting their first year in college.

23. Mini Keurig 

Coffee is a college student's best friend. Because dorm space is so limited, this mini coffee maker is a perfect graduation gift idea for your coffee loving graduate!

24. "Where's Mom Now That I Need Her" Book

I can't tell you how many kids I met in school that did not now how to live without their mom.

This book tells you all about doing laundry, grocery shopping, health, and anything on surviving on your own.

25. Beauty Blender Set

If the girl you are getting a gift for likes makeup than she will be obsessed with these. Honestly, she probably already owns one but having this set and extra is SO nice.

I just got these as a gift and I'm obsessed.

26. AirPods

This gift is a little more on the pricey side but I promise your graduate will love it. These are a great graduation gift idea if you want to do something really special for them.

This is something I am personally asking for for graduation :). 

27. Laptop Case

Keeping all your electronics in one safe place is super important. Buy your graduate a cute computer case to keep everything organized.

28. "Makeup Eraser" Reusable Makeup Removing Cloth

I have this and LOVE it!! Makeup wipes are expensive! This "Makeup Eraser" saves money on makeup wipes and can be used over and over again.

29. Mario Badescu Skincare Set

One of my favorite skin care products on the market. Trust me, anyone who loves to take care of their skin will thank you for these!

30. Make A Spa Set

This is one of my favorite graduation gift ideas. College and work is stressful. This spa basket is fun to make and will be put to good use.

31. Backpack

Everyone needs a backpack! This North Face backpack is one of the most popular and is super durable so it can be used for many years to come.

I'm graduating college this year and have had my North Face backpack since freshman year and it's still perfectly put together!

32. Waterproof Speaker

So many people love to listen to music in the shower. I would have loved to receive this as a graduation gift!

33. Portable Charger

You can never go wrong with chargers. Portable chargers literally saved my life in school and they will for sure be put to good use.

34. Cordless Charger

This cordless charger is such a great graduation gift idea to give! Charging cords always break. With this one, just place your phone on the charging pad and it charges!

35. Clear Game Day Bag

Clear bags are something super important for college students planning on going to games.

If you want to make this graduation gift idea even more special, buy one with their school logo on it!

Best Grad Gift Ideas For Him:

36. Durable Speaker

I can't think of one of my guy friends who wouldn't want this as a graduation gift for him!

This one is durable and can hold up to the tossing around it may get living in a guys room/apartment.

37. Carry On Garment Bag

THIS IS THE BEST!! I have bought this multiple times for guys in my life.

No seriously, it's so cool. This bag opens up into a garment bag and can fit up to three suits. It is the perfect gift for college graduates who are traveling and/or interviewing since they can include all their suits without getting wrinkled.

It also has a shoe pocket so your shoes don't touch the rest of your clothes.

38. Beer Pong Set

...if you want a gift that is guaranteed to be used ;).

39. YETI Beer Rambler

Any YETI product is basically guaranteed to be amazing and this beer rambler is something a lot of my guy friends have and love!

40. A Nice Watch

Whether the graduate is graduating from high school or college, there will be many moments where they have to look professional and pulled together and a nice watch is the perfect addition to any outfit.

It's also a perfect gift because a lot of guys won't want to spend the money on one of these for themselves.

41. iPhone Finder

TILE is the best for anyone that is known for losing things (like their keys or wallet).

You can just put one of these on your keychain and then it automatically tracks to your phone. 

42. Roku Stick With JBL Headphones for Private Listening

These allow you to wear headphones and listen to your TV without distracting your roommates!! Isn't that amazing?

I've seriously been waiting so long for something like this to come out on the market. 

43. Crock Pot

Crockpots are especially nice for men because they can just throw food in it and then have dinner made for them by the time they get home from work.

Dorm Essentials for Graduation Gifts:

44. Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is by far the most popular gift idea on my website and something that will change this graduates life in their dorm.

It's a MUST for dorm rooms!

