How I Made $2,553.85 In September 2018 and $3,168.17 In October 2018 Blogging As A College Student

Every month (well almost...I am doubling up this month!) I share how much money I have made through my blog.

Why? Because it's pretty dang impressive that in just under a year I have been able to turn this website into a business that brings me thousands of dollars a month AND that I can do it around my full-time college schedule.

Seriously, all college students should start a blog. It's the best thing I have ever done.

If you don't know much about me, I am a junior in college studying interior architecture. I've had this website since I was 17 but just started taking it seriously in September 2017 when I was a sophomore in college.

I am completely paying for college on my own and knew I needed to find something that made me money and would work around my college schedule (that changes every semester and stays with me when I live at home during the summer/winter break). Let's just say, it was nearly impossible.

I stumbled upon a blog that posted income reports where the blogger was making over $100,000 A MONTH from her website. Like what?!

I knew I wanted to start a website of my own that would make me money, so that's what I did. I ditched my old blog and created a new one in September 2017.

In just a year, I have increased my income to $2,553.85 a month (and then $3,168 in October!) while being a full-time student and having a social life.

After semi-figuring out this blogging world and all it entails, I am here to tell you that ANYONE can start and be successful with a blog. It is not hard to do.

However, it took and still takes a lot of work. But if you're a hard worker, you can get the same exact results as me.

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    By Sophia Lee Blog Income & Traffic Report

    September 2018:

    Page Views: 147,817

    Ad Income: $1,293.94

    Amazon: $953.51

    ShopStyle Collective: $148.60

    Bluehost: $150.00

    17th Avenue Themes: $7.80

    Total Income: $2,553.85

    October 2018:

    Page Views: 407,830

    *I had a Halloween post do extremely well that brought in a TON of traffic. You'll be able to see how much money this traffic brought me in my December income report. Hint, it's over $9,000 dollars!!!*


    Ad Income: $1,927.33


    Amazon: $1,215.04

    Bluehost: $75.00

    17th Avenue Themes: $25.80


    Total Income: $3,168.17

    by sophia lee blog income

    So, how did I do it?

    When I first started my website, I spent money on three things. First and most important, website hosting (this costs me $3.95 a month and is a MUST!). I then bought two courses (which isn't a must it just taught me a lot from bloggers that were already making a ton of money). All together, this cost me around $300. 

    That was A LOT of money for me then since I was just nannying. Now looking back, it's some of the best money I have ever spent and I've made that money back 26x (I calculated ;).

    Here's what I spent money on:

    After I had my blog for six months (so in March 2018) I went on to purchase Elite Blog Academy (AMAZING but $$$) and Genius Blog Kit (also amazing but only comes on sale once a year!).

    Yes these courses cost me money, BUT it taught me what works and gave me a leg up to people trying to figure out the correct blogging strategies on their own. This ended up making me money faster.

    Now that I am now a year into my blog, I spend my time much differently than the beginning.

    With school officially been in session again, I am now focusing all my time on content creation.

    Here's my blogging/school work schedule:

    • Mondays: Blog until I have school at night
    • Tuesdays: School
    • Wednesday: Blog
    • Thursday: School
    • Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Catchup for school/blog and also socialize and do other random things (aka life)

    I have always treated blogging like my "job" and have tried to schedule times that I am "working". Some days I stick to this schedule and get a lot done and other times I don't. I think that's just life.

    I also traveled almost every weekend in September and October so I really didn't have time to do anything on weekends. That means I had to be super structured with what I did with my blog on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    On my blogging days (Monday and Wednesday) I would say I work about four hours. So all in all, I would say I work on my blog around 10 hours a week (sometimes way more, sometimes way less).

    I am making a HUGE amount of income for working that little. 

    I have been spending almost all my time on content creation these last two months. 

    I have so much content that does great in summer (a ton of dorm packing related stuff) so I was super nervous my traffic was going to drop off. Luckily, it's stayed up but I have spent a ton of time gearing up for the holidays with gift guides.

    Here's what's involved in my content creation:

    • Writing the post (research, affiliates, etc)
    • Marketing the post (Pinterest, SEO research)

    All of this takes me way longer than I plan (you'd think I would have learned by now!) but I've gotten it down to take four hours to write one post and than one more hour for marketing of that post.

    Considering that I have made thousands of dollars over just one post, that's a pretty good ROI.

    I have also gotten my Pinterest monthly views to 7.8 MILLION! 

    I am doing a different Pinterest strategy than other bloggers and it's paying off big time. I actually have yet to find another blogger doing the same strategy as me which is pretty fun.

    This strategy has brought me to over 400,000 page views in one month. You can find out exactly what I do in my 7 Day FREE How To Start A Blog email course.

    What's up next?

    Three words for November: Email list + Content + Products. 

    I have major blogging plans this month and I am really hoping everything stays on schedule.

    I am babying my email list BIG time and giving so much content to my subscribers. They say the money is in the email list which I like (obvi) but I also think the email list is an amazing way to become more connected with your readers.

    I am also continuing posting a lot of content. I have a calendar where I plan my blog posts four months out. That way, I can look at a month and see exactly what posts I want to write for that month. For November, I have seven posts planned. 

