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Thinking about joining a sorority? I went through rush last year at University of Alabama and am giving you my best tips and ideas for sorority rush outfits. 

pink sorority rush outfits

I know first hand how stressful it can be going into rush... I remember stressing about everything down to the jewelry. This was totally dramatic but I have been there!

Since there is so much going on the week of rush the last thing you want to be worried about is your outfit! As a girl, I know how important it is to have an outfit that makes you feel confident and show off who you are! I have put together a ton of outfits that would be perfect for sorority rush.

P.S... Every schools outfit requirements are different. This means you may have more or less outfits and different requirements for each day depending on your school. Make sure to check the outfit requirements before you go crazy online shopping! ?

This post is all about sorority rush outfits.

Note from Sophia - I have received so many emails asking for sorority questions! Sadly, my school didn't have sororities (otherwise I would have 1000% been in one) so I asked my friend Charli to write this post! She is in a sorority at University of Alabama and just went through rush last year. She also wrote this post - The Truth About Your Freshman Year of College - My Freshman Year At University of Alabama. She is the best!!

Best Open House Round Outfits:

Open house round or "ice, water tea" round is the most casual round at most schools. Again check your schools requirements but this is usually the first day or two. Sundresses and cute simple dresses with sandals is usually perfect for this. You want to make sure your outfit still looks put together but there is no reason to get too fancy or spend a ton of money on this outfit! 

(Make sure you are keeping your outfits relatively modest. You don't want to give off the wrong impression by coming in with a super short dress or excessively low cut dress.)

Open House Outfit #1

This outfit is a perfect choice for the first day or two of rush. The earrings and shoes are a great way to make this simple sundress look a little nicer without having to try too hard!

Open House Outfit #2

I absolutely LOVE this dress. (Kind of want to order it for myself). These flat sandals would look so cute with this dress and you will end up loving these flats even more after walking around all day!

Open House Outfit #3

Cheetah print is super "in" right now and this dress will be sure to make you stand out! 

Open House Outfit #4

This blue dress is not only adorable and cheap, it will also keep you cool while still looking modest!

Best Philanthropy Round Outfits:

Like I said before, everyone's sorority rush round outfits are different. But most schools keep philanthropy round the most casual so you can really get to know each sororities philanthropy without worrying too much about looks. 

For me, this day we sat on the floor a lot so flowy shorts were the way to go. They also gave us t-shirts to wear for philanthropy round the day before rush started so all we really had to worry about were shorts, shoes, and jewelry.

If you know that you will be receiving t-shirts to wear, try to find out what they look like before hand and plan. If you don't know, I would suggest buying neutral bottoms like black, grey, or white! I would stay away from denim. You want to be comfortable but you still want to look out together.

Philanthropy Outfit #1

Like I said before, philanthropy day is pretty casual but it never hurts to spice your outfit up with some cute sandals and jewelry!

Philanthropy Outfit #2

Black shorts are a great way to go because it will match with any t-shirt. Plus, how cute are these pearl hoops?!

Philanthropy Outfit #3

Have fun mixing and matching your outfits! I love pairing fun earrings with t-shirts and shorts.

Best Sisterhood Round Outfits:

Sisterhood round is where you start to dress up a little more. This usually includes nicer short dresses and wedges. At this point in rush you are narrowing down your houses and want to look a little more fancy and serious. I would describe this rounds outfits are something you would wear to a brunch or friends birthday.

Sisterhood Outfit #1

I love this clean white outfit! This would be perfect to wear for sister hood. Plus, you can be sure to wear this dress again!

Sisterhood Outfit #2

Red is ALWAYS a great way to make a statement and stand out. Pairing your red dress with these stunning red shoes will be sure to catch anyones attention.

Sisterhood Outfit #3

If heels aren't really your thing, it is totally okay to go with wedges for sisterhood round or even preference! 

Sisterhood Outfit #4

Okay, I think this is one of my favorite outfits by far. This dress and platform heels are so freaking cute! Plus, star earrings are really in and would be great to pair with this outfit.

Best Preference Round Outfits:

Preference round is the round where you are deciding between two houses. The girls in the house usually wear long dresses but you DON'T. Still stick with short dresses and wedges or heels. This round of outfits is something you would wear to church, a wedding, or any nice event.

Preference Outfit #1

How cute are these shoes with this blue dress?! This sorority rush outfit is absolutely perfect for preference round. 

Preference Outfit #2

I can tell you for sure not many people will be wearing green (not sure why I actually love it)...which will make you stand out in this dress! The shoes and dress are pretty simple but these cute flower earrings dress it up a ton!

Preference Outfit #3

If I could pick one outfit for preference it would probably be this one. This white ruffle dress looks super classy and who doesn't love some rose gold jewelry?!

This post was all about the best sorority rush outfits.

Remember!!! Outfits aren't everything during sorority rush. Let your personality shine (I know it sounds cliche but its true) and pick outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident!!!


  1. Lots of cute outfits here but I would also recommend researching exactly what girls wear for rush at your school! (Looking at the instagrams of girls who rushed last year or the sorority pages is a good place to start.) I went to a big southern school too but NONE of these outfits would fly during rush at my school – rush outfits need to be a lot more conservative. Again, cute outfits but it’s worth keeping in mind that what’s appropriate for rush can vary wildly based on the school.

    1. Love the tip on looking at instagrams from rush last year at your school!! Great idea 🙂

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