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Looking to buy flags to hang in your dorm room this year? Here are all the best dorm room flags.

dorm room flags

Pretty much any college dorm you walk in to (especially guys) will have flags hung up everywhere. Flags are a super popular way of decorating because they are relatively cheap and can easily be hung up without wrecking dorm walls.

I know first hand how ugly and bland dorm walls can be and I did everything I could to hang up decor that would cover them up. So if you are looking for a great way to decorate your room and cover up those cinderblock walls, flags are a great option. 

We have compiled a ton of great dorm room flags for both guys and girls so you will be sure to find tons that you love! 

 This post is all about dorm room flags.


1. Beach Dorm Room Flag

Red Bubble has sooo many different dorm room flags. From funny, to trendy, to simple, there really is something for everyone. I love this ocean one because it is super relaxing which is great for a stressful college girl.

college packing
college packing list

2. Kris Jenner Flag

Kris Jenner is obviously iconic, and so is this photo! I don’t know what else I would rather wake up to than this dorm room flag! 

3. Collage Kit

Something we’ve been seeing a ton are collage walls / gallery walls. We lovecollage kits! There are a ton of different options on their site so there is definitely something for any type of college girl.

4. Y2K Dorm Room Flag

Another collage option… this is definitely easier than doing each image separately but you can’t customize it as much. This y2K flag is great for all the girly girls out there that want a fun, aesthetically pleasing dorm room this year.

5. Glitter Pink Whitney Dorm Room Flag

This flag is perfect for the girl that drinks Pink Whitney at every party. We all have that one friend… It even has glitter on it which makes it that much cuter. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the drink, it still looks super cute and would be a great wall decor option if you want to add a splash of pink.

6. Sun Design Dorm Flag

This is another super cute dorm room flag that would look perfect in your room if you want to add a pop of color. This design is really popular in general but I haven’t ever seen someone use it in their room before which makes it really unique! So if you are on of those girls who loves the sun, this flag is the one for you!

7. Pastel White Claw Dorm Room Flag

There is nothing college girls like more than white claws right? This pastel flag is perfect for your dorm room for when friends come over for a girls night or pregame. You really can’t go wrong with a flag that has white claws with cowboy hats…


8. Blue Mountains Dorm Room Flag

If you are a guy and are looking to find a dorm room flag that is a little more unique than the classic “Saturdays are for the boys” flag, this is a super cool flag to pick! Dorms can feel a little tight and they usually don’t have the best views. Use this blue mountain flag and make a view of your own!

9. Frank Ocean “Blonde” Dorm Room Tapestry

This dorm room flag is perfect for all the Frank Ocean fans out there. This flag is a take on one of his most famous albums and is super unique! Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of him, you have to admit this flag is super cooler anyways.

10. Trap House Dorm Room Flag

Neon signs are super popular decor items to have in guys dorms or apartments. But, neon signs can be a little pricey. This flag basically gives you the look and feel of a neon sign without having to pay the price for it.

11. Budweiser Dorm Room Flag

If you are a big beer fan, especially of Budweiser, there is nothing more perfect than this flag. I feel like every college guy has to have some sort of beer advertisement in his dorm/apartment right?

12. Patagonia Dorm Room Flag

I know a lot of guys that bought this Patagonia flag and ended up using it in their rooms for years to come. Even if you don’t have Patagonia clothes you can definitely still hang these cool mountains up in your dorm room this year.

13. Lil Uzi Dorm Room Flag

I know how big of a fan my guy friends are of Lil Uzi so I felt like I had to include it in the dorm flags for guys section. This flag is a little smaller than others so if you are looking for a flag that won’t take up a whole lot of space this one is a great size.

dorm room essentials

14. Travis Scott Astroworld Flag

The Astroworld flag is a classic flag to hang in guys dorm bedroom or living room. Because of how popular the album got, literally any college student would recognize this colorful logo. If you are a Travis Scott fan this is a must have for your dorm room this year.


15. Mac Miller Dorm Room Flag

I know sooo many people, boys and girls, that love Mac Miller. His album cover art is super cool and would be awesome in any dorm room.

16. “What are You a Cop” Tapestry

Gibby from iCarly is hilarious. Would love this in my dorm if I was a freshman again!

17. California Dorm Room Flag

This dorm room flag is perfect for all the Californians that plan on going to college soon. You will definitely start to miss your home state so this flag can be a little something to hang in your dorm to remind you of home.

Even if you aren’t from California, you could always find a flag that has your home state’s logo, flag, or famous buildings on it.

18. Kendall & Bella Dorm Flag

Nothing cooler than Bella and Kendall. Love how cool this dorm flag looks! This would look amazing in any girl’s dorm room, especially if their into pop culture.

19. Frank Ocean Flag

Another music dorm flag, but Frank Ocean is the best and would be so cool to have hanging in your dorm! So many R&B lovers know and love this photo.

20. Pinky Cherry Disco Dorm Flag

The cherries trend has been around forever!

21. Hangover Flag

For all the Hangover fans out there living their best life, this one’s for you.


22. Gibby Dorm Room Flag

Let’s admit it, we have all been there. This tequila made me do it dorm flag is one that is simple but still super funny. Some of the best dorm room flags are the funny but simple ones because they can be used in any room and will keep your room looking clean… until you read what the flag says.

23. Step Brothers Dorm Room Flag

Step Brothers is a classic movie that almost everyone loves to laugh at. Anyone who has seen the movie will instantly recognize the iconic scene on this flag. Maybe just take it down if the R.A. comes to visit though.

24. Jersey Shore Note Flag

I have seen this exact dorm room flag in sooo many college dorms and apartments. It’s such an iconic show and moment and I think it’s so funny that people hang this in their place. Obsessed with this one!!

25. Kardashian Meme Tapestry

Another Kardashian dorm flag of course. They’re quotes are just iconic and I think this one is hilarious!

26. Wolf Of Wall Street Dorm Room Flag

I am going to be honest, I have never seen this movie but I constantly hear my guy friends reference it. I know the movie isn’t really a comedy but I do know the main character has quite the ego which totally makes sense with this flag. If you are a fan of the movie this is a fun flag to hang up in your dorm this year.

27. Kanye West Tweet Dorm Room Flag

Here is another dorm flag with a super funny Kanye West tweet. I think these flags are made up but I would not be surprised if this was actually on of Kanye’s tweets. This tweet is super funny and would be a perfect flag to hang up in your dorm this year.

28. She Believed She Could But She Blacked Out Dorm Room Flag

You’re totally lying if you say you haven’t had at least one black out night in college. This dorm flag is one of the funniest ones I have seen. We have all seen the inspirational quotes on decor but this one gives those quotes such a funny twist.

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