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These kitchen cleaning products will leave you're kitchen insanely clean. I'm pretty obsessed with them and I know you'll like them just as much.

kitchen cleaning products

I'm weirdly opinionated about the cleaning products. I also am an avid follower of cleaning accounts on Instagram (I know, it doesn't get much cooler than that ?) and am always trying the products they recommend.

I've tried so many cleaning products that I've really been able to narrow down the ones and I love and the ones that are just so-so.

These are the products I continually reach back for, have bought a million times, and makes my kitchen smell better than ever. Plus, all of these you can buy at Target. We're not too fancy over here ;).

This post is all about my favorite kitchen cleaning products.


1. Dawn Platinum Power Wash Spray

This is my latest obsession and omg is it GOOD. My counters won't even be dirty and I'll spray this because it smells so good.

I think this is originally made to clean actual dishes, but I use it to clean my counters and stove and it does an amazing job. I also will say that when I posted about this on my stories, so many people responded saying how obsessed they are with it too. Basically, it's just a really good product. Highly recommend.

2. Method Dish Soap

Definitely the best packaging on the market for dish soap and because of that, I continue to buy. It's one of the only dish soap containers that I will 100% have on my counter, without feeling like it's an eyesore. 

I buy this at Target. It comes in all different colors so you can get it to match with whatever aesthetic you have. 

3. Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner

This is what I use to clean all my stainless steel in my apartment. I spray this on a microfiber cloth and then just do circular motions with the microfiber cloth. It works amazing! I feel like this is the industry standard product for stainless steel kitchen cleaners. 

4. Finish Rinse Aid

If you get water marks on your dishes after they've been through the dishwasher, try using this. This will make your dishes look extra sparkly. 

Sharing Even More About my Favorites:

5. Dishwasher Pods

I really am not too specific about my dishwasher pods but I've been buying Cascade brand and Kirkland brand and like them both. I don't know how much you can love dishwasher pods, but these work like I need them too haha.

6. Lemi Shine Disposal Cleaner

These are so good!!! This is one of my newer cleaning purchases and I am obsessed. I use them at least once a week.

The biggest trick to this is just have a very small amount of water trickling. Like, very small amount.

7. Practical Matters Sponges

kitchen cleaning products

Who knew you could be so passionate about dish sponges, but let me tell you these are the BEST. I used to be able to find them all over Home Goods/Marshalls/Tj Maxx and I can't find them anymore!!

If you find them, load up. I would have bought sooo many of them if I knew they were going to get tricky to find.

8. SOS Pads

I use SOS pads on food that is really hard to get off. Whether it be on casserole dishes or the grates on my stove, this does a great job.

I also cut these in half to save money! You rarely will need to use the entire wob of it so cutting it in half makes it the perfect size.

This post was all about my favorite kitchen cleaning products.

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