45. 10' iPhone Chargers

These 10' long chargers are the absolute best because you can get them to go around an entire dorm room. Since most dorm rooms only have one or two plugs, that makes these so practical.

And no college student can have enough chargers ;). 

46. Custom Towel Wrap

graduation gift for dorms

With having to share a bathroom when living in a dorm, these towel wraps are lifesavers when walking to and from and making sure your towel doesn't fall off.

I got this as a graduation gift when I graduated high school and still use it every time I shower!

47. Small Vacuum

This little vacuum is the best for having in a dorm room because it's small but it's surprisingly powerful and can easily be used for any spills or just weekly cleaning.

I recommend this to anyone moving into dorm rooms!

48. Clip-On Fan

This may seem like a random gift to give your graduate but when the graduate is sleeping in a room that isn't air-conditioned and is sweating their butt of, they will be praising you for this clip-on fan!

49. Mesh Shower Caddy

The only shower caddy I recommend! This would make such a great graduation gifts.

50. Faux-Leather Futon

My favorite futon for dorm rooms because the fake leather makes it so easy to clean if there is any spills!

And it's really reasonably priced compared to other futons on the market.

51. Sound Machine

This sound machine was my saving grace for living in the dorms! It blocks out all noise so you can sleep/study without hearing the room next to you. It's under $20 too!

Apartment Essentials for Graduation Gifts:

52. 23 Piece Mixing Bowl Set

You get so much in this set and it's under $30!! That is an incredible deal and the perfect gift for someone moving into their first apartment.

53. Cookware Set

Another must for new apartments - a cookware set! This Cuisinart is a really great gift for someone graduating college because they are nice but not SUPER nice.

It's a great deal for the quality you get!

54. Gold and White Cooking Utensils

I got these for Christmas and they feel so much more expensive than they were! 

55. Basic Tool Set

This tool set is a great graduation gift ideas and is something that will constantly be reached for for years to come.

56. Nespresso Machine

Anyone starting to work in the "real world" needs a large amount of caffeine and this Nespresso machine gives you coffee shop worthy drinks.

This post was all about the best Graduation Gift Ideas.

40 Cutest Dorm Decor Ideas That Are Totally Instagram Worthy

This post is all about dorm decor.

dorm decor

Picking out the right dorm decor to fit your style can be intimidating.

When I first saw my college dorm all I could think about was how I could make it feel less of a dorm and more of my home! Here are some of the cutest dorms to get your decorating juices flowing.

This post is all about the cutest dorm decor ideas.

Best Rustic Dorm Decor:

1. Use Neutral Colors

dorm decorations

instagram: @charlihulse

Recreate This Dorm Room:

The key to a rustic dorm room is using neutral colors. White, grey, and beige with wood accents gives a room that rustic look we are all obsessed with!

2. Use Wood Accents

dorm decor ideas

instagram: @haleyyyreed

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Wood accents are important to use in your room to add a natural feel to your rustic dorm room.


college packing list

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3. Use Plants, Metal Letters, and Baskets

dorm decor diy

instagram: @taylor_pottmeyer

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Small decor items like plants, picture frames, and metal objects gives life and texture to a rustic room.

4. All White Bedding

dorm decor college

instagram: @morgan_helm

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Use a white comforter, pillows, baskets and blankets for a clean look to your rustic dorm room.

5. Add Small Pops of Color

college dorm decor

instagram: @maciemcgeee

If you want a pop of color in your rustic dorm room, try to stick with one color. Blush, pale blue, or even navy looks great with neutral colors 

6. Wood Makeup Container

Here is another great way to incorporate wood accents into your dorm in a practical way!

7. Hanging Ladder

This is so cute! Ladders are a super popular decoration in rustic rooms. This hanging ladder is perfect to store towels and blankets and takes up much less space than a normal ladder.

8. "Floating" Shelves

Use command hooks to hang these shelves to give the illusion of a floating shelf without drilling holes!

9. Metal Letters

This light up metal letter is a great addition to rustic room decor.