    BTW, I try to write posts two months before they will be popular. So, in September and October I was writing posts for Christmas and I am now writing posts for January.

    Lastly, I am making a few products!! Wohoo, I am SO excited about this one. I am making one product for all my blogging readers. It is finally an affordable blogging tool that will basically show you how I grew my website so fast and organize my blogging/school life.

    I am also making products for my college readers! You can get more updates on this by subscribing to my email list here.

    What are my goals for next month?

    Every month I try to set some goals (some realistic and some not) that I can works towards. 

    These are my goals for November:

    • Get all 7 posts up and marketed (these are the posts I have scheduled in my editorial calendar)
    • Brain storm and produce email opt-ins for top 20 posts
    • Create products so they can launch December 28th, 2018
    • Get 120,000 views on my blog and get my Pinterest followers to 5,300 (currently at 4,860 as of November 10th, 2018)

    Honestly, these goals are not going to be easy to hit especially with finals coming up. 

    I have my schedule completely set up so that I do hit these goals though, so I'm crossing my fingers everything happens!

    My FREE 7 Day How To Start A Blog Email Course

    This is the first month I am doing this! I always get so many questions about how I make money on my blog and how they can start a blog that does that same thing that I decided to put it into an easy to follow email course.

    Here's the thing...everyone tries to sell you SO much when starting a blog. It can be super overwhelming.

    This email course is FREE. I don't try to sell you anything. I show you exactly what I did and what I bought when I started my blog. 

    I give you the steps that will allow you to start a successful blog of your own.

    It's easy to follow but I do NOT sugar coat anything. I share real tips that I used. I share how I organize my time to juggle school and blogging. I share the products I believe helped exponentially grow my blog to where it is now (and how it is growing every month).

    I'm giving you the inside secrets that have skyrocketed my blogging success and have grown my blog to making thousands of dollars a month in less than a year.

    *Since I just made this course and it took me weeks (like for real... this course has so much information that it took me forever to put together) I'm including the link twice* 

    How To Start A Blog FREE Email Course

    I've created an email course which shows you the exact steps I took to start a blog that now makes me thousands of dollars a month.

    Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get must-know blogging tips and access to this course.

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      That's it for September and October's income report!

      7 Cheap Winter Date Ideas All College Students Should Go On

      This post is all about cheap winter dates.

      cheap winter date ideas

      There's nothing more romantic than winter. The cold weather, steamy hot chocolate, and the desire to get cozy are almost irresistible.

      Not to mention the oodles of Christmas love songs on the radio that you can’t really listen to until December (Hey Alexa, play “Baby, It's Cold Outside.”)

       With the semester drawing to a close, you might want to take advantage of all the spare time to lock down your holiday hunny. Whether you’re going home for the holidays or are sticking around campus, no one wants to sing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” to an empty room. And the best way to win over a heart is with a magical date.  

      But fear not, going on a date doesn’t have to interfere with your holiday budget. There are tons of great cheap winter date ideas that you and your date will love. 

      This post shows you 7 of the best cheap winter dates to help sweep your partner off their feet.

      FROM BSL: This is a guest post by Lexi Carr. You can find her on Twitter at @Llexi_C. Thanks Lexi for the great post!

      Report this ad

      Cheap Winter Date Ideas:

      1. Go to a local iceskating rink.

      cheap winter date ideas

      Ice Skating is one of the most classic romantic scenarios. Even Rocky, stumbling across the ice like he stumbled across his words, managed to woo the fragile and docile Adrian with a date at the ice rink. 

      Most major cities have several public ice arenas open all winter. Instead of paying the high the price of a fancy dinner, enjoy an afternoon of trying to learn how to skate and falling into your lover’s arms. 

      The best bet is to do a little research if you’re not an avid skater. Like any event, it can quickly turn disastrous if both you and your date aren’t prepared.

      2. Go sledding.

      Sledding is the fun alternative to skiing. Sledding really lets you bring your inner child out, skiing can be expensive and stuffy. Most places have sledding hills nearby that are way less expensive than hitting the ski slopes. 

      Sledding is the perfect idea for a double date -- the snowball fight teams are already predetermined! When the war is over, then amends can be made in a comfy house, hopefully in front of a cozy fire, with a warm mug of hot chocolate.

      3. Take a winter road trip.

      Jack Frost does something special to the sights of nature every winter. Despite the cold, blustery weather, the sights of winter are something special that is never quite the same every year. 

      Luckily, a weekend road trip is the best way to enjoy those breathtaking sights with your special someone. 

      While it may be difficult to pack in between all the holidays and New Year’s resolutions, a weekend away in the grayer months may be the perfect thing to heat up the cold season. 

      If it’s planned well, and you have your checklist ready and your AirBnB booked ahead of time, a beautiful weekend away is well within reach for most people.

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      4. Dinner at a Brewery.

      fun winter date ideas

      The warm, jovial atmosphere of many of the independent microbreweries that have been popping up all around the country is the perfect place to kindle love in the blustery months of winter.

      Dinner and a selection of some of the finest brews known to man can come at a pretty modest price at many of these fine establishments. 

