The Best Sales of The Week- February 2nd-9th, 2018

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Question- Is Michael Kohrs and Nasty Gal going out of business? There are so many good sales there this week!! It’s the time of the year where I am so divided on wanting winter and spring clothes. Wisconsin still has a long way to go before spring, but everywhere is starting to bring clothes out!

I actually went to Nordstrom today to exchange some black booties for another pair of black booties and there was barely anything to choose from. Spring is coming quick!!

This week was my first week of classes for second semester and I can’t believe how fast it flew by. I am so happy to be back with my friends and back in the routine of things.

My classes aren’t terrible this semester and I am starting a lot of my major related classes (interior design and architecture) so I am really enjoying what I am doing.

I had some really good posts come out this week that you may be interested in:

How I Made $414.05 In Extra Income This Month and Monthly Goals

10 Surprising Ways To Decorate Your Apartment On A Budget

Hope everyone has a great weekend and it doesn’t end too quickly!

How I Made $414.05 in Extra Income in January and Monthly Goals″>gnright wp-image-1401″ src=”×300.png” alt=”” width=”250″ height=”375″ />

With the new year, I have decided that every month I will be going through how much money I made, how I made it, and my goals for the previous and future month.

Ben (my boyfriend) was still home from college until the 8th and when he is around I tend to do absolutely nothing. I always am so on the go that it was nice in the beginning to have literally nothing to do but it got old real quick:). He headed back to college on the 8th and unfortunately a mixture of being sick and not having any motivation to do anything lead to… well, me doing absolutely nothing (again). I honestly don’t think there is a Youtube video out there that I haven’t seen in the last few weeks. My school just started so I had about three weeks where everyone was already back to school and it was just me with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

This month I had a major fail and that was being apart of the Acro and Tumbling Team at my school. I was a gymnast for basically my whole life until I quit junior year of high school and I thought this would be a great way to meet some new girls and be back to a “gymnastics” type of sport. Unfortunately, I only lasted a week because my body is just so beat from the years of gymnastics.

Since my break was so long, I headed out to Iowa to visit Ben. My dad had points for a hotel room and it was so nice to have a place to just hang out with him and watch TV. Theres not too much to do where he goes to school so our days revolved around where we were going to eat ;). I ended up leaving just in time because they got a huge snow storm and all classes were canceled!

I am so excited to be back to school and actually have things to do! I am the type of person that thrives when I am SO busy so not having anything to do has really messed with my productivity. I am in a slight dilemma with my major because I am now thinking I want to fully major in architecture (I am currently majoring in Interior Design and Architecture) but my school doesn’t offer that as a major. I could get my masters in it but that would be three more years of school (and three more years I would have to pay for..ugh!). I have time to figure it out but at the same time, really don’t have much time at all.

I barely worked in January due to being sick and the family I babysit for not needing me so it was a really low income month for me. I didn’t make much money but I did finally save $1,000 (well technically $967) for me to buy Elite Blogging Academy. It comes out March 5th and I am so excited to take it!! Kind of a bummer that I didn’t make a lot of money, but it makes me super motivated to bring in money next month!

