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Looking for decorative wall mirrors that are super trendy? We seriously can not get over how cute these mirrors are, and everyone on TikTok agrees too!

decorative wall mirrors

Has anyone else's TikTok for you page been full of the cutest room tours ever? Something I have realized is that all of these rooms have the cutest mirrors for decoration! I scrolled through TikTok looking for the trendiest mirrors, and I found these decorative wall mirrors that you are going to be obsessed with!!

From a boho vibe to the new "funky" vibe, it's all here! One mirror that I am literally drooling over is the asymmetrical pond-style mirror. It is so gorgeous! Seriously though, if you are currently on the hunt for room decor that will take your space from blah to amazing, then a trendy wall mirror is the perfect place to start!

This post is all about decorative wall mirrors.


1. Nova Iridescent Mirror

Whatttt!! This is such a cool and unique mirror! The iridescent color makes a simple round mirror so different!

If you're really searching for the best decorative wall mirrors, you need to check out the Urban Outfitters home section, it's always full of good stuff!

wall mirror ikea

"I am obsessed with this iridescent mirror, the colors are so Rad and adds a groovy little touch to whichever room you decided to hang it in. I would totally recommend!"

2. Asymmetrical Mounted Decorative Pond Mirror

Okay, here is the mirror that I would literally do anything for! I think it is such a cute mirror because it's not too wavy and it's the perfect organic shape to break up all of the harsh lines in most rooms. These pond mirrors are insanely trendy right now and we are here for it!

"Absolutely adore this thing! The subtle curve gives it a lot of character and charm. Very elegant.
Packaging was very safe."

3. Disco Ball Framed Mirror

Holy cow! This mirror belongs in a literal art museum. The amount of preciseness, time, and effort that took is unreal! They come in so many different sizes, but once you dee the prices, you'll know why I just put the smallest ones!

Honestly, though, they are so cool looking, you would be supporting a small business, and you'll have an awesome decor piece and conversation starter.

decorative wall mirrors for living room

"This is such a stunning mirror! I became obsessed with the design when first looking at this listing online. Shipping took about two months, but it was very much worth the wait."

4. Gold Metal Eye Wall Mirror

Um, yes!! This is is fun and unique. If you need a statement mirror, this is the one! It's trendy, but it's also a classic for eclectic, maximalist styles. This would look so cute above your headboard in your bedroom, or even as a component of an eclectic gallery wall anywhere in your home! 

"I’m obsessed! Way bigger than expected. Amazing accent piece for the price."

5. Squiggle Mirror, Handmade Polymer Clay Frame

I think these types of mirrors are so cool!! People were attempting to DIY them and let's just say, there were more fail videos than successful ones! You'll be better off buying this one than trying to make your own!

These squiggle mirrors are so cool because you can change the color to whatever you want! Such a fun, funky piece!

amazon decorative wall mirrors

"I am so happy with my frame, Magdalena was a pleasure to order from and even let me request a completely custom colour! Would definitely recommend, it arrived quickly and quality is great."

6. Yvette LED Floor Mirror

Has this mirror been all over your Pinterest feed too? I have seen this arched mirror with the LED lights in some of the trendiest rooms ever recently. Something to consider is that this mirror is super expensive, and it doesn't seem too hard to DIY.

You could definitely buy a cheaper arched mirror like this, and use adhesive to connect your own LED lights to the back. 

small decorative mirrors

"Love everything about this mirror! It is the perfect piece of art and conversation starter!great size and great value for a good accent to any space. Currently, have this mirror at the end if a hallway."

7. Travis Oval Wall Mirror

So obsessed with this mirror. It's an elevated version of a simple oval mirror that you can get anywhere. The frame on this is what makes it so special, I would hang this in a bathroom or above nightstands!

decorative wall mirrors large

"I love this mirror!! I love it so much that I bought 2. The mirrors both came well packaged, are very heavy and so nice looking. The template made it so much easier for my husband to hang them."

8. Vintage Hanging Decorative Wall Mirror

This mirror lives rent-free on my for you page on TikTok. I swear everyone has it. It's super cheap and looks like a cool vintage mirror.

You could hang this as a decorative wall mirror, or you could also use it as a tray for perfumes and jewelry! I love this antique, chic look!

"I love the antique look of this mirror but such a great price! I have it on my dresser to hold my perfume and lotions."

9. Mushroom Wall Mirror

Um, talk about trendy!!! This wall mirror is so adorable and is the perfect decorative accent. I think this is a pretty recent thing to have mirrors that are full decor pieces themselves! This is absolutely adorable and would look so cute in your space.

large decorative will mirrors

"I’ve been looking everywhere for a mirror and I finally found this one and I’m just in love with it! Definitely recommend and might get a second one for my hallway or living room :)"

10. Natural Rattan Wood Modern Boho Hanging Wall Mirror

Where are all the boho girls at? If you want to create the cutest boho space with one of these cutest decorative wall mirrors, this is the one for you!! Rattan is becoming extremely trendy, so you know it has to be incorporated in your beautiful, boho room!

wall mirrors for bedroom

"This mirror is SO COOL! Even prettier in person! I highly recommend!"

11. Crescent Moon Mirror 

This mirror is one of my favorite decorative wall mirrors on this list because it is under $20 and comes with adhesive strips to hang it up with ease! I have seen girls hang this mirror surrounded by polaroid photos on their wall and it is SO freaking cute and trendy. You should definitely copy that look!

"great quality and fast shipping! i can’t see anything wrong my mirror or it’s wall adhesives. Awesome alternative for the Urban Outfitters mirror!"

12. Gold oval wavy mirror wall decor

How coool is this mirror?? I am so obsessed. If I had one of those colorful, funky apartments, this would be on its way to my house rn from Etsy!

If you have this mirror, I swear every person that comes over will be obsessed with it! It comes in other colors too, but I am living for this gold/orange! 

stylish funky mirrors

"I’m in love with my mirror! Wood piece is very well made and the mirror piece is nice & thick. It came nicely packaged - a lot of thought was put into the product to ensure there is no breakage"

13. 28" Round Decorative Wall Mirror

You know her, you love her. You really can't go wrong with the classic round mirror. I don't know what Target put in this mirror, but it must be addictive because everyone has one, and they look good in every space! I have one in my apartment by the door that goes out to my balcony, and it is just so cute. 

decorative small wall mirrors

"I’ve been wanting a big mirror as an accent center piece for a while. I finally found one for a decent price."

14. Wave Shatterproof Acrylic Safety Mirror

Had to throw this in here because Hannah, one of our BSL content creators, has a super similar one in her college apartment bedroom currently! She got hers from a yard sale, but this Amazon option is pretty much the exact same one! I think it's so fun that these shaped mirrors are popular now! 

This post was all the trendiest decorative wall mirrors.

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