17 Fathers Day Gifts Your Dad Is Guaranteed To Love

fathers day gifts

Looking to get your dad something gooooddd for Father's Day?! These are my favorite gift ideas and things that I would get my own dad for the big FD.

I am a fan of funny gifts so I tried to do a good mix of those and more practical gifts. Like the socks, you can put your face on them! 

Also, that bag in the top right is AMAZING. Literally since Christmas I have given it to my brother-in-law, dad, and boyfriend. It looks like a normal duffle bag but turns into a suit holder and has a place to put your shoes. For $40!! It's awesome.

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Where I Got All My BIG First Apartment Furniture From While Sticking To A Budget

First apartment furniture can be EXPENSIVE so I am telling you where I was able to get all the big furniture pieces while sticking to a budget.

apartment furniture

Way before I started really planning for my first apartment I wrote out a rough estimate of how much I would need to save for all the different apartment furniture I would need.

I was being a little generous with how much I was allotting for each piece of furniture but it added up to be over $6,000!!! I nearly pooped my pants when I added it all up HAH!

I knew really quickly that I would have to find affordable apartment furniture that looked cute but wouldn't add up to be $6,000.

I did hours of research to make sure I was getting a good deal on my furniture pieces while making sure that they still fit the "look" I wanted for my apartment decor.

This post shows you exactly where I was able to get the big apartment furniture pieces while sticking to a budget.

Before we begin, I realize that there is varying levels of what is considered inexpensive and what is not. Everything that I bought for my first apartment, fit into the budget I gave for myself but I am also not naive enough to say that I couldn’t find these things cheaper.​

For the big items that we’re talking about in this video, you easily could find them extremely inexpensive at Goodwill or another thrift store to save you more money. 

I created an Excel First Apartment Budget Template for myself to allow me to know exactly what I can spend on everything for my apartment.

I have that exact excel budget template I used for my apartment that you can download for free here.

Apartment Furniture:

1. Beds

I have two beds in my apartment. One for my bedroom and one for the guest room. When looking for bed frames, I had two criterias (high-maintenance can you tell?!).

 I wanted the headboards to go tall so they looked more expensive and I wanted them to also include a footboard so I wouldn’t have to mess with a bed skirt.

If you want to save money, just buying the headboard and getting a bed skirt WILL be a lot cheaper. I personally just thought the headboard and footboard combo looked more expensive, which makes sense since it was more expensive HAH!

apartment bedroom

My guest bed was from Walmart and this bed cost me $177.87 with tax included.

This was such a good deal that I bought it last summer and kept it in my parents garage for literally almost a year before I moved in.

I liked this bed for three reasons, the price (duh), it had the foot railing, and the headboard went high for a bed this price. The headboard on this measures 54”.

apartment furniture

My master bedroom bed looks like this. I LOVED this bed when I saw it. It had the tall headboard, footrails, and was really inexpensive for how it looked.

I got this bed from Macys for the total price of $420.29. NOW, if you’ve looked at beds, you know that this is a good price HOWEVER i thought I was getting this for $299 which is a lot better than $420.

So, you need to know two things about this bed. First things first, this is ALWAYS for sale. Never ever ever buy this full price. 

Second thing, once you get this bed to the cart and are almost completely done checking out, they get you with a $100 delivering fee. You have to pay for this. The bad thing about this is the price of it obvi, but the good thing is that two people come set it up for you so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Another place that I would highly recommend looking for beds from is Wayfair. They have SO many options. I almost bought a few beds from there.

Get a lot of videos of the different beds. Make sure to get a video of the footboard, headboard, overall bed, and more. Maybe get one of you measuring the the tallness of the headboard.


apartment checklist

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2. Couch

apartment living room

I’m going to be honest, I had a VERY specific criteria for my couch. I wanted it to be white (don’t judge...I felt like it was the only time in my life where I could get a white couch without kids hahaha), have squared edges, and had an L-shape or somewhere to put my feet.

I searched for HOURS for a couch. Literally hours. I couldn’t find anything I liked without spending an arm and a leg.

