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dorm room christmas decor

The holiday season is nearing and the Christmas decorating itch is in full force. Even though you are in college, you can still celebrate with dorm Christmas decorations. 

When I went to college, I often wondered if I would still get in the Christmas spirit. When holiday decorations started going up November 1st (yes, that early!), I knew that Christmas would not be forgotten and we would create our own holiday spirit in the dorm. 

My friends and hall mates went all out and it was so fun. The rooms were full of fake fireplaces, our doors decorated to perfection, and Mariah Carey Christmas album blaring through the hallways (don't worry though, I included some really easy dorm Christmas decorations if you don't want to go too crazy ;).

This post shows you 15 really cute dorm Christmas decorations that you can copy for your own dorm room.


1. Add Christmas Pillows

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

Order some cheap christmas pillows and swap them out with your normal pillows. This little change will instantly make your room feel more festive.

I love this idea because you can reuse the pillows for years and years instead of some other christmas dorm decorations that only get used for one year.

Tip: Looking to save some money? See if you can just put a pillow cover over pillows you already have! Most decorative pillows can be unzipped and then you can just swap out the cover for really cheap. I know people do this a lot for different holidays!

2. Decorate your door.

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

This is a really popular Christmas dorm decor!

My friends went all out decorating their door and even included their pictures on it as elves. 

There are all kinds of inspiration pictures on Pinterest to get your mind thinking of ways you could decorate your own door.

 An easy way to do this is to buy some cute wrapping paper (Target has the BEST!) and tape it to your door. Finish it off with a cute wreath and you're good to go.

3. Hang Ornaments in Window

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

This is a really easy dorm Christmas decoration that makes a big impact!

Purchase a set of cheap Christmas ornaments and attach them to some string. You can also get an expensive garland and then attach the ornaments to that in the window.

Just like that you've instantly brought the holidays spirit in.

4. Build a DIY fireplace.

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

How fun is this Christmas decoration for a dorm?!

My current roommates actually made this in their dorm room last year and it looked SO good. I wish I had a good picture of it because it changed the whole feeling of the room and made it feel so much cozier!

They had stockings for everyone and everything. 

If you are wondering where to find paper to do this, check out the art department of your school. I can almost guarantee you they will have the large rolls of white paper you can use from. It might be harder to find the red construction paper but you can find that at Michaels or even Amazon.

5. Make a Christmas tree out of lights.

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

christmas dorm decorations lights
command hooks for christmas

This is the perfect christmas tree for a dorm.

Get some some string lights and with the help of command hooks design it in the shape of a christmas tree. You're done!

6. Make a Photo Collage Wall Christmas Tree

How cute is this christmas dorm DIY idea?!

All you have to do is stick up some of your favorite photos in the shape of a Christmas tree. 

Finish it off with string lights and you've got a really cute christmas decor (that honestly could be up year round if you take the lights off)!

7. Christmas Banner

funny christmas decor college

(source @Amazon)

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

easy dorm christmas decor banner

Adding a Christmas banner is one of the easiest way to spruce up a dorm room for Christmas.

I love this one because it adds just the right amount of spice for a college student. 

There are SO many funny christmas banners but you can find this one in the picture here.

dorm room essentials

8. Decorate hallway with lights.

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

This would be so fun to have a hallway turned into a winter light wonderland.

I don't exactly know if this would have been allowed in my dorm hall, but if you can let it fly and can get people to join in with you to do this, it would look SO cool!!

9. Decorate a small Christmas tree.

Recreate this Christmas Dorm Room Decor:

I am in love with this mini Christmas tree!! 

This is the perfect size try for a dorm room and completely brings in the Christmas dorm room feel.

This tree comes in SO many different colors so if green isn't your thing, there will be some color you like.

10. Decorate your fridge.

This is an easy one and is such a cute dorm christmas decorations!

Turn your boring (and ugly) fridge into a snow man. Dorm fridges are really close in size to the ice maker (? not really sure what it is) so you easily could replicate that look with some construction paper and double sided tape. 

11. Make a wreath out of red solo cups.

Can you get more college christmas decor than this?! I'm thinking no.

Not only is this super easy, but pretty darn perfect for hanging on your door. Just get red solo cups and hot glue them together. Finish it up with a bow and you're done!

12. Make Christmas wall art.

How fun is this?

Wrap up some canvases and you've got a really cute christmas wall decor piece!

I personally would pick cuter wrapping paper and bows to make it more "trendy". 

13. Use candy canes as Christmas decor.

On top of being a delicious Christmas dessert, candy canes are a perfect cheap ways to decorate a dorm for christmas.

Get some cute ribbon and hang it from your blinds in the dorm. 

14. Get special star lights.

I want these lights SO bad.

Stars are really popular this year and also make a perfect mild Christmas statement.

You can find these star lights here.

christmas lights dorm room

15. Make a beer Santa sleigh.

Of course, I have to finish these Christmas dorm decorations with this idea!

I have to give credit to whoever came up with this idea, it is very clever!

16. Give your door some holiday spirit.

I love making sure that every part of my room is decorated for the holiday season but I especially focus on the areas that the most amount of people will see!

Decorating your dorm door for Christmas is the main thing people will see so make it cute!

This post showed you 15 Christmas dorm ideas to copy this year.

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