Easy Couple Halloween Costume Ideas: 32 Easy Couple Costumes To Copy That Are Perfect For The College Halloween Party

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This post is all about easy couple halloween costumes to copy.

Halloween is coming and you can't decide for the life of you what you and your boyfriend should wear for a costume.

You're sick of begging your boyfriend to come up with ideas, and decided that you need to take charge to really get it done because Halloween is going to be here in just a few weeks!

BSL is here to help. We have rounded-up the best (and most creative) costumes for you and your significant other to take that trophy as the best costumes of the night.

I do have to admit, some of these costumes might be a little harder to put together than my costumes from my post, 32 Easy Costumes to Copy That Are Perfect For the College Halloween Party, but this could make a fun date night!

This post is all about easy couple halloween costumes to copy.

1. NHL Player and Trophy Costume

Sequin Dress

Hockey Trophy and Player: This would be really cute if you're SO was a hockey player! If he's not this is still a super cute idea and wouldn't require to much effort to put together. And yes, that is just a bowl on her head! Really easy idea. 

2. Candy Bar Costume

Candy Bar: While this definitely doesn't scream "cute", this one is so funny! I definitely loled when I saw that for the first time...pretty clever if you ask me.

3. Peter Pan and Wendy
4. Curious George

Girl: Brown Dress | Monkey Tail & Ears Boy: Entire Yellow Outfit

I feel like an idiot for not noticing this right away but it's a Curious George costume!!

5. Corona with a Side of Lime
6. Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's Costume
7. Pinata Costume
8. Energizer Bunny
9. Grease Costume
10. Scooby-Doo Costume
11. Use Pillows
12. Parks and Rec Costume
13. Playboy Couple
14. John and Jackie Kennedy
15. Grinch and Cindy Lou Hou
16. Minnie and Mickey Mouse
17. 'Merica
18. Flintstones
19. Basketball Players
20. Cards Against Humanity Costume
21. Cookie Monster Costume
22. Skull Costume
23. Use Pillows
24. Monster's Inc
25. Incredibles Costume
26. Netflix and Chill
27. Superman
28. Beer Pong Costume
29. Forrest Gump and Jenny

This post was all about the best couple costumes.

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