After realizing how expensive a couch was, my boyfriend and I decided to split the couch 50/50 and get something a little nicer that will last.

We ended up getting this couch from Ashleys for $1,300ish.  Is that expensive?! Uhm yes absolutely. Do I think that's a good price for a couch this large? Yes. 

Both my boyfriend and I say that this is one of the best things we’ve ever spent our money on because it's so comfy and perfect for entertaining since our friends can spread all around.

PS! Ashleys has this on there website for over 2,000. Don't listen to that price. They ALWAYS go on sale. I think we got the couch for 60% off. 

apartment furniture

If you do not want to spend that much money, my friend Taylor who is also moving into her first apartment, just bought this couch from Wayfair. She just ordered it so she doesn't actually know the quality or how comfortable it is but it’s cute and a great price. 

PS - Be careful with Ikea couches!! I was going to order one from there for the longest time and I went to actually see it in person and it was completely different. Super low to the ground and not comfy at all.

Watch this Apartment Furniture as a video!

3. Bar stools

cheap apartment furniture

This was something that I definitely didn’t expect to be as expensive as it was. I wanted a bar stool that had a back to it since my apartment wasnt big enough for a table so I would be sitting here for a long time.

I had a hard time finding any barstool I liked for under $120. For just ONE bar stool!!!

I ended up finding these at Target for a set of 2 for $120. That’s $60 each!! Such an amazing price and they come in white also. 

Overstock also has some great options!

4. Nightstand

apartment furniture

Lastly, where I was able to find inexpensive nightstands. This was another thing I was really specific on (which now can tell how my brain overthinks literally everything hahah). I spent a long time looking at interior designers I liked and the bedrooms they designed. 

I quickly realized that all of them use large nightstands so then I wanted a large nightstand (hah!). Plus, it gave me a lot more storage to put clothes and whatever else in.

I couldn’t find large nightstands that weren’t stupid expensive for the longest time so I started widening my searches.

I ended up finding these on Walmart and they are actually baby changing tables. 

I’ve talked about these a lot because I thought they were such a good find but I was able to get each of these for $150 and they are the perfect size.

 You can tell they’re not the best quality, like the drawers don’t open the smoothest, but I am obsessed with them and they are perfect for my first apartment!!

That wraps up this post where I showed you where I got all my first apartment “BIG” furniture pieces.

 Like I said earlier, it really depends on your budget and you can definitely get things cheaper than what I have but you can also spend A LOT more money too.  

This post was all about affordable apartment furniture.


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How To Decorate Your Apartment Living Room Wall While Sticking To A Budget

This shows you exactly how I created my apartment living room wall decor while sticking to a major budget.

apartment living room

This post shows you exactly how I designed and created the living room wall decor I have in my apartment.

The living room is one of the main places in my apartment that all my friends and family was going to see when they came over so I wanted to make sure that it looked really cute.

This wall was BIG and I wanted it to look expensive, without it actually being expensive.

I was able to do this entire wall for under $200. Considering everything I have going on, that's an amazing deal!! Usually just those picture frames would add up to $200. 

This post takes you through the entire process so you can create a similar apartment living room wall decor in your own home. 

Apartment Living Room Wall Decor:

Before + After of Apartment Living Room:

first apartment

I feel like this doesn't even give you the full feeling of how large this wall is. It's HUGE! 

Because it was so big, I needed something that would fill it without making the things on the wall look miniature. 

I'll have everything on the wall linked below but the rest of the items can be found linked on this blog post - Everything I Bought For My First Apartment

Want to see this Apartment Living Room Wall Decor as a video?!

How To Create DIY Canvas Art

first apartment decorating

I DIYed this entire canvas (+ frame) for less than $100! For a canvas this big, that is a REALLY good price. 

This wall is a BIG wall, so way before I even moved in I started planning on how I wanted my living room decorating to look. I’ll insert the picture of the moodboard I created for this room below. 



apartment checklist

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The canvas in the mood board above isn't the one I ended up recreating (obvi). 

