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This post is all about organization hacks.
organization hacks

As a college student, I know firsthand just how hard it is to organize your belongings in a small space on a budget.

However, you may not have thought about heading to the dollar store for your organizing needs. This means that just for a few dollars you can have a cleaner space and cleaner space = better feeling.

This post is all about organization hacks.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Bathroom:

1. Baskets as Shelving

organization hacks

Picture from Good Housekeeping

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How cute is this?! Love this as a decorative option but also a place to store supplies. I also think it would be cute to put some succulents or a candle. Obviously, I wouldn't use that candle in the basket but you get the idea 😉 Then when you want to change things up, you have a cute basket to use!

2. Hang Bins Inside Door

organization hacks
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I always have hair-ties and clips lying around and it drives me crazy! Picking up some of these small bins could be the answer to solving this issue plus you can use command hooks to hang them up which makes it dorm/apartment friendly. These trays comes in packs of 3 for $1 dollar...can't beat that!


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3. Bathroom Drawer Organization

organization hacks dollar stores

Picture from Bless'Er House

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I am going to go run to the dollar store to do this one myself. I love the thought of having everything separated and set apart. These baskets come in white too at the Dollar Store.

4. Candle Decor for Bathroom Necessities Storage

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Such a cute idea! All this is is a candle stick base and then a candle vase. Hot glue it and put your bathroom supplies in it.

5. Command Hooks to Store Hair Supplies

Picture from Craft River

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Another great college idea! I get so annoyed about having my straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer just sitting with the cords everywhere in my drawers. Put some command hooks up and you're good to go.

6. Hooks to Hang Shower Products

organization hacks

Picture from the Craft River

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This one involves having a certain type of bottle, but if you have this soft kind than you're good to go with this!

7. Use Containers to Organize Under the Sink

Picture from Coco 29

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Organizing your cabinet not only makes it look better but it will also help you save money. With it separated out, you can see exactly what you need instead of not being able to find it and go buy more.

8. Magnetic Strips for Bobby Pins and Nail Supplies

Picture from DIY N Crafts

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How smart is this?! I honestly have not thought of this. I always have bobby pins laying around and they are the most annoying thing! This would solve so many issues.

This post is all organization hacks.
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