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This will give you all the tea drawer organization ideas you need so you can go create an insanely organized drawer of your own.

tea drawer organization

Is this the most unnecessary thing in your home to organize? Maybe. Does it feel amazing to open this drawer every morning? 100% yes. AKA, this tea drawer organization is definitely worth it.

I am a huge tea drinker and have dreamed of having a drawer dedicated to tea since I saw Kourtney Kardashians back in 2016. I've had a dedicated drawer for my Lipton tea since I moved into my apartment a year ago but it was a hot mess. It was one of those drawers that I would drop and run. 

It worked completely fine but I was ready to go to the next step and organize the ? out of this drawer. I bought a few organizers on Amazon (I'll tell you the exact ones below), went to the grocery store to load up on a variety of tea, and went to organization town on this thing.

This is exactly how I organized my tea drawers and the different products I used.


tea drawer organization


coffee drawer organizer


This took about 15 minutes to do and it makes me so happy to open in the morning. Plus, I love having it for guests and knowing that there is probably something they will like to drink. Am I 23 or 80? At this point, I'm not sure but I do know that this was easy-peasy?.

I stalked Pinterest for awhile trying to find some inspiration that I could take for this drawer and there was not a lot to pull from. A lot of them used paper for the dividers or DIYed something. Nothing against that, I just wanted to buy some cheap organizers from Pinterest and call it a day.

I ended up getting one of this tea drawer organizer (came in a set of two) and then two of this larger divider. The tea drawer organizer worked perfectly and fit a TON of different teas. I also think it would be a good for those Kuerig or Nespresso pods too. 

I have always kept my gold chip clips in my tea drawer so I needed a place to store those along with some other random things. I used this organizer in another place in my kitchen and it fit into my drawers really nicely so I ordered two more for this drawer.

PS - I always take a picture of the drawer and put it into Canva. I then find containers that would work and put the measurements in. I basically want to make sure that the containers I buy will actually end up fitting.

That's it! I'll report back in a year to see if it is still this organized?.

tea drawer organization

This post was all about tea drawer organization.

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