I actually found a canvas that I loved on one of my favorite bloggers Instagram stories (@dressupbuttercup) and ended up finding it on William Sonoma. 

It was almost $850!! $850!!!! I obviously was not about to pay that so I knew I would have to figure out how to DIY it myself. 

Here's the canvas from William Sonoma that I wanted to recreate: 

living room wall decor

Supplies Needed:

-36x48" Canvas (this was by far the cheapest place I could find it)

-Artist's Loft Modeling Paste

-Artist Loft Paint (I just bought this brand because it was the cheapest!)

-Rub N' Buff in Gold Leaf

To recreate this, I was able to get allll the supplies for this Canvas at Michaels. The huge canvas (36x48), was 70% off so I got it for like $20ish dollars which is insane!

I took videos of me actually painting this so check out my Youtube video above to see how I actually did it.

How I Made The Canvas Frame:

I wanted this to look as expensive as possible and after looking at the most expensive canvases, they all had a thin frame around them.

Even getting this framed at Michaels was going to be a lot of money, so I convinced my boyfriends dad to help me make one.

 We got supplies for this from Home Depot and it was around $20 dollars. We just found molding that I liked the width of, then cut it at a 45 degree angle so the corners lined up.

 That makes it sound easier than it was, but he was able to do it in like two hours.

I then took Rub n’ buff in gold leaf to make the frame gold. This looked REALLY good. Highly recommend! A small bottle of this goes a LONG way!

Where To Find Cheap Black Frames

first apartment living room ideas

(*ignore the cord! we hadn't quite yet moved them behind the frames) 

Because I have so much gold going on, I wanted the frames to be black. We found these frames at Michaels on sale for $6!!! We actually had one break and they were back up to $19. So try to find them on sale because $6 was an unbelievable price. 

Because this is a rental, we “tried” to put as little holes in the wall as possible. At first, I wanted to put NO holes in the wall but that wasn’t possible with my huge frame/lights plan.

We were able to use Command strips for these frames so at least that saved some major hole damage from being done. 

living room

I made all my photos black and white in the Lightroom app (free)! 

How To DIY The Gold Picture Lights

living room decor DIY

Recreate This Picture Light:

I LOVE picture lights. Whenever I see a space I love, they almost always have picture lights in them.

I wanted to figure out a way to get the gold picture light look I love while sticking to a budget.

I ended up finding these picture lights from Ikea for only $29! The other gold ones I was looking at were around $200 so this was a major steal.

These picture lights only came in nickel so I decided to try and use my trusty Rub N' Buff and they turned out beautifully! 

I found it easiest to use a brush, let it dry, then go over it with a rag.

Final Before + After:

first apartment

This room is still a work in progress but having this wall done already makes it look 1,000,000x better!

Next step - new pillows, hang curtains, and style the coffee table. 

If you have any other questions about this wall, comment them below!

This post was all about apartment living room wall decor.


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How To Do Laundry + Make Your Clothes Smell Insanely Good

Whether you're a college student moving into the dorm rooms, getting your first apartment or it's just time to learn, this shows you exactly how to laundry and make your clothes smell really good. 

how to do laundry

There is nothing better than clean clothes and sheets and to do that, you need to know how to do laundry.

My mom taught me how to do laundry when I was in middle school but I know a lot of my friends who have never had to do their own laundry (uhm also my boyfriend). Not judging at all, just plain jealous that your mom was willing to still do it for you ;).

I am showing you exactly how I do my laundry and the products I use to make my clothes smell good. There's some really tips and tricks that will guarantee you to get compliments with how good you smell!

It's honestly really easy, especially when you know the exact steps you need to do.

This post shows you exactly how to do laundry and how to make your clothes smell good.

How To Do Laundry:

**If you are unsure on how to wash a piece of clothing, find the label. The label is usually at the top or on the side of the clothing and will give you recommendations on how to wash that specific piece.

What products do you need to do your laundry?