February Goals
  1. Only spend $50.00. This could be a hard one but since I don’t have any payments besides my car (I am not counting that in the $50) I don’t really have any need to spend money. I am working on not going out to eat as much so hopefully this is motivation to eat at home/at school.
  2. Workout 3 times a week. I just stopped my membership to Orange Theory but need to keep up my workout so I am going to start Kayla Itsines’ program again.
  3. Hang out with friends on the weekend at least twice. I love being social but since I live so close to home from where I go to school, I tend to come home a lot and hang out here. My sister is home so I do want to come home still, but I want to make it a priority to spend a couple weekend nights with my friends.
  4. Make $500 dollars this month. To reach this goal, I will have to find some side jobs since I had to take off some hours of my normal babysitting with my school schedule this semester. I have some ideas so hopefully I will follow through!
  5. Put $300 towards car payment. Since I was saving for the Elite Blogging Academy I put a pause on adding extra to my car payments so I really want to start putting as much towards this as I can. I have $3,093.56 left to pay but in less than a year I have put over $4,900 towards it so I am pretty pleased!! I want it gone!
  6. Manually pin the whole month. I have been using schedulers for all my Pinterest pins because its so easy but my traffic has been so low I am about to do just about anything to bring it up again. A blogger I follow, Carly Campbell, has had huge success on manual pinning (and makes over $15,000 a month blogging) so I bought her book (” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Pinteresting Strategies) and am going to try out the techniques. It takes a lot of time which is why I have been holding off so I guess we will see if it is worth it! I am planning on doing a whole post on this in March going over my results.
  7. Post at least once a week on my blog. Would love to do two but I have no idea how much work my classes will be this semester so we will see how that goes!
Blog Goals
  • Pinterest Followers: I am currently at 527 followers and want to get to 600.
  • Pageviews: Ughh!! This has been down SO much for me ever since I switched from Blogspot to WordPress (seriously, if you are starting a blog start on WordPress!!! Worst decision for me blogging ever was starting on Blogspot). In January I received 13,671 views and want to get 15,000 in February.
  • Email Subscribers: I haven’t been active emailing my subscribers which I know is important but I still am getting a decent amount. Right now I have 2,388 and would love to get to 2,500.
  • Start debt payoff interviews: I have wanted to do this series for ever but have kept pushing it off so this month I actually want to get it!

Extra Monthly Income in January

*Because I am a full time student I consider any money I make to be “extra”*

Babysitting: $314.00

Blogging Affiliate Income: $100.05

Mom Money (My parents are divorced and I am under my dad for all money related purchases so my mom will send me money randomly when she can): $250.00 

So I made a total of $414.05.

For barely working at all this month, I am pretty satisfied. I am really hoping I pass the $500 dollar mark next month!

how to start a blog limited time deal


Gucci Belt | Chloe Bag | Valentino Sandal | David Yurman Bracelet | Free People Dress | Cartier Bracelet | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Chloe Bag (Bottom of Image) | Hermes Belt

I  have been putting every possible penny towards paying off my car loan but every once in awhile I get a huge itch to shop... I see so many designer pieces I want but could never justify getting and couldn't believe when I was on Amazon the other day and saw a Gucci belt dupe for...wait for it.. $14.99!!

This kind of gOt my mind thinking what else Amazon has that is a dupe for a designer piece and I couldn't believe how much there was out there for so much cheaper.

Obviously, it won't be the same quality but for a broke college student I will gladly take these. I haven't purchased the belt yet just because I really don't want to spend money but I can vouge on the quality of the Valentino dupe sandals.

I bought these last summer and love them!! The bottom has a weird plastic layer (on the actual bottom of the shoe that hits the sidewalk) that I ended up just pulling off. I did have an issue with it not being tight enough on my foot so I made another hole in the leather. Otherwise, I love them!

Here's two pics of me wearing them:

(really channeling my inner model here I guess..;)

Don't those dupes look pretty good? They have a few more colors that I think I might purchase for this summer/spring break.

While on the note of Amazon, do you guys use the prime deal for students? If you didn't know, you can get free 6-month amazon prime with any student email (edu) which includes free two-day shipping and Amazon video. I just started using Amazon video because I got bored of Netflix options and I love it!! I've been watching The Good Wife if anyone is curious;).

If you know of any other designer dupes let me know and I will add them!

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8 Important Money Tips You Need To Learn In College

Saving money in high school seemed like the most pointless thing to do.

I always had a job during high school, but every time without fail, I would find something I NEED and go spend all the money I just had earned.

I would buy things from expensive clothes to rugs for my room (okay, I do still sometimes appreciate these purchases because I get to enjoy them now but ya get my point...).

I can't even begin to think how much money I "wasted" from all my pointless shopping. But, honestly, it came from simply not knowing anything about money.

It then came time for me to go to college and take out my first loan-- and I thought I was having a full on life crisis.

How in the world was I going to pay for this and what the F did I do with all the money I've made in the last four years?!

I KNOW I am not the only one that that happened too.

I quickly kicked my butt into gear and read book after book on money, listened to Dave Ramsey's podcasts every. single. day, and have asked a ton of adults different money advice.

