50+ Most Popular Cheap Tapestries To Buy This Year

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This post is all about cheap tapestries.

cheap tapestries

One of the simplest ways to decorate a room or dorm is by hanging up cheap tapestries.

Especially in dorm rooms, people are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to fill up the ugly brick walls and a wall tapestry is the perfect solution.

When I was in college, it was almost guaranteed that in every room you went into that there would be at least ONE cute dorm room tapestry.

This post shows you 50 cheap tapestries perfect for transforming your room or dorm.


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    Tapestries Under $10:

    1. Cactus Wall Tapestry

    With this cheap tapestry being less than $10 dollars, it's the perfect way to add some color into your space.

    2. Blue Hippie Tapestry

    If you're looking for a blue hippie tapestry, this one is for you.

    3. Long Distance Pillow

    This is a dorm room tapestry I would have bought for myself when I lived in the dorms.

    I am so obsessed with the palm tree leaves!

    4. Beach Tapestry

    This is the perfect inexpensive wall tapestry to bring some calmness into any room.

    5. Red Lips Tapestry

    Add a little girlyness into your space with this lip tapestry.

    6. Jersey Shore Tapestry

    The classic Jersey Shore tapestry.

    This is the perfect tapestry for a dorm room and so funny.

    7. Banana Leaf Tapestry

    Bring the tropical vibe to your room with this cute wall tapestry.

    8. Colorful Hippie Mandala Tapestry

    This hippie inspired tapestry is a great way to add some color into your room.

    9. Indian Mandala Tapestry

    I am a black and white girl to the core and love the statement this cheap tapestry makes.

    10. Blue Tapestry

    This tapestry will add some moodiness into the space without breaking the bank.

    11. United States Flag Tapestry

    My favorite tapestry and the one I would probably get for myself if I was going into college this year.

    My friend and my sister choose this tapestry for their dorm rooms over the last couple of years.

    12. Wild Flowers Tapestry

    Obsessed with this girly and simple wall tapestry!

    13. Golden Ombre Tapestry

    If you are incorporating gold into your room, this is a great way to make a statement with that color. 

    14. Blue Star Hippie Tapestry

    I love how you can actually see how this dorm wall tapestry will look in real life.

    15. Colorful Map Tapestry

    This is a great option for anyone that loves to travel!

    16. "Read When..." Letters

    How happy does this make you?!

    Especially during winter, this cheap tapestry is a great way to add some life back into the space.

    17. Nature Tapestry

    I can so see my friends who really love being in nature having this tapestry in their room!

    Also, this is a great one to fit both feminine and masculine styles.

    18. Elephant Tapestry

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    Tapestries Under $20:

    19. Black and White Mandela Tapestry

    This black and white tapestry adds a lot of style to your room.

    20. Bohemian Tapestry

    21. Gray and Black Tapestry

    Isn't this gray tapestry so cute?!

    22. Tropical Map Wall Tapestry

    This is a great cheap tapestries option and is less than $14!

    23. Green Tropical Cactus Tapestry

    Here is another super cute desert tapestry to bring a little bit of warmth to your room.

    24. The Great Wave Tapestry

    25. Boho Pink Tapestry

    LOVE this pink boho tapestry!

    26. Floral Art Tapestry

    This neutral tapestry is so elegant and cute.

    27. Blue Tapestry Dorm Room

    28. Girly Tapestry

    This is such a trendy tapestry and will make any dorm room look so much better.

    29. "Shit Could Be Worse" Tapestry

    Just the motivation you need ;).

    30. Boho Blue Tapestry

    This will add such a fun pop of color to your room!

    31. Constellation Tapestry

    This wall tapestry just gives off "cool" vibes.

    32. Forest Tapestry

    Another perfect cheap tapestries option for nature lovers!

    33. Palm Leaves Tapestry

    This tapestry basically makes you feel like you're in a tropical destination (you'll need that when exam time comes;).

    34. Marble Tapestry

    Soo trendy and so cute!

    35. Women/Men Kissing Tapestry

    I want to buy this in a print and frame it. So beautiful.

    36. World Map Tapestry

    Out of all the world map tapestries, this one would have to be my favorite.

    37. Black and White Checkered Tapestry

    Love this for anyone that is into minimalism!

    38. Blue Watercolor Tapestry

    This blue watercolor tapestry is so organic and pretty!

    Also, a great unisex option!

    39. Forest Tapestry

    40. Beige Floral Art Tapestry

    A great neutral tapestry option!

    41. "Yoda One For Me" Cup

    Uhm, yes!!

    42. Marble Pattern Tapestry

    Such a cool and trendy mix on the traditional marble tapestry.

    43. "Enjoy The Good Times" Tapestry

    44. Rose Flower Tapestry

    Obsessed with this floral tapestry!

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    Tapestries Under $25:

    45. Polka Dot Tapestry

    46. "Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat." Tapestry

    Just the motivation you need for the day.

    47. Watercolor World Map

    48. Checkers Tapestry

    It's basically a van slip-on for your wall.

    49. Floral Tapestry for Dorm

    50. Ombre Grey Large Tapestry

    Another classic black and white tapestry!

    This post showed 50 cheap tapestries.


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