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Looking for the best ways to utilize the space in your small apartment? Here are 21 small apartment ideas that will make your apartment seem way bigger than it actually is!

small apartment ideas

Moving into an apartment is so exciting because you have a fresh space to make your own, but it's small enough to not be overwhelming! Well... maybe a little too small sometimes. If you are feeling cramped in your small apartment, you need to see these 21 small apartment ideas. They will help you utilize every space more efficiently and make your small space way more functional.

I have ideas for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom that will make it feel like you have a couple extra square feet ;). My best advice for decorating your apartment is to keep it light, bright, and minimal. The more you put in there, the smaller it is going to feel!  

This post is all about small apartment ideas.



1. Consider a daybed

modern small apartment design

I know, I know, a daybed is probably not your first choice, but if you're working with a tiny space you need one! Because the bed is flat up against the wall longways, you will feel like your room is 1000x bigger. 

2. Under the bed storage 

Always take advantage of the space underneath your bed to store anything and everything! I love these under the bed storage organizers because I can put all of my out of season clothes in there and also stuff blankets and random crap in them. 

3. Large mirrors make your space look bigger

small apartment ideas space saving

Want to make an optical illusion of a way bigger space? Get a big mirror! 

The reflection tricks us into thinking the room is way bigger than it actually is. Plus, this mirror is such a statement even without the optical illusion part!!

4. Create storage at the bottom of your closet

In the bottom of my tiny college apartment closet, I put these cube shelves on their side and it added a ton of clothes storage. 

If you don't have a dresser, this is the perfect place to put everything you would normally throw into a drawer! 

5. Get over-the-door, hanging shelves

Okay, so technically most people use these in their pantry, but I could 100% see myself using this in my bedroom. You could put shoes, bags, beauty products, books, etc. in here and keep that stuff from becoming clutter. 

6. Make extra space in your closet

Apartment closets can be so small, I don't even know if a guy's wardrobe could fit in some of the closets I've seen ?. These "magic" space saving hangers will save your life! You can fit 9 shirts in the space of just one!! 


7. Fit way more in cabinets with upright dish storage 

I feel like kitchen cabinets fill up so quickly and it's so frustrating when you have really limited cabinet space!! This is so genius, I actually want to order this for myself. Small apartment or not, this is just efficient!

8. Hang utensils on adhesive wall hooks

A lot of utensil hangers are really ugly ? and most of them need to be screwed into the wall, but not these!! I feel like these are very sleek and if I was in a pinch for storage I would for sure put this in my apartment!

9. Make sure all kitchen decor is functional

small apartment decorating ideas on a budget

When you're struggling with counter space, don't put any decor that isn't actually functional. I have this gorgeous bowl (serious Target steal) on my counter with fruit in it & it's perfect!! 

Get yourself a nice fruit bowl (that looks way more expensive than it really is). 

10. Get magnetic spice racks that can go on your fridge

I have never heard of these before and I was so excited to find them! They would be perfect if you barely have any cabinet space and want your spices in an accessible spot.

The whole shelf can magnetically attach to the side of your fridge so you don't have to worry about any installation!

11. Add under-cabinet lighting to make the space seem bigger

Under-cabinet lighting literally transforms a kitchen!! It makes the whole space light, bright, and somehow bigger!!

This kit is super inexpensive and can be attached with adhesive tape!! 


12. Entryway storage mirror

small apartment ideas living room

Whattt?? Talk about functional. This mirror/shoe rack/coat hanger does it all (while being really cute too). This might just be the most perfect piece of furniture for a small apartment ever. 

13. Get a couch with a pull out bed 

minimalist studio apartment

Having guests over in your tiny one bedroom apartment can be really tricky. You can make everyone feel more comfortable with a pull out bed!! 

The pull out bed in this couch actually comes out longways, so it would not intrude super far into your living room if it's a small room! Plus, it's just a really nice couch ?

14. Get a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table

cool apartment ideas

Coffee tables are definitely fun to decorate, but if you're hurting for space, opt for a storage ottoman!! You can put all of your blankets and even board games in there so they are hidden away and ready for guests. 

To decorate the top, just get a tray of some sort and put plants, candles, books, etc. on there 🙂

15. Get a folding desk that can be stored

A desk is a luxury you probably won't have in a super small apartment (I see you working in your bed ?). This desk is completely foldable and could easily fit behind your couch, or tucked behind a door. 

When you need to work, just pop it up and you're good to go. 

16. Make sure your chairs are lightweight

We have almost these exact same chairs in the BSL office, and they are our favorite things ever because they are so easy to pick up & move around the office!! 

If you are having people over, you're going to want lightweight chairs you can move from the dining table to the living room or out of the way when pulling out the sofa bed! 


17. Put products with large bottles into smaller ones

Not only will this give your shower a more aesthetic look, it will save you so much space. Your giant shampoo bottles can sit in a cabinet somewhere until you need to refill your small bottles!! 

This process is called "decanting" which means to get rid of the "unappealing" or impractical packaging. 

18. adjustable corner shower caddy

Hello tons of storage ?. If the whole "decanting" thing is not for you, this corner shower caddy will fit every single bottle big or small.

This would be especially nice if you were living with roommates and everyone left their stuff in the shower!

19. Get a clear shower curtain

Okay, I once read that the key to making a tiny bathroom feel bigger is a crystal clear shower curtain. It's kind of the same effect as taking down walls to make an open floor plan. 

This isn't a crappy, $1 shower liner, this is a heavy duty curtain that should dry without any water spots! 

20. Get adhesive shelves to keep counter clear

This adhesive shelf is so nice. I would have loved this in my college apartment because there was no medicine cabinet or storage of any kind. The towel bar is an extra added bonus! 

21. Get an extra long bathmat 

This is another one that has that optical illusion effect. If you put a longer bathmat in there, you will give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger. It's also just really cozy to walk on!! 

This post was all about small apartment ideas. 

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