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These are the cutest dorm room ideas of 2022. Check out these trendy ideas that college students are obsessed with.

dorm room ideas

When I was going off to college last year, I was so overwhelmed with dorm room ideas, I didn't even know where to start. Lucky for you, I have been there, done that, and I know exactly what you will need. I included a mix of everything from decor ideas to functional items for food and storage and even some DIY dorm decor ideas. 

I know it can be super stressful trying to get all of your dorm room essentials, while also looking at all of the dorm room ideas Pinterest has to offer. This post is a one-stop-shop for all of the cute dorm room ideas you will be obsessed with!

This post is all about dorm room ideas. 


1. Make a collage wall

dorm room ideas for guys

photo courtesy of @lyndabrisa

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

Collage walls are by far the most popular dorm wall decor option out there. I am obsessed with this collage and how she included personal aspects in it. This would be super easy to make yourself, just collect some of your favorite posters, photos, postcards, tickets, etc., and collage them together on your dorm wall!

2. Create under-bed storage

Under-bed storage is a MUST in dorm rooms. Trust me, there's hardly any storage at all, so you're going to have to get creative. I had a ton of space under my bed where I had drawers and storage containers that I put extra clothes, shoes, and random things in. 

“These are the perfect size. I can get quite a few of these under my bed, so they are perfect for extra storage in a small apartment”

3. Match with your roommate

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

There are so many dorm room ideas for two out there, which makes it super easy to match with your roommate. Coordinate with your roommate beforehand and pick out matching bedding, decor, and furniture. If you live nearby, it's also really fun to go dorm shopping with your future roommate. 

4. Use peel & stick wallpaper to make a statement

dorm room ideas boho

photo courtesy of @claireemartinn

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

There is no better place than a dorm room for peel and stick wallpaper. I am obsessed with this black and white accent wall behind this dorm bed. Pretty much just obsessed with this whole room and want to completely copy the look in a future bedroom.

This is the perfect example of mixing color, pattern, metallics, and texture and making it all work together.

5. Get a cute desk chair 

Your dorm room will probably have a chair provided, but let's be honest, it's not going to be cute. One of my biggest regrets with my dorm decor was not having a cute desk chair that matched the vibe of my space. Obviously, this is not essential, but it sure does make a big difference. 

“Not only is this chair really beautiful, but it’s also pretty comfy and velvety soft.”

6. Make a kitchen station

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

This is another thing I wish I had in my dorm room. The girls in the room next to mine were some of my best friends, so we spent a lot of time there. Their room felt SO much bigger because all of their mini appliances and food were tucked away on one little shelf. This is the best dorm room organization idea. 

7. Use fake ivy to add some greenery

dorm room ideas for two

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

Having greenery in a dorm room is one of my most crucial dorm room ideas. Whether you want a live plant or some fake greenery is up to you, but it really makes a big difference in the space. I love the way she wrapped the faux ivy vines around her curtain rod for a pop of greenery. 

8. Get a storage ottoman

When you look at cool dorm room ideas online, almost every single one has a little storage ottoman next to the bed. They're not only cute, but they're functional in two ways: they serve as a step stool to help you get into your raised dorm bed, and they have a little bit of storage inside! Never turn down any extra storage you can get in a dorm room.

“I love my little ottoman!! The velvet is much prettier than I expected and it’s sturdy and easy to assemble! I also love the storage and the fact I can turn over the top to place my dinner when I’m watching Netflix.”

9. Hang a tapestry to fill up wall space

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

Dorm rooms have so much empty wall space that makes them feel less homey. Hanging a tapestry is one of the easiest ways to fill up that wall space and make a statement. There are a million of them out there, so there's definitely something to fit your dorm aesthetic. 

10. Stick to a color scheme

dorm room ideas

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

dorm ideas 2022

If you want your dorm room to look cute and coordinated, it helps to have a color scheme! Here, she stuck with light pink, white, and some grey. It makes the room look professionally decorated, and so put-together!

11. You need a full-length mirror

This might seem like one of the most obvious dorm room ideas girl college students would not forget, but you would be surprised how many girls forgot to bring a full-length mirror. The best one for a dorm room is the $7 Target mirror that is so lightweight and can probably be command taped to your wall or door!

2022 dorm room ideas

“It's lightweight and super easy to put up by yourself unlike most bulky mirrors that fall off when you mount it.”

12. Make collages on canvases for wall decor

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

This is such a creative DIY dorm decor idea. If you want something that looks a little more personal than a traditional photo collage, you can put them on canvases and hang them above your bed. I am obsessed with this idea and think it looks so cute!

13. Hang plants

dorm room ideas 2022

photo courtesy of @claireemartinn

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

How cool is this? If you're looking for unique dorm room ideas, you need this disco ball planter. As long as you can safely attach it to the ceiling, go for it! I am going to put this in my college apartment, it's just too cute.