      A microbrewery is a perfect place for a first date or a thirty-first. The delicious, rib-sticking food, the laughter and joy that permeates the air, and the flowing brews are the perfect thing to warm the heart of that special someone.

      5. Enjoy the Lights!

      It’s often said the best things in life are free, though it’s not often said why. When people put up Christmas and New Years lights, they are sharing their joy for free, and that joy is contagious.

      A night or two spent driving around looking at the lights that people have put up can fill your heart with that joy. 

      This can be a wonderful experience to share with a partner. What better way to admire your beau that with a backdrop of twinkling lights behind them?

      6. Cooking Challenge

      Cooking is a great way to show someone the real you. It can usually be done with just the ingredients already in your house. And if neither of you are very good cooks, all the better!  

      And the winter season is full of great reasons to hop in the kitchen.

      Christmas means gingerbread house building, January brings New Years Resolution meal prepping, and February is a fun chance to work together on a fine-dining like a night at home. 

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      7. The Home-Made Spa 

      Hot bath, scented candles, and fuzzy slippers are all you really need to have a Spa day, along with that special someone. 

      Making a night out of making a spa can be a lot of fun for the right couple.

      A little imagination, the right lighting, and a good bottle of cheap wine can turn an ordinary Sunday in into a memorable experience that will only make your relationship stronger. 

      There are plenty of ways to turn your bathroom into a stay at home spa, yet even just taking on the challenge can make a great date. And taking turns to pamper each other is a great way to show that you care.

       When the temperature drops, nothing keeps you warmer than spending time with someone you’re into.

      Let the warmth radiate through your heart and spill over during any of these fun cheap date ideas. And who knows, you may find that these dates bring you closer together for the rest of year! 

      WANT MORE?!

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        22 Genius Friend Care Package Ideas Guaranteed To Make Them Smile

        This post is all about friend care package ideas.

        friend care package ideas

        Care packages are an easy way to show your friend that you are thinking of them.

        Whether they are going through an exciting life event or need a pick-me-up, a friend care package will show them they have been on your mind and you care about them. 

        It can be hard to decide what exactly you are going to send in your friend care packages. Are you going to DIY it? Buy some things on Amazon? Send a themed box?

        This post shows you 22 friend care package ideas that will give you some inspiration to create a care package of your own.

        Best Friend Care Package Ideas

        1. State Care Package Box

        friend care package ideas

        (source @Pinterest)

        If your best friend lives in another state than you, this is a perfect friend care package idea for you.

        All you need is some cute craft paper and you can create a similar look.

        Throw in some cozy items like these fuzzy socks, a cute graphic t-shirt, and snacks and you are good to go!

        2. Best Friend Long Distance Frame

        This frame is such a sweet reminder that distance means nothing between close friends.

        This is the perfect idea to send as a long distance best friend care package.

        Plus, it is less than $20!

        3. Best Friend Care Package To Inspire

        best friend care package

        Chelsea from Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles shows you how to make a super cute best friend care package that will inspire whoever you are sending this too.

        It will truly make your BFF feel so special and loved!

        4. Custom Friend Wine Glass

        Do you and your best friend love wine? If so, these are the perfect gift to put in a friend care package for her!

        These wine glasses are custom made to include the states that you and your friend live apart from each other.

        5. DIY Best Friend Care Package Idea

        diy best friend care package

        (source @Pinterest)

        How fun is this care package idea?!

        Unfortunately, there is not a link to this direct tutorial, but this Pinterest image will give you a similar idea.

        Your best friend will so love receiving this!

        6. "I Love You A Latte" Box

        friend care package ideas cute

        (source @Instagram)

        Um, can I have this care package sent to me?!

        Any coffee lovin' best friend would LOVE to receive a box like this!

        7. Best Friend Necklace

        How cute!!!

        Your dorm would be highly talked about if you went with recreating this Christmas dorm door! 

        8. Best Friend Birthday Care Package

        best friend care package

        (source @Instagram)

        How sweet is this friend birthday care package?

        This care package idea really wouldn't take too long to put together with just some construction paper, markets, and balloons.

        Add some of their favorite treats and you are good to go!

        9.  Friendship Jewelry Tray

        Last but not least, a gingerbread house college Christmas door decorations!

        This took a lot of creativity to come up with but it turned out so good.

        Sick Friend Care Package Ideas 

        Are you looking for sick friend care package ideas? This shows you the best care packages to send one of your friends while they are sick.

        Nothing is fun when you're sick but this may put a smile to their face!

        10. Get Well Soon Box

        sick friend care package

        (source @Mod Podge Rocks)

        This sick friend care package idea gives them all the necessities to fight off the illness that they have.

        No one wants to go the store while they're sick so sending them in a care package will allow them to sit back and just rest so they can get better!

        This website shows you exactly how to make this box.

        11.  Positive Message Blanket

        Whether your friend is sick in the hospital or sick at home with a nasty virus, everyone loves receiving soft blankets.

        This blanket is full of positive words that will remind your friend that they will get past everything that they are going through!

        12.  "Pharmacy" Care Package 

        sick friend care package ideas

        (source @Pinterest)

        Here is another sick friend care package idea that brings the medicine to them.

        You're basically sending their mom in this care package with all the medicine you're including ;). 

