21 Best Dorm Chairs To Buy For Your College Dorm Room

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This post is all about dorm chairs.

college dorm chairs

When going to college, it's super exciting thinking about all the friends that you are going to have over into your new, Pinterest-perfect dorm room. ​

Something that often goes unnoticed is what dorm chairs are you going to use to sit all of these new college friends?? But really, more importantly, what dorm chairs are YOU going to basically live in for the next two years?!

I remember when I went to college, I honestly overlooked this part. I was so worried about decorating my walls and finding the right comforter that I totally forgot I had to consider this!

My roommate and I ended up getting an amazing futon but still...I forgot about it! I'm here to remind you not to forget about it ;).

This post shows you the best dorm chairs that are just as practical as they are cute.

Dorm Chairs:

1. Butterfly Chair 

These kinds of chairs are so comfy that it's no wonder they're considered some of the best kinds of dorm chairs! 

Butterfly chairs are great because you can immerse yourself in them in such a comfortable way. They let you or your guests be comfortable but in a supportive way because it encompasses your back! 

Plus, you can fold them up if you're looking for more space in your dorm room!

2. Use Chair Covers 

While this isn't an actual dorm chair, it is a great idea for how to spice dorm chairs up!

Dorms often come with plastic chairs to go into a desk. Often times, it is just easiest to get covers for them, like this faux fur one from Amazon, to tie the chairs into the dorm decorations without having to spend a ton of money! 

3. Clear Plastic Chairs 

affordable dorm furniture

But if you want to get rid of the dorm chair they give you completely, I totally understand! 

Here's a great dorm chair idea that is super on trend right now: plastic chairs. College freshman love these dorm chairs because they're popular and go with any kind of color scheme or decoration. They're a versatile cheap option for your dorm, definitely check them out! 


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4. Tufted Upholstered Armchairs

dorm furniture

If you want dorm chairs that create a kind of sitting area for guests, this is a great idea for you. 

Upholstered armchairs make a great dorm chair because they provide sitting in a decorated way, and are not super cumbersome so you and your roommate still have plenty of room in the dorm! 

5. Bean Bag Chair 

A lot of people think bean bags are for kids, but that is so wrong!

Bean bags are a great dorm chair option because they're really easy to store when you don't need them out. That way, your guests have a place to sit when they visit, but you have the most space possible when its just you and your roommate. 

6. Futons 

I've recommended futons on a bunch of posts before. But I'm doing it again because they're just such an essential to dorm rooms. 

Futons are great for dorms because they serve as a couch and a bed. It makes it easier to have guests in the dorm and also gives the people living in the dorm an option besides their bed. 

It's not an actual dorm chair, but it's a dorm chair option that it SO needed. 

7. Poofs 

These are not super known about, but boy are they are a great option if you're searching for dorm chairs! 

Poofs are LOVED by interior designers right now because they're decor and a sitting option. And that is why college students should want them in their dorms, too! 

8. Foldable Chair 

If you haven't noticed, there is a trend in searching for dorm chairs that includes finding ones that are easy to store when they aren't needed. 

Foldable chairs like this one from Amazon are another great dorm chair option that stays on this trend! 

dorm room essentials

9. Storage Ottomans 

This dorm chair option does so much while using so little space! 

It creates decoration, it provides areas for people to sit, and it also holds things like shoes or sweatshirts or anything you really need to put into a cube! 

And, this one from Amazon is only like $20, what a steal! 

10. Bean Bag Lounger 

This dorm chair option is SO cool! 

It's a bean bag, so it's comfy. It's a lounger, so you can lay out on it. What more could you ask for? 

11. Rocking Chair  

Ok, I was honestly shocked to learn that people want rocking chairs in their dorms. But the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense! 

Rocking is soothing, and is therefore a great way to relax and escape the stress of classes and college in general. So why not have one in your dorm room? 

12. Studio Lounger 

If you still want a lounger, but bean bags are not your thing, this is the perfect dorm chair option for you! 

This lounger let's you spread out and get comfy, but has nicer material to lay on than a bean bag. 

13. Upholstered Accent Chair 

best dorm chairs

This is such a cute dorm chair option that I just had to share! 

An upholstered accent chair is the perfect dorm chair because it allows you to incorporate your color scheme and decoration themes into your dorm room in another way! 

Also, not a lot of people think of this, so it gives you a great chance to be unique! 

14. Leather Lounge Chair 

This is a great dorm chair option that is functional while being SO cute!!

15. Lazy Sofa Floor Chair 

Ok, how COOL is this dorm chair option!

It's like a recliner, but on the floor so that it's perfect for the dorm and does not take up a lot of space. It's the perfect option, for sure! 

16. Shaggy White Accent Chair 

All your friends will be SO jealous of this chair! 

It's furry, it's comfy. It's cute. It's everything the female college freshman needs in a dorm chair. And BONUS: it looks expensive, but it's actually on the cheaper side! It just doesn't get better. 

17. Spinning Office Chair 

I'm obsessed with these kinds of chairs, and have been for a while. I'm talking like childhood I would go sit in my dad's office chair and just spin for hours! 

Now, you can do the same in your dorm room! But like study while you're at it too! A spinning office chair gives you a fun study break if you're grinding at your desk, or makes it easy to turn around and ask your roommate a question. It's a solid dorm chair, and I highly suggest it! 

18. Loveseat 

If a futon isn't your thing, but you don't want chairs for your dorm. I suggest a loveseat! 

They can get kind of expensive, but it is a great investment not only for your dorm but for apartments later on in college. It provides a place for multiple people to sit, or for you to lay down and watch TV. 

19. Armless Desk Chair 

If you want a different chair than what the dorms provide, I suggest an armless office chair. 

These are great for sitting and studying or putting on makeup because they have a ton of support and ensure that you stay comfy while you're at your desk whatever you're doing! 

20. Bow Chair 

dorm chair

Ok HOW CUTE is this chair? Like seriously? 

Like, I wish I had had this chair my freshman year because I cannot get over how cute it is. And, it isn't super expensive. Honestly, I would use it in my dorm freshman year and then I would use it somewhere in every place that I lived next! 

21. Rockin' Roller Desk Chair 

dorm chairs

Ok, I know this is not what you pictured when you clicked on this post, BUT I think it's a really fun and unique idea for a chair that also has some really great benefits! 

This roller ball of a desk chair is perfect for those who get easily distracted or need some constant movement while studying because it lets you kind of bounce up and down while doing things at your desk. Plus it looks super comfy and is really unique so I definitely suggest considering it for your dorm room! 

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This post showed the best dorm chairs.

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