14. Get a jewelry organizer

I have this jewelry organizer and I feel like it doubles as decor and a functional item. It is almost a display case for your jewelry, and it will look so adorable in your dorm room.

“I love this. I bought this for my cousin for her birthday. She has a lot of jewelry and this will work perfectly for her storing all of it. It is completely see through which is great”

15. Frame Vogue prints

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

dorm ideas

If you have old magazines lying around, you could frame the covers for a chic wall decor idea! I love this look and will definitely be copying this. You can also order magazine cover prints online.

16. Get a neon light for wall decor

dorm room essentials

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

Neon lights are THE dorm decoration of 2022. All of the cutest dorm rooms have a neon sign, which means you definitely need one too. There are some LED ones on Amazon that are very inexpensive. 

17. Have good desk organization

It's important to have good desk organization because your desk is where you will be doing everything: eating, getting ready, studying, etc., and you don't want it to be covered in clutter. An acrylic desk organizer is not only functional but also super cute.

“Very sturdy. Like the fact that the largest items are in the back so that you can visualize what’s in front of it & what in front that you are looking for”

18. Hang string lights above your bed

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

This is one of the single dorm room ideas that I think looks good in literally every dorm room. Hanging string lights creates some cozy ambiance, because trust me, those bright white dorm room lights are the opposite of warm and cozy. 

19. Make your top bunk cozy

single dorm room ideas

photo courtesy of @sydneyyhoover

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

This top bunk makes me wish I had the top bunk in my dorm room. It's so cozy and well decorated, I just know I would have the best naps up there. I love the way the throw pillows all coordinate. 

20. Hang bags on the back of your door

I have clear acrylic organizers in every nook and cranny of my apartment. I think this is the cutest acrylic silverware tray. Plus, you get the bonus of it being adjustable!!

“These hooks are sleek and attractive, and great for hanging my bags and sweaters. Keeping the bags off the floor or other surfaces reduces clutter and when the door is open they're tucked away neatly.”

21. Use vinyl records as wall decor

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

How cool is this? If you want a retro vibe, this wall collage with the vinyl records is perfect for you! If you had a record player in your room it would be even better.

22. Frame coordinating art prints for an elevated collage wall

trendy dorm room

photo courtesy of @claireemartinn

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

If you want to take a basic collage wall to the next level, you need to frame your prints! It makes the collage look super put-together and like one consecutive collage (instead of a bunch of random posters).

23. Get a cute area rug

I thought it was ridiculous that I was bringing an area rug to my dorm room, but it literally makes the biggest difference and completely transforms the room. This pink boho option is so trendy and fun!

“I love this rug and I loved the price. It’s not as thick as other rugs I’ve purchased from Wayfair. But it looks great and gets the job done.”

24. Get a large vanity mirror to make a statement

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

This dorm room is next level. You will be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, so you might as well make it as pretty as possible! Everything about this room, from the wallpaper to the neon light, to the mirror, the chair, and the desk decor - I am just obsessed with.

25. Get a futon and coffee table for a mini living space

college dorm room

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

I know this is a little over the top, but if you have the space, get a futon or a mini couch and a small coffee table to make a little seating area. The last thing you want is for friends to come over and sit on your bed, so I highly recommend you have some sort of seating situation for friends (if at all possible)! 

26. Get a good desk lamp

Like I mentioned before, you are going to be doing everything at your desk, so you are definitely going to need a good desk lamp! When your roommate is asleep at 2:30 am and you're studying for a big exam you have the next morning, your desk lamp will be the only light you have, so pick a good one!

“I needed a smaller size lamp for my desk. This one is perfect. Has a simple design.”

27. Fill your bed with throw pillows for a super cozy look

Recreate these dorm room ideas:

One of my rules for what not to bring to college is not to have more than four throw pillows on your bed. You can still accomplish this super cozy look with four fluffy pillows on your bed, but it won't feel like making your bed takes you two hours haha. 


What every dorm room should have?

Every dorm room needs bedding, wall decor, kitchen supplies, organizational tools, storage bins, and some personal items that show your personality and remind you of home.

How do I style my dorm room?

Styling your dorm room doesn't need to be hard! Start by making a vision board (I use Canva), then pick out exact decor pieces online and see how they will look together by adding them to the vision board. Gather up all of the decor, and have a plan for how you're going to style it in your dorm room.

How do I make my dorm room cozy?

You can make your dorm room cozy by adding throw pillows, a throw blanket, string lights, lamps with warm light, and by getting an area rug.

What does a freshman girl need for college?

For a freshman girl specifically, I would recommend having cute "going out" outfits, fun dorm room decor, a pepper spray keychain, and a super comfortable mattress topper. And of course, this college packing list that students love.

What do guys need for dorms?

There are a ton of dorm room ideas for guys, but the most important things are bedding, some wall decor, school supplies, organizational tools, and a good shower caddy! 

This post was all about dorm room ideas.

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