        13.  Encouraging Sign

        A simple reminder to you're friend that whatever illness they are fighting, they can overcome it!

        14.  Sick Gift Bag

        friend care package idea sick

        (source @Pinterest)

        This gift bag is the perfect thing to send a friend with a nasty cold or flu.

        Fill it with all the cold essentials like hand sanitizer, Ibuprofen, Throat drops, tissues, etc.

        15.  F*ck Cancer Coloring Book

        Let's be real. Sometimes sickness just doesn't make sense. Why them? Why did they deserve this?

        These adult coloring books are a great way to add a little humor to a sick friend care package. It just might put a smile to their face for a few seconds.

        College Care Package Ideas 

        College students are stressed all the time and sometimes just need a little pick me up from their hometown friends or family.

        These friend care package ideas will totally surprise and help them see the cheerleaders they have even miles away.

        Want more ideas? Check out this post: 68 Best College Care Package Ideas All Students Will Love

        16. A Box of Sunshine

        college care package ideas

        (source @Pinterest)

        Send some sunshine towards the college students way with this box of all yellow themed products!

        How fun, right?!

        17.  A Box of Food

        Is there anything more a college student could want in a care package?!

        As a college student myself, I can tell you the answer is no ;).

        Best part is that it's in a friend's budget-- under $25 dollars for all of this! Pretty good.

        18.  Hang In There Care Package

        college care package friend

        (source @Pinterest)

        If you are in college/went to college, how many times per week do you remember saying you were going to drop out?!

        Sometimes college students just need a little motivation to hang in there and having it come from a friend is so sweet.

        19.  "Donut Forget To Call"

        college care package

        (source @Pinterest)

        Such a cute friend care package idea!

        A cute reminder to them that you're only a phone call away!

        20. "Just Add Water"

        college care package DIY

        (source @Pinterest)

        These are all meals that just require water to make! How clever is that?!

        This is the perfect care package for freshman because usually in a dorm you just have water and a microwave to survive off of ;).

        Just Because Care Package Ideas 

        Do you randomly ever start thinking of a friend that lives far away and miss them?

        These just because care package ideas shows you different ways to let your friend know that you are thinking about them.

        21. "A Little Something Out Of The Blue" Care Package

        friend care package

        (source @Pinterest)

        Surprise your friend with this care package! 

        Round up all the blue products you can find and you are good to go. 

        22. "I O-Fish-Ally Miss You" 

        just because care package

        (source @Pinterest)

        Another themed friend care package idea.... I o-FISH-ally miss you! How cute?!

        This post showed 22 friend care package ideas.

        WANT MORE?!

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          25 Healthy College Snacks That Won’t Make You Feel Guilty

          This post is all about healthy college snacks.

          healthy college snacks

          Let's be real, majority of the junk food we eat happens when we're snacking. After awhile, we all get sick of eating unhealthy food and just want some easy and healthy college snacks.

          Whether you're bored, overly hungry (and just don't want to walk to cafeteria), or are drunk eating at 2AM, eating unhealthy snacks can start making you feel horrible.

          We all hit a point where we are sick of eating bad and want to change our ways to healthier snacks.

          This post shows you 25 healthy college snacks that you can easily make in your dorm room.

          Healthy Snacks for College:

          1. Apple Cookies

          healthy college snacks

          These are so yummy and almost make you feel like you are eating a dessert!

          All you really need to make this healthy college snacks is peanut butter and chocolate chips. Just get the apple at the cafeteria!

          2. Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Banana Bites

          healthy college snack

          How delicious do these look?!

          Simple and easy college snack that feels much better eating than a bag of potato chips.

          3. Frozen Yogurt Bites

          healthy college snacks dorm food

          (source @Babble)

          All you need for this healthy snack for college is raspberries and yogurt.

          Mash up all the raspberries with a fork and mix it together with yogurt. Put it in an ice cube tray and freeze overnight.

          Once frozen, move to a ziploc bag and you're good to go! If you don't have an ice cube tray, ask your neighbors! If you still can't find one, this is on Amazon for less than $2 dollars.

          4. Blueberry Breakfast Popsicles

          healthy snacks for dorm

          (source @Mom on Time Out)

          Want an easy breakfast or a snack that you can quickly grab while you're studying?

          These yogurt popsicles are the perfect answer. 

          Follow this layer pattern in your popsicle mold:

          1. Blueberry yogurt
          2. Sprinkle of granola
          3. Vanilla yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries
          4. Repeat!

          Freeze overnight and you have a breakfast/snack that will last you all week!

          5. Peanut Butter and Banana Rice Cakes

          healthy college snacks on the go

          (source @Unknown)

          How yummy does this little open face "sandwich" look?!

          This is super easy to make and will keep you filled up for awhile.

          6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

          snacks for college students

          (source @Cooking Classy)

          Smoothies saved my life when I was living in the dorms (and honestly still do while living in an apartment with my college friends!).

          They are so easy to make and one of the healthiest options. I seriously used my blender every single day. 

          This recipe is super easy and tastes like a milkshake.

          7. Healthy Prepackaged College Snacks

          Sometimes you just want to quickly grab a bag of something and call it a day.

