What’s On Sophia’s Holiday Gift List 2019

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eek!! It's the best time of the year and I have you covered for every gift guide you could ever imagine (seriously- I've been putting gift guides together since July).

'Tis the season of having your mom, dad, sisters, friends, family, EVERYONE asking you what you want for Christmas and while I am so dang grateful, sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas (I know, talk about first world problems...don't worry, I'm donating gifts too!). 

I've had a lot of people emailing me what I personally am putting on my Christmas list and thought it would be so fun to do the first ever annual...Sophia's Holiday Gift Guide.

Hopefully these can give you some ideas for things you can either get your family/friends or put on your own Christmas list!!


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25 Best Gifts For Boyfriends Family They’ll Obsess Over

This post is all about gifts for boyfriends family.

Deciding on Christmas gifts for your boyfriends family can be very nerve wracking!

You might find yourself asking these questions...What's considered "appropriate"? How will I know they won't throw it away? Will they laugh because it's such a lame gift?

Let's be real, Christmas gifts are always hard to pick out for someone, especially a boyfriends parents.

This post will hopefully put your mind as ease and help you find ideas for this holiday season!

Relax girl, you got this!

This post shows you 25 best Christmas gifts for boyfriends family.

Gifts for Boyfriends Family: 

1. Amazon Firestick

Amazon fire sticks are super popular Christmas presents because they are the besttt!

I purchased this last year for my mom, my boyfriends parents, and my boyfriends brother. They all loved it and use it almost everyday!

2. Personalized Cutting Board

I LOVE this idea for a Christmas gift!

If his parents love to cook then this custom cutting board is the perfect gift even if this is your first time meeting them.

Also, a personalized gift makes it look like a lot of thought was given towards it.

3. Personalized Stamp

This looks a little weird from the picture but these are actually awesome! You can get these customized to your boyfriend's parents address and last name and then when they send cards they use this as the address.

It's a cute little touch.

4. Candle Set

Everyone RAVES about these candles which is why a set of them would make the perfect gift for boyfriends family.

His mom would love to sprinkle these candles around her house.

5. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa's are another "it" item and something that everyone wants.

Not only can it help you stay organized , but it can turn your lights off even when you aren't home!

(PS- I have one and so do my parents. We all love them!)

6. Massage Pillow

You can never go wrong with any type of at home spa item!

Does this not look amazing?! I would be borrowing it all the time ;).

7. Homemade Gin Set

Wouldn't this be so fun?! If your boyfriend's family are alcohol drinkers this is a great personalized gift for them.

8. Cute Mug

Um, who wouldn't want this adorable mug?!

Maybe you haven't met his parents yet...this would be the perfect gift since you really can't go wrong.

9. Satin Pillowcases

I can't stress enough how great silk pillowcases are!

You just need to try them out and I promise you will never go back to regular pillow cases. They are suppose to help with wrinkles and softening your hair. I know I'm sold on them and your boyfriends family will definitely be too. 

10. Knife Set

I am actually getting this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriends family this year. They desperately need a new knife set is this one is cute, great reviews, and surprisingly cheap!

11. Air Diffuser 

Air diffusers are very popular right now and a great gift idea. Plus, these ones are super cute!

12. Bar Cart Glasses

I am obsessed with this! A cute and practical gift idea.

13. Potty Putter Game

Is this not the funniest gift for his dad?!

I always resort to a gift that will make someone laugh if I am unsure.

Not only will everyone get a kick out of this, but it can actually be really fun!

This potty putter is under $15 and has great reviews!!!

14. Insulated Tumbler 

These are the best!! I use mine to drink wine or cocktails out of but a lot of people use it for coffee, tea, etc. 

This set would be a really cute gift ideas for boyfriends family.

15. Hotel Bathrobe

How amazing does this look?! His mom and dad will LOVE wearing these.

16. Custom Doormat
gifts for boyfriends family

A custom doormat is a great go-to gift for weddings but wouldn't it also make sure a great gift for in-laws?

I love this one because it doesn't look too "we just got married" and more classic.

17. His and Her Toiletry Bags

A good toiletry bag is something that you will use for years. Especially in a classic leather like the ones above.

18. Pretty Photo Frame

If you want something easy and cheap, a cute photo frame with a sweet picture is a great idea. I actually almost always include a picture into my gifts.

19. Temperature Control Mug

If your boyfriend's parents are into hot drinks, this is a MUST! This awesome mug will keep the drinks hot throughout the day.

20. Custom Decanter Set

Can you tell I like custom gifts?! I just feel like it really shows that you put thought into what to get them. This custom decanter set is beautiful and you can customize it to your boyfriends family last name.

21. Kitchen Torch

Okay - slightly random. BUT, if your boyfriend's family is into cooking, then this could be a great gift idea! 

22. Nice Slippers

Not much needs to be said about this...I don't know anyone in the world who wanted want a nice pair of slippers.

23. Family Decor Pillows

Love this pillow and the ability to customize it!

24. Bottle Bash Game

My boyfriends family (and me) love to play this game! It's a really easy outdoor game where you can play and still socialize.

25. Cheese Board

This seems to be the year for cheese boards. I love this one because it's cheap but really cute!

This post was all about the best gifts for boyfriends family.

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50 Funny White Elephant Gifts That Will Have Everyone Laughing

This post is all about funny white elephant ideas.

funny white elephant gifts

One of the best holiday traditions is the annual white elephant gift swap. It's a constant battle between who can give the best funny white elephant gifts while surrounded around your closest friends and family.

In my family, we take the white elephant gift exchange very seriously and you need to be on your A-game for the gift you pick out.

We almost always go for the funny white elephant gift ideas and it's almost guaranteed that the game ends in hilarious situations.

