21 Best Graduation Presents of 2019

This post is all about graduation presents.

graduation present

The time has come for graduates to say goodbye to everything they used to know and hello to the future. A thoughtful graduation present is the perfect way to show them how much you care and are there to support them.

Finding a graduation present that they actually want is not an easy feat. Trends are constantly changing and you want to give them something they will truly use in this new phase of their life.

This post shows you the 21 best graduation presents of 2019.

Graduation Presents:

1. A nice pair of Bluetooth headphones.

If you're into technology at all, you know just how popular wireless headphones are.

They are popular for good reason and really are a huge upgrade to always having the headphone string getting directly in the way of things you are doing.

Of course, the Apple AirPods are the most popular pair of wireless headphones, but there are also a lot of cheaper options to choose from like these sleek wireless headphones (that have a 5 star rating!).

2. A coffee mug that will keep drinks warm for hours.

Whether you're looking for a high school graduation present or a college graduation present, a Yeti tumbler is an amazing gift to give.

This keeps your drinks warm OR cold for HOURS! Like seriously, hours. It's the best.

3. A battery pack so their phone can never die.

Let's be real, millennial are known for ALWAYS having their phone on them but also, for their phones to be dead a lot.

Having a small battery pack they can easily keep in their backpack or desk can be really helpful in avoiding those *phone dies at worst moment* situations.

4. A go-to weekenders bag.

 A weekender bag is one of those graduation presents that the graduate doesn't actually want to buy themselves but will use for years!

These are two of the most popular weekender bags on the market right now.

5. A gift that keeps on giving...subscription box!

graduation present ideas

This is one of my personal fav's and something I look forward to getting all month!

If the graduate is a makeup/skincare lover, this is the perfect graduation present idea. Every month, you receive 5 beauty products in the mail for JUST $10! It's pretty amazing.


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    6. The Amazon Echo.

    Having a nice speaker is awesome, but having an Amazon Echo is even better.

    Really though, having an Alexa makes music sound great and also easily allows you to set times, hear the weather, and ask other random questions.

    7. A fancy coffee maker...

    Everyone RAVES about this Nespresso machine and how it makes coffee shop worthy drinks right in the comfort of your home.

    8. A magical meat defroster for those that forget about dinner.

    graduation presents-a

    Um, did you know this existed?! I think I need it!

    We've all been there when we forgot to take the meat out of the freezer but now instead of having to come up with all new dinner plans, we can go straight to using this defrosting tray.

    9. For the graduate that loses everything.

    No more losing things! This TILE gets easily attached to car keys/house keys/anything that often gets lost!

    Best part is that it's less than $20 dollars.

    10. A steamer to quickly get out wrinkles.

    Maybe not the funnest gift of them all but something that will be used all the time!

    11. Professional looking watches to finish off outfits.

    Having a nice watch can make any outfit look more professional for the "real" world.

    These are really popular watches for women and men.

    12. Trust The Journey necklace.

    This necklace is a sweet reminder to Trust the Journey because graduating can be SCARY! 

    It's also a really cute dainty necklace which is always a fan-favorite.

    13. A barefoot dreams blanket.

    I have never in my life heard about a blanket getting raved as much as this blanket has. People go CRAZY over this thing.

    Definitely not a cheap blanket, but something that will be one of their favorites for years to come.

    14. An Instant Pot for insanely easy dinners.

    This is one of the best graduation presents of the year and can have full-on meals made in less than 30 minutes!!

    And the meals are SO easy. This is also a great thing to have in dorms (if allowed) because you can saute, slow cook, so many things on this!

    15. A personalized passport holder.

    If the graduate is a traveler, this would be such a special graduation present!

    It's also super inexpensive.

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    16. A robot vacuum.

    We've all heard about these robot vacuums and let me tell you, they are AMAZING!

    I have mine set to go at 2:00pm everyday and when I come home from school/work my floors are looking amazing. This is a great gift for a graduate who A) loves their space to be spotless or B) hates cleaning.

    17. All the cash.

    Let's be real...all the graduate REALLY wants is some cash.

    Make the presentation of this cash a little special by including a funny book with it. 

    18. The Five Minute Journal.

    graduation present ideas

    This is a special time in their life and having it written down in a journal will be so fun to look back at in future years.

    This five minute journal is the perfect starting point because it takes, well, only five minutes. This is also a super "trendy" thing that people are LOVING right now!

    19. An AncestoryDNA kit.

    How fun would it be for the graduate to be able to see all the places they're from?

    20. A funny wine glass.

    Some nights the graduate might just need a glass of wine from this.

    It adds a little bit of humor about what they are getting themselves into!

    21. The holy grail of hair dryers.

    If the graduate loves beauty they will DIE when they open this gift (not actually...but you get how excited they would be!!).

    This is suppose to be the best hair dryer on the market and is able to dry your hair in minutes.

    This post show the best graduation presents to get this year.


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      Best Graduation Party Invitations | 22 Insanely Cute Graduation Party Invitations To Use in 2019

      This post is all about graduation party invitations.

      graduation party invitations

      Graduation party invitations are the first thing your guests will see and really set a tone for the big graduation celebration happening just a few weeks later.

      With all the invitation websites out there, it can be hard to search through all of the grad party invitations and find one that truly fits your parties vibe while being extremely cute.

      This post shows you the best graduation party invitations of 2019.


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        Graduation Party Invitations:

        1. "Anno's" Graduation Announcement Card

        2019 graduation party invitation

        This graduation invitation is extremely eye-catching and really puts emphasis on the graduation year.

        2. Graduation Party Invitation with Photo 

        graduation party invite

        This grad invitation gives you the option of downloading the template to your computer and printing it yourself or getting it printed by the Etsy owner.

        3. Classy Graduation Invitation

        Refinement Graduation Announcement Cards

        I am OBSESSED with this graduation invitation! 