The only things you really need to do your laundry is a laundry machine, dirty clothes, and some detergent.

Everything else is just extra to help make the laundry process easier and/or make your clothes smell better.

The products above are the products I personally use for my laundry:

  • Kirkland Detergent Pods: I buy these from Costco. You can get detergent in pods, liquid, or crystals. I used liquid detergent in college (I'll tell you why further down) and now use the pods.
  • Downy Calm Softener: This stuff smells AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend. This is a fabric softener so it will make your clothes softer and fresher. I get this in the flavor Lavender and Vanilla Bean. 
  • Oxiclean Stain Remover: This stuff is amazing! Whenever I have a stain, I will spray it own, leave for five minutes, than throw it in my washing machine. The stains always come out. 
  • Downy Unstoppables: I use this if I am not using the Downy Calm Softener. I find that the two together are too strong of a smell, but alone it smells amazing! 
  • Shout Color Catcher: This stuff is AMAZING!! You throw it in with your laundry and it catches any color that bleeds off of your clothes. It's amazing to see how the sheet starts off white and ends up a dark grey after (I show a pic of this below). 
  • Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets: I am almost positive these do the same thing as the Downy Calm Softener but these also do an amazing job at making my clothes smell good.

Can you tell a theme?! I am clearly very worried about how my clothes smell 😂.

Try these products out for yourself:

Step #1: How To Separate Clothes for Washing

how to separate clothes for washing

Sorting your clothing into appropriate piles is definitely one of the most important parts of doing your laundry because you do NOT want your colors to bleed and ruin your clothes.

I sort my laundry by darks, lights, whites, and then sheets and towels. A LOT of people recommend doing your workout clothes in a separate load so definitely do that if you want, but I personally don’t.

Breakdown of how to sort clothing:

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Whites
  • Sheets + Towels (be careful if they are different colors)

Want to see exactly How To Do Laundry in a video?!

Step #2: How To Get Stains Out Of Clothes

To make sure that you are really getting out stains in clothing, I recommend using a stain remover product. 

I simply spray this onto the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes before throwing it into the wash. 

This OxiClean Stain Remover is my favorite brand and can literally get stains out of anything...including all the tanner on my white sheets ;).

Step #3: How To Know What Settings The Washing Machine Should Be On

Okay, so now that stains have been dealt with, Add ONE load to the washing machine with the correct water temperature.

Having the right water temperature can make sure that the dye from your clothes doesn’t leak on each other and ruin the rest of your clothing.

This is the water temperatures I stick with (and is recommended):

For darks, you need to do cold water.

For lights, I do cold or cool water.

For whites, do hot water.

For sheets and towels, do them depending on what color they are. Since my sheets are white I do them hot.

Step #4: What products do you put into the washing machine?

laundry hacks

First, you're going to add your detergent. Reminder - this can come in forms of pod, liquid, or crystals. Follow the directions on the packaging for how much you should add depending on your load size.

I do NOT recommend getting pods if you're living in the dorm rooms. For me, no washing machine was strong enough to break the pod down and the plastic would get melted onto a piece of my clothing and ruin it!! 

Next, it's time to add softener (this is optional just what I do!). I use the Downy Calm Softener for this. Once again, read the packaging for how much should be added. 

I also add in these color catchers to every load. I am terrified of my clothes bleeding, even though I sort them appropriately, and this makes sure no color bleeds on anything. 

Lastly, add your clothes. Choose the correct water temperature (read above for help with that). You're washing machine may have other buttons to adjust. On my personal washing machine, I set these to "auto-sensing" so I don't have to worry about it. Press start.

dorm room essentials

Step #5: How To Dry Clothes

First, check your lint tray and make sure it is empty.

Then begin transferring clothes over from the washing machine to dryer.

 I DO NOT dry workout clothings, jeans with a lot of holes, bras, or any sweaters that I really like. Be extra careful with sweaters in general because you don't want them to shrink. The label will tell you if you can dry it or not! I just let these air dry. 

