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Looking for small bedroom ideas that will make your room feel anything but small? Here are all the absolute best ways to make a small bedroom feel comfortable, organized and stylish! 

small bedroom ideas

If you are moving into a new apartment, there is a good chance you may walk into your bedroom for the first time and think, "How in the world am I going to make such a small bedroom work?!" We have all been there, having to live in a bedroom that is just a little too small for your liking. 

Even if you are dealing with a small amount of space in your bedroom, there are still so many amazing ways you can decorate even the tiniest room.

These small bedroom ideas will give you all the best ideas and inspiration to help you decorate your room this year!

This post is all about small bedroom ideas.


1. Wallpaper Accent Wall

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

small bedroom decor

Whether you own your own house or are renting an apartment, there are a ton of stunning wallpaper options you can use to create an accent wall in your bedroom. If you own your own house you can use any wallpaper you find! But, even if you live in an apartment there are a ton of peel-and-stick wallpapers that won’t damage your walls. 

Creating an accent wall behind your bed is an easy and stylish way to pull focus to your bed. This is a decor idea you can use on even the smallest bedrooms. Hey, the smaller the wall the less money you have to spend on wallpaper right?

2. Decorate Your Window Sill

Since you are working with a small amount of space, you may want to minimize the amount of furniture you use in your bedroom. If this is the case, you will want to take advantage of all the space you do have! Window sills are the perfect built-in shelves in your bedroom that you definitely want to decorate if you don’t have a headboard.

Decorate your windows with plants, picture frames, and other decorative items to spruce up your blank windows. This is also a great way to create a “side table” if you don’t have the space for bulky furniture.

3. Easy Make-Shift Closet 

Even if your small bedroom doesn’t have the master closet of your dreams, there are still plenty of ways to create organized and stylish closet space in your bedroom. Create your own closet with rods and dressers. This is a great way to create a ton of extra storage space for clothing even if your bedroom doesn’t have a built-in closet.

4. Create a Wall Collage

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

apartment bedroom ideas

Looking for a super inexpensive way to decorate the walls in your bedroom? Use photos! This design is one you can create for free (who doesn’t love that) and is completely renter-approved

You may not be able to paint your walls, but you can create an amazing collage with small prints! This small bedroom idea is definitely one to try!

5. Utilize Small Corners

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Make the most of your small bedroom by utilizing all the space you have- this means even the small corners! Place floating shelves in these small spaces to create additional storage space you would have been putting to waste otherwise!

6. Open Shelves Above Bed

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

One of my favorite small bedroom ideas is to add floating shelves! Floating shelves have become all the rave in the past couple of years and there are two reasons. 

1.  They look super stylish - duh!

2. Floating shelves create a ton of extra storage/decorating space without the cost and hassle of built-in shelves.

You can buy floating shelves from any home decor store as well as Amazon for 1/100 of the cost it would take to create built-in shelving. Both renter-approved and budget-conscious.

7. Minimal Is Always A Yes

When working with a small amount of space, it is important to be cautious of using maximalist design. The more clutter in your space, the smaller it will feel.

To really open up your bedroom and make it feel bigger, stick with a minimalist design! This includes bright and airy colors, simple decor, and space-conscious furniture.

8. Use A Desk At The End Of Your Bed

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Using a desk at the end of your bed is absolutely genius when it comes to finding small bedroom ideas that work. Placing your desk at the end of your bed saves wall space and takes advantage of dead space in your room.

This goes for using storage cubes, benches as well! You can never go wrong with placing furniture on the end of your bed.

9. Use Your Window Sill As A Side Table

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

college bedroom decor

One of my favorite small bedroom ideas, using what you already have! If you have a window sill, you basically have a built-in side table! Place your bed against the wall your window is on and use the sill to your advantage. 

You can decorate your window sill with mirrors, books, plants, pictures, and other decorative items. Or, you can just use it to place your phone and other commonly used things on at night! This is a great way to maximize your small bedroom space that is completely free!