10. Rustic Strung Light Bulbs

In a rustic dorm room, dimmer lighting looks better than bright lighting. Use these yellow tinted strung likes for subtle lighting.

Best Boho Dorm Decor:

11. Use Color And Macrame Hangings

dorm decor wall

instagram: @andreaxstreet

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Oranges and red are great colors to use in a boho dorm room. Use macrame accents as well for texture!

12. Use Lots Of Flowers

dorm decor

instagram: @georgiapeach1722

Flowers are a great way to incorporate color into your boho dorm!

13. Throw In A Beanbag

boho dorm decor

instagram: @georgianiell

Recreate This Dorm Room:

A beanbag is a super casual seating option for a dorm.

14. Add a Throw Blanket To The End Of Your Bed

minimalist dorm decor

A patterned comforter is a great way to add a "boho" look to your dorm room.

15. Use Matching Decor

cheap dorm decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This boho dorm room is so so cute! The shared dresser is also a great idea if your low on space!

16. Use Lighted Leaves

This decor piece is great for a boho room. Flowers and leaves accent a boho room perfectly.

17. Rose Gold Lights

These are so cute for a lighting option in your dorm.

19. Lighted Curtains

These would look great as a backdrop behind your bed!

20. Short description of what you're showing.

These accent pillows are super boho looking and would look great in your dorm.

Best Minimalist Dorm Decor:

21. Use Minimal Decor

dorm decor boho

Recreate This Dorm Room:

The key to a minimalistic dorm is to keep decor well, minimal. Flowers are a good way to add some accents while keeping it simple.

22. Hanging Plants

dorm decor inspiration

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Hanging plants are super popular in minimalistic design. They're super cheap and easy to decorate your dorm room with.

23. Use Rose Gold Accents

cozy dorm decor

instagram: @georgianiell

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Rose gold is a great way to accent a minimalistic dorm room while still keeping it simple.

24. Keep Color Minimal.

dorm decor for girls

instagram: @rachelsabrina_

Minimal color is important to a minimalistic design.

25. Black And White

college dorm decoration

Recreate This [dorm room, grad party, etc]:

Black and white is a great color scheme to stick with when designing your minimalistic dorm.

26. Simple Side Table

This wire side table is a great option for a side table!

27. Standing Lamp

A standing lamp is a great lighting option for your minimalistic dorm room.

28. Simple Wall Art

These flower pictures are a great option for wall decor. Minimal color and simple design!

29. Moon Phase Wall Decor

Super cute and simple wall decor!

30. Short description of what you're showing.

Here is a great storage option for your minimalistic dorm room!

Best Girly Dorm Decor:

31. Use Lots Of Blankets And Pillows

dorm decor

instagram: @morgantrammel

Adding extra blankets and pillows make your dorm look super comfy and cute!

32. Pick A Matching Color Scheme

matching dorm decor

instagram: @lalandry

Coordinate a color scheme with your roomie! This tiffany blue inspired dorm is a super cute idea for your girly dorm room!

33. Use Yellow As An Accent Color

yellow dorm decor

instagram: @natalie_conlon

Yellow is a super unique and cute idea for your girly dorm room!

34. Use Curtains To Cover Your Dorm Desk

dorm decorations for girls

instagram: @hannah_robersonn

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Using curtains to cover those ugly dorm desks is a great way to decorate your dorm!

35. Use Storage Ottomans As Decor

dorm wall decor

instagram: @burkesmith_

Recreate This [dorm room, grad party, etc]:

Use color coordinated storage cubes. Also great for getting on those tall dorm beds!

36. Colored Tassels

This is a super easy way to decorate your walls and can be super easily DIY'ed.

37. Sunflower Tapestry

This tapestry is a super fun way to incorporate color into your girly dorm room.

38. Pink Makeup Organizer

If you're going with a pink theme this makeup organizer is a great addition to your dorm!

39. Makeup Inspired Photos

What says "girls dorm room" like makeup! These photos are super cute and would be perfect to add into your room.