For the rest of the clothes, I turn on the dryer for the longest heat setting. Once it’s done, I try to get the clothes hung up or my bed made ASAP so that there is no wrinkles. Sometimes I’m better at this than others ;).

So, how often do you need to do your laundry?!

Well, some things I wash more than others. Obviously, workout clothes and underwear I wash after every wear (most of the time...sometimes the workout clothes can get away with being worn again).

I try to barely wash my jeans. I know some people never wash their jeans and then just do a jean load every other month.

Ever since I moved into my first apartment, I am trying to be REALLY good about doing my bedding and towels so every Sunday I have been cleaning them. I absolutely did not do this in college!!

 Just find a routine that works for you and your schedule.

There really isn’t an exact way to do your laundry this is just what works for me and keeps my clothes from getting ruined.

 If you have any laundry questions, comment them below and I would love to answer them. For more decorating, organizing, and cleaning videos make sure to follow me on Instagram!

This post was all about how to do laundry.


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8 First Apartment Tips You NEED To Know Before Moving Into Your Apartment

Learn all about the first apartment tips that you should know about before moving into your apartment.

first apartment tips

Moving into your first apartment comes with a lot of excitement and a lot of unknowns. Even with all the research I did before moving into my first apartment, there was so much that I didn't know about.

To help anyone else that is moving into an apartment, I am telling you the first apartment tips I've learned and everything I wish I would have known before moving in.

I am going to cover everything from decor, to money, to where to shop for the best deals, to the different essentials I forgot to buy, and more. 

I'm basically trying to cover anything and everything that I would have found really helpful and know would be really helpful for you before moving into your own apartment.

This post is all about the first apartment tips you should know before moving into your apartment.

First Apartment Tips:

1. Plan MAJORLY ahead. It will save you a lot of money!

first apartment tips

This sounds really basic but seriously, it will save you SO much money!! I’m insane so I planned for my apartment for about a year before I moved in. Really, that was just because I was so excited, but this allowed me to be able to shop all the sales and make sure I loved everything that I was buying for my first apartment. 

To help me plan, I created a notes in my phone and just labeled it “First Apartment Furniture”. I went through and picked out everything I wanted for my apartment and would put the link in there. 

Anytime I purchased anything, I would write “purchased” next to the link to remember that I bought it. 

Not only did this keep me really organized, but it also allowed me to easily shop sales. On Black Friday and any other big sales day, I would simply go through the list and click on the different links. I would easily be able to see where there were sales on things I loved instead of spending hours searching websites.

This list also came in handy for Christmas and my birthday because I added my mom and dad to it so they could get me the exact apartment products I wanted. I was extra and would put (Christmas) next to anything I wanted for Christmas. HAH!

2. Use a budget sheet to easily add up how much all the first apartment furniture will costs.

first apartment budget tips

Knowing how to budget for your first apartment is huge.

First apartments are EXPENSIVE. Like, so expensive that I would lose sleep over it haha. Obviously, the actual rent and utilities are really expensive but buying all of the furniture, kitchen products, mattresses, etc adds up extremely quick. I was shocked at how fast it all added up.

I had my boyfriend make me an Excel sheet that allowed me to budget and find out exactly how much I need to save up for apartment furniture and products. He's an accountant so he got weirdly excited when I asked him to do it. He even made the background pink so that it went with my ~aesthetic~ haha.

With this first apartment budget sheet all set up, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

I actually was able to set it up so that you can download the exact excel sheet I used for your own budget. Obviously you have to have excel, but it really does make everything SO easy!

You can click here to download this First Apartment Budget Template for free here.

Want to see these First Apartment Tips as a video?!

3. Put aside rent months before you move in so you have a buffer.

I was really stressed out about making sure that I could actually afford to live on my own so to make sure that I was completely fine, I started putting away the exact amount I needed into a seperate checking account. I did this for five months before I moved in.

Not only did this allow me to realize that I could actually afford to move out, but it gave me a 5 month buffer if anything was to happen and I couldn’t afford rent for five months. 