          This variety pack on Amazon gives you a ton of healthy college snacks that you can grab on the go.

          Plus, it is way cheaper than I was expecting!


          Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get access to this college grocery list printable and 50+ other free resources.

            We hate spam and won't sent it to you!

            8. Honey Nut Protein Bites

            healthy snacks for college

            (source @Lauren Gruetmen)

            This snack is super easy to make and gives you that "baked" feel without having to use an oven!

            9. Carrots and Hummus

            snacks for college

            (source @Buzzfeed)

            I HATED hummus. Like refused to even try it because I just *knew* I would hate it.

            Well, after forcing myself to try it, I actually really liked it (only the type with the spicy stuff in the middle though!).

            This was my go-to snack sophomore year because it was so easy to whip out and I never felt guilty afterwords.

            10. One Minute Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

            healthy college snacks for the dorm

            (source @Dashing Dish)

            This snack is only 155 calories per serving and is so good!

            These girls at Dashing Dish show you how to make this healthy college snacks in under a minute.

            11. Creamy Peanut Butter Apples With Grapes

            snacks for college dorm healthy

            (source @PopSugar)

            Who would have thought that apples and grapes would be a delicious combination?

            This quick snack satisfies your nutty craving while remaining healthy.

            12. Almonds and Clementines

            list of healthy snacks for college

            (source @BuzzFeed)

            This snack was one of the more popular snacks on a clean eating challenge BuzzFeed hosted.

            This healthy college snacks is super simple and easy to put together.

            13. Salsa and Whole Wheat Crackers

            healthy college snacks easy

            (source @Chocolate Slope)

            This puts a classic twist on the usual chips and salsa.

            Salsa really isn't that bad for you (at all!) so find a healthier substitute to the chips. My personal favorite is using wheat thins. 

            14. Microwaved Zucchini Chips

            easy college snacks

            (source @Instructables)

            Finally! A vegetable/fruit chip recipe college students can actually make! 

            These zucchini chips are made in a microwave which is perfect for college students. 

            (PS! If anyone tries these, let me know! I'm curious 🙂 

            15. Microwaved Sweet Potato

            healthy college snacks that are good

            Sweet potatoes are such a filling snack (or even lunch/dinner) that you can now make in the microwave!

            In just 12 minutes you can have a fully cooked sweet potato.

            16. Vanilla Yogurt and Blueberry Parfait

            snacks for college dorm

            Yogurt parfaits are great and easy snack to put together.

            This recipe shows you how to make them ahead of time so that they are ready right when you need them. Get the recipe for this dorm snack here.

            17. Larabars

            These protein bars are the best!

            I always have these on hand because I can easily grab them to eat while walking to class or after class.

            They come in all different flavors but personally these peanut butter chocolate chip bars are my favorite.

            18. Trail Mix

            healthy snacks for college students

            (source @Mom Spotted)

            Trail mix is SO good and healthy!

            You can whip out a trail mix of your own with some of your favorite food items for a perfect healthy college snacks.

            19. Banana Roll-Up

            easy healthy snacks for college

            Don't these look so good?!

            These are super easy and a great way to spice up the normal banana. 

            20. Edamame

            easy snacks for college students

            (source @Healthline)

            Edamame is so good and can be cooked with just a microwave.

            Add some salt and these edamame is good to go.

            21. The Cookie Rookie

            dorm snack ideas

            How delicious does this look?!

            These are cinnamon and sugar apple chips that you can make in the microwave.


            22. Apple Almond Butter Stacks

            college snacks that are healthy

            (source @Chef Mom)

            These apple stacks are cheap and so easy to make. 

            23. Yogurt Covered Blueberries

            healthy dorm snacks

            These frozen yogurt covered blueberries can be done and ready in just under an hour!

            Cover blueberries in yogurt and you've got an amazing healthy college snack!

            24. Sliced Cucumbers and Swiss Cheese

            healthy dorm snacks college

            (source @Sang An)

            Cucumbers and cheese are a very healthy mix and make a great snack.

            You won't have to feel guilty about eating this college snack.

            25. Celery Sticks With Peanut Butter

            healthy college snacks

            Transport back to your elementary school days with these "ants on a log" (minus the raisins). 

            This OG snack is really so good and easy to make!

            This post showed 25 healthy college snacks.

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            49 Of The Best Gifts For Boyfriend This Year

            This post is all about best gifts for boyfriend.

            Every girlfriend has experienced having NO idea what gifts to get their boyfriend. These are the best gifts for boyfriend this year.

            best gifts for boyfiend

            Whether it's Christmas, a birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary, or "just because" gift, boyfriends can be really hard to shop for.

            Most of the time, they just buy themselves whatever they want.

             Other times you just question what the heck they would even want.

            You really do want to show him how much you love him with a killer gift that he will wonder just how you found him such a good gift. 

            After surveying hundreds of girls, I've narrowed this to 49 of the best gifts ever given to a boyfriend.

            best gifts for boyfriend

            We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

            Best Gifts for Boyfriend:

            1. Wireless Headphones

            Wireless headphones are all the rage and something I know a ton of boyfriends are asking for.

            2. Apple Charging Stand

            This is the perfect gift ideas for boyfriend who loves technology.