40. Marble Alarm Clock

Marble is a great way to accent your dorm. Also, this clock is just really cute.

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This post was all about the best dorm decor.

19 DIY Gifts For Long Distance Boyfriend That Show You Care

This post is all about DIY gifts for long distance boyfriend.

diy gifts for your long distance boyfriend

Let me guess: You're here because you want to be that oh so cute girlfriend and send your long distance boyfriend a gift that shows just how much you love him (and how good of a catch he's got;)? Well girl, you're at the right place.

Long distance relationships are hard enough and sometimes just a little surprise package here and there can really show your boyfriend how much you're thinking of him even when you are hundreds of miles away from each other.

My boyfriend goes to school eight hours away from me and it is the WORST! Even though we are so far from each other I like to let him know that I am still thinking about him and will randomly send him packages in the mail.

No, they're not expensive at all or have anything of "value" in them BUT they do show that I put effort into thinking about him.

And honestly, it really does make his week having something randomly show up in the mail when he's not expecting it!

Here are 19 inexpensive DIY gifts for long-distance boyfriend that show you care.

1. Sense Boxes

Supplies: Brown paper, string, sharpie, gifts.

These would be a great way to wrap up some small things that will get him excited to see you next.

You could make it of your favorite things together orrrr if you're looking to spice it up, you could make it naughty (haha, felt so weird typing that!!).

On the Pinterest description, the girl said she got her boyfriend....Touch: briefs & lube Taste: Hot Cheetos & Dr.P Hear: Chainsmokers Cd Smell: 2 glade candles Sight: Fandango gift card

2. Lightbulb Teaser

Supplies: Lightbulb, paper, rubber band.

These would be super easy to do and only requires a few supplies.

Plus, shipping wouldn't cost a lot.

Just write down a bunch of things that you like about him and roll them up. Tie them up with a rubber band and fill your lightbulb up. Make sure when you box it to make it secure so it doesn't break!

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3. Box of Memories 

Supplies: Box, black paint, gold and silver sharpies, glitter, string, clips, and pictures.

This is a great option if you're not looking at spending too much but makes a big impact.

This would be so cute to open and then he could hang the pictures up in his room.

4. Punch Box

 Supplies: Box, tissue paper, washi tape, small gifts or letters. 

How cute would this be to do 12 days before you go visit him?! So you ship the box in advance and then every day before you come he opens a small gift!

It could just be letters or you could do little mementos that mean something to both of you.

5. Monthly Date Cards

 Supplies: Paper, stickers, markers.

Love this to give him something to look forward to when you are together!

Find different seasonal activities that you both enjoy and then you can send your finds to him.

Have a Skype date and put it on the calendar!

6. "Something Out of the Blue" Box

Supplies: Glitter letters, paint, blue confetti, blue snacks.

Your boyfriend will appreciate getting snacks and this blue themed box would be such a cute way to do it!

SIDE TIP: Highly recommend you paint the box instead of trying to fit paper in it...its the worst to do!!

6. Note Jar

 Supplies: Jar, paper, a lotttt of creativity.

If you can think of 365 notes to write your boyfriend I commend you...;). But honestly, this one would be super inexpensive and a gift that would keep giving for a whole year!

7. Gym Box

Supplies: Box, stickers (letters and workout equipment), workout clothes.

This would take more money since you have to buy the clothes but just imagine how surprised he would be receiving this! So cute.

8. Shoes Box

Supplies: shoes, frame, treats, confetti, picture, string, clips.

....also requires a more expensive purchase but it would show you're really thinking of him :). If you don't want to spend as much money you can just do the other box with pictures of him and then some of the cute snacks like pictured.

9. Treats

 Supplies: Treats, colored note cards, markers.

This is a definite dollar store run and is SO cute! Would also be good because he can share the treats with his friends.

10. Kisses

 Supplies: Mason Jar, Hershey Kisses, Printable Sticker Paper.

How cute is this?! A little cheesy but sometimes we all need a little cheesiness (hate myself for writing that hahah).

