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This post shows you a step-by-step guide on how to make a bed look expensive.

I am hands-down obsessed with looking at pictures of high-end interior designers or luxury hotels and figuring out, "why exactly does this room look so much more expensive than other rooms". It comes back to a lot of things but a big one is how the bed is made.

I'm showing the top tips and tricks on how to make a bed that looks expensive so you can go replicate it in your own home. While this isn't as budget friendly as my first bedding post, it still is really affordable and basically everything is from Target or Amazon (we're fancy over here ?).

You want to know one of the main things I saw?! Layer, layer, layer. It seems to be key to getting that expensive look.

This post is all about how to make a bed look expensive.


Step 1: Use white sheets

how to make a bed look expensive

I know, I boring can we get?! But seriously, 95% of the beds I saw in these expensive rooms used white sheets. I'm a major white sheet fan for a few reasons.

First reason is that you can constantly mix new throw pillows with it and don't have to worry about the color of them.

Secondly, white sheets are actually the easiest sheets to keep clean. Take it from a girl who has slept in tanner and gotten the above sheets disgustinly stained...a little bit of bleach and a long washing machine cycle and these babies are as good as new.

I am a huge fan of Mellanni bedding from Amazon. They're cheap and super soft. I've used them on my bed growing up, my dorm bed, college apartment bed, and now both of my apartment beds. I'm a long-time user and can tell you that you won't find a better bang for your buck.

Step 2: Use king size pillows on a queen size bed

how to make a bed look expensive

This is one of my favorite tips...Use king size pillows on a queen size bed. I promise, they fit and they will take your bed up a level. I can't remember where I learned this from but whoever I did, thank you because this looks reallll good ??

I also am a big fan of satin pillows (if you're really looking to go all out, use silk pillows). They look fancier, are better for your hair and skin, and the ones I have are as cheap as you can get. I got a set of two for $10. I KNOW! Such a good deal. I've had mine for a year now and I've had one break. For how cheap they are, I'll call that a win.

Another reason I love these pillows is because they have a zipper close which makes them look a lot more polished. I hate being able to see the pillow through the pillow case. Automatically makes it look more sloppy!

Step 3: Add layers to the bed with a comforter

how to make a bed

It was really clear that in all the expensive bedrooms I was looking at that layers on a bed were crucial. I added a ~little~ bit of color onto my bed with this muted comforter form Target. I tucked this tight onto the three sides of my bed and pulled the top up almost all the way to my pillows.

We will be layering even more things on top of this with our bed styling, but this gives us the perfect base for that expensive look we are going for. 

Step 4: Fold a comforter in half at the bottom of the bed

bed styling ideas

Take your comforter and fold it in half at the bottom of the bed. I liked it draping all the way off the bottom of the bed.

I use this duvet insert and this duvet cover.

PS - If you're going to lay the duvet flat and not fold it, sandwich TWO king-sized duvets. It will make the bed look so much more fluffy and hotel-like.

Step 5: Add decorative pillows

bedroom decor

I'm a big fan of three throw pillows with a lumbar pillow in front. You want to know why?! Because in the morning when its 6:00am and I'm quickly making the bed, I can throw those up there, give it a chop, and it covers half of the bed. 

I used 26x26 choppable pillow inserts (down throw pillows) with a 24x24 pillow cover. I get my inserts in the clearance section at HomeGoods or Marshalls and I get my pillow covers from Amazon. On my bed, I am using these pillow covers from Amazon in the cream white color.

My mom made the lumbar pillow but you can find very similar ones on Etsy by clicking here. I got my lumbar pillow insert from Amazon in the 10x36 size.

Step 6: Add a throw blanket to the end of the bed

how to make a bed

(PS - These are those cute new jeans from Madewell I just got;). love them!)

how to make a bed look luxurious

I love a tousled blanket at the end of the bed. Don't make it perfectly laid! I like it better with a little roughness to it. I had a very similar blanket to this on my bed before but it didn't drape enough. Target had this one and I scooped it up. Love it and think it finishes off the bed perfectly!

how to make a bed look expensive
bedroom styling ideas

This post was all about how to make a bed look expensive.

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