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apartment bathroom

Well, it's about freakin' time! I don't know what it was about this bathroom but it took me forever to decorate. I think it's because the cabinets are so red that every time I would put something in there it's all I could pay attention too. hah!

My whole goal with this apartment bathroom was to make it not so "apartmenty". Like, you look at a picture of this bathroom and instantly know its an apartment. Which it is, so like obviously, but I just wanted to make it more homey. 

I did some really easy things that made the bathroom look so much better and will give you some great ideas for your own apartment bathroom. Everything is linked at the bottom of the post.

Drum roll please... here's my apartment bathroom ;).


apartment bathroom decor


apartment bathroom


apartment bathroom decor

I knew a floating shelf would be cute in here but I for sure didn't want to put one over the toilet (or two) because that's what 95% of the population does and I'm kind of just over it now ;). Instead I decided to put it on the long wall of the bathroom with some cute decor on top and some towels on the bottom.

Anddddd, these towels are strictly for decor. I have some big fluffy white Costco towels for when guests come to use. But they sure are cute!!

apartment bathroom ideas

Obsessed with this basket and love that guests always know where the toilet paper is. So far, we've had no issues with the toilet paper getting wet when someone showers.

I stalked Pinterest and designers I loved to see how they decorate the top of their counters and 95% of the time they have a vase with greenery, some cute soap, and a towel. I kept it simple and went with that formula. At first I thought that branch was a little much but I love it now!

rental apartment bathroom ideas
apartment bathroom ideas rental

Got the bottom drawing from BFF Print Shop and am obsessed with it!! So cute. I feel like it makes the space look a lot more mature.

Shower curtains can only be so cute so I found some gold shower curtain hooks to just make it a smudge cuter. 

small bathroom ideas
apartment bathroom decor

Because it's an apartment, there was only a few things that you can actually change minus the decor. I went back and forth about changing the hardware or adding in some removable wallpaper, but then I decided to get over myself and re-remembered that it was a bathroom I would probably be leaving in a year or two.

What I did decide to do was take down the 59780 towel bars that they had in the bathroom (haha, okay only two). The towel bars I could keep in a closet and re-put back up when I move but taking those towel bars down instantly made the bathroom look so much better. 

The bathroom just feels so much better now. Like, even taking a ? is more interesting now because you have something to look at that's cute?.

All the apartment bathroom details:

-Floating Shelf: Target

-Large frame on floating shelf: Target

-Print in large frame on floating shelf: BFF Print Shop

-Gold Frame on floating shelf: Goodwill with some good ole' Rub N' Buff in gold leaf

-Black vases on floating shelf: At Home

-Gold Towel Bar Hooks: Target

-Towels: Loomia on Etsy (love this company!!)

-Basket with toilet paper in it: Target

-Shower Curtain: Target

-Gold shower curtain hooks: Target

-Top frame above toilet: Goodwill (rub n' buff in gold leaf)

-Bottom frame above toilet: Target (took the print out of it for another shoot but the print in it is actually super cute)

-Print in the bottom frame above toilet: BFF Print Shop

-Gold Tray: I am kicking myself because I can't remember where this is from!! ugh...I'll keep searching my inbox

-Candle on toilet: HomeGoods

-Vase on counter: Goodwill

-Branch in vase: Pottery Barn

-Soap and room spray: HomeGoods

-Hand Towel: Laurel Blush & Co from Etsy

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