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Dorm room decor was one of the things I was most excited about planning for my college dorm. I would search store to store trying to get as many ideas as I possibly could to make my dorm room so cute that it was Pinterest worthy.

dorm room decor

When I first saw pictures of my dorm, I dreaded having to live there. Okay maybe that was a little dramatic... I was obviously super excited to go to college but seeing that ugly shoebox of a room made me wonder how I was going to survive a YEAR in there. 

Decorating your dorm room may seem stressful at first but it was honestly one of my favorite parts of planning for college! It was so satisfying seeing the before and after pictures of a dorm I transformed from dull and boring to a room I felt super comfortable in and loved.

Here is all the best dorm room decor and ideas to help make your dorm room is a space you never want to leave.

This post is all about dorm room decor.

Best Boho Dorm Room Decor:

1. Decorate With Pastels and Texture

boho dorm room decor

If you want the boho look but want to incorporate some color, pastels are a great option! 

2. Use Lots of Patterns

boho dorm decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

This boho dorm is room is AMAZING! Have fun incorporating different patterns into your rugs, stools, bed spreads, and pillows.

3. Incorporate A Retro/Boho Theme With Records

macrame decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Not only is using records as wall decor super fun and cute, it's also cheap! You can buy plastic records on Amazon and hang them up with double sided tape. You could even paint flowers or words on the records to make them a little more boho.

4. Decorate With Macrame

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Macrame is the holy grail decor item for a boho themed room. You will definitely want to incorporate it somewhere in the room. I love the idea of using macrame behind your bed in place of a headboard.

You can find all different sizes and colors of macrame decor so have fun with it!

5. Have Fun With Color

colorful boho dorm room

Recreate This Dorm Room:

If you are going for the more fun and girly boho look, use neon lights and different colored pillows and blankets!

You can buy all kinds of different neon signs on Amazon. Plus this will add some lighting to your room if you don't constantly want harsh lighting. Definitely some great mood lighting if I have ever seen it 😉

Best Rustic Dorm Room Decor:

6. Use Neutral Colors

rustic dorm decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

How cute is this rustic dorm room?! White, grey, and beige with wood accents will give your room that rustic look we are all obsessed with. 

7. Get Matching Rustic Decor With Your Roomie

ole miss dorm

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Matching your decor with your roommate will always make the room look more put together. Coordinate with your roomie when you're buying all your bedding, headboards, and decor!

8. Use Pallet Boards To DIY A Headboard

dorm headboard

I have searched all over for wood headboard like these but haven't been able to find a place to buy them. BUT, these aren't hard to DIY. Buy some pallet boards from Home Depot or Lowes and make your own headboard. This is actually more fun anyways because you can make them a custom size and color.

dorm room essentials

9. Use A Ladder To Hold Blankets

dorm room storage

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Using a ladder is a super cute and easy way to store blankets! The ladder will give your room that rustic look and keep them from cluttering up your bed or floor.

10. Use Blush As An Accent Color

rustic dorm decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

If you want to create a rustic themed dorm but still want a little bit of color, blush is a great color to accent with!

Best Girly Dorm Room Decor:

11. Grey Pink and Gold

girly dorm decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Grey, pink, and gold are great colors to decorate with if you want that more girly dorm look. This looks super classy!

12. Decorate With Fake Flowers

best dorm room decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Using fake flowers to decorate walls in genius! You can but panels of fake flowers to cover any ugly walls. The end result is stunning.

13. Use A Cabinet As A Shared Side Table

matching dorm

Recreate This Dorm Room:

Using a shared cabinet as a side table will not only save space but also allow extra storage (and everyone needs extra storage).

14. Cover Ugly Dorm Furniture With Table Clothes And Bed Skirts

white dorm decor

Most dorm furniture is a really ugly wood color. Use tablecloths to cover the furniture up for a more girly look. 

15. Buy Extra Seating If You Have Space

college dorm decor

Recreate This Dorm Room:

It is always great to have extra seating in your dorm for when friends come over to hang out. If you have the room, I would definitely suggest a futon like this.

This post was all about the best dorm room decor.

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