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Looking for the best apartment wall decor? Here are 18 wall decor options for every style!

apartment wall decor

Why is apartment wall decor always the hardest thing to figure out? Probably because there's so much wall space, and usually wall decor is pretty expensive. The styles are constantly changing too.

 One minute, busy gallery walls are all the rage, and now it is trendier to have a uniform, simple gallery wall with matching frames. With an apartment, you're not going to want to put in the effort to constantly change your decor, so here is apartment wall decor for every style!

Whether you are looking for cute posters to frame and hang or even functional wall decor, here are 18 of the cutest options!



1. Chill Pill Poster

So obsessed with this chill pill poster!! It's giving Jonathan Adler vibes but on a budget. You could frame this print in a white frame and it would look way chic and expensive!

2. Smiley Face Poster

This distorted, wavy look has been everywhere recently and it is definitely a trendy apartment wall decor option! How cute would this be framed in a black frame?

Society6 has SO many trendy options that you will be obsessed with.

3. Matisse Poster 

Let's be honest, we've seen these Matisse Posters everywhere this year and I'm not mad about it! They're simplistic, abstract, and the cutest colors.

Sarah just put a Matisse print in her NYC apartment and everyone is obsessed with it!! Check out her apartment tour here! 


4. Scribble Art Print

There's nothing quite like a good Target find. This scribble art print is so cool and is 30in x 24in, so pretty big!

You will love that this is framed because you won't have to worry about buying a frame that matches separately! I want this!

5. Abstract Art Brush Strokes Art Print

This looks like something you could 100% find in my apartment. This extremely simplistic type of art is my favorite. If you are going for a classy, minimalistic look, you should definitely order this print as your apartment wall decor. 

6. Textured Plaster Canvas

I am obsessed with this type of artwork too. The best part about it is that you can super easily DIY it and get that high-end look. I have done this multiple times in my apartment, and here is how I did it!

If you're not looking for a project and just want to buy something, this option from Etsy is gorgeous! 


7. Tufted Macrame Wall Hanging

If you're going for a boho look in your apartment, a macrame wall hanging is the way to go! This option from Urban Outfitters is so cute, but also check your local HomeGoods/TJ Maxx!

I always find a ton of cute boho decor at HomeGoods, particularly these macrame wall hangings!

8. Boho Terracotta Sun Rise Art Print

Obsessed with this sun-rise print! The color is the perfect neutral tone that will match so well in a bohemian space. You will love that this is an actual print from Etsy and not just a digital download that you have to print yourself.

9. Circle Wall Shelf 

This is boho wall decor that is also functional and can be used to display things! I would style this shelf with a mini picture frame and probably a small dried bouquet or an air plant!

This would look so cute above a towel bar in a bathroom, or even above a dresser.


10. Almafi Coast Retro Print 

Vintage travel prints are soo cute. This seller on Amazon has 43 different locations in this cute, vintage style, and I think you need to order a few of them! A gallery wall with a bunch of different locations would be a super cute, bright look!

11. The New Yorker Vintage Cover Posters

So obsessed with the vintage magazine cover look! Hannah, one of our college content writers, has New Yorker prints in her apartment and they turned out so cute! This collection of three prints is super cute because they are all color coordinated.

12. Vodka Martini Vintage Poster

How freaking cute would this be framed hanging above or sitting on a bar cart?? The vintage alcohol posters are so cute, and I think this look is so fun for apartment wall decor. There are even drink recipe posters that would be so cute!


13. Vintage-look Gold Decorative Wall Mirror

Currently shook that this cute little mirror is only $16! It looks like something from a cool vintage fair or Anthropologie for a million dollars. I am obsessed!

If you want to create an eclectic gallery wall, it would be really cool to incorporate a mini mirror with the other art pieces!

14. Framed Bathroom  Art Piece

Something about this little bathroom is painting is so cute to me. It gives the best eclectic vibe and would look so cute in your apartment to add rich pops of green and gold. The frame is one of the best parts, so it is fantastic that it comes framed!

15. Lime Green Collage Print

This print just screams eclectic style!! It is trendy and bright, but still has a ton of funky little details that make it unique. My favorite thing about ordering wall art like this is that it is just a poster and you can change it whenever!

So you may as well go for something out of your comfort zone, you can always change it later!


16. Acrylic Wall Calendar

Depending on where you are living, apartments can be realllyyy tiny. Having unnecessary wall decor may make your small space look cluttered.

It is better to opt for something that is functional and pretty. This acrylic wall calendar is a total dupe for one that I saw on Etsy for much more! 

17. Rattan Wall Mirror With Hooks

Um, Cute!!! This Rattan mirror is amazing because it also has hooks below to hang your keys, masks, dog leashes, bags, you name it.

I can't believe this is from Target, it looks like something from an online Instagram boutique that would be super-pricey. This would be really cute right by the front door!

18. Pegboard Organization System

These pegboard organizers have been super popular lately and I think they are so cool! You could hang this piece of apartment wall decor above your desk for a space-efficient way to store pens, small desk items, and even small decor.

This would be cute with a mini hanging potted plant on one of the pegs.

This post was all about apartment wall decor.

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