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Searching for cheap floor length mirrors? Here are 16 stylish floor length mirrors you AND your wallet will adore.

cheap floor length mirrors

If there is one thing I had engrained into my head from HGTV, famous interior designers, and design school, it is that mirrors are ALWAYS a good idea. Not only does a stylish floor mirror make your OOTD pictures look ?, but it also completely opens up and enhances your space. Floor mirrors are a guaranteed way to make your space instantly look 10x bigger.

Okay, so we all know floor length mirrors look good but what doesn't look as pretty is the price of half of them... I was in total shock when I was apartment searching and saw how expensive floor length mirrors were. I guess it was just one of those things you don't even think about until it's actually time to furnish your home.

Because I was so determined to incorporate a floor mirror into my apartment but didn't have the money to spend on a fancy one, I actually thrifted a mirror and used gold rub and buff to give it that "expensive" look. But now there are actually a ton of super affordable options when it comes to floor length mirrors. 

So, if you are looking to brighten up and enlarge your space but still want to stick to a budget, you are going to love these beautiful but cheap floor length mirrors.

This post is all about cheap floor length mirrors.


1. "Room Essentials" Black Framed Door Mirror

over the door mirrors

"Not heirloom quality but still a simple attractive mirror that’s light enough to easily mount on a door or wall. And, of course, the price is right!"

If you are looking for a cheap floor length mirrors this is the one! It’s nothing special but if you are just looking for a simple mirror to check out your outfits this one is only $7 from Target!

2. "Knapper" Floor Mirror In White

"This mirror is great! I use the hooks on the back to hang purses and robes and I’ve also been hanging clothes on the bar across the back. Very convenient and nice to look at!"

This white floor length mirror from IKEA is the perfect size for any bedroom!

3. Full Length Free-Standing Floor Mirror In Black 43"x16"

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I've been looking for a good size mirror with great quality over the past year and finally took the risk and bought this one! Its worth the money its really good quality!"

Finding a floor length mirror this big for this good of a price is so rare. This free-standing mirror from Amazon is super sleek and would make for the perfect accent piece in any living room or bedroom.

4. "Project 62" Over-The-Door Gold Metal Mirror

"Love this mirror! So cute and functional! Fits my space so well and I can see my full body (I’m pretty tall). Such a high quality mirror!"

If you are a fan of gold you are going to love this cheap floor length mirror from Target! This fits right over your door to add a simple, reflective style to your room.

5. "Taylor" Champagne Thin Mirror

"This was the perfect floor length mirror to go in the redesign for my bedroom. I use it everyday!!""

“At Home” has some amazing deals every once in a while including this champaign color floor length mirror that you can wall-mount or lean against your wall.


6. "Vingli" Gold Metal Full Length Standing Mirror

"It arrived in the mail packaged well with no cracks or scratches, also a lot sooner than it said it would! It's a great size (which I love being someone who's taller.) Definitely worth the $100!"

This stunning mirror got raving reviews on Amazon and is less than $100! For a sturdy floor length mirror this big this is such a good price.

7. "Threshold" Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror Brass

"This mirror arrived non-broken and packaged super securely. I love it! So much cheaper than those elsewhere. Thank you Target!"

Arched mirrors are super popular right now! If you are looking to incorporate this style mirror into your space, this mirror from Target is the way to go.

8. "Lifcasual" Hanging, Standing, Or Leaning Bedroom Mirror With Gold Aluminum Alloy Frame

"I seriously can't say enough good things about this floor length mirror! Such a stunning gold color and just the right size for any living room or bedroom."

This is by far my personal favorite cheap floor length mirror! It’s under $100, is such a good size, and comes in this stunning gold metal finish.

9. Large Black Plastic Modern Mirror

"This floor length mirror was the perfect size for my needs. No assembly required and the price was right."

Here is another simple but sleek floor length mirror from Home Depot under $100! 


10. "Threshold - Designed with Studio McGee" Wood Floor Mirror

"They look even better in person!!! The mirrors are well built and super sturdy."

Not a fan of the metal mirrors? This wood-framed floor length mirror from Studio McGee at Target is the perfect alternative for you!

11. "Martinsen" Full Length Mirror

"I rarely leave reviews: I personally like the way it was carefully delivered (extra padding) and that it comes already assembled! You just have to slide out the back and you're ready to use it. Good find, especially for the price."

Wayfair has hundreds and hundreds of amazing floor length mirror for a great price including this sleek, black one that can be hung up or left leaning against a wall.

12. Large Rectangle Gold Hooks Modern Mirror

"Really nice mirror! Nice weight, sturdy frame and great reflection - no distortions! Good price for the quality."

Here is another amazing option from Home Depot if you want to add a pop of gold into your room with a full length mirror.

13. "TinyTimes" Rounded Corner Floor Mirror In Black

"Such a stunning mirror for any apartment or house and the price just can't be beat! I searched for hours and this mirror is by far the biggest and the most durable floor length mirror for this cheap! "

An amazing size, stunning color, and super durable, this mirror from Home Depot is one of the best!


14. "NeuType" Full Length Mirror With Stand Arched-Top 

"For such a low price I was worried about what kind of quality I would get. But I was SO impressed when I received this mirror! Super sturdy and looks amazing in my apartment!"

I am absolutely in love with this mirror!! The arched design, sleek metal framing, and huge size make this the perfect mirror for any space.

15. "OGCAU" Wall Mirror for Bedroom Living Room In Gold

"Great stylish mirror! No assembly required unless you wanna hang it on the wall."

I am absolutely in love with this mirror!! The arched design, sleek metal framing, and huge size make this the perfect mirror for any space. Although this mirror from Amazon is one of the more expensive ones on this list, the size, durability, and quality really show it! Even with this mirror being the priciest on the list, the cost of this mirror is still significantly cheaper than most floor length mirrors!

This post was all about cheap floor length mirrors.

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