While I obviously still have a lot to learn, I have increased my savings by a HUGE amount, am consistently putting hundreds of dollars extra every month into my debts, and I am figuring out things that will make my future life SO much better.

These are 8 things I have learned that have completely changed my mind-set on money and believe will be highly beneficial for other millennials to learn as well.

To get what you want, you need to go after what you want. 

Successful people aren't lucky.

Well, for the most part successful people aren't just lucky. They WORK for everything they have.

I used to think that opportunities would fall into peoples laps and if you think positive, it will work out for you. I don't know if I was just WAY blinded or what, but there is a reason certain people consistently get into the best colleges, quickly climb up the job ladder, and set themselves up for an enjoyable life.

If you want a certain job, apply to a TON of internships that would make you be the best candidate for that job. Then, if you get an interview, practice for it. Learn the best way to set yourself apart from other people wanting the same end-goal. After your interview, write a thank you note. Then consistently try your best every day, always ask questions, and go above and beyond. Believe me, people can tell when you are truly putting your best effort towards something.

Join clubs, form connections with professors, and be nice to EVERYONE. You never know the different connections people have that could end up helping you.


college packing list

Simplify your college packing with our amazing FREE Dorm Packing List. Simply click the button below to get your College Dorm Packing List delivered straight to your inbox!

Realize that debt isn't always an option, BUT make it a priority to pay it off ASAP.

I am an avid Dave Ramsey fan but if there is one thing I disagree with him about is how its possible to not take out a single student loan.

Obviously, if you got a full ride or you are getting help from family this doesn't apply. But, for people that are paying for everything by themselves I just don't know how it is possible with the amount college is. (if you figure out a way, please help a girl out)

I was SO upset by the fact that I had to take out debt and literally thought that my life was over because of it.

What I have learned is that sometimes taking out debt is not an option. It would take me YEARS to save up the $60,000 at a minimum base job and then to go to school after that would probably just not happen and I KNOW this is the case for a lot of people.

So, I had to turn my thinking around and just make it a priority every month to put as much toward these debts as possible.

I have consistently held a job on top of being a full-time student and while sometimes its not ideal, it is definitely doable if you plan according.

{READ: How I Made $617.78 In Two Weeks From My College Dorm}

This has allowed me to put money toward my student loans BEFORE the interest starts when I graduate. This is why its so important to start addressing your debts before you graduate!

Spend less than you make.

*cue my high school self*

I ask successful adults tips a lot regarding money and spending less than you make is the most responded answer.

So, I am taking it very seriously because whats not broken, shouldn't be fixed (that quote makes sense there, right? :/).

Spending less than you make will give you more opportunity to invest, save towards future purchases, and most importantly, donate to your church or other charitable causes.

Also, if you get this mentality now, just imagine the amount of money you could save if you lived off of just your spouse income and put all of your income into investments or vice much!!

Determining how you set your budget, could determine your future. 

Figuring out the best way for me to budget is honestly what got me into the rhythm of saving a ton of money.

I personally use The Every Dollar. I like this because it gives you the option to make it on the computer, an app, or you can print it out.

The reason I really like The Every Dollar compared to another budgeting app like Minted is because it works on a basis where every single dollar has a place to go. This is really helpful to me because then I don't make as many useless purchases (emphasis on the AS many...whoops!).

I also use the "envelope system". In simple explanation, all the money that I budget to spend on food, groceries, shopping, etc I take out in cash so that when it's gone, it's gone!

{READ: How I Increased My Savings By 300% With One Easy Step}

I also have over $1,000 in an emergency fund that is through a different bank so it is not easy for me to reach, but if I do have an emergency I can get to it. I put mine in a money market since it makes just slightly more than a savings account.

Most recently, I made my first investment purchase....Bitcoin! Yeah, this could have been a really dumb investment on my part with the way its going BUT I only put $150 into it so I am willing to risk it. And who knows, maybe it will make me a millionaire one day ;). Wishful thinking, but I am pretty happy about starting to slightly get into investments!

People who give, come out on top.

Do you know a family that it just seems that every thing works out for them?

I know a family like this but they are SO nice. Like seriously the nicest people I have ever met. They are constantly donating their time to church, going on mission trips, and fostering children.