            This makes sure to have all your gadgets charged and ready to go in an organized manner.

            3. Bluetooth Winter Hat

            Is your boyfriend a Podcast/music listener?

            It can get annoying to wear earbuds and wear a hat during winter so this company combined the two.

            How cool is that?!

            4. Drone with HD Camera

            This drone is equipped with all the gadgets to make sure this is user-friendly for any newbies (it has a GPS that shows you where it goes down, you know, just in case ;).

            This drones range is from 50-100 meters.

            5. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

            Does your boyfriend love listening to music in the shower?

            Not only is this Bluetooth shower speaker really cheap, but it can be taken into a shower without breaking!

            6. NFL Ugly Sweater

            This is the perfect gift for boyfriends who are sport fans. And don't worry....If Packers aren't your team they have all NFL teams available!

            I'm a Wisconsin gal, so obviously I needed to include the Packer sweater ;). 

            7. NBA 2K19 

            According to my boyfriend, this is the "popular" sports video game currently.

            I'm sure your boyfriend would be quite impressed if you purchased this for him.

            8. FIFA 19

            ...Another popular video game according to my boyfriend.

            9. NFL Winter Hat

            How cute would this be for a Christmas gift for boyfriend?! 

            This hat comes in all NFL team colors. 

            10. YETI College Sports Tumblr

            YETI's are the best of the best and guaranteed to keep your drink cold/hot.

            Your boyfriend will love this even more with the addition of a college sports team on the front!

            11. Leather Bookmark

            This is a stylish yet manly bookmark for any boyfriend who loves to read.

            12. Cute Frame

            Include a frame in the gifts for boyfriend. He'll be able to hang it in his apartment/home and always think about you.

            13. Folding Book Light

            How cool is this nightlight? It flips closed to look like a decorative gift and then when you open it it turns into a light.

            14. DIY Explosion Box

            Want a DIY gift idea for boyfriend? 

            This set gives you all the tools you need to create an exploding box for your boyfriend.

            15. Custom Book Embosser

            This is such a creative gift for boyfriend!

            Get it customized with his initials or "Property of (Boyfriends name)" so he can emboss all the books he purchases.

            16. Adidas Tennis Shoes

            Boys arguably like shoes more than girls and these are ones that they will definitely love.

            17. Apple Watch

            I have seen more and more men with Apple Watches and they all love them!!

            This is definitely one of the best gifts for boyfriend.

            18. LuluLemon Commission Pants

            Warning: If you get your boyfriend any LuluLemon, he will be asking for more for every holiday.

            Boys are quickly realizing why we love Lululemon so much (can we blame them?!) and these pants are the perfect comfortable but cute addition to your boyfriends closet.

            19. Insulated Water Bottle

            Is this not the sleekest water bottle you have ever seen?

            I am going to get one of these for my boyfriend and one for me ;).

            20. Lululemon Shirt

            Back to the Lululemon craze-- this long sleeve shirt!

            Guaranteed to be a hit for your boyfriend.

            21. Bluetooth Speaker

            One of the top best gifts for boyfriend-- this new Echo Plus Bluetooth speaker. 

            This speaker lets you control all parts of your house and can be told to play music.

            22. Patagonia Quarter Zip

            I swear guys instantly get hotter wearing these Patagonia quarter zip sweaters.

            Especially for college students, these are super popular.

            23. MVMT Watch

            MVMT has taken over as the "it" watch among boys making it one of the items on the list for best gifts for boyfriend.

            24. Phone Case with Beer Opener

            Is your boyfriend a beer lover? This phone case has a built in beer opener to insure your BF is ready for any beer drinking opportunities.

            25. Beer Belt

            Another gift for beer drinkers-- a beer belt! These are always a hit at parties.

            26. Stylish Watch

            Here is another popular watches for men but this time with a leather band. 

            {RELATED POST: Dorm Essentials for 2019}

            27. Monogrammed Luggage Tag

            If your boyfriend travels a lot, than this custom monogrammed luggage tag is the perfect gift for him.

            It also comes in black leather.

            28. RayBan Sunglasses

            Of course, many girls said their best gift idea for boyfriends was RayBan glasses.

            RayBans continue to be a popular gift option for men of any age.

            29. Leather Weekend Bag

            Look how nice this leather weekend bag is!!Your man will not look scruffy walking up carrying this bag.

            30. Trendy Shoe

            Chelsea boots are all the rage for men and something that they will love receiving as a gift.

            Amazon does offer cheaper ones than this pair, but this is known for its quality and ability to last.

            Want 10+ funny and cute holiday printables to help you decorate this year?!

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              31. Leather Briefcase

              This popular briefcase is a best-seller on Amazon. It is made with genuine leather and holds a laptop up to 15.6 inches.

              Not only will this hold all of your mans work, but it will add a stylish factor to an outfit.

              To seal the deal, it comes with a 1 year warrantee.

              32. Set of Luxury Ties

              Can a businessman ever have enough ties?

              This set of five luxury ties plus two tie clips are the perfect gift for a man constantly in suits.

              33. Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

              If your boyfriend already has an Apple Watch, stock him up with some nice bands.

