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Searching for a new headboard for your bedroom? Here are 15 stylish headboards I just can't get enough of right now. 


While it may seem like a daunting task to renovate or design your bedroom, it actually can be made extremely easy with the help of just one thing- the right headboard. 

The best part about using a headboard to enhance your space is that it can easily be used to customize a bland bed or even used to replace an old bed frame. There are hundreds of different beds and bed frames in varying styles so the options are truly endless!

These 15 headboards are some of the best headboards on the market at the moment so you will be guaranteed to fall in love with the look of your new bed with any of these choices.

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1. Thompson Canopy Bed

queen headboards

Okay, the price of this bed is kind of outrageous but I have been obsessing over it ever since I found it. Canopy beds are the perfect way to give your bed a glamorous look without going overboard with decor. This canopy bed specifically incorporates the perfect combination of clean lines and simplicity as well as regality into its frame. If you are willing to spend a little extra on a headboard this is definitely one to consider.

2. Black Metal Headboard

Looking for something a little more simple? This bed frame from Amazon may be just the headboard you need in your bedroom! The Doral Living Provo Headboard is super sleek and is guaranteed to liven up the look of any bed. Not to mention the insanely good price! You won’t find another headboard this good for under $75.

3. Shell Upholstered Headboards

trendy headboards

Personally I like the look of this headboard but it is super different from the style I personally go for. But, I could see this looking super cute in a trendy college bedroom or younger girls bedroom. The tufted headboard style is really popular right now so I had to include it in the list of best headboards!

4. Lyndon Leigh Vienna Cane Headboard

neutral headboards

This headboard is the perfect combination of natural rattan elements and clean and sleek lines. It also comes in three different colors including natural, white wash and black. The natural and white wash are perfect for a more subtle look to your headboard and the black is a great option if you want to make a bold statement piece with your furniture.

5. Headboard Cushion

modern headboards

Anthropologie has a ton of headboards and bed frames but they also have great alternatives that are perfect for spicing up your bedroom furniture without having to buy all new pieces. This cushion is a super simple way to add style and comfort to your bedroom that is definitely worth considering!

6. Rio King Bed

wooden headboards

Wanting a king bed with comfort and style? The Rio King Bed from Crate & Barrel has everything you are looking for. Not only does this bed evoke style through its leather woven headboard, it also incorporates light wood to that adds a classic element to your bedroom that you will absolutely love.

 If I personally had the room for a king sized bed in my room I would definitely be leaning towards buying this one.

dorm room essentials

7. Wood Wrap Around Headboard

full headboards

Absolutely loving this headboard from Target. I mean what furniture from Target isn't a 10/10? Wrap around headboards are the perfect way to add style to your bed without having to buy an entire new bed frame. But, the best part about this headboard is that it truly enhances your bed and blends flawlessly without looking like a quick fix purchase. This headboard is also on sale for $188 which is a steal for the quality of this piece.

8. West Elm Ida Bed

wicker headboard

Here is another one of my favorite headboards right now that truly looks immaculate in any bedroom. You can purchase this bed in either a black or white frame but the black is my personal favorite for turning your bed into a statement piece. 

9. French Slipcover Headboard

headboard cushion

Headboard cushions are an easy fix for adding comfort to your bed as well as style. This slipcover cushioned headboard from Target is sleek and simple but adds so much to your bed as opposed to leaving your bed against a plain wall. Plus, this cushion has legs to support the headboard to prevent it from slipping or falling down behind your bed.

10. Low Profile Bed

simple headboards

Low profile beds are all the craze right now in the design world so to keep up with the times you definitely want to consider a bed like this. The clean and straight lines of the head of the headboard and footboard contrast beautifully with the rounded corners and detailed spindles at the top. Anyone looking for a stylish and semi-modern look to their room will love the look of this in their bedroom!

11. Birch Queen Bed

king headboard

This headboard is pretty simple but the neutrality of it gives you the perfect opportunity to accent your room with bedding and pillows. The birch wood is the perfect color to incorporate into a boho or minimalist room to add style and natural elements. Ikea has a ton of amazing headboards and bed frames but this is one of my personal favorites!

12. Casa King White Storage Bed With Outlet

wood headboard

If I was looking for a new bed I would be strongly considering this one. Absolutely in love with this bed from Crate & Barrel! While it is a little more pricey, you are definitely getting your money's worth with the high quality white oak wood base and neutral upholstered headboard. And, the best part about this bed is the built in USB port on the side! No more struggling to plug your phone in at night. With this bed you can plug it right into the side for easy access.

13. Alchemy Bronze King Bed

gold headboards

If you're looking for a statement piece with your headboard you need to check this one out! If you are a frequent BSL reader you know how much we love gold accents over here. If you are a gold lover too, you will fall in love with the Alchemy Bronze Queen Bed from CB2. This adds a metallic touch to your space that looks sleek and regal without going throwing shine in your face.

14. Stella Metal Bed

modern headboards

Okay, last gold bed I promise but the Stella Metal Bed from West Elm has to be included in the list of best headboard this year! This bed puts a modern twist on a traditional spindle bed with its tall tapering legs and sheen. Anyone looking to make a statement in their room will undoubtedly love the look of this bed.

15. Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed

fabric headboards

Platform beds are honestly such a good way to style your bed to make it look expensive while in reality actually staying on a budget. Wayfair, Home Depot, Target, and Overstock all have amazing platform bed options that you can purchase for under $350. Platform beds give you style behind you bed that wont look thrown together and actually enhance your bed instead of making it look like a quick style fix.

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