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college packing list

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11. "Open Me When Letters" 

 Supplies: Cards, envelopes, markers.

I see this everywhere but honestly it's a really good idea! I also like this because you then can keep if for years and that would be so fun to look back at later in life.

12 & 13. Color Box

Supplies: Box, Paper, Food, Picture

Two other box gifts with snacks...would definitely be a hit!

 14. Photo Letter

 Supplies: 3-D Letter, Pictures, Mod-Podge

I found this on Etsy so if you aren't crafty you can definitely buy it but this would be so easy to make!! You could even set up a little girls night and do it with your friends and then ship it to your boyfriend once it dries.

15. UP Canvas

Supplies: Canvas, Gold Letter Stickers, Picture, Buttons

Love UP! Such a cute idea.

16. UP Photo Album

 This would take a lot of effort but if you have time this is such a good one. You can even leave pages towards the end and then fill it in together later!

EDIT: I just saw that Amazon has these Adventure books pre-made!! And they are less than $20. So cute.

17. Mason Jar Treats 

Supplies: Mason Jars, Colored Paper, Treats

Really inexpensive option that would take very little time to put together!

18. Exploding Box from Glitter Adventure

Supplies: Box, Pictures, Pretty Paper

Isn't this cool?! I have never seen anything like this before and love it!

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19. Date Night from Afar

 Supplies: Black Construction Paper, Movie Stickers, Snacks, Movies

My personal favorite thing to do with my boyfriend while he is apart is schedule "facetime dates". We will pick one of our favorite shows or movies and spend the night watching the same thing while Facetiming.

Kind of sounds lame but it's actually so fun!

Long distance relationships are never easy and the little ways to show you love him leave a huge impact. 

These 27 DIY gifts for long distance boyfriend are perfect reminders to let him know that even if you aren't together in person, he is still on your mind.

Pin this to remember it for later!

diy gifts for your long distance boyfriend creative ways to show your long distance boyfriend you care diy gifts for your long distance boyfriend that show you love him diy gifts for your long distance boyfriend to show you love him

31 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Look Like You Tried Hard AF On

valentines day gifts

Valentine's Day always sneaks up on you and sometimes you can panic thinking of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas to get your significant other.

With some gift ideas and fast shipping, you can end up buying some of the best gifts you've ever given your partner.

These are the best last-minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to get your significant other.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend:

1. "Nice" Watch

This is a great Valentine's day gift idea for the boyfriend who is getting ready to head into a career post grad, or maybe is already in one! 

2. TicketMaster Gift Card

This is one I just learned about and I think it's SO smart!

With a TicketMaster gift card you can buy really tickets to everything from sporting events to concerts.

3. Fill in the Blank Relationship Book 

I think that this is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend if you want to put some thought and effort into it, but just don't have the money for something super extravagant. 

Basically, these are cheap books that you purchase from Amazon. They have questions in them that you answer so that your significant other can see and have in writing just what you think. 

4. A Box of all of His Favorites 

This is a Valentine's Day gift idea that looks like you tried hard on because it shows just how much you know him.

And all you have to do is buy him a bunch of his favorite things and put them all together in a gift. Super easy, but also super thoughtful!

5. Sunglasses 

These are one of the go-to sunglasses for guys and would make such a good gift idea.

6. Jeans

What boy WANTS to go buy jeans for themselves? Answer: no boy.

...and also, I like being able to approve what he wears. These Levi jeans are really cute and the perfect gift since he probably doesn't want to spend his own money.

7. Picture of the Sky from A Significant Date
valentines day gift ideas

This is such a creative gift that it by itself looks like you put SO much thought into it!

My sister-in-law got this for her husband and it is soo cute.

8. Amazon Echo

These not only go on sale all the time, but they would make an awesome Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend because you're basically giving him a personal assistant ;). 

9. Portable Charger

Everyone at some point needs a portable charger that they can keep handy in times of crisis (haha dramatic but seriously).