        Love how classy and simple this is...perfect for girls and guys, too.

        4. Calligraphy Grad Party Invitation

        Photo Graduation Invitation | Graduate in Script

        This graduation invitation is from one of my new favorite card stores, Zazzle! They are similar to Etsy but I find they are much more inexpensive and do sales more often.

        5. Simple Framed Invitation

        graduation party invitations

        This is the perfect mix of simple while making a statement.

        6. No Picture Graduation Announcement

        Magnifique Graduation Announcement Cards

        This is my favorite no picture graduation announcement by FAR.

        If I didn't wan't a picture on my card this would 100% be the invite I choose.

        7. Graduation Party Invitation Template

        graduation party invitation templates

        The calligraphy on this card gives it just the right amount of classiness!

        8. Simple Graduation Party Invitation

        graduation invitation

        9. Girly Graduation Party Invitations

        Whimsical Hand Lettered Script Photo Graduation Invitation

        10. Fill-In Graduation Party Invitation

        11. Multi Photo Graduation Announcement

        Pride And Joy Graduation Announcement Cards

        12. Simple Graduation Invitations

        graduation invitations

        13. Gold Grad Party Invitation


        14. Floral Graduation Invitation

        Gold Glitters Greenery Floral Graduation Party Invitation

        15. Group Graduation Invitation

        Our Graduates Graduation Announcement Cards

        16. Photoshop Graduation Invitation Template

        template graduation invitation

        17. Graduation Announcement Card

        Eloquent Graduation Announcement Cards

        18. Bold Monogram Grad Invitation

        Bold Monogram Graduation Announcement Cards

        19. Creative Graduation Invitations

        20. Graduation Invitations 2019

        Bold Statement Graduation Announcement Cards

        21. Black and White Graduation Invitation

        Eponym Graduation Announcement Cards

        22. Graduation Announcements

        Bottom Line Graduation Announcement Cards

        This post showed 22 insanely cute graduation party invitations.


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          Best Graduation Gifts | 42 Genius Graduation Gifts That Will Actually Be Used

          This post is all about graduation gifts.

          best graduation gifts

          Graduation season is all about celebrating and it's time to start thinking about the best graduation gifts to give this year.

          Majority of the time, high school or college graduates are starting this new phase of life with little to no money and the graduation gifts they receive are extremely appreciated.

          Since they are starting fresh, it's important to consider graduation gifts that will truly be used.

          High school graduation gifts will help the new student get settled into their college life and college graduation gifts will help get the person ready for the real world.

          This post shows you the best graduation gifts so you can give the recent graduate something they will truly use.

          High School Graduation Gifts: 

          1. Weekender Bag

          This is really the first time in the new college student's life that they will be able to go visit friends all around the country at different colleges.

          This would be a great graduation gift and make going home on the weekends/visiting friends at other colleges so much easier!

          2. Tile - Key Finder

          If the graduate is known for losing things, a Tile will save their college life! 

          At most schools, you are required to carry you keys to your dorm or card to get into the dorm and if you lose it, it is EXPENSIVE! I think my key to my dorm would have been around $80ish dollars to replace.

          A Tile can easily be put on a key chain and tracks where it is through an app. Surprisingly, it's actually very inexpensive!

          3. Towel Wrap

          graduation gift ideas

          If you've read any of the college essentials posts on By Sophia Lee, you know how important we think towel wraps are!

          For real though, I STILL use my towel wrap everyday that I got as a high school graduation gift. I'm obsessed with it.

          You can make it a little more special for the graduate by customizing one with their initials on Etsy.


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            4. Funny Book and CASH!

            Okay, the book might not be the most practical thing in the world, but stuff it with some cash and you will have just given the best gift out of all the graduation gifts!

            This truly is a creative way to give some cash to the graduate.

            5. AirPods

            AirPods are the "it" thing for college students right now and this is a graduation gift that the graduate is guaranteed to love.

            You really can't go 100ft at a college and not see someone wearing airPods.

            6. College YETI

            Coffee is a college students best friend and what's better than having a YETI tumbler (best coffee/tea mug EVER!) customized with their future college?!

            7. "Going Places" Necklace

            This is the perfect graduation gifts for girls and is the perfect dainty necklace to wear everyday.

            It's a little daily reminder of the exciting adventure they are about to begin.

            8. Amazon Echo

            An Amazon Echo is such a fun addition to any dorm room and is perfect for playing music with friends, setting timers, or turning off the lights.

            Seriously though, college students (myself included) are loving Amazon Echo's. 

            There is also a mini version called an Echo Dot that is less expensive.

            9. Microwave Noodle Cooker

            Let's be real, one of the hardest parts of college is getting used to their food.

            Sometimes you just want a "home" cooked meal...and sometimes you just want pasta!

            This container can make you pasta in the microwave and it actually tastes good! Believe me, I have it and use it all the time. 

            10. iPad Pro With Pen

            SO many students are converting from notebooks to iPads to take notes in class, read their textbook, etc.

             It saves so much paper and makes life just easier (aka it diminishes your backpack weight by like 90% haha).

            If you choose to get the graduate an iPad pro, don't forget to get the pen also!

            11. Workout Clothes 

            If you want to get the graduate a gift that they will truly get them some Lululemon clothing.

            Boys and girls LIVE in workout clothes in college. No matter what school you go to anywhere in the country, Lululemon is the workout clothes of choice.

            12. Keureg

            This is the ultimate graduation gift and is an essential in every dorm room (especially if they are a big coffee drinker).

            It's also nice because you can use the hot water to make foot (aka ramen noodles).

            13. Charger Cords

            You can NEVER have too many charger cords, ESPECIALLY if they are 10ft charger cords.

            A pack of charger cords would be a highly appreciated graduation gifts.