I learned to do this from Dave Ramsey which I know, a lot of people don’t agree with what he teaches, but I didn’t necessarily feel like my parents taught me everything I needed to know about money and his book/products really helped me learn a lot. I highly recommend reading this book from Dave Ramsey.

4. Know where to shop for the best inexpensive but cute apartment decor. 

first apartment hacks

If you can’t already tell, I overplan EVERYTHING. So when I say I researched every single thing in my apartment to make sure it was the best of the best, I am being completely serious. There were 5 stores that I religiously shopped at for all my first apartment decor...some are more obvious than others.

So, I’ll start with the ones that you are going to assume. Amazon, Target, HomeGoods (duh). 

I love buying from Amazon (check out my first apartment amazon list here) strictly because the reviews are so detailed and I can almost always trust them. Especially if they have pictures. I got basically all of my bedding from Amazon.

Target, the love of my life, just has so many cute things that look more expensive than they are. Also, Target has by far the priced bar stools on the market. HomeGoods, I don’t even need to explain...they are just good. I didn’t really get anything important here...more just decor items.

The stores that surprised me more were Walmart, Wayfair, and World Market. The three W’s. 

If I’m being honest, I used to judge people that shopped at walmart and now I am 100% one of them haha. They just have SUCH GOOD DEALS. I bought the bed in my second bedroom from there for like $150. I also bought my nightstands in my bedroom from there. They are actually baby changing tables but I thought they were cute and were in my budget so I’m using them here. 

Wayfair, I got the cutest set of utensils and other random things from there!! They have such a good selection you could scroll through it alll day.

WorldMarket is somewhere that is in the midwest and online but I’m not sure if they have stores in other parts of the country. Some of their stuff is too boho for my style, but they have really good accessories. I got these oil dispensers, my gold sponge holder, my desk from there, and more.

5. Make yourself a first apartment checklist.


apartment checklist

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Having an apartment checklist can make sure you don’t forget anything. It made life SO much easier when planning everything.

I created a first Apartment Checklist that you can download above.

6. It can be really easy to forget random things...this is what I personally forgot. 

first apartment decor tips

Even with a first apartment checklist, it can be really easy to forget how many things you need to buy.

The two things I personally forgot I needed to buy was a strainer and TV brackets for my wall. The strainer was no big deal, but with everything I was buying that first weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was drop $70 on a tv bracket.

7. Remember to change your address before you move and get all mail sent to your new place.

I completely forgot that I had to do this until my dad reminded me. I thought it was going to be a long process but it could not be easier. 

They have it all online and I had my address transferred in less than 5 minutes!

8. Make sure to get everything that needs to be set up before you get moved in is scheduled.

Don’t forget to contact the internet person and get your gas/electric/water set up. These usually take about a week to do ahead of time so just remember to prepare for that!

That wraps up all the first apartment tips I think are really helpful to know before moving out. 

Obviously, a lot of these were common sense, but just keeping them in the back of your mind can help make your move SO much easier. And it can also make your apartment feel like a home faster.

If you have any other questions about moving into an apartment, please post below in the comments. I would love to answer them!

This post was all about the best first apartment tips.


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21 Dorm Decor Ideas That We Are OBSESSING Over For 2020

This post is all about dorm decor ideas (and believe me, they are GOOD!).

dorm decor ideas

Maybe it's just me, but before I moved into my college dorm room, I spent hours looking at ideas and planning my perfect room. Like hours on Pinterest.

I was obsessed with every single detail from thinking about what I was going to put up for my dorm wall decor, the comforter and pillows I was going to get for my bed, literally even how I was going to organize my dorm closet.

At the time I thought I was really weird for being so excited about planning that, but now I know that thousands of girls do the same thing ;).

At this point, we all know how putting together a super cute and original dorm is fun but also a lot of work! 

Here are some of the most adorable dorms that will make you want to decorate your dorm ASAP!

This post is all about dorm decor ideas.

Best Dorm Decor Ideas:

1. Couch By Day, Bed By Night

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

We're basically loving everything about this dorm room. I mean from that mirror, to the garland, to that shiplap wallpaper?! Could not be any cuter.

