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When I tell you this jewelry cleaner is magic, this jewelry cleaner is MAGIC. I've had this homemade jewelry cleaner recipe saved for years now (hah! subtle jab at Ben 😉 but now that I've tried it, I am hooked for life. I've gotten my engaged/married friends hooked, they've gotten their moms hook on it, my Godmother who has been married for 40+ years said her ring has never been cleaner, and so on. It is INSANE (and it's just two household ingredients). 

I am a longtime follower of Living with Landyn (love her!) and she got this jewelry cleaner recipe back in the day from her jeweler. Landyn, this jewelry cleaner recipe is gold! She does a really in-depth post on this recipe going over more in detail on the do's and don'ts of this ring cleaner. You can find that here :). I posted this recipe on Tiktok and it went viral. I had a ton of comments from jewelers saying this is the only recipe they actually approve of. 

I've seen a lot of messages coming through DM's asking for a reminder on this recipe over the last few months, so I figured it was time to give it a permanent home here.

diy ring cleaner

The best part of this is you probably have all the ingredients at home already. All you need is a microwave container, Windex, Dawn dish soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush (I just bought a baby toothbrush). 

how to make the DIY Jewelry Cleaner:

Step 1: In a microwave dish, combine two cups of Windex with a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap.

Step 2: Microwave liquid mixture for 1 minute (without your ring in it yet!)

Step 3: Place ring in container and let sit. I've let it sit for 20 minutes while I get ready in the morning and have also let it sit in the mixture overnight for a real deep clean.

Step 4: Put a bowl over your sink drain to avoid any disasters and scrub the ring down under some water. Get in alllll the grooves. Use a soft bristle brush for this to avoid scratching. A baby toothbrush or even an old toothbrush works!

Your ring will SHINE. It makes a lot of the mixture so I just put the lid on my container and leave it under the sink. I don't think I will need to remake it for like two years. Some of my friends who have been married for a long time said they saw actual dirt come off of their ring from this. 

And for all my friends getting engaged soon, this mixture WILL be your engagement gift ;).

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