            14. Northface Backpack

            This is hands down the most popular backpack among college students (girls and boys) and is one of the only backpacks known for being able to handle the weight of the books, laptops, binders, etc., that a college student has to carry.

            There are many other colors and patterns The North Face offers but the black is definitely the safest.

            (I own this backpack in black!)

            15. Roku Stick

            A Roku allows you to watch all of your favorite shows (including Netflix and Amazon Prime) with just internet on a TV.

            It is SO nice to have in a college dorm.

            16. Memory Foam Pillow

            Beds in college are usually not comfortable at all so having a nice pillow to go back too every night after a long day of classes is essential.

            You can never go wrong with a memory foam pillow. 

            17. Phone Battery Charger

            Majority of the time, it can almost be guaranteed that a college students phone is almost out of battery.

            Especially when you go out at night, it's nice to have a backpack charger in case your phone dies and you need to get in touch with friends, order an Uber, etc.

            18. Funny Games

            creative graduation gifts

            These games are SO fun and such a good way to bond with their new college friends!

            These are personally my two favorite card games we play in college (and the most used among my friends and I).

            19. Apple Watch

            Apple watches are also another "it" item. Apple is really taking over the world! 

            For real though, Apple watches are such a popular gift right now and one I highly consider giving a high school graduate (especially if they are into working out!).

            PS! This is what I got when I graduated high school from my parents.

            20. Polaroid

            In just a few months the new college student will be making so many new memories and having a Polaroid camera to capture those memories is so special!

            It will be especially fun for them to be able to look back at that after they are done with college and see all the fun times they had.

            Also, don't forget to get Polaroid film to go with the camera!

            21. Comfy Blanket

            cute high school graduation gifts

            Can you really go wrong with giving a super fuzzy cozy blanket?!

            If the graduate is going to school in the North, it can almost be guaranteed that their dorm rooms will be freezing in winter! Having a cozy blanket to wrap up in is essential. 

            College Graduation Gifts: 

            22. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

            Once you get a nice toiletry bag, chances are you are going to be using that for YEARS!

            This beautiful toiletry bag (I mean seriously though, aren't these so well designed?!) will be the perfect graduation gift ideas for college grads.

            23. Nespresso Machine

            A Nespresso machine is a step up from a Keureg and people are obsessed with it!

            If the graduate is obsessed with coffee/expressos/anything at a coffee shop, than this is a must.

            24. Carry-On Suitcase

            Whether the college graduate is going to be traveling for work or taking a trip home, it's really important to have a reliable carry-on suitcase they can quickly reach too.

            This hardcover suitcase includes two locks just to make sure none of their stuff will be stolen.

            25. Briefcase

            A briefcase is something that no graduate really wants to buy, so getting it as a graduation gift is a major plus.

            These two briefcases above are a great option for girls and boys.

            26. InstantPot

            Okay, I am OBSESSED with InstaPots!

            Seriously, I got it for Christmas and I use it all the time. It really is the perfect gift for college graduates because you can make delicious meals in less than 30 minutes.

            {RELATED POST: Dorm Essentials for 2019}

            We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

            27. Cordless Vaccuum

            college graduation gifts

            You really know you're an adult when you get a vacuum as a gift ;). 

            This Dyson Cordless vacuum is perfect for a recent grad because it's reliable and small so it can fit in a tiny apartment.

            28. Kitchen Starter Kit

            Truth is, those $19.99 pan set the graduate got their sophomore year of college when they moved into their first apartment, probably isn't cutting it anymore.

            This T-Fal set with replace their falling about kitchen essentials and allow them to have cookware that will last for years.

            29. Initial Necklace

            college girl graduation gift

            If you're looking for a special graduation gift under $20, this one is for you! 

            How cute, is this initial letter dainty necklace?!

            30. Wallet

            Having a nice wallet is probably not something that the graduate will want to fork out money for, which makes it the perfect graduation gift ideas.

            These are two of the most popular wallets for girls and guys today.

            31. Amazon Echo Light Kit

            This kit is SO cool!

            Not only do you recieve an Echo (aka Alexa), you also recieve two lights that can be turned on and off from your Amazon echo. 

            If you are laying in bed you can simply say, "Alexa, turn off my lights" and with this kit, all the lights will go out. 

            32. Tool Kit

            It's time for the real world which means that things are going to break/need to be opened.

            Insert the perfect tool starting tool kit. 

            33. Graduation Gift Box

            college graduation gift box

            If you want to give a really cute gift AND make it extremely easy on yourself, send this cute graduation gift box!

            This is a gift box put together specifically for graduates on Etsy. The graduate will think you went everywhere finding cute graduation themed gifts.

            34. Professional Looking Watch 

            A watch is something they will be able to wear daily and really finishes off the professional look.

            35. Business Card Holder

            college grad gifts

            How beautiful is this business card holder?! 

            36. Temperature Control Mug

            Goodbye cold coffee!

            This mug keeps your coffee/tea at a constant temperature throughout the day. How cool is that?!

            37. Dyson Hair Dryer

            This dyson hair dryer is suppose to be amazing. I'm talking can have your hair completely dry in 5 minutes good.

            This is one of the top things on my wish list currently.

            38. Card Phone Case

            Never worry about leaving your important cards (drivers license and debit card) at home. 

            This case has a spot to put your cards and it is so convenient!

            39. Silk Pillow Case

            Silk pillowcases are all the rage right now and keeps your hair smoother while keeping moisture in.

            I don't know how it works, but it does! I sleep with a silk pillowcase every night and can really tell a difference from a normal pillow case.

            40. Roomba Vacuum

            For any clean freaks, they will DIE when they see this!!

            I got one of these for Christmas and it is hands down the best purchase/gift I have received all year.

            It really does work so well! (and no, they don't fall down the stairs!)


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              41. Canon Camera Kit

              This is the ultimate starting camera kit for any graduate that is looking to get into photography as a hobby.

