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This post is all about mini appliances you can use in your dorm room to make your life way easier! 

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I don't know about you, but I had this whole idea when I was leaving for college that I was going to be cooking everyday in my dorm room and eating super healthy. Well... that didn't really go as planned (unless you count overnight oats as cooking ?).

There were so many appliances I wished I had with me in my dorm room so I could make healthy meals. Obviously, do ?? not ?? bring ?? this many appliances! Maybe find 2-3 that you will really use. I had a vacuum and a blender, but I really, REALLY wanted an air fryer and a toaster. These appliances are something you should 100% talk to your roommate about and hopefully split the cost (because everyone will end up wanting to use your stuff, trust me). 

Disclaimer: a lot of dorm complexes do not allow appliances that are not provided by the school. Check all the rules before you buy anything just to be safe! 

This post is all about dorm room mini appliances. 


1. Vintage Mini Fridge 

If you have to bring your own mini fridge to college, at least get a cute one. I am obsessed with the Vintage Frigidaire and Smeg fridges, but they're SO expensive, so a mini fridge is probably the only time you could buy one for a reasonable price. 

I linked the classic Frigidaire mini fridge and a vintage dupe from Best Buy if you're looking for one with a separate freezer. 

2. Mini Rice Cooker

If you're someone who has rice for a lot of your meals, you might want to think about getting a mini rice cooker for your dorm room. I would have loved this because I LIVED off of the frozen Trader Joe's rice, and it would be cheaper to make it myself! 

3. Mini Instant Pot

Okay, only get this if you have used an Instant Pot at home and enjoy making meals with it. This is a mini Instant Pot and it would be perfect to make single serving dinners quickly. 

I probably wouldn't have gotten this myself, but I have friends who LOVE Instant Pots and would thrive with one of these in college. 

4. Keurig

A dorm room staple, the single cup Keurig. My roommates and I all had one of these, so definitely discuss who's bringing what! If you're a coffee drinker, you NEED a Keurig so you don't waste all of your money at Starbucks!

5. Hot Water Kettle

The hot water kettle is seriously one of the most useful appliances. You can make hot water for tea, ramen noodles, or even add boxed pasta or veggies into the kettle and let it boil in there! 

6. Mini Waffle Maker

Mini waffle makers are all the rage right now. They're very inexpensive too. I had one at home and I always wished I brought it with me to college so my roommates and I could have fun breakfasts together. 

7. Vacuum

This vacuum is a BSL dorm room MUST. Those dorm room carpets haven't been cleaned in forever, trust me you will want to spend the $26 for this vacuum. I had one and literally everyone on my floor begged to use it (seriously, you need it)!!

8. Essential Oil Diffuser 

I've been OBSESSED with this essential oil diffuser lately. It's so gorgeous and minimal, you could use this as decor for the rest of your life. 

9. NutriBullet

I'm such a smoothie person. It's the quickest way for me to get a ton of fruits and vegetables in without doing a lot of cooking. I had this blender in my dorm room - it's such a powerful blender for how small and compact it is. 

10. Blendjet

I have never owned one of these, but it seems like it was invented for a dorm room. It's seriously the size of a water bottle, it is completely wireless, and you charge it with a USB. 

11. Air Fryer

If you don't know what an air fryer is, it's basically a countertop convection oven. My roommates and I always wanted an air fryer so we could make healthy meals and bake treats ?. Air fryers are super popular right now and there are a TON of recipes online that you could use. 

12. Mini Vintage Toaster

You know how I said I loved the vintage appliances? I have wanted the Smeg toaster forever, but it's $170 ???. This vintage toaster on amazon is a really good Smeg dupe and is a quarter of the price!  

dorm room essentials

13. Frother

Everyone is making fancy coffees these days, and this frother is the perfect way to take your morning coffee to the next level. It's a super small appliance so it won't take up too much space in your dorm room! 

I particularly like this milk frother because it comes with a little stand that can sit on your counter or desk. 

14. Mini Crockpot

mini appliances for kitchen

Similar to the Instant Pot recommendation, only buy this mini crockpot if you make crockpot recipes often and know what you're doing! I make crockpot chicken all the time now and it would probably be really easy to make in a dorm room. 

15. Hard Boiled Egg Maker

I know some people who are super into hard boiled eggs and would love this. They're a really healthy snack or breakfast and would be super easy to eat before a class. You have no way to boil anything in the dorms, so this hard boiled egg maker is perfect. 

16. Egg Bite Maker

I know some people who are obsessed with the egg bites from Starbucks. Like, have them for breakfast everyday obsessed. You could save so much money making them yourself with this egg bite maker. 

17. Microwave

Pretty much every dorm room recipe revolves around your microwave. If you don't have one supplied by the school, this little microwave is inexpensive and perfect for a dorm room. 

18. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

miniature appliances

If you love iced coffee like me, the Keurig isn't the best because you can only brew hot coffee. This cold brew coffee maker is one of my favorite purchases ever. I can make one pitcher of cold brew at the beginning of the week and have good iced coffee all week!! 

19. Clothing Steamer

Don't be the person with the ironing board and iron. A steamer is so convenient for college and can be used to get all the wrinkles out of your clothes! Even more convenient though, the Downy wrinkle release spray!

20. Noise Machine

Noise machines will change your life sleeping in the dorms. Definitely make sure your roommate is alright with it, but the white noise will block out all of the loud music, yelling, and pounding that is constant in the dorms. 

21. Mug Warmer

If you are a hot coffee or tea drinker, you might want this! Sometimes I spend hours working with a cup of hot coffee next to me, but I have to reheat it so many times. Mug warmers are so nice and keep your drink hot all day! 

22. Hot Plate

The people who had hot plates in the dorms always made the BEST food. With this hot plate and a couple pots and pans, you can make basically anything you could make on a stovetop. This is really convenient for people who love to cook and want to keep cooking in college. 

23. Fan 

Even if you don't live somewhere hot, the minute the AC stops working in your building (and trust me, it will) you will be SO thankful for this little fan. I slept with one of these little fans literally every single night in college. The little bendy arms are so nice because you can connect it to anything. 

24. Brita Water Pitcher

mini cooking appliances

Everyone needs a Brita!! You have no idea what the tap water in the dorms is like, so this pitcher will give you fresh, filtered water. I also really like that I can keep it in the fridge so I can always have cold water. 

This post was all about dorm room mini appliances . 

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