10. Simple Bedding

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

As you know, small bedrooms can seem cluttered by even the smallest things. Patterned bedding can make your space feel busier while simple bedding will make your bedroom feel bigger and brighter. 

When in doubt, stick with simple colors and designs when thinking of ways to make your small bedroom feel bigger.

11. Led Lighting

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

LED lights are all the rave right now when it comes to designing fun bedrooms. This is something that you can do no matter the size of your room! Use LED lights around your ceiling or under furniture to brighten up your room with fun, customizable colors.

12. Boho Minimal Decor

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

If you are into the boho look, this boho bedroom is the perfect inspiration for any sized bedroom. Here are the keys to a boho-inspired bedroom:

  1. Plants: You can never have enough when it comes to boho design.
  2. Macrame: No boho bedroom is complete without macrame. This includes hanging plants, wall decor, and baskets
  3. Earth Tones Colors: Blush, beige, tan, and white are the way to go!

13. Black And White Color Scheme

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

small bedroom storage ideas

You won’t find a smaller bedroom than this! This bedroom is tiny, but do you see how it is designed so well it doesn’t even matter? This is proof even the smallest bedrooms can be stunning. You can’t go wrong with black and white decor. Keep it simple but sleek by using black and white elements throughout your bedroom. 

PS. Here is some interior design advice: Darker colors on the floor and lighter colors on the ceiling make your space look taller. Darker colors on the ceiling and lighter colors on the floor make your room look smaller. So stick with white paint and decor toward your ceiling and darker colors towards the floor to make your room look bigger!

college planner

14. Hang Your Curtains High

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Hanging your curtains higher than your window is every interior designer’s #1 way of making a room look bigger. Instead of using a tension rod or hanging your curtains right above your window, hang your rod close to the ceiling and buy long curtains. Doing this will instantly make your small bedroom look taller and more open.

15. Twinkle Lights

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Twinkle lights bring a fun whimsical elements into your bedroom. Plus, they are so easy to decorate with! You can buy twinkle lights on Amazon for super inexpensive, so this is one small bedroom idea you can use on any budget.

String your lights on blank walls to amp up your collages or to add subtle lighting to your bedroom.

16. Create A Small Desk Area

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Just because you are working with a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t create a usable desk area you’ll love. This feminine desk design is a stunning example of how to turn a boring desk into an area that enhances your room. 

Furniture with glass features opens up your space, so a desk like this is the way to go when designing a desk space in your small bedroom. Pick out a fun and comfortable chair to pair with it and decorate with mirrors and other small decorative items.

17. Pendant Lighting

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Whether you own a house or are renting an apartment, there are pendant lighting options available to you. If you are designing a small bedroom in a house you own, you can basically go wild with what built-in lighting you chose. But even if you are renting, plug-in pendant lights give you the freedom to add focused lighting without the cost or hassle of messing with built-in electrical pieces.

Pendant lighting adds an elegant feature to any room that looks a lot more expensive than it costs. This is one of those small bedroom ideas you absolutely have to try!

18. Floor Plants

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

My most frequently given advice to those looking for an easy way to decorate their space is to add plants! Plants add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone room without having to paint or spend a fortune on new decor.

19. Floor Mirror

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

If you haven’t heard me say it enough already, mirrors are a full-proof way to make your space look bigger. Floor mirrors take up little to no room in your bedroom but reflect light that really pays off. Plus, who doesn’t love a good mirror selfie?!

This floor mirror is the perfect size for any sized bedroom that you are guaranteed to obsess over in your space.

20. Black And White Herringbone Wallpaper

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

This small bedroom idea is every apartment owner’s best friend. Peel and stick wallpaper allows you to create custom but temporary accent walls that won’t cost you your deposit during move out. Target, Etsy, Amazon, and even Home Depot sell peel and stick wallpaper in stunning patterns and colors. This is a great way to spruce up boring walls without having to paint!

21. Plug In Pendant Lighting

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Plug-in pendant lighting can be used as a centerpiece over your bed or even just as accent lighting over your side tables. These lamps will not only provide additional lighting, but will also save space on your side tables that would normally be taken up with lamps. In general, lighting like this just makes your space look more expensive (but doesn’t actually cost a lot!)