              42. Electric Toothbrush

              Okay, maybe a weird gift but the graduate will never be able to use a regular toothbrush again after receiving this!

              This post showed 42 graduation gifts that will actually be used.

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              graduation party checklist

              Party planning has just begun and this graduation party checklist will make sure you don't forget a thing.

              Planning a graduation party can be very overwhelming.

              What food are you going to serve? How many guests? Do we need music? Tent? Invitations?!

              So many things need to come together before the big day and your head can quickly start spinning just thinking about it all.

              This graduation party checklist will help keep you organized so you can throw the best grad party of the year.

              Graduation Party Checklist

              3 Months Before The Party:

              This is where the big chunk of the party planning starts. You need to start thinking about the date that works best for the party and then follow that up with booking anywhere that requires it (besides food).

              • Choose date. 
                • Think about having it a weekend before or after the actual graduation ceremony. The weekend of the graduation ceremony can be difficult for many guests because of having their own family up for the celebration.
              • Choose time of graduation party.
              • Choose location.
                • Decide if you are having the party at your home. If you decide to have it another location, book it! A lot of people will be booking locations in the next month and you want to be able to schedule your top pick.
              • Decide on budget.
              • How many guests do you want to invite?
              • Order Tents/Chairs/Tables
              • Decide on party colors.

              6 Weeks Before The Party: 

              It's time to start planning all the fun parts! This is the time to order your invitations and finalize your guest list. 

              • Put-together Guest List
                • I recommend inviting friends and family even if they live far away. You might still get a gift out of it!
              • Order invitations.
                • For my graduation party, we decided to send invitations out to adults and their families. We then set up a large Facebook event and invited all of our friends from our high school (it saved a lot of money on invitations!).
              • Begin gathering pictures of the graduate for the party.
              • Put Together Food/Catering List (READ: 22 Delicious Graduation Party Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love)
              • Order Catering
              • Search Pinterest for Decor Ideas (READ: 52 Best Graduation Party Ideas Guaranteed To Impress)
              • Decide On Music
                • DJ, Spotify, Band, etc.
              • Purchase Decorations and Supplies
              • Order Signs/Banners

              3-4 Weeks Before The Party: 

              • Send out invitations.
              • Make Facebook Event. 
                • Make the event description catchy and personal to you! Here's what we said for my friend and my graduation party: "come join us to celebrate the graduation of Sopharah (sophie and sarah). while we're basically only having this so sophie can put it on the blog, i promise there will still be lots of good food and fun (if we can afford it... blog decorations are taking over the budget) but seriously come and celebrate with us! :)" 
              • Order Cake/Desserts
              • Begin Purchasing Food 
                • If you see a sale on sodas, plates, etc., buy it!
              • Buy Party Outfit
              • Begin DIY Projects for Party
              • Continue Ordering Decor
              • Order flowers from local florist.

              Week of Party:

              • Get your nails done.
                • Enjoy the time with your mom/daughter! This is a special time for both of you before the grad takes off for college.
              • Make sure all cameras are charged!
              • Clean House
              • Finish all DIY projects.
              • Purchase any last minute supplies.
              • Confirm rental equipment/catering.
              • Order balloons.

              Day of Party:

              • Pick up cake and dessert.
              • Pick up food.
              • Finish making food.
              • Pickup balloons.
              • Get ice/coolers ready. 
              • Set-up party decor.
              • Play music/photo slideshows.
              • Enjoy the party!


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                This post gave you a graduation party checklist.

                How I Made $9,349.60 In January 2019 Blogging

                Eekkk!! Welcome to my January blogging income report...it's my most exciting one yet!

                Every month (well almost...some months I am better at writing these than others) I share how much money I have made through my blog.

                Why? Because it's pretty dang impressive that in just over a year I have been able to turn this website into a business that brings me thousands of dollars a month AND that I can do it around my full-time college schedule.

                Seriously, all college students should start a blog. It's the best thing I have ever done.

                January online income report

                For those of you that are new to By Sophia Lee, I start off every income report telling you a little about myself.

                If you don't know much about me, I am a junior in college studying interior architecture. I've had this website since I was 17 but basically restarted the whole website in September 2017 (sophomore in college) in hopes to generate an income from it.

                I am completely paying for college on my own and knew I needed to find something that made me money and would work around my college schedule (that changes every semester and stays with me when I live at home during the summer/winter break). Let's just say, it was nearly impossible.

                I stumbled upon a blog that posted income reports where the blogger was making over $100,000 A MONTH from her website. Like what?!

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                  It took me about 5 months after starting my blog to earn consistent money and those months were really hard.

                   I was constantly overwhelmed and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was so desperate to make it work that I continued to Google everything and anything about blogging.

                  Once that first $100 dollars hit my bank account, I knew that all the hard work I had been putting in was going to pay off.

                  Little did I know a year later, I would be making more in one month than I EVER had in a year!

                  Here are some of my previous income reports:

                  By Sophia Lee Income & Traffic Report:

                  The screenshot below is the exact money deposited into my account (with all the important info blocked off ). Some companies deposit into Paypal and then I transfer into my personal bank account.

                  Affiliate Income: $5,846.48 total

                  Display Advertising (through Mediavine): $5,699.47

                  Total Income: $9,349.60

                  My blogging expenses are very small right now and most of them are paid for annually. The only monthly expense I have is Convertkit (email provider) which costs me $49.00 a month. I just started using Convertkit in December and it was a huge decision because of the cost. To make money you gotta spend money!

                  These expenses come up once a year but I do set aside money for them monthly to prepare for when I have to buy them:

                  If you haven't started a blog, this blog post will show you the exact way I started and designed my blog (it takes less than 30 minutes).

                  So, how did I do it?!

                  The first half of January I spent doing literally nothing for my website and the second half was spent blogging 24/7.