But, they also live really well. And I truly believe they have such a good life, because God knows that they use the money they receive in the way its suppose to be used-- to help other people!

Obviously, this is just a theory but its a little food for thought.

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does lead to opportunities.

Unpopular opinion, I strongly believe money DOES buy happiness.

I have personally seen the stress it can take on a family to constantly be worried about and I KNOW that I never want to have to worry about that.

Now, clearly, money can be spent in the wrong way and it can completely ruin peoples lives.

I think thats more of a personality indication what you do with your money. If used "right" (people definitely have their own opinion of what is right) you could allow yourself to go on vacation, pay for you child's education, give back to people that need it, live in a safe neighborhood, and save for retirement.

So, while money doesn't "buy" happiness, it can lead to purchases that make you very happy.

The major you choose IS important.

I feel like this could be slightly controversial but the major you choose should definitely depict the lifestyle you want to live.

I am all about following your dreams, but make sure there is a set plan and always a back up plan just in case :).

We all know majors that pay big and small, so I am not going to get into that.

However, I think that "testing the waters" in a way to make sure that if you're major tends to not necessarily pay a lot, lets you realize if you truly want to go that direction or not.

There are SO many ways to save money.

I was the first to admit that I knew NOTHING about money. Like seriously nothing.

I then was introduced to Dave Ramsey and read every single one of his books. I highly recommend reading his book, Complete Guide to Money (plus, it happens to be on sale right now!).

This was a pretty quick read but taught me literally everything about money. I had no idea all the different investment options, retirement savings, how much to save for a house, etc.

It also shows a really effective way to pay off debt so for all us student loaners, read it!

If you aren't ready to plunge into a book, then there are many great websites out their that have a ton of different saving options and explains which one will be the best option for you. You're going to hate me, but my favorite is the blog on I truly believe that his information is the best out there!

Alright, that's it for my money tips!! I hope that was helpful! I am curious if you agree/disagree with my points. Let me know, I love hearing people opinions!

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Places That Give Student Discounts | 49 Genius Places That Give Student Discounts That You Didn’t Know About

This post is all about places that give student discounts.

student discounts every college student should knowHave you ever used a student discount? I recently just started using them religiously and don't even want to think about the amount of money that I possibly could have saved (maybe slightly dramatic but definitely could have paid for a nice new pair of shoes or two).

I knew places offered student discounts but thought it was only a few places like Spotify and Amazon. However, when I was in Topshop a few weeks ago they had a sign saying they have a student discount with a valid student ID and it got me doing a little research on more places that offer similar discounts.

I ended up realizing that basically every single store I shop at offers a student discount :/. That's great, but why the heck am I just learning about this now after being a student for what, my whole freaking life?! Please tell me I am not the only one that was in the dark about this.

I quickly learned that a lot of stores "linked" up with this website called UniDays. UniDays is a free website that takes literally a minute to sign up but it makes you put in your student email to prove you are a student and then gives you discounts to HUNDREDS of stores. I personally have never heard of it before, but since signing up last week I have used it twice and I LOVE it!

In a way it is a little bit annoying because the stores don't just present the discount on their website specifically so in a lot of cases you have to go on UniDays to find the discount. But, UniDays has it set up so that it is super easy to navigate and you can find anything in literally two seconds.

This isn't sponsored at all (but UniDays should hmu ;)but because of how many codes are through there, I am going to show you exactly to find the discounts. It's honestly so easy that I am almost 100% positive you can figure it out by yourself BUT if you can't, I am here to show you;).  If you just want to see the deals, keep scrolling and just skip this part!

You can sign up for FREE at Unidays with this link. 

unidays website screenshot

After logging into UniDays go to the upper right search bar area (notice it highlighted in my pink box;). Type the store you want to receive a discount from and click on it. student discount website

Press the box "Get Now". (haha, now are you realizing how easy it is?!)

urban outfitters student discount

Then press "Reveal Code"....urban outfitters student discount

...and copy the code! Then you can just put the code in the "coupon" section of wherever you're shopping and it will work. All the codes are single use (which is why I couldn't just give you the code for all of these!) so if you want to purchase something their again and use the code, you need to just repeat those steps. 

