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Dorm rooms are tight and there is never enough room for anything.

Of course, you think about where all your clothes are going to go, but so many people forget to think about where they will store their food.

When I first came to college, I did not think about this! The first day there, I was unpacking all my stuff and realized I had no room for any food.

I quickly figured out a space I could shove food for the meantime, but after living in a dorm for two years, I've found the best organization techniques.

This will show you the 8 best ways to organize your food in your dorm room.

Use an over the door shoe hanger as food storage.

In a dorm room, you have to use every inch of space there is. This is a perfect solution for storing your food without taking up any dresser or other shelf space.

I personally love this because it would be very easy to equally divide this with your roommate. PLUS, you will always be able to see how much food you have and when you need to hit the grocery store.

Another great thing about this method of storage is that it is much cheaper to buy a shoe hanger than to buy a cabinet. Here is an over the door shoe hanger that I found for less than $9 dollars.

Purchase an over the fridge shelf and store products on it.

How smart is this?!

This is a great system for storing all of your kitchen necessities. Need a spot for your Keurig? This shelve has it. Don't forget when you go to school to bring paper towels, paper plates, and plastic utensils.

I also love how this has storage on the sides of the shelf for food. You could easily store chips or fruit and veggies in here.


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Use a moveable cart to store items.

I had this in my freshman dorm room and it was one of my favorite things I purchased. I used this next to my couch for things like tissues, TV remotes, cleaning supplies, etc. But, now after seeing this, I wish I would have used it for food storage!

This would actually be perfect in the dorm I am in right now since it is suite style. I have my bedroom but then the fridge and microwave are in the other room. This is great because I can easily move it from one room to the next when I am making food.

Another thing to mention: This color is really cute but the one I got was just plain metal. I spray painted it gold and it was SO cute! Just something to think about if you choose to get this 🙂

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Use wasted space for food.

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(look under the futon! That's where I stored my food)

This is another way I stored my food freshman year! As a freshman, I had a single room dorm (with a roommate!). SO, I had to fit a bedroom, living room, and kitchen all in a 10x11 room. It was tight!

My bed was bunked and underneath it was a futon. The futon had the perfect amount of space under it to fit two under the bed storage containers. These were so nice! I put all my snacks and kitchen products in these.

It was a great way to have enough room for my food without taking space from somewhere else.

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Use storage containers in your fridge for more space for food.

Dorm fridges are obnoxiously small. You need to find a way to maximize every inch of the space and adding a shelf is the perfect way to do it! Usually, these fridges have enough room to add another shelf but don't offer you one.

Purchasing one of the shelves will allow you and your roommate to store much food then you would have had the opportunity to before.

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There are so many fun things that happen when you live in a dorm room, but finding enough space for all your things is not one of them. You have to get really creative and figure out spaces you wouldn't normally think of for organization tips. 

These 8 organization ideas will leave a place for all of your food and leave your room extremely clean. 

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