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Ready to get your place sparkling clean? These TikTok hacks are the most genius ones out there that will make cleaning easier and better.

tiktok cleaning hacks

I think we can all admit we have become 100x smarter because of TikTok. I mean seriously, I have learned SO many hacks and ideas I had never heard of before.

If you know me well or keep up with BSL it should come as no surprise that my entire "fyp" is all things cleaning, organization, and decor. Being on this side of TikTok I have come across some of the absolute most genius cleaning hacks that I can't believe I've never heard before.

After finding TikTok cleaning hacks I always give them a try! Granted, some worked a little (or a lot) better than others but now I'm here to tell you exactly which TikTok cleaning hacks worked and which didn't. After seeing these genius cleaning hacks your life is 100% going to be changed forever.

This post is all about the best TikTok cleaning hacks.


1. Clean Up Dirt While Sweeping With A Wet Paper Towel


Have you tried this cleaning hack.. video idea from @shimmyshim17 ##lifehacks360 ##cleaninghacks

♬ Drip Like A Faucet - Yosh Hollywood

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

You know when you go to sweep up your pile of dirt into the dustpan and it takes like 50 tries to get all of it in? This TikTok cleaning hack ensures every speck of dirt and dust is picked up after you sweep!

2. Easily Remove Baking Pan Burn Marks With These Products


how to get rid of those insanely annoying burn marks on your sheet pans that don’t come off (this stuff is magic!!!)##cleaningtiktok

♬ original sound - bysophialee

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

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3. Did You Know You're Supposed To Empty And Clean Your Washing Machine Filter?

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

I, along with many others, had no idea your washing machine filter was something that needed to be cleaned! This TikTok cleaning hack shows you just how to do it.

4. Mess-Free Way To Clean The Dust Off Your Ceiling Fan

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

I can’t tell you how many times I have put off cleaning the dust off my ceiling fan because I didn’t want to dirty up my bedding. This TikTok cleaning hack shows you how to fast and efficiently clean your ceiling fan without causing any mess at all! This one is seriously a game-changer.

5. Use A Soap Dispensing Dish Sponge To Clean Baseboards

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

These little dish dispensing dish brushes are good for so many things! I don’t know why I never thought to use these to clean the baseboard of my apartment but it is seriously so smart.

6. Use Ice + Baking Soda To Clean Your Disposal

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

Every sink disposal needs a good clean once in a while! According to this TikTok cleaning hack, pour in a cup of ice, baking soda, and lemon (optional but for scent), to disinfect the disposal in your sink! I use this hack alllll the time and it really does work!

You can also buy these disposal cleaner drops that work really well too!

7. Use A Butter Knife + Microfiber Cloth To Scrub In Between Small Cracks

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

Everyone knows the struggle of trying to clean food and dirt out of small cracks. Using just a butter knife and wrapping it with a microfiber cloth will allow you to scrub and clean out all those hard-to-reach places!

8. Easily Clean Blender

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

I mean, this one should have been obvious but I had never thought about doing this before! Pour some water and dish soap into your blender and run it like you would during normal use! Rinse after and your blender is sparkling clean- no disassembly required.

9. Your Floor Tile Grout Probably Isn't Supposed To be That Dark

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

If you have tile flooring in any part of your house this TikTok cleaning hack is one you definitely need to see. Who knew the grout in your tile wasn’t actually supposed to be that dark?!

10. These Are The 2 Best Cleaning Products Together

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

The Pink Stuff + a Scrub Daddy is a match made in heaven. This duo is super effective in cleaning so many things! Example A: this kitchen appliance her husband made a huge mess in.

11. Disinfect Your Dish Sponge


one of my favorite cleaning hacks ever - how to clean your dish sponge in your microwave ?? ##cleaning ##cleaninghacks ##cleaningtips ##sophialee

♬ original sound - bysophialee

Did you know that you actually need to be cleaning your cleaning supplies too? Here is my super simple TikTok cleaning hack on how to disinfect your sponges that essentially requires zero effort.

12. Remove Yellow Rings + Water Stains With This Product


Posting random stuff until tiktok takes me out of timeout ? ##cleantok ##cleaninghack ##foryou

♬ Aesthetic - Xilo

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

Have yellow stains in your tub from water residue that you just can’t get up? This TikTok cleaning hack shows you the best products and methods of getting rid of those pesky stains.

13. Clean Windows + Doors By Cutting A Sponge

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

Here is another TikTok cleaning hack that really should have been common sense but regardless is so smart! Cut slits in your sponge to get in between the hard-to-reach cracks in your doors and windows.

14. Clean Dust Off Your Baseboards With A Dryer Sheet

Use this TikTok cleaning hack:

Dryer sheets are made to catch dust and dirt so this cleaning hack makes perfect sense! Use a dryer sheet to catch all the dust when cleaning your baseboards.

15. Clean Dingy Shower Knobs

If you have a plastic shower knob like this one you need to watch this video!! It shows you exactly how to remove the knob in your shower and clean it. I mean look and the before and after… Insane!

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