15 Genius Dorm Wall Decor Ideas That Are Insanely Cute

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This post is all about dorm wall decor.

dorm wall decor

There is nothing worse than walking into a dorm room and seeing those ugly cinder block walls covering the entire room. There is nothing cozy or cute about that so we've found the best dorm wall decor ideas that will make your dorm room look Pinterest perfect.

Decorating your walls can make your dorm feel so much more like home. Take advantage of your vertical wall space and fill it up with these super cute dorm wall decor ideas!

This post is all about the cutest dorm wall decor.

Best Dorm Wall Decor:

1. Use Faux Greenery To Warm Up The Space

dorm wall

Dorm Wall Decorations - Photo @ alanaessex

Plants instantly make a room feel more alive and homey. This plant wreath would be perfect for livening up your dorm room wall. You can then decorate the surrounding wall with a gallery wall affect.

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2. Boho Wall Decorations

dorm wall decor

Dorm Wall Decorations: Photo @katesusanin

Macrame is super in right now and can so easily be put up on dorm room walls. If you're going for a more bohemian look macrame is totally the wall to go.

3. Use Removable WallPaper

dorm wall decorations

Like we said before, there is nothing worse than dingy dorm walls and the perfect way to cover them is by using removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper has come SO far and now you can find all different styles of them.

Here are some of our favorite removable wallpapers:

4. Make A Flower Collage

dorm wall decor flowers

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Making a flower wall is one of my favorite dorm wall decor ideas. This looks so cute and classy! A wonderful woman on Etsy makes these flowers for you so you can simply hang them in your room without going through the hassle of creating them.

dorm room essentials

5. Make A Lit Ivy Wall

dorm room wall decor

Dorm Room Wall Decor (Photo: Urban Outfitters)

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This would make such a great backdrop for photos! String the lights into the ivy for a whimsical look.

This idea would also be super cute as a backdrop behind your bed to replace a headboard. The Ivy shown in the picture above can be purchased at Urban Outfitters.

6. Hang Individual Flowers On The Wall

dorm decor boho

Go to your local craft sore and pick up assorted flowers in your favorite colors! This is a super cheap and easy way to cover a large space on your wall!

Recreate This Dorm Room:

7. Use LED Neon Light Signs

college dorm wall decor

Dorm Wall Decor (Photo: Amazon @KUKUU)

LED signs are a great way to light up the room and add color! There are tons of different styles on Amazon.

This is super trendy right now and a ton of girls are adding these into their dorm rooms. Not only are they cute but they're also super cheap.

Recreate This Dorm Room:

8. Floating Wall Shelves

dorm wall ideas

Dorm Wall Decor - Photo @_victoriacastle_

Recreate This Dorm Room:

These floating wall shelves are so so cute and would be perfect by a vanity for extra storage! These are a great use of wall space and would be perfect for dorm wall decor.

9. Photo Collage

college dorm decor

Dorm Wall Decor - Photo @annacatjordan

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Photo collages can be made so many different ways! Cover your wall in photos and take all your memories with you to school!

10. Create Wall Art Above Your Desk

dorm wall decor ideas

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Most people are only worried about decorating above their bed but you can't forget to decorate around your desk area. This can make a BIG difference in the way your dorm room looks.

This dorm room does a great job at making this space cute but practical at the same time.

11. Create An Inspirational Photo Collage

cheap dorm wall decor ideas

This is one of the cheapest dorm wall decor ideas that makes a huge impact. I also love this idea because you can fully customize it to your style and color pallete.

12. Frame Your Favorite Stores Shopping Bags

dorm wall decor

How fun is this?! This is the perfect dorm room for any of you luxury brand lovers out there. Also, let's not forget to take notice at her perfect pillows!!! Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed.

13. Hang A Tassel Garland

There are tons of garlands on Amazon. If you're looking for any easy DIY for dorm decor, buy assorted ribbons from the craft store and tie them around a string.

You can add lights for extra pizazz! 

14. Hang a Tapestry

cute dorm decor

Could we really write a post about dorm wall decor and not mention hanging a dorm tapestry?!

Of course, tapestries are the go-to dorm wall hanging and we have a lot of favorite ones for 2020. Below are some of our favorites.

15. Make A Polaroid Wall With Fairy Lights

college dorm wall decor

If you want a cheap way to cover a large portion of your wall, make a polaroid wall with fairy lights! Use clothes pins to hang the photos onto the lights and you've got a super cute and easy picture wall!

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This post was all about the best dorm wall decor.

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