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Looking for apartment decorating ideas that will take your space to the next level? Here are all the best decor ideas that will make your apartment look professionally decorated.

apartment decorating ideas

Decorating your apartment doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s look at my apartment. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it looks pretty good, and the decorations are simple. Look at my front entryway, my coffee table, my bedroom side tables, my kitchen, etc... I use pretty much the same apartment decorating ideas in every space of my apartment. 

You will always see vases with with flowers or other greenery (always fake... I don't have a green thumb), coffee table books, framed artwork, candles, and some miscellaneous decorative pieces (probably from Target). 

So the thing is, my apartment may look very well decorated, but it really comes down to styling the same decorative items in different ways. In this post, I’m going to show you a ton of cute options for each one of my go-to items for apartment decorating ideas. I will give you some fancy options, and I will give you some Amazon prime deals. I’ve got you covered!

Enjoy seeing all of these Apartment Decorating Ideas!




1. Neutral Interior Design Books

Coffee table books are an essential decorative piece in my apartment! They are everywhere!! Of all of the apartment decorating ideas, this one is definitely my favorite.

I like to stick to neutral colors throughout my apartment, so these neutral interior design books are perfect on my coffee table, nightstands, and front entryway! I stack them and usually top them with some kind of decorative object or candle! 

2. Colorful Interior Design Books

If you have more of a bright and bold apartment, you're going to love these colorful interior design books. Sometimes I wish I had a more colorful apartment (because I see apartment decorating ideas like this) and I love them!!

The Inviting Interiors coffee table book is so beautiful inside and out! Also, who wouldn't love Vogue living?? I think I have to have that book. So pretty!

3. Fashion Coffee Table Books

If you are looking for one of the trendiest apartment decorating ideas, you need these fashion coffee table books. I have seen this Tom Ford book just about everywhere. These books are timeless, classic, and so fun to look through.

Imagine how cute these three books would look stacked on top of each other!! The Little Book of Prada is so cute and if you want more "little books" of designer brands, there is a set of all of them on Amazon!! If you have a smaller space, these little books would be perfect! 

4. Trendy Coffee Table Books

Okay, I know I said the fashion books were the trendiest, but there really is nothing trendier than these bright, bold colors right now. These destination books (like the Palm Beach one) are so incredibly popular right now!

There is a full collection of them if you want to go all out, and they are all cute! The fashion book is so cool because it's from the Smithsonian (and I love the bold typeface)!

5. Entertaining Coffee Table Books

I have the entertaining book Pacific Natural and it is my absolute favorite book I own!! It completely reminds me of all of these beautiful coffee table books for entertaining!

Entertaining is so much fun, and chances are, if you are looking for apartment decorating ideas, you are probably planning on entertaining in your beautiful space!! 

6. Travel Coffee Table Books

Love love love these travel coffee table books!! There is nothing cooler than flipping through pages of gorgeous locations!! I love the aesthetic of the Holiday book and would probably put that in my own apartment!

These apartment decorating ideas are fun because people like to look through them while they are at your apartment too! 



7. Get a Decorative Vase

I have had my eyes on these Crate & Barrel vases forever! I have vases with fake stems in them allll around my apartment. I think it is one of the easiest apartment decorating ideas because it looks super put together and adds life to the space with such minimal effort.

If you are on a budget (like I am) you can DIY vases with a similar look by finding cool shaped vases (regardless of the color/pattern) at a thrift store and then painting them with a baking soda and paint mixture! I have DIY vases like that all over my apartment and at the office! 

8. Fill With Some Faux Stems

I have tried a ton of fake stems trying to find ones that don't look cheap, and I have found that it's honestly worth it to pay a little more to get the look you want. The Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn branches are so good and look really realistic!

I haven't had a ton of luck with Target branches except for the one that I linked! They actually look SO good and are pretty cheap! 

9. Get a Cute Pot For Plants

Look familiar?? You have seen these pots all over my apartment. I use the geared Target planter to hold all of my cooking utensils right near my stove! I think it makes a great utensil crock if you are in the market for one.

This might be one of my best apartment decorating ideas, don't be afraid to use things for other purposes (like a planter as a utensil crock. If it's cute, it's cute!!

The other textured ceramic bubbly vase is my go-to flower vase!! It lives on my kitchen island with fake flowers (and sometimes real ones) inside!! I also thought these textured Amazon pots were super pretty and a great deal!! 

10. Get Some Real Plants To Fill Your Pots

I am so proud of myself because I have had such good luck with my live houseplant that is on my coffee table (but I truly don't know how I haven't killed it)!! Real plants always look the most ... well real.

I have never ordered a live plant off Amazon before and I am not sure how that would go, but hey, it's worth a try!! I know The Sill is a master at packaging and shipping the prettiest plants in super trendy pots!