I also found a TON of websites that just have a generic code for student discounts that I also would included in this post and have personally been using myself.

There is savings all the way from major #adulting purchases like insurance to much more enjoyable purchases like clothing.

PS: If you really want to be a saver, sign up for Ebates!! Hands down my favorite way to save money EVER! And no, once again this is not sponsored! I just love it. Since I signed up in September I have been paid $121.65 and it just got deposited in my bank account so hollah ;).

Now, let's finally get to the point of this post!


ASOS: Shop ASOS through UniDays to receive 10% off.

J. Crew: 15% off discount on all full price items.

Kate Spade: 15% off full price items when student ID presented in-store.

1-800-Flowers: 20% off with student discount.

Topshop: Get 10% off in store and online.

Banana Republic: Take 15% off in store with valid ID.

Urban Outfitters: Shop Urban Outfitters through UniDays to receive an extra 10% off all sale items.

Charlotte Russe: Receive 10% off purchases at select stores.

Madewell: Students can receive 15% off when showing their student ID.

Alex & Ani: Receive 10% off full purchase.

Adidas: Shop Adidas through UniDays to receive an extra 15% off all online purchases.

American Eagle: Enjoy 20% on American Eagle online with a code from UniDays.

BCBGeneration: Shop BCBGeneration through UniDays to receive an extra 30% off the whole website.

Boohoo: Extra 25% off sale when used with code from UniDays (limited!!)

Club Monaco: Receive an extra 15% off with code from UniDays.

Express: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with Express online at

For Love and Lemons: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with For Love & Lemons online through UniDays.

Missguided: Enjoy 30% Student Discount when you shop with Missguided online through UniDays.

Princess Polly: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with Princess Polly online with UniDays code.

Show Me Your Mumu: Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with Show Me Your Mumu with UniDays code.

Tobi: Enjoy 30% Student Discount when you shop with Tobi online  through UniDays.

UGG: Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with UGG online  through UniDays.

Under Armour: With code from UniDays enjoy an extra 10% Off site wide sale when you shop with Under Armour.

Wildfox: Enjoy 15% Student Discount when you shop with Wildfox online and in store.

Aerie: 10 percent off in-store only. Must show a valid student ID.


BH Cosmetics: Receive a 10% student discount with code from UniDays.

Sigma: Enjoy 10% Student Discount when you shop with Sigma Beauty online through UniDays.


Subway: Receive 10% off at participating locations.

Burger King: Receive 10% off your purchase when you show your ID.

Qdoba: $5 dollar student burrito bowls.

Dairy Queen: 10% off your purchase.

Pizza Hut: 10-20% off depending on your nearest location.

Chick-Fil-A: Receive a free drink when you show them your ID.

Chipotle: Most locations offer free drink when shown ID. *Side note: Their queso SUCKS! It literally tasted like chalk... so sad.

Buffalo Wild WingShow your student ID and get up to 10 percent off.

Dunkin DonutsGet up to 10 percent off when you show your student ID.

Transportation and Insurance

Chevrolet: Offers certain discounts on selected vehicles.

Coach USA: 15% off tickets to OR from the city where your student ID is from.

Allstate: Up to 20% off for full-time students up to the age of 25.

Geico: Full-time students between ages of 16 and 25 can get up to $200 off Geico car insurance when they maintain a “B” average or better.

Statefarm: Depending on your location, you can get up to 25% off.


Sprint: Varies depending on your school but average students receive 10% off monthly plans.

Verizon: Depending on your school, you could be eligible for a student discount.

AT&T: Offers discount at participating schools.

T-Mobile: Discount available with form filled out.


Amazon: Free prime membership (which includes 6 months of free two-day shipping) AND prime video. I think we can all agree this is one of the better deals 😉

Spotify Premium: For $4.99 a month you get Spotify Premium AND Hulu.

Hulu: ^^^

Apple Music: Receive first three months free with code from UniDays.

HBO GO: Free access to HBO GO.

Weren't there some really good places on that list?! Like places that you actually shop at and could benefit from a little discount.

With all the money we're throwing at college I am glad its saving us a little money in another aspect of our life ;).

Did this post help you find places that give student discounts?