My friends and I also have a white elephant gift exchange and since we are college students, it usually ends up with some really dirty white elephant gift ideas.

READ: Hilariously Dirty White Elephant Gift Ideas

White elephant gifts can get really pricey, so I have rounded up 50 really funny white elephant gift ideas at all different price ranges.

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas:

Think someone in your group may be in need of an emergency set of underwear?

This is the perfect funny white elephant gift that will make anyone laugh.

This book shows you 52 ways to poop. I have to admit, I am intrigued on how they could come up with that many ways for this task.

Everyone loves a coloring book and sometimes the coloring book just has to have a few (or in this case, many) swears involved. 

If you are doing a white elephant gift exchange with an older crowd, this is the perfect gift idea.

These socks read, "If you can read this, bring wine" and "If you can read this, bring beer". Not only are these cheap, but they are something that many people will appreciate.

5. Urinal Shot Glass

Can you imagine taking a shot out of this? I am going to call this the ultimate gag gift of the funny white elephant gifts.

Another popular coloring book -- The Farting Animals Coloring Book.

It's so stupid that it's funny.

Something I have personally purchased for a white elephant gift exchange-- Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game.

We all know people in our life who sit on the toilet for a long time AND love golf. It's a win-win white elephant gift. 

These are the best for all ages. Include a pack of soda/beer and you have a funny white elephant gifts everyone will love. 

Is your white elephant gift exchange happening with people who love to drink? This shot glass ammo belt allows them to have eight shots to share with friends (or take themselves :/).

Anyone need bacon toilet paper??

This makes the perfect white elephant gifts under 10 dollars.

I know in my friend group, this would definitely be a gift that would be fought over!

Any coffee/tea lover would appreciate this middle finger mug. It's the work in the front, party in the back but in mug form.

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    13. Wine Glass Holder Necklace

    Another item that is almost guaranteed to be fought over in the white elephant gift exchange. 

    Who doesn't want a wine glass necklace holder?

    This beer belly waist pocket gives whoever is wearing this an automatic beer belly while giving you something to store your belongings in. It is definitely going to be a hit.

    This hot-dog toaster lets you quickly heat up this classic American meal. The best part about this is that its a white elephant gift under 20. 

    Basically these are the coasters that all homeowners are really thinking of. These coasters give them just that... exactly what we want to say to them;).

    Want an obnoxious white elephant gift? This screaming goat is calling your name.

    How funny are these fart neutralizers? I'm thinking of getting this for my white elephant exchange and then stocking up on more to put in some extra gassy peoples Christmas gifts this year. 

    19. "I Pooped Today" Hand Santizer

    For all those people in your life who don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.

    Out of all the white elephant gift ideas, this might be my favorite. How fun would it be to know you have a megaphone to pull out at anytime?

    This farting bank makes a farting noise every time you put change in it (butt stuff is starting to become a trend on this list I guess lol).

    22. Funny Mug

    Talk about a straight forward gift idea!! They will definitely remember this gift every time they reach for the mug.

    How funny is this "Ring for a drink" bell?! I will personally take one of these ;).

    What more could you want... a calendar of pooping dogs! Gross (but isn't that what makes it so good?).

    How fun is this gift?! This LED toilet light lights up your toilet in all different colors.

    My roommate has this in her bathroom and honestly it's super entertaining! 

    26. Funny Sound Machine

    This is a classic white elephant gift and will be a popular choose for all age groups. 

    I can almost bet you haven't seen Santa like this! 

    How funny this? Plus, it comes with $2,000 worth of fake cash! 

    29. Drinking Jenga

    This is SO much fun!! Drinking Jenga is one of the best drinking games and can lead to a great time.

    This remote control cock roach might be used against you after you gift this in the white elephant exchange, but it could be a hot item for those pranksters.

    This redneck back scratcher will make sure to get all those itches away without them having to ask someone. 

    Just imagine how funny it would be for someone to open up this fake poop as their white elephant gift...

    This miniature waving inflatable tube guy would be a hilarious addition to someones desk.

    34. Good Day, Bad Day Drink

    All adults need a Good Day, Bad Day cup, right?

    This unicorn mask is guarantee to be a hit in the white elephant gift exchange.

    How funny is this! These hairy foot slippers are perfect for the cold weather around Christmas time and also hilarious. 

    37. Unicorn Horn

    Think an inflatable unicorn horn would be funny? You can purchase this here.

    38. Hot Man Apron

    Another item I have personally purchased...and believe me, it as just as funny as you may imagine it to be!!

    For any big griller, they will love this hot man apron as part of the white elephant gifts.

    This dashboard Jesus will make the perfect addition to a car (and the perfect addition to a white elephant party!).

    Doesn't this make you want to gag just thinking about it?!

    The person that receives this gift is going to think they hit the jackpot until they see that it is a toilet dispenser ;). So funny!

    42. Pick Your Nose Cup

    These cups allow you to pick your nose. This can be really funny!

    43. "For Fox Sake" Cup

    This wine cup describes what a good amount of people are thinking when drinking wine.

    44. "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" Hand Sanitizer

    I know a lot of people who could use this "Maybe you touched your genitals" hand sanitizer.

    This bluetooth microphone can turn your white elephant gift exchange party into a hilarious karaoke night.

    This man bun visor instantly makes your hair appear to be in a man bun.

    47. The Girlfriend Pillow

    For all those singles that always complain about not having someone to snuggle with.

    48. Hands Free Toilet Caller

    Know someone who always FaceTime while on the toilet?! This is the perfect solution for them. 

    How funny is this grow a girlfriend? 

    50. Ass Wipes

    And lastly, the classic ass wipes. Always a part of the funny white elephant gifts!

    This post showed 50 funny white elephant gifts.

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