Putting your throw pillows on your bed like this can double as a couch for you and friends when it's made! This will save room in your dorm and makes your bed look a lot bigger. 

Here's where you can find the cute removable Shiplap wallpaper she has in her room. Also! Target has my favorite circle mirrors at by far the best price (I have one in my apartment now!). 

2. Find Bedding At Target

dorm decor ideas

Target honestly has so many bedding option for twin sized dorm beds. I could literally shop around Target for HOURS. I personally got my dorm comforter and LOVED it. 

All of this bedding is from Target. They have tons of mix and match bedding options that will make your dorm super cute! It's also at such good prices!

3. Pretty And Pink

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

I am absolutely obsessed with blush colored dorm decor and bedding. Blush colored bedding, pillows, and decor are pretty easy to find so you will have tons of decorating options!

Another thing I love about this dorm room is that it is SO cute but also completely doable. Like it's the perfect mix of trendy but not over-the-top. 


college packing list

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4. Use IKEA Furniture

dorm decor ideas
dorm room ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This storage side table from IKEA is pretty much the best thing ever. This one is not only a perfect size for tall dorm beds, but it can store SO much too!

My sisters dorm is the pic on the right (or bottom) and she swore by having one of these. She would keep her makeup in the top and then clothes in the bottom.

Also, that's an unedited picture of her dorm room at University of Wisconsin-Madison so you can see the true colors of the wall (aka WHY do dorm rooms always need to go so cream 🤢). 

5. Cover Dorm Furniture With Bed Skirts And Table Clothes

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Does it get any more southern than this dorm room?!

I think we can all agree, dorm furniture is almost always ugly. I remember looking at my dorm before I moved in and wondering how I could possibly make it look cute with that hideous yellow furniture.

If the furniture bothers you like it did for me, use bed skirts to cover the bed and table clothes to DIY a skirt for the desks!

6. Share A Side Table

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Having a side table in your room between the beds does numerous effective things in your dorm room.

First and foremost, it makes the room look cute. If you use white, it also adds brightness which a dorm room almost always needs.

Secondly, it adds more storage which is a MUST. You can literally never have too much storage in a dorm room. 

7. Use Fake Flowers To Decorate

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Fake flowers are super cheap and end up looking stunning on your dorm walls. I would definitely try this one out!

8. Blush And Gold

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Using blush and gold decor in your dorm room will make it super chic and girly! Who doesn't love some gold accents?!

9. Use Macrame As Wall Decor

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Macrame is a go-to for boho wall decor. There are tons of different sizes and colors of macrame on Amazon. Hang pictures from your macrame to make it even more personal!

10. Cover Dorm Walls With Peel Off Wall Paper

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Some cute wall paper can change the entire dorm room. I love this idea so much that I wish I could go back and live in a dorm again to use it.

11. Lower Your Dorm Bed

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

I cannot tell you how many times I wish I had lowered my bed in my dorm. Hopping up there every night was NOT fun. 

12. Hang A Shelf From Your Headboard And Add Lights

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

The extra shelf on your headboard is a perfect place to add more fun decor and photos. My favorite part about this idea is that you can use lights under your shelf to provide some reading light! SO cool.

dorm room essentials

13. Neutral Rustic/Boho Decor

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

I am a huge fan of this color scheme for a dorm room. Plus the shared side table is perfect for extra storage!

14. Use Baskets

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Baskets are a must in a dorm room! You will most likely constantly be running out of space and baskets are a perfect way to add some more storage while still keeping all your things organized and cute.

15. Have An Accent Wall

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

It can get pretty pricey to cover your whole dorm in wallpaper, so opt for an accent wall instead. This will save you time and money and ends up looking so good!

16. Mix And Match Pillows

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

If you are going for a fun and neon look for your dorm, using all different colors and patterned pillows is a great way to do it. This colorful style is one of my favorite trendy dorm decor ideas right now!