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How To Clean Hunter Boots With One Simple Ingredient

I am the biggest fan of Hunter boots. From how easy it is to slide them on to being able to go in public in pajamas with how much of your legs they cover– they’re a huge win in my opinion.

BUT, this winter Wisconsin weather can make them dirrttyyy. Like so dirty I get embarrassed to wear them.

I was desperate for an easy way to clean my hunter boots but every post I went to listed some bizarre cleaning supplies that I didn’t have OR want to spend the money on.

I remember reading awhile back that olive oil was a good way to clean leather and while these aren’t leather I figured I would give it a try since I want a similar shiny finish.

This simple cleaning hack will make your Hunter rain boots look brand new in just minutes with ONE ingredient. 

Supplies: Hunter Boots (obvi), Olive Oil, Cleaning Cloth

Alright, read close because this gets super complicated (this is me trying to be funny through a blog post…:/):

-Take a cloth and put olive oil on it.

-Take that cloth covered in olive oil and rub all over your dirty boots. Make sure to really rub so that it gets rid of the marks.

-Take a clean cloth and rub over boot so that you get rid of the slippery feeling of the olive oil and keep rubbing it until it is dry.

-Enjoy your brand new boots 😉

That is it!! Isn’t that easy? I was being dramatic about the complicated thing too (alright, lame joke :/). I thought that since I was wondering how to do this someone else was probably wondering too.

Since this post was so short I thought I would add in some of my favorite winter finds of this year. It has been SO cold here (like -10 degrees ever day) that I have been living in my J Crew Jacket or my North face jacket, gloves, and hat basically 24/7!

I have the same hat listed above in black just couldn’t find a pic of it! I usually hate hats and never wear them but I love this one. It doesn’t make me look like a potato!!

Alright, I know that was a quick post but I thought it was a good little hack! It is SO easy to do and takes so little time I want every Hunter owner to know ;).

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Transferring Colleges After One Year | A Complete Guide to Transferring Colleges

This post is all about the important steps to transferring colleges after one year.

a complete guide to transferring colleges

Did you know that 1/3rd of all students transfer colleges according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center?

I am proudly apart of that statistic and could not be happier about how my transferring went and how much I LOVE my new school.

But don't get me wrong, I was SO nervous about going somewhere new and not knowing a lot of people. I know so many people that transfer, but going into a new school as the "new girl" is SO scary!

I started out at a larger state school in Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) and ended up transferring to a small (5,000 students) Christian college (Concordia University) much closer to my home. I thought I wanted the bigger school, but after being there, I quickly learned it wasn't for me.

I learned a lot from transferring and met so many people I can't imagine not ever NOT knowing, and feel like there was a few specific things I did that has made my transfer experience so great.

BTW, while I downsized in my school of choice these "tips" I have put together will work at any size!! 

This post shows you the ins and outs of transferring colleges after one year.

STEP 1: You NEED to go in with an open mind.

Before I even went to my original school, I hated it. In all honestly, I probably should have just taken a semester off and figured out what I really wanted instead of just following what everyone else was doing.

La Crosse was a great school and so many people love it, but I always never really wanted to go there. This mindset completely ruined my experience and I can guarantee if I went in with a more positive attitude and actually gave it a chance, I would have really liked it.

When you go to your new school, you HAVE to go in and tell yourself you love it. If you keep telling yourself that, you brain will actually start putting two and two together that you do in fact, love it!

I had a few thoughts in the back of my head about Concordia and whether or not I was actually going to like it there but every time I thought about it or when someone asked me, I consistently said how excited I was and how much I am going to love it.

Of course you'll never really know if you're going to like something until you're there but this simple reminder to yourself to give it a chance could end up changing your whole experience.

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STEP 2: Find ONE Person You Know at Your New School.

At my new school, I really didn't know one person at all going into it. I have never truly been in an environment where I didn't know at least one person until I transferred to Concordia. (If you already know someone at your school, you can ignore this section!!)

Because I really didn't know anyone, I started searching for ONE person that could give me some tips and maybe introduce me to some people once I am their. To find this person I had to do some stalking and really dig deep into my first experience with networking ;).