                  My hometown friends were back from college until January 14th (ish) and I really wanted to spend as much time with them as I could before they left. The nice thing about blogging is that it is almost all passive income so I was still earning money everyday even though I wasn't working.

                  My college didn't start until January 28th so I spent the rest of January working my butt off to make up for my non-working winter break AND preparing for my crazy school schedule to start once again.

                  I am trying to ONLY do things that increase my income. 

                  Here's what I've been focusing on:

                  • Content Creation 
                  • Weekly Emails/Opt-Ins
                  • Products

                  Breakdown of what I am doing for content creation:

                  I finally feel like I have figured out how to write posts that my readers gain value from while also converting into sales.

                  All the posts I have been writing are posts that aren't popular right now but will be in the next three months.

                  Whattt? Okay, here's why. It takes around 4 weeks (in my experience) for my posts to gain traction on Pinterest and at least three months for them to start getting ranked on Google.

                  With me posting them now, I am giving Pinterest and Google SEO time to figure out what my post is all about so when people are actually searching for that topic, my post is one of the first ones to come up.

                  This method has worked REALLY well for me and I've never had any reader complain about me writing content that isn't necessarily "in season" right now.

                   For example, it's January right now and all my posts are focused on high school graduation parties.

                  I use Google Trends (free and so cool) to see when people are searching different keywords. That's how I have been able to plan my content three months in advance. 

                  I uploaded the exact template I use to write my posts for my email subscribers. You can download it here (it's free).

                  Included in content creation is all the marketing I do for my posts. Currently, 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, 14% is organic search, and 6% is direct traffic.

                  As you can see from those percentages, I have figured out how to get a HUGE amount of traffic from Pinterest. As of today (2/1/2019), I get 6 million monthly views on Pinterest.

                  by sophia lee pinterest

                  If you need help getting traffic from Pinterest, I recommend doing the following:

                  If you haven't started a blog, this blog post will show you the exact way I started and designed my blog (it takes less than 30 minutes).

                  Breakdown of what I am doing for my weekly emails/opt-ins:

                  I have been spending sooo much time making my email list something that actually brings value to my subscribers.

                  All the biggest bloggers that I look up to say that your email list is the most important part of your blog. After a year, I have finally decided to listen.

                  Since I just started focusing on email, I am still in the test phase of what I am sending them.

                  Here's what I have been doing so far:

                  • Sending weekly emails that are jam-packed with information you can't find on my blog
                  • Making a video of me talking about the email (youtube style...so they can see what I look like and honestly I prefer talking to them then writing haha)
                  • Making really valuable opt-ins so my readers want to join my email list.

                  As of today, I have 2,493 subscribers. By the end of February, my goal is to have 3,700 subscribers.

                  You can join my blogging email list here.

                  Breakdown of what I am doing for products:

                  This is my big project for February and March. I know exactly the products I am making I just have to get started.

                  If you read my blog, you know I am an organization FREAK! I have created so many blogging organization tools for myself that I carry in a big blue binder (seriously, you can't find me anywhere without this binder). 

                  It has anything I have ever needed blogging and the only way I've been able to manage blogging and full-time school. Since I already have the sheets created for myself, I just need to put it together in a cute way that my readers can easily download. 

                  I have something up my sleeve for my college readers as well but I'll announce that one later ;).

                  Let's Talk About This $9,000 Dollars:

                  Honestly, the fact that I was able to make $9,000 in one month from my blog is CRAZY! I can't even believe it.

                  Do I think I will be able to make this much from my blog every month? No. 

                  Here's what I have learned so far blogging this year. Some months I will make a lot of money and some months I won't make as much. I am basically working on "commission".

                  Here's how I think my income will go this year: 

                  BTW, all money I make from blogging gets deposited into my bank account three months after I make it. So, I technically made this $9,000 in October and just got it deposited into my bank account this month (January). I chose for my blog that I only want to tell you guys about income I've earned that has actually been deposited into my bank account.

                  January: Very high income (at least $12,000 earned that month)

                  February and March: $4,000 in February and at least $6,000 in March

                  April and May: Lowest income months of the year (hoping to make at least $2,000 per month) 

                  June:  Starts to get a little better (would be really happy making $2,500)

                  July-November: Very high income (goal is to hit at least $5,000 per month with two months hitting at least $15,000 per MONTH!)

                  December: Not as high as July-November but still decently high (maybe $3,000 earned this month)

                  If all goes as planned, that would have me making nearly $80,000 in one year. AS A FULL-TIME COLLEGE STUDENT (taking 18 credits per semester).

                  Just last year I was nannying and only making $300 dollars a month. Even my low blogging income months are more than I could have imagined!! 

                  My Goals For February:

                  • Get 9 blog posts published and marketed
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                  • Create a product

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                    I hope you enjoyed January's income report!

                    Best Graduation Party Food Ideas | 22 Delicious Graduation Party Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love

                    This post is all about graduation party food ideas.

                    graduation party food ideas

                    Graduation party planning season is in full force and it's time to start thinking about one of the most important parts of the party: Graduation party food ideas!

                    Let's be real, the most important part of your whole graduation party is the food so it's important you nail it.

                    Thinking about what food to make that fits the theme of graduation and is easy to make for a crowd can be difficult.

                    Don't worry though, these are the best food ideas and will leave your guests asking "How did you do this?!".

                    This post shows you 22 best graduation party food ideas.


                    Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get access to a 28+ page Graduation Party Planning Binder filled with everything you need to throw the best party (includes party checklist, schedule, decor printables, and more!).

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                      We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

                      Graduation Party Food Ideas:

                      1. Have an Infused Water Bar

                      graduation party food ideas

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      When planning graduation party food ideas, you do not want to forget the drinks!

                      This is a really cute and easy way to set up a different varsity of drinks for your guests to choose from.

                      If infused water isn't your thing you can fill this with lemonade, ice tea, fruit punch, etc.!

