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Looking for the cutest dorm room rugs? You're in the right place! 

dorm room rugs

When you move into a dorm room, it's so bare and cold. You can bring in all of the wall decor and bedding, but a rug makes the biggest difference. It makes the space feel so much more like home. I didn't have a rug for a couple of days after moving into my dorm room, and as soon as I bought one it brought everything together!! 

I can't recommend getting a rug for your dorm room more! I have rounded up some of the cutest rugs that I would have 100% put in my dorm room. 

This post is all about dorm room rugs. 


1. Super cozy white rug 

If you don't know this already, dorm floors are hard. as. rock. 

This thick, cozy rug would be SO nice in a dorm room. Hopping out of bed onto this rug would be wayyy better than that gross, thin dorm carpeting. 

2. "Alani" printed rug 

cheap rugs

I love that these distressed rugs are in styles right now because they look so cute in every space. This teal and peach colored rug is so pretty and would look pretty in a boho dorm room. 

3. Bright and colorful boho rug 

If you had white bedding and some fun, colorful accents, this rug would be the perfect addition!! 

4. Leopard spotted rug

dorm decor

I am obsessed with this leopard rug. I saw someone put this rug in their NYC apartment and it was soo cute. 

We all know leopard print is the biggest trend right now. This would honestly fit any dorm dorm aesthetic!

5. Neutral boho rug

If you're looking for something more neutral but still accents that boho look you're going for, this is the rug for you. 

6. Tufted rag rug  

cute rugs for bedroom

This type of tufted rug is super popular right now. I love that the pattern is simply made with the texture and it's all white so it will match any room. 

7. Girly, pink shag rug 

A dorm room is one of the only places that a bright pink rug can look good. It's the perfect time to make an obnoxiously girly room that you'll only have for less than a year! 

8. Faux zebra hide rug  

target dorm rugs

This faux zebra hide is super trendy and would be the perfect addition to a dorm room. The tufted fabric claims to be super soft and cozy too! 

9. Simple, geometric rug

You can't go wrong with this super simple, white and grey rug. My roommate had this rug and it looked so cute with her pink bedding. 

10. Woven rug with blush details 

dorm room rug size

I never thought to put a woven rug in a dorm room, but this woven blush rug is too cute. I love the little detail in it and the tassels. 

11. Round mandala rug

A lot of girls have tapestries with mandalas on them, so why not have a rug with one on it? It would be a super cute addition to a boho room.

dorm room essentials

12. Pink and blue rug

dorm rugs walmart

Urban Outfitters has some cute rugs for a dorm room. They look so classic but also have fun, bright colors that are perfect for dorm rooms. 

I love the colors in this rug in particular. The worn in detail is so cute and trendy too. 

13.  Geometric boho rug  

I feel like this is such a good amazon find. This style of rug is super popular because it's boho but still super neutral and would match in any space. 

14. Black and white rug

dorm rugs ikea

This plus sign pattern is super cute. I love how simple it is - it would match so many dorm rooms. 

15. Black, faux sheepskin rug

Sheepskin rugs are super popular right now and perfect for dorm rooms. I have never seen a black one before and I actually think it could be really cute. 

16. Teal fringed rug 

dorm room rugs amazon

I love this rug from Target. It would add a perfect pop of color to any room. If you look closely, there's even pink and yellow details in it too. 

17. Abstract wavy lines rug

This rug totally looks like something that would be sold at Urban Outfitters, but it's such a good amazon find! 

I could imagine this rug in a dorm room with white bedding, and pillows that match the colors on the rug. 

18. Mustard, wavy line rug 

dorm room rugs 4x6

This dorm room rug is so fun. It would be so cute in a 70's vibe dorm room. I love the pop of color. 

19. Pink, distressed rug  

This rug is adorable. I love how it is a traditional style, but it has that "worn in" look that a lot Urban Outfitters and Boutique rugs have. 

20. "Arizona" rug 

dorm room rugs 5x7

I love this rug, the colors and design are so both so trendy. It looks cozy and perfect for a dorm room.

21. Lavender rug

One of my besties had a lavender rug in her dorm room and it was so cute. These simple, shag rugs are super cozy. 

22.  Gold splatter faux cowhide rug 

cool dorm room rugs

These gold splattered faux cowhide rugs are SUPER popular right now, and I love them. I have a super similar one in my apartment living room layered over a jute rug. 

23. Moroccan diamond multi shag area rug

washable dorm room rugs

This bright and colorful rug is so much fun. The bright colors and white shag would be adorable in a dorm room. 

This post featured all of the best dorm room rugs. 

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