              This band looks very professional and would be a great gift if your boyfriend is a businessman.

              34. Tom Ford Cologne

              This is one of the most popular colognes among men for good reason-- it smell's amazing.

              35. Leather Dress Shoes

              These sleek leather dress shoes will pull together any outfit.

              And can we all agree, men wearing nice dress shoes makes them so much more handsome!

              36. Custom Watch

              This watch can be custom engraved to say anything on the back of it. 

              Add your anniversary date, special saying, or anything else meaningful to the two of you.

              37. Personalized Color Changing Mug

              If you are in a long-distance relationship, than this cup is perfect for you to give as a gift for your boyfriend!

              When nothing is in it, it remains black. When hot liquid gets added it shows up to say the special message!

              38. "Letters To Open When..."

              This book makes it easy for you to write letters for you boyfriend to open at certain dates.

              40. Our Adventure Book

              How cute is this?!! This gives you the supplies to make your own "Our Adventure Book". I know, I am crying too.

              41. Shaving Set

              This set gives your boyfriend all the supplies to get a clean, fresh shave.

              42. Leather Toiletry Bag

              This leather toiletry bag will be used alll the time and your boyfriend will come back saying to you how much he loved that gift.

              43. SpiceBomb by Viktor&Rolf Set

              This is another super popular scent for man and comes in this beautiful gift set.

              44. Ted Baker Travel Grooming Set

              gift ideas for a boyfriend

              Ted Baker does it again, this time with this travel grooming set for man.

              45. WUSTHOF Knifes (AKA the best of the best)

              If your boyfriend is a chef, he would die to receive this! 

              WUSTHOF knifes are a gift that every chef wants. It's basically the Chanel versions of knives.

              Their not cheap, but this gift set will wow you cooking lovin' boyfriend.

              46. Grillbot

              gifts for boyfriend

              This may just be the ultimate gift for any man that loves to grill. 

              This is an automatic grill cleaner and will get that grill just as clean as the first day he bought it.

              47. USB Charging Backpack

              This is the ultimate backpack for any traveler.

              Not only does it have ample space, but it also comes with a dock to charge your phone on.

              Best part? Less than $30.

              48. Suitcase Luggage Tracker

              Never worry about losing your suitcase again.

              This tracker can be put into your suitcase so your boyfriend can have ease of mind that nothing will go missing.

              49. Whiskey Decanter

              Does your boyfriend love whiskey? This decanter is beautiful and will be the perfect Whiskey house.

              This post showed 49 best gifts for boyfriend.

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                26 Best Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend

                This post is all about gifts for long distance boyfriend.

                When you and your significant other are miles apart from each other, finding gifts for long distance boyfriend can be really hard. 

                gifts for long distance boyfriend

                Not only does it have to be something that can easily be shipped, but you also want a creative long distance relationship gift that shows you put a lot of thought into it.

                You want something that when they look at it they think, "Wow, *your name* really thought about me".

                These are really cute gifts for long distance boyfriend that will show just how much you care.

                This post shows you 26 best gifts for long distance boyfriend.

                gift ideas for long distance boyfriend

                We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

                Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend:

                1. Long Distance Love Keychain

                This keychain gives the subtle reminder of how much more the love means than the miles between you two. 

                Another plus, this is a great cheap gift for a long distance boyfriend but will mean so much! 

                2. Long Distance Bracelets 

                Your boyfriend will love this simple bracelet he can wear to always remember you.

                Also, it's not too girlish so he will totally wear it! I actually saw a couple wearing this the other day.

                3. Long Distance Pillow

                How cute is this gift for long distance relationships?!

                A little cheesy, but definitely cute!

                4. Coordinates Bracelett

                This is another bracelet for him but this one is customized! You can put your own coordinates in place of where you met your boyfriend.

                5. "I Plucking Love You" Guitar Pick

                This is definitely one of the funnier gifts for long distance boyfriend. If your boyfriend is a drummer, than he NEEDS this! 

                This will show just how much you "plucking" love him ;).

                6. World Whiskey Decanter

                What boy doesn't want a whiskey decanter? This decanter is special though because it points out where you two are in the world from each other.

                7. Funny Teddy Bear

                If you want to send a funny gift for your boyfriend than this is it. This would also be the perfect addition to other christmas gifts for long distance boyfriend!

                8. Our Adventure Book

                Isn't this so cute?!

                This gives you all the supplies to make an adventure book of your own. This is a gift you and your boyfriend will treasure forever.

                9. Distance Braceletts

                This set of long distance bracelets gives you a him and her bracelet that symbolizes you two to feel connected and to see each other again soon.

                Another plus, this bracelet is less than $15!

                10. DIY Explosion Box

                Another super fun DIY gifts for long distance boyfriend! This makes it easy for you to make an explosion box with pictures and cute things from your relationship.

                11. Custom Watch

                Out of all the gifts for long distance boyfriends, this is my favorite! 

                This watch allows you to customize the back to say anything you want. Include a cute quote, your anniversary date, or any other special symbol of your relationship.

                12. Custom "I Miss Your Face" Candle

                This custom candle allows you to personally put your name on top so they know it was a candle made of love.

                13. "Property Of" Boxers

                How funny is this!

