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This post is all about college girl gifts.

College Girl Gifts

Shopping for a college girl can sometimes be tough. You never know what they really want or what they will actually use in this stage they are in.

As a college student, and a broke one at that, I can tell you that any gift is appreciated, especially if it's something we wouldn't normally splurge on ourselves. 

Here are a ton of ideas that any college girl would love to receive as a gift. Whether it's graduation, birthday, or a holiday gift, these are all perfect! 

This post is all about college girl gifts. 

Best College Girl Gifts:

1. FabFitFun Subscription 

Gift a FabFitFun subscription, from $49.

Subscription boxes are always an amazing gift idea because it's like getting a gift in the mail every single month! 

FabFitFun boxes are especially great because you get such a wide variety of things. I love trying out new products, but don't exactly have the budget for it, probably like most college girls. That's why a subscription box is such a great gift idea. 

Here are some of our other favorite subscription services:

2. AirPods Pro

Feels like pretty much everyone has AirPods these days... and it's for good reason. 

Seriously I use my AirPods literally everyday. Because there's no cord, I can walk, run, do laundry, cook or basically any task and be listening to music or a podcast. It feels like nothing is in your ears!

Highly recommend AirPods for anyone in your life but especially a college girl. 

If the Pros are a little out of your price range, the first version is just as good and less expensive! 

3. Reusable Straws 

If your college girl drinks a lot of iced coffee or is trying to be more environmentally friendly, this is a great gift for her. 

A ton of places are starting to use paper straws, which is great, but they honestly suck lol. Bringing your own metal straw is a much better option and you're being nice to the planet! 

This is a great college girl gift that is also inexpensive. 

4. A Nice Watch 

I recommend every college girl to have a nice watch because it really elevates any outfit. These are great too for interviews or presentation where you need to look more put together. Adding a nice watch to an outfit instantly does that! 

5. Luggage

college girls gifts 2020

Once a girl gets to college, they'll be traveling a lot more. Whether it's going home for the holidays, post-graduation traveling, or quick weekend trips, they will definitely need a solid carry-on. 

I love this one specifically because first it's soo cute and it also hard cased and has really nice inside compartments. 

6. Cute Passport Holder 

graduation gifts for her

Once you hit college, you'll be traveling a lot more often. And if you're lucky it'll be internationally! 

If your college girl loves to travel, a fun and creative gift for her is a cute passport holder. I love this Beis one but Etsy has so many cute ones that you can customize that will definitely help her travel in style. 

7. Iced Coffee Maker 

If your girl loves her iced coffee but is trying to budget (iced coffee is not nice on the wallet), this is a perfect gift! 

This iced coffee maker makes perfect iced coffee at home. Add a little bit of Trader Joe's creamer (the best) and you've got yourself a iced coffee straight from Starbucks. 

8. Hydro Flask 

I recommend this water bottle to literally everyone I know. It is life-changing. 

It keeps water cold for hours. I'll fill it with ice in the morning and the ice is still frozen the next morning! Crazy. 

This is a great gift for any college girl that loves to work out or needs to stay hydrated.

9. Ticketmaster Gift Card

Gift a Ticketmaster gift card.

While I love getting new things, some of the best presents to me are experiences. A gift card to Ticketmaster is a way to gift someone an experience of their choice. 

They could get tickets to a concert, sporting event or a show of their choosing. I love this idea especially if you don't know exactly what they want or when they're available. 

10. BestSelf Co. Undated Planner

This planner is really cool. It's undated so you can use it at any time and it's perfect for any goal-oriented girl. 

It has daily goal trackers, affirmation acknowledgements, and templates to create your own productivity planner. 

Also, Daymond from Shark Tank uses this so it has to be good 😉 

11. Airfryer 

I just got an air fryer for Christmas and I'm obsessed with it. It makes cooking things so much easier, faster and better. 

I love putting sweet potatoes, veggies, chicken, cauliflower gnocchi, etc. and it makes it so crispy and yummy. Such a good appliance for someone who loves to eat good food but gets lazy and wants it done in a timely matter. 

Other appliances she will love:

12. Cozy Blanket 

I mean what college girl doesn't like cozy blankets... 

This one specifically from Barefoot Dreams is definitely a pricier blanket but they are seriously the best they'll ever have. And it will last them a lifetime. 

13. Ugg Slippers

I recommend these Ugg slippers to everyone girl I know. 

They best feeling is coming home from a long day of work or class and slipping on a pair of sweats and these slippers. They are such a game changer. Comfort level immediately 10x higher. 

14. Airline Gift Cards 

Whether your girl is still in school or is graduating, money towards flights is always a great college girl gift. Traveling is definitely something people love to do when their young and not tied down so that's why this is a perfect gift idea. 