I ended up learning that a guy that goes to my boyfriends college girlfriend, goes to Concordia (could you keep up with that hahah told you I dug deep into those mutual friends!). I messaged her on Facebook and was basically like...

"Hey! I am Ben's girlfriend and I am debating transferring to Concordia. Do you like it?!"

She was probably so confused, but she messaged back saying how she liked it and we ended up talking for awhile. I actually went back to her multiple times throughout the next couple of months and asked her more specific questions about classes, food plans, dorms, etc.

It was so helpful having at least someone to go to when I had questions. When move in day came, I was moving in with a ton of Freshman and doing activities with them. That was fine, and I am still friends with some of the freshman I met,but  I wanted to meet some people that were my age.

The girl I messaged, ended up completely taking me under her wing and introduced me to all of her friends. Now, this whole group is some of my closest friends at Concordia and it all happened with one message on Facebook!

Honestly, I don't know if I would have been that outgoing before to message a random girl on Facebook but me doing so gave me instant friends when I knew no one!

SO, moral of that ramble, if you don't have a friend that goes to your school already I highly recommend stalking people on Facebook or Insta that look like you could be friends with and message them! The worst thing they will do is not answer.... but I don't think someone would ever NOT answer unless they didn't see the message. At least not someone worth being friends with :).

STEP 3: Be outgoing!

When I am in an uncomfortable position, I tend to act "to cool for school" :/. I know, not good.. but I think a lot of people are like this which is why I think its such an important step!

What I mean by this is lets say I am waiting in line with a ton of people to get my room key or to fill out paper work, I used to just stick my nose in my phone or just rudely look people up and down (no, I don't mean to do this it just happens!!) instead of saying hi to them or asking their name.

I tried to change my ways and when I was waiting in line for different things at Concordia, I would ask where the people next to me were from or what dorm they're living in. You know, small talk but at least I was familiarizing myself with them and if I saw them in the hallway a few days later I could give them a smile!

I can say for a fact that I played my "to cool for school" attitude my freshman year at La Crosse. I am not sure if I was able to be more confident just because I was a sophomore and kind of knew the gist of what was going on, but talking to those people gave me more of a sense of belonging, if that makes sense.

I would also try to smile whenever I was passing people in the hallway or hold the door open if someone needed it. AND, a big step for me, if someone was in a room close to my new room, I would introduce myself! At La Crosse I did NOT do that and actually closed my door when everyone was moving in... be social!! I promise you it makes things so much better and makes people feel much more inclined to talk to you.

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STEP 4: Go to most events, but if someone asks you to do something, DO IT!

I transferred to Concordia for my sophomore year, so it wasn't mid year but I am almost positive they have this for fall and spring semester. 

You know how there is usually a welcome weekend for new students where the school puts on all these different events? Those are primarily for freshman but they either have the transfer students join them or set up something separate for the transfer students.

In my situation, they had the transfer students just join the freshman. I DID NOT want to go these events at all but literally forced myself to go because I knew that just maybe I could meet friends. And little do you know.. I met some friends!

The games were dumb and not really fun, but it was nice to interact with people going through the same thing as me and feeling just as uncomfortable as I was.

I went to almost all the events but there was one at night where it was those group games and I was not feeling it at all. A girl I met asked me if I wanted to go with her and a bunch of other friends to their room and it was so much less awkward because we were all just hanging out like normal kids.

All in all, I learned to definitely go to all the events the school offers BUT if you're invited to do something else, go!!

STEP 5: Sit by people in classes.

The first day of classes can be so awkward because everyone doesn't really know whats going on. I forced myself to sit by someone in every class. I would make small talk to them and it basically gave me an instant friend.

Honestly, most of these people I made small talk too ended up being my friends throughout the whole semester and made it so much better in class.

In one class, I sat next to a guy and literally said "I'm sitting next to you because you look cool" (so awk of me) and now he's one of my closest friends at Concordia.

This kind of goes with being outgoing but seriously, finding friends in a class makes it so much more fun!

Transferring colleges can be so scary, but I promise if you go into it with a good, outgoing attitude, you will love it!! AND, something I used to remind myself all the time-- It's ONE week of feeling uncomfortable. Just get through that first week and things will start feeling normal.

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