                      2. Have a Hot Dog Bar

                      graduation party food ideas on a budget

                      (source @Let's Dish This)

                      If you are looking for graduation party food ideas on a budget, than this is for you!

                      Hot dogs are an extremely easy meal to make for a big group of people. You can also have dishes of toppings and chips to serve as sides to this meal.

                      Danelle from Let's Dish This shows you how to make the cutest hot dog bar.

                      3. "Nacho Average Graduate" Taco Bar

                      graduation party food ideas easy

                      Is this not SO cute?!

                      Everyone loves tacos and you can find a super easy taco crock pot recipe that will stay warm during your whole party.

                      Plus, you can use this cute play on words to really hone in on the graduation party theme.

                      4. Use a Chocolate Fountain

                      graduation party food desserts

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      This is a great graduation party dessert ideas that will definitely have your guests talking.

                      Really, this is not too hard! You just need easy things that you can dip into the chocolate and you're good to go (goodbye baking something!).

                      Copy This Party:

                      5. Put Watermelon Wedges On a Stick

                      graduation party food ideas appetizer

                      Keep your guests from getting sticky but putting watermelon wedges on sticks!

                      This allows for easy pick-up while having a delicious graduation party appetizer.

                      6. Serve All Different Types of Pizza

                      graduation party food ideas

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Ever thought about having a pizza bar as a graduation party food idea?

                      We had a pizza bar at my sisters graduation party and it was hit! I mean, who doesn't love pizza?!

                      Plus, out was so easy and all we needed to do was order a few different types of pizza and set them out. 

                      7. "One Smart Cookie" Dessert

                      high school graduation party food ideas

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Make the setup process easy for you without losing the the "cuteness" of your graduation party.

                      Go with a "One Smart Cookie Bar" dessert theme and order delicious cookies from a local baker.

                      8. Have a Popcorn Bar

                      graduation party desserts

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Have a popcorn bar and fill it with all different types of seasonings your guests can add.

                      9. Have a Bucket of Freezies

                      easy graduation party food

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      This is guaranteed to be a major hit!! Who wouldn't want a freezie on a hot summer day?

                      If you're planning on having an outdoor graduation party, then you need to do this.

                      10. Diploma Wraps

                      graduation party food ideas easy

                      (source @Genius Kitchen)

                      This delicious sandwich is easy for guests to grab and also incorporates the big graduation day!

                      One of the easiest graduation party food ideas featured in this post.

                      11. Easy Sloppy Joe Sliders

                      graduation party food ideas cheap

                      (source @Genius Kitchen)

                      Easy sloppy Joe sliders are the ultimate graduation party food because you can make a huge batch and keep it warm in the crock pot during the graduation party.

                      Also, who doesn't like sloppy Joe's?!

                      12. Fruit Salad In a Jar

                      grad party food

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Whip up some easy salads and display them in a cute jar like this.

                      Not only does it look good but it will also keep the bugs out if you're having an outdoor graduation party.

                      13. Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels

                      grad party food ideas

                      YUM! Look how good these buffalo chicken tortilla pinwheels look.

                      These are extremely easy to make and just take a few ingredients. Believe me, they are good!

                      You can find the recipes for these here.

                      14. S'mores Bar

                      grad party desserts

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Such a sweet dessert to have at a graduation party.

                      Everyone loves S'mores and there is something so special about all your closest friends having s'mores around a fire.

                      15. Fruit Kabobs

                      grad party food on a budget

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Instead of a traditional fruit salad, make fruit kabobs! 

                      This is a really easy way to fancy up fruit. It's also extremely easy for guests to grab!

                      16. Pasta Bar

                      graduation party food high school

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Who doesn't love pasta?

                      This is a perfect example of how you can make batches of pasta that are big enough to serve for a crowd.

                      Have a salad and some buns on the side and you are good to go. 

                      17. Layered Taco Salad

                      college graduation party food

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      This is a creative twist on traditional tacos (and looks pretty cool too!).

                      Serve this over some delicious chips and you've got an easy meal to serve to your guests.

                      18. Caprese Salad For a Crowd

                      easy graduation party food 1

                      You can't go wrong with a caprese salad and this is a great way to present it at a graduation party.

                      You can find out how to make this caprese salad recipe for a crowd here.

                      19. Diploma Cookies

                      easy grad party desserts

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      This is one of the best graduation party food ideas and can be made so easily.

                      I love how this brings in the graduation aspect to the food!

                      20. Sandwich Bar

                      graduation party food

                      (source @She Knows)

                      Sometimes going with a classic sandwich bar can turn out better than any fancy recipe you try to make!

                      21. Candy Bar

                      graduation party dessert ideas

                      (source @Pinterest)

                      Did you look at the labels of these candies? How cute!

                      This graduation party found a way to incorporate candy and turn it into the perfect graduation dessert.

                      22. Donut Wall

                      graduation party food ideas dessert

                      (source @Jenny Cookies)

                      Not only does this donuts wall make for the perfect graduation party dessert, but it also will add to your graduation party decor!


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                        This post showed 22 best graduation party food ideas.

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                        52 Best Graduation Party Ideas Guaranteed To Impress

                        This post is all about graduation party ideas.

                        graduation party ideas

                        The time has finally come to start thinking about graduation party ideas. 

                        Whether you are a parent of a graduate or the grad yourself, coming up with graduation party ideas that will WOW your guests can be difficult to find.

                        Throwing a graduation party can be stressful but these ideas will give you just the inspiration you need.

                        This post shows you the best graduation party ideas that are guaranteed to impress your guests.


                        Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get access to a 28+ page Graduation Party Planning Binder filled with everything you need to throw the best party (includes party checklist, schedule, decor printables, and more!).

                          We hate spam and won't sent it to you!

                          Graduation Party Ideas

                          High School Graduation Party Ideas:

                          1. Decorate Using Their Future College State
                          graduation party ideas for girls

                          Picture from @Macy Lima Decor.