I also love this idea because you're gifting an experience rather than a material item. This is always a great change of pace when it comes to gifts. 

15. Ninja Blender 

If your girl loves to eat clean or drink smoothies, this Ninja blender is right up her alley. This one specifically is amazing. It seriously blends up anything in the matter of seconds. Highly recommend! 

16. iPad + Apple Pen

iPad are such a great gift for any college girl, especially if they love to take written notes but like to keep them all in one place. 

It's also a great gift for post-graduation because you can do so much on it - from shopping, watching tv, browsing the internet, and more. 

17. ClassPass Gift Card 

college gifts for girls

Gift ClassPass credits, from $50.

ClassPass always people to use credits towards a variety of workout classes in their area - from HITT, to boxing, it has so many options! 

This is a great gift idea for anyone that loves to workout but doesn't like to do the same thing every day. It also is perfect for someone that is moving to a new place and wants to try a few places before committing to it. 

18. Apple Watch

It seems like everyone has an Apple Watch these days but it's for good reason. It's basically like your personal assistant but on your wrist. 

I love the Apple Watch too for working out and tracking your fitness goals. It really does everything! 

19. Gold Jewelry

college girls gifts

You really can't go wrong with gifting jewelry to any college girl. And gold is even better. 

High quality jewelry, like the pieces from Mejuri, last forever and will never tarnish. Quality pieces are definitely on the pricier side but they will last a lifetime which makes them such a great gift. 

20. Amazon Echo 

The Echo Dot, which also comes with Alexa, is so much more than a speaker. It tells you the weather, turns on and off your lights, and can play your favorite song on command. 

This is such a fun college girl gift for anyone moving in to a new place! 

21. Charcuterie Board 

college girls gifts

If your girl loves to entertain and have friends over, this is a perfect gift. 

Charcuterie boards are so fun to arrange and are perfect for appetizers and drinks with friends. And this one is sooo cute which makes it even better. 

22. Cookbooks 

Recipe books are so great to have when you don't know what to make. They're an awesome college girl gift if you are on a budget but still want to gift something they will actually use! 

23. Good Quality Jeans

college girl gifts

Having a few pairs of good quality jeans is essential for any woman's closet because they truly will last them for years to come. However, quality comes at a price. 

College girls usually can't afford most of the price tags on jeans like these, so that's where you come in. Good fitting, high quality jeans are definitely game changers so she'll be thanking you for this one. 

24. Workout Gear

college girl gifts 2020

If your girl loves to workout and stay active, workout gear is always a great option for a college girl gift.

Lululemon is definitely one of the most loved workout gear brands and there's so many reasons why. It lasts so long, is so comfortable and is so cute! You never can have enough workout clothes so this is a fools-proof gift. 

25. Business Card Holder

college girl gifts

Once you hit college, sh*t gets real. Networking, internships, applying for jobs, and so on definitely comes during this time in their lives. 

Having a business card always on you is essential because you never know who you might meet and when! Having them in a cute business card holder makes it look that much more professional. 

26. Pajama Set

Is it just me or does a matching PJ set just seem so adult? 

I love this one from Revolve because it's seriously so cute but also so soft and comfy. Such an easy gift that will definitely be put to use! 

27. Cosmetics Travel Bag

gifts for college girls

During the college years and post-grad, girls tend to be traveling way more often than before. Having good quality travel luggage and bags is an essential for any trip. 

I love this Beis cosmetic bag because it comes with a mirror and an insert to keep things extra organized. And the light pink color is definitely an aesthetic. 

28. Coffee Tumbler 

For all those coffee lovers out there, a coffee tumbler is crucial to keep your hot coffee hot for hours on end. 

This is perfect for on the go and saves so many wasteful cups! 

29. Cute Candles 

gifts for college girl

What girl doesn't love a cute candle? 

Candles are so nice to add a nice touch to any room and to keep it smelling nice and fresh. 

30. Skincare Set

Skincare is such a fun trend right now and there are sooo many brands and products to explore. Gifting a skincare gift set (they have so many great ones at Sephora!) is a great gift for any girl that is skincare obsessed. 

Having a sample set allows them to explore new products without breaking the bank on full size that you don't know if they'll love or not. 

31. RayBans

A good quality pair of sunglasses is essential to any girl's wardrobe. 

It's important to have one that is not too trendy and that will last them a long time. That's why I love RayBans. They have really classic styles and shapes and the quality is great so they will last any girl a very long time. 

32. Gift Certificate for a Massage 

Adulting is stressful. 

Gift a relaxing massage for your college girl. I guarantee she will love it. 

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