If you can keep a plant alive, definitely opt for a live plant to fill your cute pots! 

college planner


11. Minimalist Texture Art 

apartment balcony decorating ideas

Look like anything you have seen before? I love the look of textured art like this, in fact, I have made a couple of similar canvases in my time! In the next apartment decorating idea, you can see the supplies I bought to make my canvas!

If you want something minimalistic and neutral that still looks high-end, you should definitely look into buying textured art like this, or making your own! 

12. DIY Your Own Canvas Art 

Here are the DIY supplies to make the gorgeous textured canvas that I linked above! I have made textured canvases like this before and I love the way they turned out!

If you want to find a cheap canvas (that's probably framed) head over to your local TJMaxx/HomeGoods/Marshalls and search that clearance section!! That's exactly what I do, and then I use this joint compound to make the texture I want, and then I paint over everything in white! 

13. Frame Some Abstract Prints

All over my apartment, you will see framed prints!! I order a ton of prints on Etsy, but I also use the BSL printables!! The BSL sketched leaf printables are some of my all-time favorites for the guest bedroom.

If I want my frames to look a little nicer, I will get them from Target, but if I am on a super tight budget, I will get my frames from Michaels! The frames on my bar cart are from Target, but the black ones on my wall above the sofa are from Michaels!

You will love this apartment decorating idea because it is so easy, but looks so good! 

14. Neutral Abstract Canvas Wall Art 

apartment bedroom decorating ideas

How gorgeous is this? I get a ton of my apartment decorating ideas from Etsy because everything is so custom and you can even choose the exact size you want this canvas to be!

Art like this has to be my favorite. Even though there is not a lot to it, it is simple, and it allows for the other decorative pieces to stand out! I love the way they styled this artwork with the vase and stacked coffee table books! 

15. Bold, Black Abstract Print

one bedroom apartment decorating ideas

I like to incorporate black throughout my apartment because it is a statement while still sticking to a neutral color scheme. Of all of my apartment decorating ideas, I really want everyone to remember that black will be your best friend!

It makes everything look bold, expensive, and sleek! This print is so cool and would look super pretty in a natural wood frame!! 

16. Neutral Coastal Photo Print

apartment decorating idea

Obsessed with this coastal print. If you are trying to go for that coastal-chic look, definitely check out this print!!

And even if you aren't going for a full coastal theme, this is a really pretty accent print to add a touch of the coast. Adding little touches of different styles is one of the most important apartment decorating ideas because it makes sure your space doesn't look too basic or boring!



17. Go for a Bold, Black Candle

Like I said before, black will be your best friend when looking for apartment decorating ideas!! I have a couple of black candles that are so, so pretty. They were mostly from HomeGoods and TJ Maxx and they look soo expensive!! 

18. Try a Trendy, Bubble Candle

These bubble candles have been all over my Instagram feed lately. I would be super into getting one, but I always go back and forth because really, how practical is this candle?? I would never burn it because it is gorgeous!

This candle really is a decor piece on its own! 

19. Get Gold Candle Holders

I LOVE gold candle holders. You will see these on my console table right when you walk into my apartment and seasonally in different areas of my apartment! They make your space look so classy and also add some height.

You can literally get white taper candles from the dollar store, and you can probably find gold candlesticks at Goodwill!! Talk about apartment decorating ideas that look expensive but are actually super cheap!! 

20. Get White Taper Candles to Go in the Candle Holders

As I said, you can get white taper candles everywhere!! They have them at most grocery stores even. These taper candles will go into the gold candlesticks and look soo pretty!


21. Decorative Wooden Beads 

apartment decorating

Decorative objects can sometimes be tricky because they have no purpose but to look pretty. That's why I like to spend less on items like this and more on things like the coffee table books (that you can read & look through).

I have these wooden decorative beads in my front entryway and I loveee the way they look wrapped in a little bowl with the ends hanging out. I stack them on top of my favorite coffee table books (see the theme here)!

22. Marble Knot Decorative Object

apartments decorating ideas

This is a super cool black marble knot that would look awesome on a coffee table or on built-in shelves. I have a similar chain-link sculpture layered on top of some of my coffee table books and it looks so pretty and fancy.

Sculptures like this remind me of a professionally decorated, fancy home on HGTV ;).

23. Decorative Quartz Boxes

1 bedroom apartment decorating ideas

I have decorative boxes like this on my nightstands and they are just as functional as they are pretty! I have to have my Aquaphor, blue light glasses, and hand lotion on my nightstand, but I want it all tucked away.

These boxes give me a place to stache stuff, but keep my room looking clean and put together! Again, I stack one of these boxes on top of some coffee table books to complete the look! 

24. Stone Trays

halloween apartment decorating ideas

Trays are so nice because they allow you to create a little decor "moment" in the tray! This is one of the best apartment decorating ideas because if you need to clear off the table quickly, you can just lift the tray (instead of moving each individual item).

I have decorative candlesticks, coasters, and a scented candle wrapped with decorative wooden beads in the tray on my coffee table!  

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