                          Copy This Party:

                          Celebrate the graduates college by incorporating the colleges state into the decorations.

                          This graduation party used her colleges state as the backdrop to her candy bar.

                          2. Use Pictures For a Simple Centerpiece
                          graduation party ideas centerpieces

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          This is one of the simplest graduation party ideas and something that can be whipped up very inexpensively. 

                          All you need is a few bouquets of flowers to take apart, a vase from the dollar store, and a picture of the grad!

                          3. Display Party Entrance Signs
                          graduation party ideas signs

                          See more pictures from my grad party here: The Secret To Throwing A Graduation Party People Will Remember

                          Copy This Party:

                          This sign is from my own graduation party! My friend and I painted these and put them at the entrance of our neighborhood to show guests where they need to go.

                          It was the perfect entrance to the party and helped set the theme.

                          4. Use Large Balloons As Photo Props
                          graduation party ideas decorations

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Is it really a graduation party without large number balloons?!

                          For real though, this is one of the most popular graduation party ideas because it makes a large impact at an extremely low cost.

                          It's also a super fun thing for your guests to hold while they take pictures with the graduate.

                          5. Display Cute Paper Straws
                          grad party ideas food

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Aren't these straws so cute?!

                          People will be so impressed to your attention to detail with these graduation straws.

                          6. Use Graduation Banners To Decorate Spaces
                          graduation party ideas decor

                          Picture from @Brit.Co.

                          Copy This Party:

                          One of my favorite graduation party ideas - graduation banners!

                          I had banners all over my grad party because they are so cute and are cheap (win-win!).

                          Nowadays, you can find all different kinds of graduation themed banners on Amazon.

                          7. Make (Or Order) Graduation Cap Cookies
                          graduation party ideas desserts cute

                          (source @Kristi Murphy)

                          These graduation themed cookies are the perfect addition to the dessert table.

                          8. Make These Graduation Cap Cupcake Stands
                          graduation party ideas desserts

                          These graduation cap cupcake stands are really easy to make and make a huge impact.

                          Click here to see the tutorial for this DIY.

                          9. Display a Graduation Memory Board
                          graduation party ideas for boys

                          Put together a memory board of all the major events that happened in high school.

                          This is such a fun thing for the guests and other high school graduates to look at and reminisce on all that has happened in the last four years.

                          10. Have a Chalk-Board Inspired Photo Backdrop
                          graduation party ideas photobooth

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Copy This Party:

                          If you're looking for inspiration for a graduation photo booth background, then this is it!

                          Chalkboard inspired backdrops are very popular and really are not hard to put-together. All you need is two large sheets of MDF (you can find this at Home Depot), some chalkboard paint, and chalk markers!

                          I love how in this picture they used a tassel garland to add some dimension to the board.

                          11. Decorate Cakes With Graduation Cake Toppers

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Top a simple cake with a graduation themed topper for an easy way to make the cake look much fancier.

                          12. Frame Graduation Inspired Quotes
                          black and white graduation party ideas

                          Print off inspirational quotes that relate to graduation and frame them around the party.

                          They add a big impact for a little price.

                          You can download my free graduation prints here.

                          13. String Lights Between Trees
                          outdoor graduation party ideas

                          Copy This Party:

                          How cute is this outdoor graduation party ideas?! 

                          Adding the lights across the trees makes the party feel much more cozy.

                          14. Set Out A Wisdom Jar For The Graduate
                          trendy graduation party ideas

                          Copy This Party:

                          When I graduated college, I was looking for as much advice as I could get! 

                          This is such a fun way for guests to get involved and give their top piece of advice to the graduate.

                          15. Come Up With An Instagram Hashtag
                          best graduation party ideas

                          Coming up with an Instagram hashtag is a great way to make sure that you are able to see all the pictures guests took while at your party!

                          Make sure the guests know what the hashtag is by placing a cute print out in frames around the party.

                          16. Use a Ladder To Display Graduation Decorations
                          creative graduation party ideas

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Who would have thought an old ladder would look this cute?!

                          Placing pieces of wood between a ladder is a very creative way to display snacks and other graduation party mementos.

                          17. Line Your Driveway With Old Photos
                          diy graduation party ideas

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          This is one of the most classic graduation party ideas and for good reason.

                          Not only will this show the guests the exact house the party is at but it also features all the cute photos of the graduate growing up!

                          18. Paint a Globe With A Graduation Themed Quote
                          cute graduation party ideas

                          Head to the local thrift store and see if you can get your hands on an inexpensive globe.

                          Paint the gold and add a cute saying on it and you've got the perfect graduation party ideas.

                          19. Use a Friends Inspired Photo Backdrop
                          graduation party ideas pictures

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          If I was a huge Friends fan I would have 100% used this at my graduation party.

                          One of my all-time favorite graduation party ideas!

                          Graduation Party Ideas For Daughter:

                          20. Set-up a Color-Coordinated Dessert Table
                          classy graduation party ideas for girls

                          (source @Kristi Murphy)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Isn't this graduation party idea beautiful....so obsessed.

                          I love the classiness this graduate and her mom were able to bring to her party!

                          21. Spray Paint Pineapples As Table Centerpieces
                          easy graduation party ideas centerpieces

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          This pineapple DIY is an easy centerpiece idea!

                          Stick in some pictures into the leaves of a pineapple and you've got the perfect graduation party centerpiece.

                          22. Decorate Cupcakes With This Graduation Cap DIY
                          graduation party ideas cupcakes

                          (source @Lil' Luna)

                          Copy This Party:

                          23. Use Pallet Boards As A Photo Wall
                          girly graduation party ideas

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Copy This Party:

                          I used pallet boards at my graduation but totally wish I would have used a garland and "yay" balloons like these girls did.

