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Looking for the best dorm room inspiration? This post is all about the trendiest dorm room 2022 ideas. 

dorm room 2021 ideas

Let's be honest, I was more excited about decorating my dorm room than doing anything else in college. Decorating dorm rooms is so much fun, but the trends are constantly changing so you never know what to buy. Lucky for you, I have found some of the trendiest dorm rooms that you need to copy in 2022. These rooms are the cutest and there are ideas for every style and aesthetic! 

These dorm room 2022 ideas are definitely Pinterest worthy and will make you SO excited to go off to college and decorate (because that's the best part, right?!). Having a dorm room that you love will make your college life so much better because the space that you do everything in will be cute, homey, and happy. 

This post is all about dorm room 2022 ideas.


1. Create canvas collages for wall decor 


Recreate this bright, girly dorm room:

Have you ever seen better decor for a dorm room? Everyone is obsessed with the photo collages, but this takes it to the next level. 

You could DIY these canvas collages so easily and they would look amazing. You could make them any aesthetic you want (but I am loving this hot pink and white moment). 

2. Use these pastel crates to stay organized & trendy

Recreate this neat, trendy little space:

Probably the most trendy organization item of all time: the HAY crates. All the influencers in their danish style apartments know that these pastel crates are a must. 

They would be SO perfect in a dorm room for keeping all of you toiletry items together, or storing stuff in a shelf like this pic. 

3. Use floating shelves for display & organization

I used to wish there were floating shelves that would work in a dorm room, and I always assumed there was nothing out there that could actually hold stuff up. 

THEN I found these photo ledges made by the command hook brand (so you know they're good) and I'm obsessed. You could put little photos and decor up there, or even school supplies as pictured. 

4. Use vines & functional items as wall decor 

dorm room ideas girl 2021

Recreate this cozy, boho dorm room:

Guys - this dorm room is everything. I absolutely love the way she used functional items like her ukulele and hat as wall decor, and I am obsessed with the desk chair. 

Don't forget that you will be spending a LOT of time at that desk, so you want a comfy chair that you can work at, get ready at, eat at, etc.

5. Create a fancy desk space 

Recreate this incredibly put-together dorm room:

This dorm room is insane!! I never thought about bringing my own big mirror, but now I literally think it should become a dorm room essential ?

The fancy mirror and lamp make this dorm room seem like a nice hotel, not some random building on a college campus. 

6. Use plants to add some life into the space

You know me, I am usually the ultimate fake plant advocate, but something about having a real plant in a dorm room is so nice. 

This snake plant thrives on neglect and can go without being watered for a long time. I think live plants are so good for dorm rooms because they give you something to take care of and have responsibility. 

7. Use peel & stick wallpaper 

dorm room accessories 2021

Recreate this dreamy dorm room:

You know we're all big fans of the classic dalmatian peel and stick wallpaper, but this brick look is SO good. 

If you want a less busy look and something with a little more character, this brick wallpaper is so good. 

8. Frame your posters for a more finished look

Recreate this cozy, black and white dorm room:

Posters are a given for dorm rooms, but framing them can take them from a flimsy poster taped to the wall to looking like actual art. 

I love these black and white prints that you could frame with the amazon frames and tape up with some 3M tape. 

9. Get a step stool that's cute AND functional

I have never seen such a cute storage ottoman. They're always those super basic boxy ones that aren't that cute, but THIS ONE is sooo cute. 

The gold legs and little velvety top ??. It comes in so many cute colors too!

10. Go with all white and pops of color

dorm must haves

sourced from: @samashley32

Recreate this bright, minimalistic dorm room:

This is one of our all time favorite dorm rooms at BSL. The all white aesthetic is SO good and the wall decor is just right. 

Sam, the girl who put this room together, actually made the tapestry herself ??. Too good. 

11. Use string lights to fill up empty wall space

Recreate this lovely, leopard dorm room:

For some reason I can't get over this dorm room. It is so simple but it looks so cozy and put together. 

You can't go wrong with white and leopard and the string lights are the perfect way to fill up empty wall space while also adding some nice ambiance! 

12. Get a pretty tray for your beauty products

Having a little tray to display your perfume, jewelry, and cute skincare products is functional AND pleasing to the eye!! 

These mirrored trays are soo trendy right now and I love this Amazon find. It looks way more expensive than it actually is! 

13. Use a macrame wall hanging to display photos 


Recreate this cute photo display:

These macrame wall hangings are everywhere, but I love the idea of using it to hang pictures. Just grab some clothespins and you're good. 

This is a great option for a macrame hanging, but always keep an eye out at HomeGoods for some really unique ones!! 

14. Create a girl power photo collage

Recreate this bright, fun photo collage:

This photo collage is SO cute, especially for a dorm room. I love the girl power message (that's what we're all about) and the neon sign could not be more trendy! 

15. Get a necklace holder to keep your jewelry organized

Keeping your jewelry organized in college can be such a pain, but this super cute and simple necklace holder can keep everything from getting tangled. 

You know I love gold and white, so this is a good one 😉

16. Add a fun, printed comforter 


Recreate this cute, preppy dorm room: