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Want to know how much it costs to furnish an apartment? I'm giving you the exact cost (down to the cents) on how much all my first apartment furniture and essentials cost.

how much does it cost to furnish an apartment

Not only do you need to be able to afford the monthly rent, but actually buying the furniture and other apartment essentials you need for your apartment gets expensive FAST. 

I remember months before moving in to my apartment, I started writing everything down and budgeting how much it was going to cost. 

My jaw dropped when I saw how much everything was going to cost...buying all of this stuff is no JOKE. It gets expensive sooo fast.


$5, 643.81

When I first calculated that all up I thought that was so much money but then I put it on my Instagram story and people were like "thats not bad at all". So, I felt better about that amount of money.

Could I have gotten everything for cheaper?! 100% yes. I didn't take any hammydown furniture so literally every single thing you see in my apartment I bought. 

Could I have done it for more expensive?! Also, 100% yes. I actually wish I spent more money on some things instead of getting so excited about how cheap it was or what a good sale it was on.

What is all included in that $5,600?

Before moving into my apartment, I bought all the main furniture pieces and than the apartment essentials like silverware, plates, tvs, etc.

I bought NO decorations. Like, literally, I think the only thing of decor that I brought with me was some cute frames and some candlesticks I got at a World Market store that was on a crazy good sale because it was closing.

I also bought rugs which I guess technically wasn't an essential.

At the bottom of this blog post, I am linking allllll the apartment essentials I bought before moving in. I went through my emails to find all my receipts to make sure I was counting everything :).

It's hilarious looking back now that I was convinced that I would have my entire apartment decorated in like a month. I'm 7 months into living here and I still haven't even touched my bedroom, my bathroom, laundry room, and guest room. I'm just starting to decorate the guest bathroom now. 

Everything is so much more expensive than you think that I am totally okay with dragging things out and slowly buying things when I make sure that I REALLY like it.

Here's my biggest tips on buying things for your apartment...

1. Spread out your purchases.

The entire year before moving into my apartment I would slowly buy things. Not only did this allow me to shop the sales but it also felt like I was spending less money since I didn't buy everything at once.


Ben helped me make an intense excel sheet where I could keep track of all my purchases. It helped me so much by making sure I actually stuck to a budget.

You can download the exact budget sheet we set up to organize the apartment essentials here.

3. Ask for apartment things for your birthday and Christmas.

The entire year before I moved into my apartment, I would just ask for apartment things. So, for Christmas and my birthday I would be getting mixers and vacuums. It sounds lame but I was so excited about everything that it really was exactly what I wanted as gifts. Plus, it's always nice not to have to spend your own money on things like that.

4. Shop sales!

Since I prepared for so long before moving into my first apartment, I was really able to wait purchases out until they were on sale. Last year, I got SO much stuff on Black Friday. Target was having a spend $75 get $15 gift card and I really used that to my advantage. I bought my tv that day too. And a lot of other stuff.


These were gifted so not apart of the $5,000 but I did have these right when I moved in.

I got this set from Target and love ittttt. I got it on sale during Black Friday so watch out for that! It comes with two different sizes of plates, bowls, and cups. I personally got two sets of these to keep in my apartment.

Gold Silverware Set:

I have been using these for over six months now and just a couple of them have the gold coming off (in a really small place too). They have gone through the dishwasher hundreds of times and look great. Gold silverware can be hard to find that last through dishwashing and this is definitely one of the sets I recommend. Plus, I just love the shape of it.

White Knife Set: 

My Pots + Pan Set: 

Okay, to be honest, this was a little splurge. I wanted to get nice pots and pans because I knew I would be keeping them for a LONG time. Also, I love to cook so it was something that was important to me. I will say that I love them and highly recommend them!

Baking Sheet Set:

Another thing I splurged on. Found out pretty soon after I bought this that Target has an almost identical set that is also gold. You can find that set here to save you some money.

Casserole Dishes: 

by sophia lee kitchen

These are some of the prettiest casserole dishes I was able to find!! I bought two of them in this size and one of them in more of a square size. These are just really handy to have.



Pre Cut Parchment Paper: 

Another one of my favorite kitchen must-haves.

Cutting Boards: 

Practical Serving Utensils:

It was SO nice to have this set because it literally has every single thing I ever needed. Like so many things I didn't think of from pizza cutter to can openers. It was really nice to be able to move into my apartment and then know that I have almost every single serving utensil I needed.

Gold Mixing Dishes: 


Measuring Cups:

My gold measuring cups are from Target (no longer sold) but they look almost identical to this. 

Kitchenaid Mixer:






by sophia lee living room

We LOVE this couch. Never ever buy this couch at full-price. It's on sale allll the time. 

Coffee Table:

by sophia lee living room

I am SO sad!! I can't find this coffee table in stock anywhere :(. I'm trying to find ones that look similar!

Drink Coasters:


(exact bed sold out but this one from Wayfair is insanely similar)

(I got king size pillows for my queen bed. It's suppose to make the bed look more expensive haha)

(I have two of these in a duvet so it is extra fluffy)



1. Headboard

So, I actually got the bed above from Walmart on a crazy deal but this bed from Overstock is also a great deal and looks really similar. Basically any bed that you can find both the headboard and the base for under $400 is an insanely good deal.

2. Mattress

This mattress is under $250 and is the BEST. Seriously, it's sooo comfy I am obsessed.

3. Sheet Set

Another favorite sheet set of mine. I've used these sheets in my dorm room, my college apartment, my bed at home, and now on both beds in my apartment. Moral of that all, they're GOOD and you can't beat them since they're under $30. 

3. Sleeping Pillows + Satin Pillow Covers

LOVE these because they zipper on the back! 

A note about my sleeping pillows - to get a more fancy + hotel bed look I use king sleeping pillows on my queen size bed. I got my actual king pillows from Costco.

5. Comforter Insert

To get my beds looking extra fluffy, I use TWO of these duvet inserts on my beds. So basically, I sandwich them together and then put the duvet cover over it.

6. Duvet Cover

My Desk:

1. White-washed + Gold Desk: This isn't pictured above but I also have this desk in here. I loveee it but it looks like it's sold out! World Market has so many other cute + similar desks that I love as well.

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