                          Such an easy backdrop but so cute and trendy at the same time.

                          24. Decorate With Large Balloons

                          36" inch balloons are all the rage for graduation party ideas and can be found in pictures all over Pinterest.

                          Best part? You can get 5 of these large balloons for less than $10 dollars.

                          25. Set Up a Photo Wall
                          graduation party

                          Display pictures of the graduates childhood on a large wood picture board.

                          26. Frame Your Garage With These Table Cloth Curtains
                          graduation party ideas garage

                          Copy This Party:

                          Can you believe those "curtains" on the garage doors are actually table cloths?!

                          This tutorial is really impressive and something everyone who is planning on having their graduation party in their garage should read.

                          27. Have A Rose Gold Themed Party
                          gold graduation party ideas

                          (source @Lauren Conrad)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Obsessed with rose gold?

                          These rose gold balloons and fringe would make for the perfect photo backdrop.

                          28. DIY a Rustic Cupcake Stand
                          grad party desserts

                          (source @Pinterest)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Buy or DIY this cute rustic holder to display all your cupcakes.

                          29. Use a Large Frame To Direct Guests
                          easy graduation ideas for girls

                          Paint a large frame center black and then add party details in cute font.

                          30. "Nacho Average Graduate" Taco Bar
                          graduation party ideas desserts

                          Is this not one of the cutest graduation party ideas?!

                          Everyone loves tacos and this is such a perfect way to tie it into a graduation party.

                          31. Decorate Balloons With Graduation Caps
                          girly graduation party decorations

                          (source @Lauren Conrad)

                          Copy This Party:

                          Easily decorate balloons by turning them into graduation caps.

                          Such a cute and fun idea to enhance the normal balloon!

                          32. Use Graduation Themed Napkins
                          graduation napkins

                          Copy This Party:

                          Don't forget about the small details!

                          Graduation themed napkins add a small but impactful touch to the party.

                          33. "Donut Forget About Me" Table
                          graduation party ideas

                          Copy This Party:

                          Who doesn't love donuts?! Set up a donut bar for your guests to grab from and anchor it with a graduation themed sign, "Donut Forget About Me".

                          34. Have a Spot For Guests To Write Notes
                          graduation party decor ideas

                          Copy This Party:

                          graduation globe

                          Use a globe to indicate to guests to leave a note for the graduate or paint a cute quote!

                          Graduation Party Ideas For Guys:

                          37. Have a "taco" themed graduation party.
                          graduation party ideas themes

                          (source @Etsy)

                          Copy This Party:

                          It can often to be hard to find graduation party ideas for guys but this taco themed party is such a great gender-neutral idea!

                          You could also take the idea from above and have a taco bar with a sign that says "Nacho Average Graduate". 

                          38.  Use balloons to display pictures.
                          graduation party ideas pictures

                          (source @Studio DIY)

                          How fun is this?!

                          Use balloons filled with helium to hold up special pictures of the graduate.

                          WANT 25+ FREE GRADUATION PARTY PRINTABLES?!

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                            39. DIY these graduation cap party favors.
                            graduation party ideas party favors

                            (source @No Biggie)

                            Don't let your guests leave empty handed and follow the party theme with these graduate gumball favors.

                            40. Showcase sports memorabilia in a creative way.
                            graduation party ideas for son

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            Trying to find a creative way to display sport memorabilia and/or trophies?

                            Use a pallet board and table to showcase all the sporting equipment.

                            41. Use Coffee Beans As A Centerpiece
                            graduation party ideas for guys

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            Use coffee beans in a cup to hold picture sticks.

                            42. Place Cupcakes In Shape of Graduation Year
                            graduation party ideas 2020

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            This is an extremely easy way to situate cupcakes in a way that goes with the graduation theme.

                            43. Have a Nike Inspired Graduation Party
                            graduation party for boys

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            How fun would a Nike themed graduation party be?!

                            44. Have a S'mores Bar
                            creative graduation party desserts

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            A s'mores bar is the perfect outdoor activity to have for your guests.

                            I mean, who doesn't love some s'mores?!

                            45. Have Guests Address Their Envelope
                            grad party ideas

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            Copy This Party Idea:

                            Plan ahead and have your guests write their address on a card.

                            Not only does this save you time, but it will also ensure that all guest addresses are correct.

                            46. Buy a Graduation Card Holder

                            Use a graduation card holder for your guests to put their cards and money into for the grad.

                            This makes sure that the cards don't blow away and that there is a specific spot for them so they don't get lost.

                            Graduation Party Ideas 2019:

                            47. Use 2019 Balloons For An Easy Photo Background
                            graduation party ideas 2019

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            Copy This Party:

                            Here is another graduation party ideas featuring balloon numbers!

                            This is really easy backdrop that you can set up for your guests to take photos in front of.

                            48. Display Pictures On Your Graduation Year
                            2019 graduation party ideas

                            (source @Shindigz)

                            Aren't these so fun?! Use your own photos in a shape of your graduation year for this graduation party idea.

                            49. Use Candle Holders To Hold Wood Numbers
                            creative graduation party ideas 2019

                            Copy This Party:

                            Place your mache letters on top of candle stick holders so they can be easily seen throughout the party!

                            50. Fill Champagne Glasses With Candy
                            graduation party ideas

                            (source @Hobby Lobby)

                            Copy This Party:

                            Fill champagne flutes with candy and turn them into graduation hats! 

                            51. Hang Graduation Signs On Front Of House
                            graduation party ideas college

                            (source @Pinterest)

                            Hang up signs in front of your house to allow guests to know where the party is being thrown.

                            52. DIY a Graduation Wreath
                            graduation party ideas cheap

                            (source @DIY Beautify)

                            Did you know that you could make this beautiful wreath out of a pool noodle?!

                            You can find this graduation party tutorial here.

                            This post was all about the best graduation party ideas.

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