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The BSL Planners are HERE!

The BSL Planners launch THIS Wednesday, May 25th. We're coming back at you with not one, but TWO planners, and they're better than ever before 😍 I am a planner whore and have tried so.many.different planners. I hated some parts of them and liked some parts of them but none of them were perfect. They all felt like they weren't actually designed by the people who were going to be using them.

Insert the BSL planners...I (and the entire BSL team) spent months picking out every single detail and really making it our dream planner. From the mix of a weekly overview page AND a daily planner page, time-blocking from 5am-midnight, all the special pages with college students and the working girl specifically in mind, the budget pages, and so much more. It's really so, so good.

Last year we launched the BSL College Daily Planner, which sold out fast and the feedback was more amazing than we could have ever expected. 

Because you loved it so much, we brought it back this year, AND also added a regular Daily Planner to the mix! 

So many people that weren't in college wanted something that was tailored to their lifestyle too. This Daily Planner is everything we could have wanted for the post-grad lifestyle. With pages like a spring cleaning checklist, a gift ideas organizer list, travel planning, and obviously the new and improved daily pages, this Daily Planner is everything you've been looking for. I was VERY high-maintenance about getting this planner right and it is gooood.

We have a special surprise for our newsletter girls...

by sophia lee planners

For our extra loyal girls who are on the BSL email list, they'll be getting EARLY ACCESS to the planners (!!!!). 

So freakin' excited for you to see them in real life!! They are INSANE.

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