17. Cover Blank Walls With A Large Photo

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room

If you are looking for an easy way to fill a large wall space, this is a perfect way to do it! You can either find a large canvas on Amazon, or print out your own photo on a canvas.


18. All White

dorm decor ideas

Instagram: @abrielledobbs

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Using all white decor will give your dorm room a clean look. I love how this looks! Plus, white decor is always easy to find.

Although this looks super pretty, if you are a messy person I would stay away from white. 

19. Match With Your Roomie

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Matching bedding and decor with your roommate always looks stunning! This will make your room look more organized and put together in the end. Definitely coordinate decor with your roomie before moving in!

20. Cute Rustic Theme

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

If you are a fan of a rustic theme, this is the dorm room for you! How cute are these wooden headboards?!

21. Neon And Color Boho Retro

dorm decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This is such a fun theme to decorate your dorm room for all those girly girls out there. Neon lights are so fun and add lighting when you don't want to turn on your bright ceiling lights. 

This post was all about the best dorm decor ideas.

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How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink | Genius Tips + Hacks To Know For Kitchen Sink Organization

Looking to organize under the kitchen sink? This is something that I have been excited about for years so I take you through the entire process and show you the best tips for how to organize under your own kitchen sink in a way that looks good but is also insanely practical. 

under the kitchen sink organization

There is nothing that makes me more excited about organizing (I know, I'm basically 100 years old) and I have been dreaming about organizing under my kitchen sink.

The sad thing is, I'm completely serious 🤣

When searching how to organize under the kitchen sink I was finding a lot of great ideas so I mixed all of my favorites together and got a cabinet that really works for my everyday life.

Favorite part by far - my dishwasher pods being in the turntables. I have no idea why but it drives me crazy when those things are in the containers!

In this post, I show you exactly how to organize under the kitchen sink and tell you all the best hacks and tips I learned while doing it.

How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen Organization Video

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Products:

I wanted my space to be really organized, but I didn't want it to cost an arm and a leg (which believe, organization products DO cost an arm and a leg). 

I searched Pinterest and Instagram and I was always drawn to the cabinets with turntables. It just looked really good and seemed to be super practical.

I decided I wanted two of those and then a bin in the center. I am also planning on doing my bathroom organization with similar products, so to save money I got both of these in packs of 4. This honestly saved A LOT of money. Probably 50%.

Before + After of Under The Kitchen Sink Organization:

how to organize under the kitchen sink

This was how it looked before. Honestly, not terrible but also no organization there at all. I knew I wanted to keep all of these products in here since this is what I reach for on a daily basis. 

Because I am in a rental, I also wanted to make sure that nothing had to be screwed down.

how to organize under the kitchen sink

Here's the after! Looks pretty good right?!

I really did not want to get too many organization products because of how expensive they are and think that this ended up being perfect.

It fit everything (including the backstock). 

The Best Tips For Under The Kitchen Sink Organization:

1. Measure everything before buying.

kitchen sink organization

With how weirdly shaped these cabinets can be with all the piping, it is SO important that you measure everything to make sure it fits before it is ordered.

I measured my different products and they *barely* fit. If it was 1/4" bigger, it wouldn't have worked which would be really annoying since I spent the time waiting for it to ship in.

2. Use the back of the cabinet for extra space.

under the kitchen sink organization

I saw this from a video on Youtube and thought it was so smart! Using command strips allows for the perfect place to put your gloves and also hang your sink stoppers.

To hold the sink stoppers, I used a sponge holder that I got in a set of two from World Market. I use the gold one and just had the rose gold one sitting in my cabinet so this ended up being perfect.

3. Divide products efficiently. 

kitchen sink organization

My dishwasher is directly to the left of my sink so I made sure that all the dishwasher products were on the left side of my cabinet.

Vice versa, on the other side is the trash can so I have all the trash bags in the turn table over there. That's what made sense to me!

4. Use clear shelfs for additional storage.

Recreate This Kitchen Cabinet:

This post was all about how to organize under the kitchen sink.

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