22. Light Up Floor Mirror

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

You already know how passionate I am about using mirrors and lighting in small bedrooms. This light-up mirror combines both to really enhance your space. Imagine the OOTDs in this mirror! This is a super stylish and functional option you are guaranteed to love.

23. Use Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Since you are working with a small amount of space, it is important to find furniture that doubles as storage. Make the most of your side tables and buy ones that have drawers or shelves. Or, find a sleek bench to get ready on that also has shoe storage!

24. Wall Ivy

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Ivy is a super inexpensive decor option that serves as a centerpiece in any room. You can use ivy to spruce up a blank wall or even act as a headboard behind your bed. This is a great small bedroom idea to use if you are going for a boho/natural look in your bedroom.

25. Use A Platform Bed To Save Room

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Instead of opting for the large and bulky bed frame, use a platform bed to save space in your small bedroom. There are a ton of platform beds to choose from that look sleek and put together without costing you precious floor space.

And as always, add plants!

26. Decorate Your Walls with Wall Shelves

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

This bedroom is another example of flawlessly using wall shelves and pendant lighting to enhance the look of a small bedroom. Decorate wall shelves with books and frames and add lighting to pull focus to the center of your room.

27. Light And Airy Bedding

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

This small bedroom idea is another example of how light and airy bedding brightens the look of your space. White, beige, and pastels are great colors to pick when buying a comforter. But, if you love colors and patterns- don’t worry! You can still implement pops of color and patterns in other elements of your bedroom such as pillows, rugs, and frames. 

28. Decorate A Small Bookshelf 

Recreate this small bedroom idea:

Bookshelves can be used as both storage and as a stunning decor piece in your bedroom. Fill your shelves with plants, books, vases, photos, and baskets to store items! You will not only love the look of your designed bookcase, but you will also love having the extra shelves to store items you couldn’t otherwise fit in your small bedroom!


29. Stoneware Vase

Out with your old boring vases and in with sleek vase designs from none other than H&M. Did you know they have a home decor section?? - and it’s gooooddd!

This is one of their most popular decor items right now that you will be sure to love in your bedroom.

30. Metal Photo Frame

If using picture frames isn’t already on your list of small bedroom ideas, it needs to be! Frames add the perfect touch to any room no matter the size. How cute is this picture frame from H&M?! Love!

31. Glass Jewelry Box

You can never go wrong with gold accents in your small bedroom. This gold jewelry box from H&M is the perfect size to keep on your dresser or nightstand to keep all your pieces organized.

32. Vintage Books

small bedroom ideas for girls

Looking to decorate your dresser or nightstand? Books are a simple but elegant way to design any furniture piece. You can decorate using your favorite books, hardbacks from Anthropologie, or even by turning old book covers inside out.

PS. If you are really looking to design on a budget, you can always go to Goodwill and purchase books for two or three dollars. Then, just turn the covers inside out for a sleek and simple book cover! I do this all the time!

33. Downbridge Table Lamp in Black

Using additional lighting will brighten up your small space and make it feel less cramped. Small desk lamps are the best alternative to bulky floor lamps that will still brighten up your room! 

Target is one of the best places to find sleek lighting to decorate with. This minimalistic black lamp is one I am obsessing over so I know you will love it in your small bedroom too!

34. Cream Throw Blanket

small bedroom ideas pinterest

Don’t forget to decorate with throw blankets in your bedroom! Throws are inexpensive decor options that you really can’t go wrong with. 

This cream throw blanket is one you will absolutely love as an accent on your bed as well as curling up with to read a book!

35. Full Length Gold Floor Mirror

No bedroom is complete (even the smallest of them) without a full-length mirror. Full-length mirrors are not only great for checking out your outfit as a whole before you leave, but also reflect light to make your small bedroom look bigger!

This gold floor-length mirror from Overstock is the perfect size to use in the corner of your bedroom to serve as practical, usable decor.

This post is all about small bedroom ideas

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