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If you are living in a college dorm room this year, you need to check out these dorm chairs!

dorm chairs

When going to college, it's super exciting thinking about all the friends that you are going to have over into your new, Pinterest-perfect dorm room. What dorm chairs are all of these new college friends going to sit on?? But really, more importantly, what dorm chairs are YOU going to basically live in for the next two years?!

I remember when I went to college, I honestly overlooked this part. I was so worried about decorating my walls and finding the right comforter that I totally forgot about a dorm chair! My roommate and I ended up getting an amazing futon, but I still needed my chair! I'm here to remind you not to forget about it ;).

This post shows you the best dorm chairs that are just as practical as they are cute.



1. Blush Velvet & Gold Desk Chair 

How gorgeous is this velvet desk chair? The padded structure would be super comfortable and way cozier than the dorm-provided chairs. 

The velvet color is super trendy and luxurious looking paired with the gold chair legs. 

2. Clear Plastic Chairs 

affordable dorm furniture

Clear acrylic chairs are extremely trendy right now and so cute! College freshmen love these dorm chairs because they go with any kind of color scheme or decoration. They're a versatile, cheap option for your dorm. Definitely check them out! 

3. Acrylic & Gold Swivel Desk Chair 

dorm room comfy chairs

I'm obsessed with these kinds of chairs and have been for a while. I'm talking like, childhood, I would go sit in my dad's office chair and just spin for hours! 

Now, you can do the same in your dorm room! But like study while you're at it too! A spinning office chair gives you a fun study break if you're grinding at your desk, or makes it easy to turn around and ask your roommate a question. It's a solid dorm chair, and I highly suggest it!

4. Shaggy White Fur Desk Chair

All your friends will be SO jealous of this chair! 

It's furry, it's comfy. It's cute. It's everything the female college freshman needs in a dorm chair. And BONUS: it looks expensive, but it's actually on the cheaper side! It just doesn't get better.

5. Upholstered Fabric Swivel Chair

dorm room desk chairs

This upholstered chair looks super high-end and is an amazing Target find! You will love this upholstered desk tour in a classic dorm room, or even a rustic-styled dorm room.

The best part about this chair is that it's on wheels and you can easily turn around or glide across the room. Swivel chairs are the best!

6. White Plastic Chair with Wooden Legs

This may be one of the trendiest chairs out there right now. This style of plastic chair with wooden legs is everywhere (and for good reason). They're super cute, lightweight, and really match any style.

While I wouldn't necessarily put these chairs in my apartment, they are absolutely perfect for your dorm desk chair.


7. Faux Fur & Gold Cozy Chair

dorm lounge chairs

Anyone else dreaming about curling up in this chair and taking a nap?? This chair looks so comfortable it's not even funny. I legit couldn't have this chair in my dorm room because I would probably fall asleep on it all the time.

Besides how cozy it looks, I am a huge fan of the gold legs and white faux fur combination they pulled off. You will love this chair because it is simple, classy, and looks insanely cozy.

8. Faux Fur Butterfly Chair 

These kinds of chairs are so comfy that it's no wonder they're considered some of the best kinds of dorm chairs! 

Butterfly chairs are great because you can immerse yourself in them in such a comfortable way. They let you or your guests be comfortable, but in a supportive way because it encompasses your back! 

Plus, you can fold them up if you're looking for more space in your dorm room!

9. Blush Upholstered Butterfly Chair

dormeo chairs

These butterfly chairs are so nice!! You will love that you can fold it up and get it out of the way when you need more space in your dorm room.

This Target dorm chair is only $35 and will get the job done!! The blush-colored fabric is very on-brand and would match perfectly in a girly dorm room.

10. Boho Macrame Folding Chair

If you are going for a boho look in your dorm room and need a chair, this is the one for you!! It's one of the cutest boho dorm chairs I have ever seen. It's a folding chair too, so you can store it as needed!

This macrame style is so popular right now, and this is the perfect way to incorporate it into your dorm room without being too basic. It's under $80, which is pretty good for a dorm chair that is this cute!!

11. White Square Folding Lounge Chair

dorm room lounge chairs

This has to be one of the most high-end-looking lounge dorm chairs. The square shape is so unique, considering most chairs of this style are round.

You know how much I love a white and gold combo. This dorm chair will take your dorm room to the next level and give you the coziest, prettiest, little seating.

college planner


12. Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair literally looks heavenly. I can vividly imagine curling up in this chair after long days of classes or watching movies in this chair.

This brand, Big Joe, is known for making some of the coziest bean bag chairs ever, but the faux fur makes this one 10x better than the rest!

13. Blush Sherpa Bean Bag

college dorm chairs

Did anyone else have the Pottery Barn bean bags as a kid with your name on them? I just think having a Pottery Barn bean bag in college would really make my life come full circle. 

They're such good quality, and they have the cutest designs and cozy fabrics. Plus, they're pretty big and would definitely allow for some solid naps. They are super pricey, but they go on sale from time to time, so keep an eye out! 

14. Structured Comfy Bean Bag Chair

Looking for something simple, cozy, and functional? This is the bean bag chair for you. The fabric is super durable, and if you spill anything, you can wipe it right up.

The handle at the top will allow you to carry it to your friends' dorm rooms for movie nights, or around your dorm room when needed. The design would be super comfy and give you the back support you need to sit and study in this chair for hours ;).

15. Cozy Rose Bean Bag Chair 

dorm room chairs

Target coming through with the Pottery Barn look-alikes! This super nice bean bag chair comes in 6 different colors and is only $60!

It looks so cozy and just the right size for a dorm room. This rose-colored, ribbed material could match any dorm room style.

16. Plush Animal Print Bean Bag

I'm not going to lie, I think animal print can get overdone really fast. This bean bag, on the other hand, is so pretty and not tacky looking at all!

The simple gray color scheme will not be overwhelming in your dorm room, and the bean bag quality itself is amazing.


17. Gray Canvas Convertible Flip Lounge Chair

dorm chairs target

I would 100% buy one of these chairs if I had people constantly coming to visit me or stay with me. You can sit in it like a normal chair, but it folds out to a bed when needed!

I remember visiting friends and having to sleep on the floor, and I wish they had this for me!! This gray option from Target looks really high quality and requires no assembly! 

18. Blush Canvas Convertible Flip Lounge Chair

I love this convertible flip lounge chair because of the cute pink color! This is perfect for a dorm room. If I had one of these loungers, I would stick it in the corner of my dorm room with a throw blanket and throw pillow to dress it up a little.

This is made by the same brand as the Target lounger and looks super cozy.

19. Microplush Modern Armless Quilted Recliner Chair

dorm chairs ikea

This looks like the coziest chair ever. It has that expensive, high-end look, but it's from Lowe's!! It's $91, comes in 6 different colors, and can lay flat like a bed. Imagine the naps on this thing!!

20. Sherpa Convertible Flip Lounge Chair

Here is another one of those convertible flip lounge chairs, but this one is sherpa!! If you want to make anything cozy, add sherpa! Adding texture to anything makes it look more put together and cozy.

Imagine how cute this lounger would look with a throw pillow and a fluffy blanket!

21. White Futon Chair Bed

dorm chairs walmart

Okay, this is one of the coolest pieces of furniture you could have in a dorm room! It is a chair/futon/bed all in one! You could use it to chill in, and then when you have friends visiting, they can sleep in a cozy little bed!!

It looks super legit and is on sale often! It also comes in a gray color if that is more your style.

This post showed the best dorm chairs.

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