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This post shows you popular dorm room color schemes.

most popular dorm room color schemes

When I was going into my freshman year of college, one of the best parts was deciding on dorm room color schemes for our dorm with my roommate.

Since we would both be purchasing different things for the dorm room, we wanted to make sure that everything would somewhat work together.

I searched Pinterest everywhere for dorm room color schemes and I couldn't find anything. So now, I am making it easy for you by going through the most popular dorm rooms on Pinterest and listing the colors so you can easily see possible options for you and your roommate.

This post is all about dorm room color schemes and shows you the trendiest colors to use in your dorm room this year.

Dorm Room Color Schemes: Pink, Gold, & Gray

gold pink and gray dorm room colors

This is a fan favorite and a dorm that a lot of girls want to copy. It's just one of those dorm rooms that screams, this girl has got it together.

Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of polka-a-dots, but I have to say I think this girl made them look good.

To get this look, you need white bedding with pops of pink in pillows and gold decor for the walls. One way this dorm room was able to keep its theme was using black and white photographs. It made a small impact that really pulled the room together.

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Dorm Room Color Schemes:  Blush Pink, Green, and White

girl dorm room color scheme

Picture from Decor 2 Ur Door.

Okay, this is SO cute! I really think the palm trees make it look so cute and trendy.

To have this room, you and your roommate have to be willing to make a statement. Palm trees are so in right now and won't be hard to find. Plus, if you live in a cold climate (ugh, Wisconsin for me) then this might be a mood booster on days where it feels like winter will never end.

For budget sake, I would recommend only getting accessories in the palm tree print and not anything that you plan on keeping for awhile. Who knows how long this trend will last and you will want to use the bigger and more expensive decor for years to come.

For that reason, I recommend getting a white duvet and if you like pink, a pink headboard. Bring in the palm tree print in picture frames, blankets, and pillows.

You can purchase the exact products in this picture from Decor 2 Ur Dorm. I highly recommend you check them out, they have great dorm room products!


Dorm Room Color Schemes: Blush Pink, White, and Gold

pink and white dorm room color scheme

Picture from Decor 2 Ur Door.

Clearly, people are loving blush pink ;).

This room is so put together and barely even looks like a dorm. I foresee this color scheme remaining popular for a while so it wouldn't be a bad investment to buy decor for this room. You will be able to use it in your college apartment/house once you are done using it in your dorm room.

I love the pink quilt they used in this dorm. You can find it here. I also am obsessed with leopard so obviously, I love that pillow. If you don't like the leopard print (I don't blame you, I have friends who hate when I wear anything leopard!), then you can tone it down with a pillow that doesn't have as much pattern.

You can find the monogram wall decal with this link.

You can purchase the exact products in this picture from Decor 2 Ur Dorm.

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Dorm Room Color Schemes: Navy, Pink, and Gold

navy white and pink dorm room color schemes

I am very surprised that I didn't see more navy dorm rooms! I think a navy and the pink dorm room is the perfect mix of being feminine but not super feminine.

I am in love with the bedding and almost did this bedding in my own room. If you want to go preppier but still trendy, this is the perfect dorm room for you.

You can find the pink headboard here and the bedding here. Bringing in your own nightstand is a cute way to add more storage and make it feel more like a room and not a dorm.

Dorm Room Color Schemes: Gray, White, and a Pop of Blue

gray color scheme for dorm room

Okay, I have to admit. The colors on the bottom of this picture don't look the most appealing but when you see it all together it looks pretty dang good.

Grey is a SUPER popular color scheme just because it is so universally liked. These girls really stuck to grey and white and then added the tiniest bit of color on their fridge. Because this is really the only color in the room, it makes a big impact.

You can find the shelves they used above their bed here. This is a great way to get extra storage in a cute way. Here is the closest bedding I could find to theirs! I love the detail on the end.

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Dorm Room Color Schemes: Neutral, Neutral, and More Neutral

neutral color scheme for dorm room ideas

I am a huge fan of this color scheme. It is probably my personal favorite.

My favorite part of this room is how clean it feels. I also love how if I get bored of how neutral it is I could easily be able to add a pop of color in a pillow and it would still look great.

The tassels and the blanket at the end of the bed really make the biggest difference in this picture. You can find the tassel she used with this link. You can find the knitted blanket here.

Aren't these dorm rooms so cute?!

Finding dorm room color schemes that both you and your roommate like is not easy but these ideas will give you something for you and your roommate to go off of.

Happy dorm planning ;).

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