10. Chocolate Fondue Maker 

How fun would having one of these fondue makers be?! You could easily have this be a go-to date night whether it's for dinner or dessert. 

11. Customized Guitar Pick 

Does your boyfriend love music or maybe even playing the guitar? Then this is the perfect Valentine's day gift for him! 

It's personal and sentimental, yet very easy to get and very easy on the bank account. It checks all the boxes.

12. Keychain

I came across this when planning for this post and thought it was too sweet not to share!! 

How thoughtful does it look to give your boyfriend something that says "I always want you to be safe." 

13. Exploding Photo Box 

This is another great way to show some effort but you're really not putting in as much effort as it looks like. 

This gift is an exploding photo box. Basically, every time you lift the lid another 4 "walls" come down and show photos. Order the box from Amazon and insert the photos you want to show off. Boom done, boyfriend is guaranteed to love it! 

14. Valentines Day 6-Pack 

I found this on Amazon and think it is so funny and clever!

It's basically just a cardboard box six pack that you put the beers in. But it's innovative and unique so it looks like a lot of effort was put into it.

15. "Our Bucket List" Book 

If you and your boyfriend love to travel or go on adventures, then this is the Valentine's Day gift that you HAVE to get them!

It's a book that lets you plan out your adventures and future travels. 

16. Phone Case Wallet

I know this would be a really good gift for my boyfriend because he misplaces his wallet allll the time but rarely ever goes anywhere without his phone. Since he can put his ID and debit card in here, he doesn't really need his wallet.

17. Cologne 

I lovveee when my man smells good and almost want to make it a tradition that I buy him cologne every Valentine's day to use the next year.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend:

18. Custom Name Necklace

PSA! This custom necklace is under $15 and is SO cute!

19. Meal Kit Subscription 
valentines day gifts for her

The uniqueness of this idea ALONE makes it look like you tried hard AF on your girlfriend's Valentine's Day gift this year! 

Meal kit subscription services are all the rage. You might not know it, but your girlfriend sure does because all the podcasts are talking about it now. They deliver just the right amount of ingredients for a healthy and delicious meal right to your door.

20. Makeup Brushes 

If your girlfriend is into makeup she will really like these IT Cosmetic brushes. They're the high-end brand for brushes that everyone is loving right now.

21. Picture Frame

All you need is this frame and a cute picture of your girlfriend and you and you have a super cute picture she can put in her apartment/home.

22. Heated Blanket

Heated blankets are actually the best thing ever. I got one for Christmas last year and I still use the thing every day in winter because it is so nice.

23. "I Wrote a Book About You"

Your. girlfriend. will. MELT. when you give her this gift on Valentine's Day!

You can fill this out and she will be shocked about the effort that was put into creating it. 

24. Sunglasses 

I love getting Sunglasses as gifts because I hateee buying them. These are the go-to pair of Ray Bans these days and I can pretty much guarantee that your girlfriend will love these.

25. Gift Card to Her Favorite Store/Restaurant

Did you know that these were on Amazon? I didn't but now that I do, I'm telling everyone about it!

This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend that is very picky. It shows you tried by not trying because you know her so well. 

26. Candles 

I love Bath and Body Works as much as the next gal. Actually probably more, but those candles are such a holiday hype that you really can't get her that as a Valentine's day gift. 

But that doesn't mean that you can't get her candles on Valentine's Day! Just get her the nicer ones, nicer looks like more effort too!

27. Personalized Luggage Tag

This is the perfect and super thoughtful gift for the girlfriend who loves to travel!!

28. Spanx Leather Leggings

Everyone is obsessing over Spanx leather leggings and I can almost promise you that your girlfriend will also love them!!

29. Instant Pot

If your girlfriend/wife loves to cook than she will love having an InstantPot. It makes preparing dinners so fast and easy.

30. Jewelry Organizer

This is a great little Jewelry organizer that will help your girlfriend stay extra organized.

31. Robe

Life hack men, women love the robes! 

Robes are always a great gift idea, regardless of the occasion. 


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This post was all about the best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

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