                Let him know that you are serious about that being your property ;). 

                14. "I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us" Frame

                This gifts for long distance boyfriend is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

                Put a favorite picture of you in here and he will than have a reminder of you every time he walks past this. 

                15. Personalized Color Changing Mug

                This mug changes from black to this cute note when something gets hot in it.

                You can customize it to say your boyfriends name and the exact miles and states that you are apart from each other.

                16. "Read When..." Letters

                "Read When..." letters are a super popular gift in long distance relationships.

                This sets it up to make it really easy for you by giving you really cute envelopes with ideas of what to write about. 

                17. Airpods

                Doesn't everyone want airPods?!

                With all the FaceTime and talking on the phone that goes on in a long distance relationship, having nice headphones is a must.

                18. Custom Photo Blanket

                I think this would be so funny!!

                Get a blanket customized with any picture you want. You can either go really funny with this or actually pick a good picture of you two. 

                19. Funny Mug

                Love his wiener?

                This mug is guaranteed to make him smile.

                20. Hot Boyfriend Sauce

                Any hot boy needs some hot sauce to go along with him. 

                21. Long Distance Fisherman Gift

                If your boyfriend is an avid fisherman, than this is the perfect gift for you!

                22. Wireless Bluetooth Hat

                I am totally buying this for my boyfriend.

                This hat hooks up to the bluetooth on your phone to play music or anything else from your phone through the hat. 

                It's basically headphones in a hat form.

                Another perfect gift for all those FaceTimes and phone calls!

                23. "Yoda One For Me" Cup

                This "Yoda One for Me" cup is perfect for any Star War's fans.

                24. Grow A Girlfriend

                Send this "grow a girlfriend" gift for him since you can't physically be there for him. So funny!

                25. FaceTime Toilet Holder

                Maybe this is just my boyfriend, but he always FaceTimes me on the toilet!

                This FaceTime toilet holder would be a hilarious gift since he knows this is his usual FaceTime spot is on the toilet.

                26. Massager

                Your boyfriend will LOVE this massager. 

                It's not as good as those signature massages you give him, but it will definitely suffice while you're away from him.

                {RELATED POST: Dorm Essentials for 2019}

                This post showed 26 best gifts for long distance boyfriend.

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                23 Best Dirty White Elephant Gifts Ever Given (VERY Inappropriate)

                Inappropriate White Elephant Gift Ideas

                These dirty white elephant gifts are hilarious and will have the entire party laughing. 

                dirty white elephant gifts

                There is nothing better than finding that perfectly dirty white elephant gift idea that you just know will be a major hit with the group.

                White elephant gift exchanges are all about having fun and my friends and I always find that the dirtier the gift, the more fun we have. 

                Plus, most of these are white elephant gifts under $20.

                If these gifts are TOO INAPPROPRIATE for you, check out this post: 50 Funny White Elephant Gifts That Will Have Everyone Laughing

                Here are the best dirty white elephant gifts for you to bring this year.

                dirty white elephant gifts

                We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

                Dirty White Elephant Gifts: 

                Think these panties for two could be a useful dirty white elephant gift for someone in your group? These will definitely make for some laughs.

                (source @Pinterest)

                Want to give a cookbook on 50 Ways To Eat Cock? 😉 

                Continue on the coloring book trend with this Eat A Bag of D*cks Coloring Book. May not be classy, but it sure is funny. 

                How funny is this penis shaped ice cube tray?! You can tell that people really like to give penis themed white elephant gifts. 

                Here is a dirty white elephant gift that is actually practical.

                This game will be a hit with the party.

                I know of a lot of people who could use this weener kleener soap. 

                In addition to those other dirty white elephant gifts, this hilarious deer men thong will fit perfectly into the holiday spirit. 

                Know someone in your white elephant group that needs this, "How to Live With A Huge Penis" book? :/

                How funny is this penis chocolate?!

                10. Ball Tea Bag Holder

                This is the perfect white elephant gift for anyone that is a tea (and ball :/) lover.

                Know anyone that could use these ass wipes?

                Winters can get cold, this could help!

                13. Stud Undies

                These stud undies will help a little package appear much bigger.

                14. Dill Dough

                Do you know someone who needs a Dill Dough?! (get it 😉

                15. Wine Condom

                This is a condom for your wine leaking here!

                16. Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

                How gross is this?!?! I was SHOCKED at how inexpensive this is. So funny!

                17. Funny Cooking Apron

                The perfect apron for the kitchen.

                18. Penis Pokey

                This is the adult version of a childhood book that you can put your finger through. It's hilarious!

                My friend brought this as her white elephant gift last year and it was SO funny! It was also fun to do after we exchanged gifts. It's the adult version of pin the donkey. 

                20. Fuzzy Handcuffs

                How funny are these purple fuzzy handcuffs.

                21. Bottle Opener Set

                Everyone could use another bottle opener set and this one is hilarious!

                An item I have personally given...penis soap. You can pick the color and scent of the soap. It was so funny and I highly recommend gifting this as a dirty white elephant gifts.

                23. Penis Lipstick

                Last but not least, penis lipstick. This is definitely for all you immature minds. So funny.

                This post showed the best dirty white elephant gifts.

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